Bullet Points

is it possible to show bullet points in PHP. I have a field in a MySql record with a lot of text, is it possible and how? to split this text into paragraphs with bullet points and show this in a php page?


How Do You Insert Bullet Points Into PDF Using PDFlib

How do you insert bullet points into PDF using PDFlib. I have tried using the character "Ľ" with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?

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HTML Bullet Points To Word XML?

I need to take user input from a web page and write it to a word document. Im using a wysywyg editor that allows bullet points with the output being a html list. I need to then convert that to Word XML. I have the syntax/structure for the XML bullet lists but I need to convert the html list to the xml bullet point list.

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Add Points On To The Current Points The Person Has It Is Not Working

I'm still working on the credit system, but now i've found another problem.When trying to add points on to the current points the person has, it is not working, I am trying to use "+". Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Login script above btw
$give_credit_name = $_POST['givecreditname'];
$add_credits = $_POST['addcredits'];
$dbc = mysqli_connect('DB_INFO')
or die('Could not connect to Database');
$credits = $row['credits'];


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How To Insert A Bullet Point

I have this code to help me split a long paragraph into sentences and make every new sentence into a new line. Now i want to insert a bullet point, or a arrow in font of every line. I try many different approaches, but it didn't work.

Code: [Select]<table border="1" bordercolor="red">


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How Can Strip The Text Bullet And Then Make That Copy An Unordered List In The HTML?

I have some text coming into a web page from a MySql DB that contains bullets in the copy. The copy cannot be changed as it is also used in a Quark Xpress document we have connected to the DB. So, my question is how can strip the text bullet and then make that copy an Unordered list in the HTML?

This is what I have but and does the indents like a list but no bullets (I guess they are being stripped by the str_replace as well?

echo str_replace(Chr(13), "<p>", ("<ul>".str_replace('ââé¬Â¢', '', $bulletcontent1)."</ul>"));

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Unordered List Replace Bullet By Image According To Level If Last Level Text As Link?

I was wondering if there is a way to change the the look of wach level of a list. Ex:

Last level, text = link

1st level, has 1 image instead of bullet and text in bold

2nd level as another image as bullet and text in bold

3rd level, if not last level, as another image as bullet and text in bold

Here is where I'm now :

PHP Code:



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Max Points

I have a points system on my site. Using a database. I don't want users to be able to go over 550pts by clicking links.

$checkpoints = $userobj->GetTodayPoint($friend_id);
echo "You have reached your adding limit for today. Please post bulletins for more points";

where user_today_points in the database is self evident... is this proper way of saying if points greater than 550?

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Form That Points To Self

I read a while back about setting the action to a form as "$php_self" or something similar, and then each time that form was submitted, it would call the page that it came from to process the data.

Then before any output, you put an If ($submit) statement so the page knows to process information if it recieves any. I want to have a form in an include file, and use the "$php_self" so that upon submitting the form the browser calls that page again.

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Points System?

I am creating web site where users earn points and buy items with their points ect. I am pretty new to php, but I have learned alot of the basics.

On my website I have a registration page where users can signup and their data is inserted in a MYSQL database, and the users can login and logout. Thats about it so far, I need help with creating a points system, where users can earn points and spend points.

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Trying To Update/add Points For More Than One ID!

I have a golfclub with a internal "Order of Merit". We are 8 players and everytime we have had a match I want to update the points. Now I have tryid the script below but something is wrong! If I give every player 10 point it updates the database by giving all players 10 point except 2 players where it gives one 20 point and the other 0. In this case ID 8=0 point and ID 7=20 point.. Code:

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A4 Paper Size In Points?

Maybe a little off-topic, but I'm working with the PDF functions and I need
to know the dimensions in "points" of an A4 page.

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Stripping Two Decimal Points

I would simply like to throw an error if someone inserts a US price with two decimal points (23.000.00) . The function could strip the first decimal point and return 23,000.00 but feel it would be easier to point out the error to the end user inputting the price.

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So I Want To Plot Points On A Geographic Map...

I'm working on a project that will allow users to see the impact of things they've done. each event will be associated with a city,state,country.

I want to be able to display a map to the user, plotting the points from event to event in chronological order. I looked around, but haven't seen much in the way of ideas on how to do this. <snip> Anyone have any ideas?

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Trouble With A Points System

I'm trying to have a site similar to like a virtual pet site, but a site to gather points and buy types of graphics. I only have a free domain so if that can work, but where do I start?

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Is It Possible To Delete Everything From A File Between Two Points

Is it possible to delete everything from a file between two points, if I'm not entirely certain what that text will be?

For example, if my file looks like this:
Hello World! Code:

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Transfering IBstore Points

I have a friend that has been trying to do this, he can code his way threw most problems but this one he's stuck one. Is there anybody that know how to transfer the IBstore points from a IPB forum to vBux on a vB forum?

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A Gradient Of Random Points

so here is my really lame random number script to generate X,Y,Z coordinates to create a point cloud. i wanted it to be as random as possible, but it really comes out way to even. PHP Code:


// starting point for loop count
$loop_start = &#390;'

// setup number of point sets to generate
$num_of_points = "100";

while ($loop_start <= $num_of_points) {

// generate random numbers for point cloud

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Repeating Stuff Except At The End Points

$myHobbits = array( 'frodo', 'bilbo', 'merry', 'pippin' );

I'd like generate the string:

"frodo, bilbo, merry, pippin"

One way of doing this would be:

$str = ''
foreach ( $myHobbits as $hobbit )
$str .= "$hobbit, ";

$str = rtrim( $str, ", " );

Does anyone know how to do this in less than 4 lines of code?

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Automated Points Delegation

I have a web site that is used to track a yearly tournament trail. I have the entire back end built but I've hit a brick wall. I am trying to build a script that will issue points to teams automatically.

Ex. Suppose we have a Tournament with different divisions. Division A has 12 teams in it. Each month there is a tournament in Division A. When the teams results are entered, the script needs to look at all of the teams that participated on that date and then issue them points.

The points system is easy. I want to use a variable such as $points = 50. So 1st place would get 50 and then each team would get one point less down to last place. I have no clue how to even start to lay this out. Do I use a custom parser script?

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Reward Points System

I have a PHP run site and would like to know if anyone could help me with a points system script using MSQL Databases, simply the script needs to be able to read the username (saved in a cookie) and go to the database collumn and add 3 points every 3 minutes on the site, this method is used in Jaydiocity, if you need to know any more.

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Plot Various Points On A Google Map?

how to plot various points on a google map, and save the points in a database with custom marker titles.

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Marking Points On An Image?

How can i mark points on an image on my html page after user clicks the image.I want to display some points on an image displayed on the page as soon as user clicks the desired thing.

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Math - Get Points On A Curve With Log()?

I have a graph I am trying to replicate. I have the following PHP code:

$sale_price = 25000;
$future_val = 5000;
$term = 60;


How do I make the code work to give me the points along the lower line (between the yellow and blue areas)? It doesn't need to be exact, just somewhat close.

The formula is:


I got that by using the Online Function Grapher at [URL]

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Points (PTS) In Flash Game

A friend to me made a flash game for my website. The game makes a request to /game/p00ints.php with the points in $_POST['points']. But, a hacker can easy find out how to get more points I guess, so, how can my friend or I fix this security hole?

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Replace Text Between Two Points?

i have a url e.g. [URL]

i want to extract "blog/" from it but the url wont always be that one e.g. it might be https://example.com/ablog/blog1/ (here i would want to extract "ablog/blog1/"). it could be any url but i want to remove "http://" or "https://" through to the first "/"

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Calculate The Distance Between Two Points?

I am doing a project in which I have to calculate the distance between two points. One point is fixed. Maximum Height of a building is to be calculated on the base of this distance ( a builder can built a building below this height). These points are defined by their longitude and latitude. Differnt height formulas are applied for differnt areas. Using PHP I can calculate the height of buildings that are in circles but the problem starts when the building is in funnel area. How can i define that funnel area in my script? Is there any other solution? What should i do? What is logic behind it?.Note: i do not have the co ordinates of funnel.{In fact this all area is around an Air Port.

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Update Points Not Working...

On a specific part of my site, users can get points and every time they got to a page to get points, it resets their entire points count.

mysql_query("UPDATE users SET points='+5" WHERE username='$username'");

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Points Option For Standings

I have a standings at my soccer site, it shows wins - ties- defeats. I want to add "points" option. This option should work like this; 3 points per win and 1 point per tie.

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SQL User Points System

How can I make a php script that uses a mysql database... and when the user adds "points" to a specific section (eg: strength), then it subtracts from they're alotted "total" points and adds the points to the strength section. 

Like so if i were a member, i had 10 total points, and i could add like 3 to strength and 2 to defense then it would take 5 from my total points, and add 3 to strth and 2 to dfnce...

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See Which User Got The Most Points In A MONTH?

in the user table there is a row called user_score. points get added to their score doing various things on the site.theres no way of telling how many points they got in a month right now. and i dont know what the easiest way of doing that would be. maybe a new table keeping track but then how should it be updated.

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Weak Points In Security Side

I have some weak points in security side /php/ !!!so
I want to IMPROVE my skils in php security . !!!! , pleeeeez if you
have any resrces or any for example ebook

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How To Label The Points On My Graph (x And Y Axis)

Ive got a very simple page shown below to draw a line graph and I need
some ! how do can i label each point on the X and the Y axis? The
lines are drawn with an imageline function, any ideas?

// Add values to the graph
$graphValues=array(0,80,23,11,190,245,50,80,111,24 0,55);

// Define .PNG image
header("Content-type: image/png");

// Create image and define colors
$image=imagecreate($imgWidth, $imgHeight);
$colorWhite=imagecolorallocate($image, 255, 255, 255);
$colorGrey=imagecolorallocate($image, 192, 192, 192);
$colorBlue=imagecolorallocate($image, 0, 0, 255);

// Create GREY border around image
imageline($image, 0, 0, 0, 250, $colorGrey);
imageline($image, 0, 0, 250, 0, $colorGrey);
imageline($image, 249, 0, 249, 249, $colorGrey);
imageline($image, 0, 249, 249, 249, $colorGrey);

// Create grid using the imageline function to draw lines on the x and
the y (in grey)
for ($i=1; $i<11; $i++){

imageline($image, $i*25, 0, $i*25, 250, $colorGrey);
imageline($image, 0, $i*25, 250, $i*25, $colorGrey);

// Create line graph by looping through the data
for ($i=0; $i<10; $i++){
imageline($image, $i*25, (250-$graphValues[$i]), ($i+1)*25,
(250-$graphValues[$i+1]), $colorBlue);

// Output graph and clear image from memory

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Managing Hit Points In A Simple Game

The problem I have is when I click "hit_player_2" it first takes away a point from player one. If I continue to click "hit_player_2" it will then take away points from player 2. "Hit_player_1" does th same thing. I also noticed that it takes away a point from the last player to lose one when I manually refresh. Code:

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Getting User Rank Determined By Their Points

I'm using the following SQL to determine the top 20 users:

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY points DESC, username ASC LIMIT 20'

but how would I determine an indiduals rank outside of the top 20. I'm guessing it has something to do with the row, but how do I retrieve that value? Would it be something lile: SELECT ROW?

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Random - Serialize Floating Points?

I am generating 10 random floats between 6 and 8 (all for good reason), and writing them to a mysql database in a serialized form. But one quirk seems to emerge at the storage time:

Before storing I'm just outputting the same data to see what it looks like, and this is the result I get


As you can see, I'm getting long numbers like 6.20000000000000017763568394002504646778106689453125

instead of what I'd really to like see, just 6.2. This is happening only when I serialize the data, if I just output the array, I do get the floats to one decimal.Here is my code:

function random_float ($min,$max) {
return ($min+lcg_value()*(abs($max-$min)));

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Converting Unicode Code Points To UTF-8?

Currently I have something like this u4eacu90fd and I want to convert it to UTF-8 so I can insert it into a database.

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Sql - Points To Improve Security On A Page?

Some security points about get and post functions in php. and about sql connection in php so that i can save my website from crakers.

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Html - Insert String Between Two Points?

How would I insert text between two comments like the ones below with PHP.

<!-- BEGIN INSERT 1 -->
<!-- END INSERT 1 -->

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RPG Game Skill Points Upgrade

Anyone with experience in RPG's here? I have this Mafia Wars-like game. Almost everything is working well except for the part where you can distribute skill points every level up. I've solved the energy and health upgrade by doing a cron job, but this one stumps me.

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