Autocomplete Textfield With AJAX And Php?

Apr 23, 2007

I saw a neat demo example of this using and ruby on rails framework to do autocomplete textfield.

but was wondering if there is anything to run similar on php platform (with AJAX/scriptalicious also doing same effects)?

My current regular old html dropdown list has thousands of clients currently and it is taking >10 seconds filling the <option> list, hence why i am looking to use a short autocomplete list to let user fill in clientname.
Since this page can be edited, i hope there is a framework that knows that fills the text in the textfield appropriately like all the demos i see online,
but it should also set a hidden form field with the ID of the client chosen.

so if they click Update, then i can use that clientID value to update the database. Also if the user erases the text (or maybe fills in half of the text but doesnt choose a client from drop down), the hidden form field clientID should be removed so i know the user is unsetting the optional field/ or hasnt chosen a client.... and i can accordingly update the clientID field to NULL in database.


Autocomplete For Multiple Tags In One Textfield?

Oct 11, 2010

I want to use the autocomplete component for cakephp but instead of just autocompleting one value in a textfield i want it to work like SOF tags. i.e. one tag, 2nd tag, Does anyone know if there is an option for this using this component?

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HTTP_REFERER - Validate Some Textfield Via AJAX

Aug 12, 2007

I am using a validator.php file to validate some textfield via AJAX. I want to prevent anyone from directly accessing the validate.php file. The path to which is in my JavaScript (AJAX) code. Code:

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Example Of JQuery Autocomplete Returning Id And Name Using Ajax

Nov 4, 2010

I need an example of how to code a jQuery autocomplete to populate product_id while showing the product_name calling an ajax page "remote.php"

<input name="product_name" id="product_name" type="text" value="" />
<input name="product_id" id="product_id" type="hidden" value="" />

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Ajax Autocomplete With Multi-language Support ?

Jul 4, 2010

i just want to know how to implement autocomplete with multi-language support like Google.i mean what do i have to change in the code and where? and is there a free php and ajax autocomplete class that support multi-language?

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Use A PHP Array And Turn It Into Am Xml Request For Ajax Autocomplete?

Jul 2, 2007

I recently was assigned to a project that deals with AJAX, something I have never dealt with before. I do know what I am doing with javascript/php/mysql though. I just installed a plugin that I know how to use every part of it, except where it processes the request. This is an autocomplete plugin. It says I need to format my data like this

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<text><![CDATA[text to display]]></text>
<value><![CDATA[value to fill]]></value>

Is there a way to do that with PHP using an array of data I have?

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Browsers Support Autocomplete For Ajax Loaded Login Forms At All?

Feb 15, 2010

My problem is, that the browsers' (IE&FF) autocomplete does not work for my login form. I have a webapp with CakePHP & jQuery. To allow visitors to login/register unobtrusively. The login form is inside a div, which is loaded via AJAX. (This enables logging in without a page reload.)

The browsers do recognize it as a login field, as they prompt me to save the credentials when clicking login. And they really do save the username/password, as they appear between the saved ones in the browser settings. But the saved username/password is never entered automatically. They do not appear pre-entered when the page loads. When I start typing in the username, the username appears as a suggestion, but even when you select it, the password is not entered next to it. Why? How can I get this working?

That you can test it yourself, here is a simple AJAX login form:[URL]...It loads the following login form, if you go to the url below, autocomplete will work for just the plain form, so it is not a problem with the form itself, but rather that it is AJAX loaded:


To clarify: I do not want to use AJAX autocomplete, I want the browser's autocomplete to work for my login form. This is an issue between my form and the browser. jQuery submission seems to play a minor role, as the usernames/passwords are saved. They are just not auto-entered for ajax loaded HTML elements! (The test site does not use jQuery submission.) Related question:[URL]..

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AJAX - Make Autocomplete/autosuggestion And Show Results Outside Form, In Table?

Apr 1, 2010

im trying to make a simple page with search engine. i read, that if i want to implementautocomplete/autosuggest with form, i have to use ajax. thats ok for me. there are a lot solutions on the intenret, but unfortunetly all of them is the same script :/ and thats fine for me :) but i want to go further. i want to show autosuggest results in table for example below search form. the data is stored in a simple array (eventualy, source mysql) i know that kind of script isnt easy to write, so i ask you to give me a hint or something. trivial solution is use php, but this needs submit button.

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Attach JQuery Autocomplete To A Text Field Which Is Loaded By Ajax Call

May 11, 2011

I have a simple web application in which I have created a wizard, each wizard page contains different form fields which are populated from database, as user presses next the page data is retrieved from server using Ajax call. Here is the code of the page which is retrieved from server against an Ajax call. I am making it simple to understand..

function printAdAlertWizardStep($step)
case 1: //step of wizard, first step
print "Welcome to alert wizard,...";

Now the problem is that the form is loaded after the user presses next and the $(document).ready() function has fired already when the #nalertkw text field doesn't exists. So the autocomplete is not working. I am using Jquery-UI Autocomplete, How can I attach the autocomplete to a textfield which is loaded through Ajax call?

edit: Moreover I have tested my setup on a simple page (without Ajax call) with textfield and attaching the autocomplete to that text field the same way. It works absolutely fine. It confirms that autocomplete setup is correct, but it don't works when attached to a textfield which is retrieved through Ajax call.

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Jquery Autocomplete : Autocomplete Does Not Stop If String Does Not Match?

Apr 30, 2010

I used the auto-complete function in jquery. It's data source are the results from a php-back-end.

$("#ice_id").autocomplete("ice-ver.php", { extraParams : { flavour_id: $("#flavour_id").val() } });

Let us take following example:We type in the flavour ID 3992 ...(and 3992 exists in the database and is properly returned by the php backend). If we type in now 3992999 the auto-complete function should top showing anything up ...but unfortunately it still does, (could the problem lie within the fact that I am using integers instead of strings or chars?)

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Aug 17, 2003

I have two textfields with one textfieldname and id like these in a single form. Now my problem is i want to disable the second textfield if i used the first textfield and viceversa. Is that posible? PHP Code:

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Getting Value Of Textfield

May 6, 2007

How does one obtain the value of a text field for inclusion into a URL? I have a for with multiple link fields. From each link field I want to do different actions. One would be to add a record to a database another to edit the record and another to delete a record.

The information for the query is contained in several text fields on the form. To pass the information to the action php file I am build the URL with the necessary information. So my question is how does one obtain the value of the text box for inclusion into the URL. My test code is as follows:

<a name="buttonAdd" href="doMgmtAdd.php?action=add&recordID=0&Date=<?php echo dateTextfield.value; ?>">[/url]

Doing this only appends the text "dateTextfieldvalue" (note no period) to the URL, and causes the sql INSERT to enter a date of "0000-00-00". If I do the following:

<a name="buttonAdd" href="doMgmtAdd.php?action=add&recordID=0&Date=<?php echo '2007-05-06'; ?>">[/url] a valid record gets added.

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Get Values From Textfield

May 20, 2007

as I am new to PHP my question is related to pure basics. I wrote
simple PHP file for automated mail sending. It sends, of course, mail
with fixed text but I need "mail()" function to retrieve string values
from textfield controls in Dreamweaver instead of fixed string values.

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Quotes From Db Into Textfield

Mar 1, 2006

i have a problem of wich i doubt it can be solved properly:
If i call a text from a (mySQL) database, and want to echo it into a
textfield (e.g. in a form) i experience the following problem (wich
makes sense, but wich i can't solve):

Imagine the following: ...

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Checkbox And Textfield

Oct 10, 2005

i wonder if i can tick the checkbox in another window then submit. after that the result will display in textfield9in another window too) can i? and can u show me how to do that?

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Join This 2 Textfield

Mar 21, 2007

I have 2 textfield (for search Name and Username) and i want to joining them to just one textfield only, so people can search for Name and Username in just one field this is textfield for Name

<input type="text" name="firstname" size="50" value="<?= $this->get('firstname') ?>" />

and this textfield for Username

<input type="text" name="username" size="50" value="<?= $this->get('username') ?>" />

i try this, but it is not right

<input type="text" name="firstname" size="50" value="<?= $this->get('firstname') ?> <?= $this->get('username') ?>" />

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Textfield Is Parsing Its Value?

Apr 27, 2011

So I got this form:

<form action="welcome.php" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="secret" value=<?php echo getMyValue() ?> />
Name: <input type="text" name="txt" value=<?php echo getMyValue() ?> />
<input type="submit" />

You see the text input element? The value is the result of getMyValue(). Such result is a line that contains HTML tags, like <b> <i> etc... And, apparently, when the text contains such tags, my text input breaks. If the text doesn't have such tags, everything is alright.


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Echoing Php In A Textfield

Jul 29, 2007

when i echo out text from mysql in a text area field it also echoes out the line breaks e.g it doesn't happen if i echo out anywhere else on the page, could i do a preg_replace to make all the line breaks echo NULL? Code:

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Textfield String Handling

Jul 19, 2000

I'm trying to build a program allows users to hit the page and "build their own press release". It's amazing how many small businesses don't know how to do this already. In any case, the program would take this input and format a HTML file which could then be either sent to the user, or formatted to my press release format and saved as a HTML file on my site.

I think everything is working great, EXCEPT the textfield. How do you take text input from a user by way of textfield, and preserve the carriage returns <BR> and paragraph markers <p> to fput correctly into the html file?

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Populate Textfield From Dropdown

Oct 8, 2007

I know I have done this before but I havent programmed in a while and I can't seem to figure it out. I have a DB with ID, item, unit, and cost where item is the name of the item, unit is the unit of measure (i.e. - per hour or per day etc..) and cost is the price per unit.

Now, I have a form that auto generates and item dropdown list from the DB. Then there 2 text fields - one to enter quantity and one to enter price. What I want to happen is when an item is selected, the price per item goes in the price text field automatically and then next to the quantity field it changes to 'per hour' etc..

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Storing Textfield In Db With Formatting

Aug 30, 2005

I have a simple form that is stored to a mysql datbase, just like the one I am typing in now.

How can I make sure line breaks etc are stored with the text? Right now all text is stored as a single line even though line breaks are used.

I know there is a simpel PHP function that will to this, but I kind of forgot what is was and I don't know what to look for.

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Placing Content In TextField

Nov 11, 2005

Why isn't the data from the database field displayed here. PHP Code:

<input type="file" name="image" id="image" value="<?php echo $row['image'] ?>" />

when it is here... PHP Code:

<input type="textfield" name="email" id="email" value="<?php echo $row['email'] ?>" />

Is it because it is type="file"? If so how can I fix it?

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Textfield, Special Characters

Aug 25, 2005

I'm working on a site where they want to add a new article once a month or so. They want to be able to do so without my help, but noone knows html, so let alone php (well, I don't know it either really) and Flash. My idea was that they could write the page as a textfile and then I'd like PHP add some basic markup.

While doing a test with str_replace() I noticed that double quotes and opening (147) and closing (148) double quotes are different characters. They'll probably be using Windows' notepad and I assume ANSI encoding. Hopefully, as UTF written with Notepad gets a few extra characters added I don't know how to handle either.

But since by default it's set to ANSI. I think I saw a thread on that while searching for an answer on that one, so I'll look into that later, when I'm a bit more knowledgable. I found this list on the internet, but I'm not sure what to do with it. if I can convert these characters and if so.

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PHP Refering To A HTML Textfield

Mar 24, 2006

I'm currently attempting to incorporate some validation into a page but have come across a problem. The page contains several textfields that require information entering into them - on clicking Submit these details are entered into a database.

However, before the page is submitted, I want to be able to check whether the fields are empty or not, or check whether they contain non-numeric values for example. The code I currently have can test PHP variables and submits the form if the conditions are passed, or displays a pop up box if the conditions are not passed. How do I refer to a html textfield as opposed to a php variable though?

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Retrieving Db Info Using Textfield Value

May 16, 2006

i have a database with a table of flight dates in it, i have a html form with a textfield, i want to be able to enter the date i want to look for and then click a submit button and have the resulting flights on that date show up on a new page.

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Keyword Search Textfield

Jul 27, 2005

Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or `T_NUM_STRING' in c:inetpubwwwrootsearchCriteria.php on line 236 Line- 236. Code:

$queryKeyword = "SELECT * FROM report WHERE AirCraftType REGEXP '[[:<:]]$word[[:>:]]' OR AircraftTailNo REGEXP '[[:<:]]$word[[:>:]]' OR ServicingType REGEXP '[[:<:]]$word[[:>:]]' OR DefectInfo REGEXP '[[:<:]]$word[[:>:]]' OR Rectifications REGEXP '[[:<:]]$word[[:>:]]' OR Comments REGEXP '[[:<:]]$word[[:>:]]' OR RelatedDoc REGEXP '[[:<:]]$word[[:>:]]'";

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Zend_Form: Uppercase In Textfield?

Oct 25, 2010

I want to create a textfield element in Zend Form which always type in uppercase whether CapsLock is On or Off.

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Inputted Value Display On A Textfield?

May 9, 2009

i want an inputed value that a user enter into the textfield

should remain after clicking submit and an error message display

that invalued email.the email textfield will be blank why the other

textfield will still display the inputed value

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Sum Of Table Rows Will Appear In A Textfield?

Dec 13, 2010

I have a problem in adding codes in my php codes, but i have the concept of codes that i want to add in my php codes, but I don't know if it is right. Kindly check my codes I attached my whole codes for better understanding and here is the codes I want to add:

$query = "SELECT * FROM clt_transact WHERE clt_no = '" . $_POST . "'";
$result_no = mysql_query($query);


I want to happen is all the input qty that the user insert in input qty textfield will sum and the result will appear in operation2_total in input_qty textfield. I don't know how thus the result should be appear automatically in the input qty of operation2_total and if my code is correct.

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Pass A Textfield Value To A Pop Form?

Jun 11, 2010

How to pass a textfield value to a pop form? I need to pass the value so that the drop down box on the form would autopopulate the items related to that value in the textfield. I'm using PHP.

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Send The Textfield Values To The Db?

Jul 10, 2011

I'm working on a template and it has the following for submit button:

Code:<a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById('contacts-form')


i'd like to know what is the 'getElementById' for and how do i detect that my form has been submitted?so that i can send the textfield values to the db.

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POST Method, Textfield And URL

Mar 29, 2007

Is this possible?

Im using POST method,

Can i give, say a textfield named "textfieldname" a value using url like http://localhost/site/file.php?textfieldname="myvalue"

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Limit Two Words In Textfield?

Jul 22, 2010

how do i do this?...  only two words allowed to be input into textfield.

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Posting Previous Variables Into Textfield

Feb 23, 2003

I would like to get my variable to enter into my text fields, so when a user edits thier profile, it displays what they already have. This is what I have, and it works, except for displaying variables into the text field. And at the very top, where it says Editing Profile for User: it is blank as well, it isnt reading the $username. PHP Code:

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Translate Textfield Entries Into Html

Oct 1, 2006

I can't figure out how to post this without the characters being translated so I just used (html) in place of the characters. Here's the post:

I can't get htmlentities to work. This is my code right from the php manual:

$str = "A 'quote' is <b>bold</b>";
echo htmlentities($str);
echo htmlentities($str, ENT_QUOTES);

It says it should output this:

A 'quote' is &lt;b&gt;bold&lt;/b&gt;
A (html)quote(html) is &lt;b&gt;bold&lt;/b&gt;

But it outputs this:

A 'quote' is <b>bold</b>
A 'quote' is <b>bold</b>

I'm trying to translate textfield entries into html. So "I'm" becomes "I(html)m"

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Dynamically Associating Array With Textfield

Aug 8, 2005

I have a form consisting of 3 dropdowns next to text fields, ie:

Label: Textfield Select
Time1: 2 Days
Time2: 2 Hours
Time3: 2 Months

(the option 'Week' is also available')

I can go so far as to determine that Time1 has Day selected, Time2 has Hours selected, and Time3 has Months selected, like so:

Array ( [0] => hour [1] => day [2] => month )

I then want to compare apples to apples by converting days, months, and weeks into hours (and eventually back again), so now I want to dynamically determine that Time1 (array 0) is associated with Time1, so textfield must now be 2*24 to equal 48 hours, while Time3 (array 2) must be 2*730.484398. Code:

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Add A Textfield In Form With Out Model Class In YII?

Feb 24, 2011

I need to add a text field in YII form in which i am not specify any model class name. But I need to process that value in the action method inside the controller class.


I need to add a text field as

<div class="row">
<input type="text" name="test" id="test" >

I add text field as

<?php echo $form->textField($model['groupModel'],'group_name',array('size'=>60,'maxlength'=>128)); ?>

But i do't want to specify any model name with the new text field..

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Display A Dynamic Page In Textfield?

Jun 11, 2009

instead of just displaying data from the database in a table, i want to make it varies..some in textbox, some in text area. this is my code:

$query= mysql_query(" SELECT * FROM office
WHERE officeID='" . $_GET['officeID'] . "'");


it dsplays correct data from the database in this format: abc33bar avenue which refer to (name abc, location 33bar avenue ).

how make it like this? name : (here is the dynamic data -name- from database) location : location

I have construct a textfield with inital value like this :

echo <input name="name" type="text" value="<?php echo $entry['name']; ?>">

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Get Title From Textfield Then Use To Display Function

Aug 8, 2010

I wish to create an image slideshow plugin. The idea is that the user can enter the name of the slideshow into a text field then submit it which will use Wordpress's 'add_option' function to add it to the database.

Then, this name will be used to display that specific slideshow and contain its own individual settings. It will also create a submenu page on wordpress titled the name the user has given it.

The user can then display this specific slideshow via PHP.

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Textfield Input To Link On Submit

Jan 23, 2010

I just want a Textfield and a submit button. When a URL is entered into the Textfield and submit is pressed it goes to the URL. So far I have the following to work with :)

<input type="text" name="thelink" id="thelink" />
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Clickable Button">

So how do I make form action become "thelink"?

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Combine Textfield With Counter Variables?

Mar 14, 2010

$result = mysql_query("SELECT distinct room_type,room_price from room1 WHERE room_no NOT IN ( SELECT id_room_no
FROM reservation1 WHERE datein >='$datein' AND dateout <='$dateout')");  

i'm really stuck here. May i know how can i combine the variables $counter with the textfield so whenever it's looping, the textfield will become text1, text2 , txt3 ?

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Combine Textfield With Counter Variables...?

Mar 14, 2010

<p><strong><strong>Room Availbility</strong></p>
<p>  </p>
<td><table width="61%" height="64" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#CC66CC" class="report2">


May i know how can i combine the variables $counter with the textfield so whenever it's looping, the textfield will become text1, text2 , txt3 ?

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Get Text From Textfield Before Submit Is Pressed

Sep 9, 2007

I am wondering if I can get text from textfield before submit is pressed? I want to add text in textfield to a database entry so I was thinking:

<input name="hoursworked" type="hidden" id="hoursworked"
value="<?php echo $row_custdb['hoursworked'] +hourstodecimal($_POST['hourstoday']); ?>">
but the last bit past hourstodecimal doesnt work as the form hasnt been submitted so keeps returning 0.

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How To Detect A Line Break In A Multiline Textfield

Feb 28, 2007

Hi can someone give me the code to convert a line break in a multiline
textfield to a <br/tag ? It's something to do with CR LF but I can't
find the exact code anywhere.

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Problem With Pressing Enter On One-textfield Form

Jul 17, 2005

I have a mail form, where I would like the users to enter a secret code and
check one checkbox before the form are processed and the values can mailed.
Otherwise stop and display an error. But it won't work. What's wrong with my
nice newbie-code? Here it is:

The form:
<form method="post" action="process.php">
<input name="name" type="text" />
<input name="email" type="text" />
<input name="subject" type="text" />
<textarea name="message" rows="6"></textarea>
<p>Enter secret send-code:</p>
<input name="secret_code" type="text" />
<p>Agree to terms?:</p>
Yes <input name="check[]" type="checkbox" value="yes" />
No <input name="check[]" type="checkbox" value="no" />
<br />
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Send" /><input type="hidden"
name="do" value="send" /><input type="reset" name="reset" value="Reset" />

Here is process.php:


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