Automatic Slideshow

Aug 6, 2007

i mean that the user can change the image if he click the button or if nothing happens in 5 sec the image changes. the code of the manual slideshow is here:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
<title>prueba mysql</title>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function siguiente(){
else {posicion=posicion+1;}

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Slideshow Transitions

Skip down two posts. I'm trying to combine a php file with a js file to create a slideshow with fading transitions between images.

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Mysql Slideshow

I have been able to get images from a form to a mysql db. there are multiple images that have the same id record, because I want to be able to have a slideshow that contains several pics related to the same record.

What I don't know is how to get images (only the path stored in mysql) from the db to a slideshow where ID=ID. I can get the images to a page on my site, but the user has to click next for each image. I would like for the user to be able to watch the slideshow without clicking a button. Has anyone seen a script for this?

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Dynamic Slideshow For SQL DIV

I am sure there is a way to do what I want with a bit of javascript, php, and SQL. Here's the premise. A real estate site has, on the home page, a square DIV.

In it, there is a picture of a home, a link, and a caption with the same link. This is a picture of one of several featured listings for that realtor. All of these listings are in an SQL database. Code:

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Slideshow Won't Work With PHP 5

I wrote this slideshow script for a real estate site a few years back and recently altered it slightly for a used vehicle site, worked just fine until the host upgraded the server to PHP 5.

This script resides in the same directory as the photos (up to 5). It takes the names of files beginning with "t_" (thumbnails) and puts them into an array. Then does its thing.
PHP 5 appears to be screwing up the count. Can anyone tell me why this is so?

body { margin: 0px; }
a { font-family: arial; font-size: 12px; font-weight: normal; color: white; text-decoration: none; }
a:hover { font-face: arial; font-size: 12px; font-weight: normal; color: white; text-decoration: underline; }

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Slideshow With Caption

I am trying to make a slideshow on my site. I am able to upload the pictures with captions. I am not good at php, so I took the high road and got a slideshow script from the net. Code:

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Fade In-out Slideshow

I would like to place 4 images on continuous loop slideshow on main page. Can any experts give advice how to acheive this, or should I just create it in flash and import the flash file to dreamweaver.

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Slideshow Using & Mysql

Has anyone worked with or written a slideshow with background music using php & mysql?

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Image Slideshow

Is it possible to create an image slideshow for a website with PHP?

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Slideshow Effect For Photos

I want the image on a web page to automatically change with a slide show type effect where a specific page image cycles from one to the next through an array of images.

I know how to have it load one randomly so that on each refresh it changes to a new one, but how could you use php to have it cycle through some photos changing every 30 or 40 seconds to a new image without an apparent refresh of the entire page?

It might be nice to do a fading in (from black) and out (to black) for this but I can live without the fading. I could see this array accessing maybe 50 images.

Is this doable in pHP or is it more of a JavaScript thing? Are there any open source slide show functions you would recommend that might do what I am after?

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Photo Slideshow Script

Does anyone know of a simple photo slideshow script that is available? I would like to find one where a user could upload pictures for a certain date. Then a page showing a listing of all the slideshows by date. Would like to be able to click on a slideshow for a certain date and have it show the pictures with a forward and back button.

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Dynamic Image Slideshow

I need to create an image slide show using HTML/Javascript. I am using some scripts available [ on the internet ]. I am putting a snippet of the script below: Code:

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Slideshow With Play Buttons?

I need Slide show like in the below site home page slide show, [URL] Is anyone used before like that slide show?

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Image Slideshow From The Database?

i gotta create an image slideshow... only for images.. but all the images should be from the database.

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Create Slideshow From Array?

I have recently setup a simple CMS for my company, whereby my staff can upload, edit and delete images shown on our site using a few simple php pages that link to the images in mysql as binary LONGBLOBs. I am stuck when trying to populate slideshows using these images though. I have the following code which retrieves all my images in a certain table (called gallery.php):


<?php require_once('Connections/test.php'); ?>
if (!function_exists("GetSQLValueString")) {


How would I go about populating a slideshow with the results displayed on the gallery.php page? I have been searching the forums for days trying to find something pertinent to my issue but cannot seem to find anything. I have downloaded a slideshow from that I would like to use, and can get it working by adjusting the images.xml file.

Instead of using the pre-defined
<photo image="images/1.jpg" url="" target="_blank"></photo>
<photo image="images/2.jpg" url="" target="_blank"></photo>

I have adjusted the xml to show

<photo image="show_image?id=1" url="" target="_blank"></photo>
<photo image="show_image?id=2" url="" target="_blank"></photo>

how many images were to be in each slideshow, as I could simply count up the number of images and adjust the xml "show_image?id=* according, but I am trying to make it dynamic so that if there are 15 images in the database, the xml file will reflect this.

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Slideshow Image With No Flash.

I wonder how did they do this:
There is a little box on middle left where you can click next / previous to show the news. This is not a flash movie, so I wonder if we can do it in PHP?

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Slideshow - Click On An Image And A Box Will Pop Up?

My companies website is supposed to have a slideshow script where you click on an image and a box will pop up where you can scroll through the pictures. This used to work but when switching servers something didn't work right. Now when you click a picture it just sends a link to that image. Does anyone know where I can start?

Here is the site by the way...


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Create A Slideshow Using The Flickr API?

its possable to create a slideshow using the flickr API if it is could someone be kind enough to provide some simple code on how to make this work

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Slideshow Pulling Database Fields

I used a javascript slideshow tutorial and changed it to insert my php database fields homephoto1 - homephoto6. Works perfectly. However, if all 6 database fields were not filled by the user, the screen shows a blank missing image for that particular field. Doesn't exactly look good when a user only has 2 pics and 4 blanks. Is there a way to change this so the empty fields will not show up in the array?

var interval = 4000;
var random_display = 0;
var imageDir = "homes/photo/";

var imageNum = 0;
imageArray = new Array();

imageArray[imageNum++] = new imageItem(imageDir + "<?php echo $home['homephoto1'];?>");
imageArray[imageNum++] = new imageItem(imageDir + "<?php echo $home['homephoto2'];?>");
imageArray[imageNum++] = new imageItem(imageDir + "<?php echo $home['homephoto3'];?>");
imageArray[imageNum++] = new imageItem(imageDir + "<?php echo $home['homephoto4'];?>");
imageArray[imageNum++] = new imageItem(imageDir + "<?php echo $home['homephoto5'];?>");
imageArray[imageNum++] = new imageItem(imageDir + "<?php echo $home['homephoto6'];?>");

var totalImages = imageArray.length;

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Scraping A Dynamic Weather Slideshow?

I am making a weather page and I would need to screen scape the radar image on just the radar images. Fatherstorm has help me before and given me a php script it worked but with some bugs.


I need a script that could scrape the images put it in a div ul li so I can animate it like in the original site(I mean the slideshow effect) or make it's path absolute don't know how it would help but I sure want to know how to do that also. The weather sites images is in a javascript array which I am not familliar.

I need the whole script so I can study it before using it so I can learn in the process. I may be annoying to some cause I might have written this problem before, please bare with me as I am trying to do my best to study this stuff but I need the script ASAP.

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Online Image Slideshow Using GD, XML, And Javascript?

I wrote some code to automatically track many objects through an 1000+ frame image sequence. The object boundaries and centers are outputted in xml by my algorithm. I am making a website to show off my results and I would like to have a navigable slideshow with the normal play, pause, forward, rewind features. I currently have a php-javascript circular frame queue set up. It works by having 10 frames contain images 1-10, then when the user wants to see images 2, change the view and load image 11 into frame 1 and so on. This circular queue style works well for normal scrolling, but I would like to change the image every 100 ms and it bogs down. Is there a better way to do this on this side?My main source of slowdown is that my images are dynamically plotted in GD from an xml file containing a large number of data points. I am using file_get_contents and the simpleXMLELement functions to get the data into arrays and then plotting them on an image using imagepolygon. Is there a better way of doing this?

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Image Slideshow From Database Jquery?

i recently created a bit of script to pull images from a database and display them horizontally using a scroll bar. i have now decided to try and integrate it with jquery to give it a bit of life. At first, i use the jquery plugin to use 5 sample images and it worked fine. However, when i tried to add php code to the script, the previous and next buttons don't show and the slideshow doesn't work.

My php script;

<div id="slideshow">
<div id="slidesContainer">
<div class="slide">[code]....

I don't normally work with java/jquery,

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Wordpress Slideshow - How To Implement That Code?

I'm not sure if there's something i'm missing... I want to implement the Wordpress Gallery Plugin into my site. I want it to be present just after the navigation (which would be stuck to the top if the browser window almost as if it were in header).

I'm sure it's to do with header.php and index.php but how do i implement that code? The information for the plugin states that you should make a post/page then put the code in there but considering this would remain on every page, how would i call it?

Similar to http:[url]....

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Photo Slideshow That Is Free And Very Simple To Use And Set Up?

I am looking for a photo slideshow in php that is free and very simple to use and set up. Basically it is for a client so we dont need all the fancy features such as tying into a mysql database or the ability to make comments.

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Slideshow Script - How To Set It As A Background Image?

I'm trying to implement a wordpress plugin called flashfader, which basically creates a small and flexible image slideshow. I uploaded the images to the plugin and then placed this code

<?php include (ABSPATH.'wp-content/flashfader/flashfaderhtml.txt'); ?>on the page.

What I had planned to do is have the image slideshow as the background of a div which would then have content over the top of it. But since the code for embedding the slideshow is not like placing a normal image, I'm unsure of how to set it as a background image.

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Call To Return The Flash Slideshow?

A website that will be hosted on a web-server without PHP support.But need to call a PHP script that returns a Flash Slideshow.Is there any way that can do this?Here is the bit of PHP code that need to call to return the Flash Slideshow.include slideshow.php to access the Insert_Slideshow function include "url" insert the slideshow.swf flash file into the web page.slideshow.swf to get the slideshow's data from sample.php created in the first step set the slideshow's width to 320 pixels and the height to 240 echo Insert_Slideshow.

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