Avoid Page Reload Resend - Data Message With It?

I wrote a simple Contact Us email form (actually a WordPress page-template file). All the code is in one file. After the user submits the form and the email is sent, the file generates a Thank You message. If the user reloads the Thank You page, they are prompted to "Resend the Form Data," which is why I am asking this question.

My question: How do I avoid the prompt to resend the form data and still keep all of my code (including the Thank You data) in one file? EDIT: I've seen folks use headers( Location: ), but I don't think that will work for if I want to keep all my code in one file.


Avoid The Message 'warning Page Is Expired, Press Refresh Button To Reload?

how to avoid the message 'warning page is expired, press refresh button to reload' when we press back button in php.

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Caching - Clear Browser Cache To Avoid Form Data Resend After Refresh

I'm developing a PHP-MySQL app that enables registered users to enter text comments. Problem is:

User sign-in into the web site - OKAY
User presented with a form to submit text comment - OKAY
User enters text comment and submits - OKAY

I have a routine that sanitize the comment & save it into MySQL (with userid, textcomment, datetime stamp) & present back the user that his/her comment is entered - OKAY

User decides to refresh browser - a duplicate comment is entered - BAD!

I was thinking 3 options: OPTION 1: Routine that checks: last time user posted comment, and if so, check if this is a duplicate. If duplicate then display error message. OPTION 2: Routine that does not allow a user to post too quickly. So basically do not allow postings of comments within 1 minute or so. So if browser is refreshed the comment will be ignored. OPTION 3: Manipulate the browser cache to clear out its contents so when refreshed no duplicate will be entered.

Now in the context of my application, my concerns with OPTION 1 and OPTION 2 is performance PHP-MySQL since I already have various queries within the same page that push/get data from databases. So OPTION 3 may target the issue differently. Questions is: If I go for OPTION 3 can this be considered a Best Practice?

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Form Validation :: Reload The Page With Red Error Message

I wrote the following form so that if a user leaves a field blank the page will not process and instead be re-loaded with a red error message asking the user to enter the missing information: Code:

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$_SESSION['message'] : When I Hit Refresh And Reload The Page The Number Doesn't Increment?

It's working to my favor but I don't trust it unless I know why it's working.Real world example:

I reference $_SESSION['message'] twice in my code.First looks like this:[code]...

Second looks like this:echo $_SESSION['message'];

For some reason, this is working for me and $_SESSION['message'] is getting unset after it's echo'd (but the user remains logged in so I know the entire session is not getting unset).

Test example: I put the following code in test.php:
echo $_SESSION['message'];

When I hit refresh, reload the page, etc. the number doesn't increment, it's stays as '1'. If I change it to $_SESSION['success_message'] the number does increment.So? Is $_SESSION['message'] reserved? Does it automatically reset once it's echo'd? I didn't find anything in the manual on this.

UPDATE:I just checked in Firefox and test.php works as expected. In Chrome it doesn't. Chrome does so many wacky things, I wouldn't be surprised if it's resetting $_SESSION['message'].

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Reload Page Without Form Data

As the title says im posting some form data to another php file that processes it. I then want to return to the orig. form to start over but the same data is still in the form. Whats the best way to go about making the form fresh.

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Javascript - Reload Page Without Posting Data?

I'm trying to refresh a page without sending POST from the previous time.

I've tried


Which appends a ?r=t to the end but it doesn't appear to refresh the page as the page displays a number of file s in a directory which hasn't change even though I have moved or deleted them.

Can you specify the URL in window.location.reload();?

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Using A Button To Set Session Data And Reload Page

I'm trying to design a page that will show information based on selections made by the user. For example;

I'm logged in so the page shows me all the leagues that I play in as a series of forms which just show one button each. These forms submit the variable for the league name - so far so good.

I can set the action for these forms as 'somefile.php' and assign the $_POST[league] to the $_SESSION and echo this value, so I know that the data is being passed correctly by the form.

What i want to do though is set the form action to something that will allow me to reload the same page, now with the $_SESSION['league'] variable set and as a result show the games within that league. So each time a player presses teh button for a new league the relevant games are shown.

I've tried to set the form handler to redirect back to the page using header() but it doesn't seem to pass the $_SESSION['league'] variable back so the function for checking if the league is set fails?

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Preventing Multiple Data Insertion On Page Reload

I am developing a PHP-mysql database. It is noted that when the
browser window is refreshed the data is inserted again in the
database. unfortunately there is no unique keys that I can use to
verify the existance of the data, so as to prevent the multiple
insertion. Is there any other way to prevent it otherthan introducing
another field for this purpose and verifying its existance?

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Posting Data To The Server, Without Causing The Page To Reload?

I'm building a website which has a page that users can add content to, and they can rearrange the divs to whichever position and size they want. I'd like to have a save button which saves the current position of each div; however, I don't want the page to refresh each time (I'm also going to have an auto-save, which will have to save the information in the background).

I can't figure out how to post the data to the server though, without causing the page to reload. I figure I need some kind of AJAX request, but can't find anything that tells me how to do that (all the AJAX examples I can find seem to be about reading data from the server). I think I'm just starting to go round in circles now, but I can't get my head around this at all - I know it's probably not a hard thing to do, but I keep getting confused by the different examples.

So, first of all, is this the best way to do it? And, if so, can someone point me to a straightforward example of posting data via AJAX? I'm already using jQuery, so can use that for the Ajax as well.

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Jqgrid:data Failed To Change After Reload Page?

I have some grid which use form edit. But after edit success then page reload the data in grid back to the beginning. Its mean that edit process is failed.I have confused how to post this all variable into process page, because i'm use switch-case for this php page. I put some hidden action inside the form:jqgrid script.

<form id="editdefdata" class="editable">
<input id="action" name="action" value="changedefdata" type="hidden" />
<button id="defupdate"><span>Update </span></button>


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Can Header() Do A Div Reload Without A Page Reload (ie Ajax-type)?

I have a display page (displaypage.php) divided into two panes - one for content and one for feedback, referred to in the CSS as contentDiv and feedbackDiv respectively.

When I click on a word in the content pane, I do a PHP/PostgreSQL search for similar words, and the results appear in the feedback pane without a page reload. For this, I am using a very basic Ajax setup Code:

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Ajax Or JQuery Page Reload With New Data Added To Sql Database

I have a PHP page which currently refreshes every 2 minutes because it has to check for new data in the sql database. It's pretty annoying if you're using it and it keeps refreshing. The database is updated about 3 times a day, but what is shown on that page needs to be kept current with what's in the database. I'm trying to find a way to have ajax or something check the database every 30 seconds or so, and if there is something new, then refresh, but if there isn't anything new don't refresh.

Does anyone know of any tutorials out there, or something that can get me started? I have the concept down I think... I just can't figure out the code. I'm sure if I get it to check the database I can figure out the rest.

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Contents Of Page Reload When Any User Post Data In Database

I have developing messenger in php. In my application in need to reload the content of div in a page while any user post their comments on database of server.

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Resend Values To Other Page Using It

I have some problem posting data to other page. Now i am explain. One page (called A.php) is refershing and checking database whether status 1 or 0. If sataus finds 1, A.php page posting values to B.php automatically. Then i need to confim whether B.php page getting values or not from A.php. Suppose If B.php page did not get the values from A.php, I need to resend once again to B.php page.

So the problem is , once i sent the values first time from A.php to B.php, as we know suddenly A.php page has gone and display B.php. I can not resend once again from A.php. How we can send Once again from A.php to B.php?

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Value Preserving Across Multiple Pages / Reload The Original Page With Posted Data?

i am trying to post the some data on another page at this i have a back button onclick of back button i wanna reload the original page with posted data.

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Resend Hidden Variables Again On Same Page?

i am login in php file then on 2 php file i am checking values which i sending user name from 1st php file to 2nd . main problem is i am refreshing 2nd php file after each 4 min, but it not resending values, so how i said on 2nd page i am checking with database. if it not match with values then reload same page as invalid user name and password.

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HTTP - Cache RSS Data To Avoid Requesting It Everytime The Page Loads?

I'm parsing data from this RSS feed: [URL] The data there updates once every hour. To parse it, I load the RSS at the initialization of my class and convert it into an usable object. The problem with this is that every time the page loads, the RSS is parsed again, and the HTTP request delays the page loading. I was thinking of a cronjob to parse the RSS hourly, and then save the data in a JSON structure. But I'd really like to not depend on the cron, as not all shared hosting servers provide it (although they should).

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Not Give Error When Resend After Sending Something + Refreshing The Page

making it not say resend after sending something + refreshing the page

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Avoid The Getimage() Warning Message?

Recently i worked in project. there i need to a resize a picture and i use the following class.

class SimpleImage
var $image;

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Check If Dir Exists Avoid Error Message?

I think I have missed something with the code below... Maybe you can help

$imageurl = $pagename1;
$imageurl = preg_replace('/.asp/', ''.$g_sites_img2.'.jpg', $pagename1);
$filename = $_SERVER{'DOCUMENT_ROOT'}.'/images'.$imageurl;
if (file_exists($filename)) {
echo '<img src="'.$mainurl.'/images'.$imageurl.'" width="'.$g_sites_img2.'" align="left" />';
} else {
$imgremoteurl = $imgremoteurl.str_replace(' ', '_', strtolower($g_page_identify));
$imageurlfolder = dirname($pagename1);............

If I refresh the page, the error message disappears when the file is created. How can I write the script so that it checks the folder, if it exists it does not throw the error?

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Error Handling - Avoid Warning Message?

Recently i worked in project. there i need to a rename a picture. the problem is when i rename the picture it renamed but show a warning message like bellowWarning: rename(seeker/SeekerPhoto/katr.jpg,seeker/SeekerPhoto/ussl.jpg) [function.rename]: No such file or directory in /subdomains/www/html/ussl/job/insphoto.php on line 100 how can i avoid this warning message. that mean whatever the warning was it will go for next task.

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Avoid Dead Message In Comet Chat?

I am doing Comet chat with Erlang and PHP. But now I think I met a problem: the polling connection will disconnect and reconnect automatically in about a certain time (I set this with 10 seconds), so there will be a period of time that the user doesn't connect to chat server. If a user send message at that time, the message will be dead (no one could receive it). In the client code I am using jquery with jsonp to realize the polling connection.

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Error Message - Avoid Notice In When One Of The Conditions Is Not True?

I've notice that when one of the two conditions in a php if statement is not true. You get an undefined index notice for the statement that is not true. And the result in my case is a distorted web page.
For example, this code:

if (!isset($_SESSION['loginAdmin']) && ($_SESSION['loginAdmin'] != '')) {


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How To Refresh Page Without Prompt The "resend Information...."?

I wrote a PHP page for user input the information to search the
database. And the database data will update every second. I want to
set the auto refresh to get the data from database every minute. But
the page always display the dialog box ask me to resend the
information. How to disable this warning message. I using POST and
REQUEST to get the data from user input page.

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Session Var Is Setting ONLY AFTER I Reload Page, Form Var Displays First Page Load

Page1 has a form that calls Page2. The beginning of Page2:
<? php session_start();
session_register("s"); ?>

in the middle of Page2 I have a form varaible:
<?php echo $_POST['stateSelected']; ?>
<?php echo $_SESSION['s']; ?>

The form var displays the first time the page loads. The session var
displays only after reloading the page2.

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Automatic Page Refresh Without Reload Of Entire Page?

refreshing a top bar just like facebook where the no of messages are getting updated when the new messages comes just like facebook or gmail without refreshing the whole page . i can do this if that top bar is located externally i can refresh that bar with either meta tag set timeout or with refresh tag , but not getting how to refresh when it is part of main page.how to do this without reloading whole page and without any external file as the full code of the inbox and alert is located in main.php so i cant take it out and call these function externally.

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Avoid Overwriting Mysql Data With Dynamically POSTED Data?

This could be PHP or MySql so putting it in PHP forum for now... I have code below (last code listed) which processes a dynamically created Form which could have anywhere from 0 to 6 fields. So I clean all fields whether they were posted or not and then I update the mySQL table. The problem with this code below is that if, say, $cextra was not posted (i.e. it wasnt on the dynamically created form), then this code would enter a blank into the table for $cextra (i.e. if there was already a value in the table for $cextra, it gets overwritten, which is bad). What is the best way to handle this? I'm thinking i have to break my SQL query into a bunch of if/else statements like this...


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The Data From The Page Wont Go Into Sql Database And Display Message Wont Appear?

there i am currently trying to do a register page for a manager to register for my website i need the data to go into 2 tables in my database because they are linked and no data is being inserted into my database at all im just wondering were i am going wrong many thanks for looking.Register Page.PHP Code:

//Insert managers into users table
//users Table


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Page Reload

I have succesfully created a login page for my site. I have used the PHP_SELF
so that once the user has succesfully logged on the page reloads. Everything
works fine the first time somebody tries to log in but when they revisit, the
log on page is bypassed and it goes straight to the information page. I have a
sneaky suspicion that this is due to the fact that the page is then in their
history of recently visited sites. How can I use PHP to refresh the page
automatically everytime it is requested?

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Reload Page On Die

I have a query that seems to fail about one out of five times, resulting in a completely blank page. Here's the query and the call to it (which appears before any HTML is displayed): PHP Code:

$query = "SELECT msg.id, msg.to, msg.from, msg.subject, msg.date,
  u1.first_name as to_first, u1.last_name as to_last,
  u2.first_name as from_first, u2.last_name as from_last
FROM messages msg, userprofiles u1, userprofiles u2
WHERE msg.read = 'n' AND u1.id = msg.to
  AND u2.id = msg.from AND msg.to = '$userid'
ORDER BY msg.date DESC";
$reslt_message = mysql_query($query, $conn) or die(mysql_error());

If there is anything wrong with this query, please let me know. Otherwise, assuming that the query is ok, would it be wrong (or even work at all) to put a header inside the "die" that reloads the page, or would that be bad practice? I can see the possibility of getting an infinite loop, but that could be remedied by adding a variable to the end of the header that would force the code to reload only if it hasn't reloaded yet. if that is clear. When the page crashes, refreshing it works. If I click the link to this page 10 times, it could be the 1st or 10th time that results in a crash, so I'm thinking that the query is ok but it is having trouble processing it or something, which is what led me to think about reloading the page.

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