Autocomplete Syntax HTML Or In Notepad?

Feb 19, 2011

how to autocomplete syntax HTML or PHP in notepad++.No auto-close, i want Autocompelete

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Why Notepad++ Autocomplete Doesn't Work With Function Arguments

I checked "Settings > Prefences > Backup/Auto-Completion > Enable Auto-completion on each input" and "Function parameters hint on input" options. I have Notepad++ 5.9 (unicode) version. It auto completes function names but not their arguments. Also i tried re-install. I know it has this feature but not working.

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Syntax Checker For Notepad++?

Is there a PHP syntax checker plugin for Notepad++?

don't answer "Use another editor instead"

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Alternative Syntax Highlighting In Notepad?

Is there any way to get tags and the if / endif stuff to highlight like the braces?

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Use Notepad++ But It Doesn't Show Syntax Of Function?

i try to use notepad++ but it don't show syntax of function. how can i solve it or may be any else simple ide? try to use eclipseetbeans but this is big monsters

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Used To Code In Notepad For HTML?

Used to code in Notepad for HTML.php now so i think it is worth it now to grab a IDE which will halve the effort required.So, I need a syntax highlighting, lightweight PHP code editor.

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Html - Hello World Won't Display Using Easyphp And Writing In Notepad++


The Hello world works for javascript but not in php, what gives?

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IDE With Autocomplete Feature For HTML?

I am looking for HTML and PHP editors (or IDE) that have auto-complete features on it's API.. IDE with auto-complete feature on Linux OS (debian-based) = ?2. IDE with auto-complete feature on Mac OS (10.6) = ? I will accept answers if number 1 and 2 of my question are answered.

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Using Html In JQuery UI Autocomplete?

Before jQuery UI 1.8.4 I could use html in the JSON array I built to work with an autocomplete.I was able to do something like:$row_array['label'] = '<span style="color: red; font-family: courier;">User, Name</span>';That would show up as red text in the drop down.As of 1.8.4 that does not work.I found which tells me to use the Custom HTML example here which I have had no luck with.How can I go about getting HTML to show up in the suggestion?My jQuery is:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {


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Jquery Autocomplete : Autocomplete Does Not Stop If String Does Not Match?

I used the auto-complete function in jquery. It's data source are the results from a php-back-end.

$("#ice_id").autocomplete("ice-ver.php", { extraParams : { flavour_id: $("#flavour_id").val() } });

Let us take following example:We type in the flavour ID 3992 ...(and 3992 exists in the database and is properly returned by the php backend). If we type in now 3992999 the auto-complete function should top showing anything up ...but unfortunately it still does, (could the problem lie within the fact that I am using integers instead of strings or chars?)

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Why Is The Internet Explorer Autocomplete Feature Disabled For All Html Forms On Website

When Internet Explorers AutoComplete is turned on for Forms the entries for each field in the HTML form should be cached and displayed as a prompt when the user starts entering content into the form the second time around. On my website the AutoComplete feature is never displayed for any forms that exist on that site. But yet other websites retain and deliver that content without problem.My site is using PHP as the scripting language and all content is delivered over SSL.

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Syntax Error When Add To Html?

'm really getting annoyed right now. It says there's a syntax error but I cannot find anything.

<div id="content">
$page = $_GET["page"];

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PHP Executes In Notepad

I setup notepad to be the default editor for php extensions. Now everytime I try to execute php files they open with notepad instead of executing in the browser.

I have re-installed everything (PHP, mySQL, APACHE), to no avail. When I change the open with to explorer, it still doesn't execute.

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Read From Notepad

i have activation codes in a notepad file that i need to read from an insert into my db?
it is activation codes seperated by newlines, should i use a converter program or could i do it myself? and how?

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Doc Comments In Notepad++?

I very much enjoy working in Notepad++, but I haven't yet found a plugin to automatically do PHPDoc style comments. Other PHP IDE's (Eclipse, NetBeans, ZendStudio) include this feature, and it's quite handy.Basically what I want is, if on the line above a function definition or class definition I type in:

It automatically populates the PHPdoc format (something like the following for a function):

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Function For Syntax Higlighting In Html ?

There are many sites that offer code examples with syntax higlighting. Is there a way to generate the highlighting with a php functionautomatically ?

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Convert HTML To Another Syntax (LaTeX)?

I'm trying to do a custom HTML to LaTeX converter, which uses Wordpress posts as a source. Basically, it needs to do some "replacing", like:

<h2>H2 Title</h2>
<p>Text text text</p>
<img src="/image.png" alt="Image ALT tag" >

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Highlight Syntax In .html Extensions In VIM?

I am working on a codebase that uses php within .html files. How do I tell VIM to highlight php correctly in .html files without renaming all of my .html to .php?

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Syntax Coloring With HTML And JQuery?

is it possible to have a <textarea> widget to support php syntax coloring with jQuery? In short, I'd need to colorize code while the user is typing it into the textarea. It would be great if line numbers were shown too, but it is not strictly necessary.

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Show How To Put HTML In Heredoc Syntax

How do put htmlcode in heredoc syntax. With in this HTML i May have some PHP Variables needs to be interpreted and Some PHP loops needs to be executed .How Do i do all this can any one show an example

$con = <<<EOC
<style type="text/css">
.tddata {color:#330000;border-width:0px;font-family:Arial;font-size:12pt;font-weight:bold}
.tdheading {color:#FF0000;border-width:0px;font-family:Arial;font-size:12pt;font-weight:bold"}
<table border="0" width="500">


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Add Syntax Highlighting To Webpages HTML?

I'm using [URL].... to Syntax highlight HTML. I've got a php loop pulling code from a wordpress. I'm using the pre / code tags in my code and the following loop to pull the code from wordpress.

<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
<p><i><?php the_date(); echo "<br />"; ?> </p></i>

The test.html on the page works fine but my page doesnt seem to on my web server. Is it something to do with the way I'm dynamically pulling content? How would I make this work?

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Syntax - Text-to-HTML Converter?

What text to HTML converter for PHP would you recommend?One of the examples would be Markdown, which is used here at SO. User just types some text into the text-box with some natural formatting: enters at the end of line, empty line at the end of paragraph, asterisk delimited bold text, etc. And this syntax is converted to HTML tags.The simplicity is the main feature we are looking for, there does not need to be a lot of possibilities but those basic that are there should be very intuitive (automatic URL conversion to link, emoticons, paragraphs).A big plus would be if there is WYSIWYG editor for it. Half-wysiwig just like here at SO would be even better.

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Writing Syntax Text/html

Below is my insert script. The problem I'm facing is that when I input, "<a href="test">TEST[/url]" the DB writes "&lt;a href="test"&gt;TEST&lt;/a&gt;" and I want it to write exactly what I input:

$sql_comm="INSERT INTO `sc_postcomment_member` ( `scm_mem_id`, `comment`, `post_date`, `comm_from`) VALUES ('$scm_mem_id', '$txt_comment', UNIX_TIMESTAMP(), '$social_mem_id')";

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Need A Script To Do The Funcationality Of Notepad?

I need some idea to do the following: In notepad we have button (bold, italic, underline, align-left, right, center). I need a script or idea to do the same in php.

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Display Text From Notepad

i'm using a script that displays news from a .txt file (greek characters) but when i run the script it doesn't display those characters. is there anything i can do to fix that?

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Output Window In Notepad++?

How do I get to see the output of a php compiler in notepad++ ? I see that there is a console output window in notepad++ but nothing gets displayed there.

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