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Aug 27, 2001

What function can I use to call another page with php?

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Call Particular Page Content Using Page Id Where Post_type="page"?

I am facing some problem in wp code.I want to show a particular page content through page id using wp function.I am using code given below.I want to fetch content having page id 37.

global $post;
$args = array('numberposts' => 1,'post_type' => 'page');


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I Need To Call A Php Page.

This is what I'm doing:

I have a menu in the header that will be on all the pages. But I want to call the menu remotely as a seperate php page since I will undoubtedly be changing the menu in the future... and who wants to go back and change each page individually!

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Call A .php Page

I have a custom made template which is done using html. I also have phpproxy which uses .php and I would like on my index.html page to call the index.php in the table created for text content. i have tried to use the include comand however it doesnt have any effect.

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Call A Another Page On Different Url?

how I can call another web page. I don't want to read the page I just need to send it information like test.php?action=thisI don't need to read or store I just need to pass it info so it can handle some site changes on the other site.

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Call Session_start() On Every Page?

do I need to call session_start() on every page? and session_register("SESSION") to keep the variable session? when i've tried putting session_start() on any page...when i hit the back button it gives me an expired error.

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Call Code From JSP Page?

I am trying to call a piece of PHP code from my JSP Page. How do I do that? I normally use servlets but I need this PHP code for creating a particular report since it sorts the table fields dynamically which I am unable to do with my servlet.

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Call Css For Page Get From File_get_content

I am using the following code

<div id="content"> <?php
$homepage = file_get_contents("[URL]");
echo $homepage;

The page appears fine but its without the style sheet. How do i call those style sheets? the link which appears are not Valid (it appears through my domain). How do i fix it? The code that i was using for iFrame which is not working is below


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Call .net Function From Page?

I have this function in .net code:

public class StringGenerator
public static string GenerateString(string hash)

I want to be able to call this from PHP page. I see that it possible. but I can't code the code to find this dll, even with strongly named dll. the dll file is in the same folder as the php page.

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A Call To The Db Every Page Load?

Make a log in script using PDO.Here is the code:

PHP Code:<?php session_start();
//Get username and pass from form
$host = "host";
$db = "db";


I was also wondering about page checks, is it good enough just to see if the session user is set and that the user agent match or should I make a call to the db every page load?

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Use ?id=3 To Call A Function In The Same Page? :S

i have a script which displays information from a mysql table (index.tcos) and then creates a link using the rows id on clicking this link i want it to delete that row from the table so what i need is a way of saying Code:

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Redirecting - Call Another Page If A Condition Is Met?

Is there a way to call another page if a condition is met?

For example - in psuedocode:

"if variable X equals "1234", goto thispage.html.

otherwise, goto thatpage.html"

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How To Call Script From Html Page?

Is it possible to call a php script from an html page? I have a
TestPage.php that I want to convert to TestPage.html - but still call a php
script from it.

This is how my TestPage.php looks now:

content here
include 'myscript.php'

The site is hosted on a LAMP server - Apache 1.3.27
Is there any way to make this an html page and still call myscript.php?

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Db Call Is Causing Page To Be Blank

I've got a page that pulls the data from the config table, and allows you to edit it inside a form. It uses the following db call: Code:

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Jump Menu Call Page

Is it possible to use a jump menu to call a page within a page? To be clearer. I can place an " include ('whatever.php'); " within my page which is fine. But i would like this include to be a variable set by the options within a jump menu. So when I select from the menu the include will swap from its default to the newly selected one. Am I making sense?

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Use URL Argument To Call An Image Into A Page?

I have a basic CSS/HTML layout and I want to insert an image placeholder in the layout. Then, users could call any image they wanted to appear in that spot. The image would be defined by an argument in the URL. For example, if someone went to...


I would want it to take picture.png and show it on the page on my site (the "src" part if the "img" tag would be a variable set by the url= section of the URL). Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this and all of the search terms I've though of turn up millions of unrelated results.

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Javascript Call A Page When A Div Is Clicked?

I want to call a PHP page when the user is clicked on a <DIV> using AJAX. At the same time I want to change the Text of the DIV as LOADING.....I don't know much about AJAX, so please give me details about that also.

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Javascript - Use AJAX Call To A Page?

I'm working on an assignment which determines the client timezone offset , passes the same to a PHP script, which contains a code to fetch the timezone identifier for that client's area.Now for determining timezone offset, I have used JavaScript. However, I need some way to pass this to PHP. I used AJAX call for the same.

var url = "index.php";

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Call The Function While The Page Is Getting Loaded

I need to call the php function while the page is getting load.

Means when I click a link or menu of the page Homepage.php, then it will redirect to the page called History.php. Here before loading the page History.php, it sholud call the function to get the data from the database.

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Call A Function If Page Is Loaded

I made two divs (one contains manu, and other is target div, where pages are loaded from menu) i loaded a from in terget div. this form adds values to database using php. the next pages respondeds as data is saved successfully... in target div now i want to call a javascript function right after text appears "data is saved successfully". this function takes the user to the next form...

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Call A String From Another Page Function?

Can you do that? I just tried but it doesnt seem to work. I have dbc.php included at top of my page, and in dbc.php at the bottom i created this function:

function getUserInfo($id) {
$thaString = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE id = '$id'");
$thaString2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users_profile WHERE uID = '$id'");
$showUR = mysql_fetch_array($thaString);
$showURP = mysql_fetch_array($thaString2);


I dont get any result, is there a smarter way to do this, if so how?

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Call A Form Input From Another Page?

I have a form on a page that submits to a controller with a POST value. I have a situation where I would like to run that some code just as if the form were being submitted with the input POST value to the controller but run it from another page that is not using a form input. Is there a way to mimic the form?

I assume I can do it with a header and a GET variable, but I would rather stay away from that if possible. Does that make sense to anyone other than me?

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Use Ajax Twice On One Page To Call Different Pages?

On a page I have a requirement to call 2 different php pages using ajax. this code works fine, but if i add another is seems to conflift and im insure how.

the calls are in different areas of the page.

<script type="text/javascript">
function showHint(str)


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Call A Function On Page Close?

Is it possible to call a php function on page close? If yes, could you explain how and where to call?

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Call Remote PHP Script On HTML Page

I have (almost) completed a php script. The client has an existing site and the pages have some graphical elements that need to be there. Hence whenever the htm page is called, i want the php script to run at a particular location on the page and insert the result there before sending the page back to the user.

I am trying to avoid having to copy and paste the php code onto every page and save all pages with the php extension.

Do I (I am Java-speaking here) declare it as a class and the procedure as a method with parameters? and place the script in the cgi-bin. Then make an instance of it on the page and call the method and pass the parameters to the phh script from there?? i was not able to locate an 'import' declaration to achieve this.

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Call A Php Function By Clicking A Link On A Page

What i needed to do was call a php function by clicking a link on a page. Simple right?wrong. Everyone on here says to everyone that it can not be done... when if fact "it can". here is how i did it. Quote:

<a href="?Event=true>

^---html code

and in my php script i had an if statment with this. PHP Code:


which then went and excuted the Function Function within that script.

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