Authenticate An User With Google Gmail Account Like Stackoverflow?

Feb 19, 2011

I want to authenticate a user using Google account. I had developed oauth using some libraries.

But it is giving me a message like some website is asking permission to access google docs/calendar/etc.,.

When we are logging into it is asking is accessing How can i get a permission for email address.

Update: I developed oauth using Zend PHP library.

And see the screenshots


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Authenticate A User Using Google Account In Website?

How to authenticate a user using google account in our website. i want a user to be redirect to google login page and then redirect him to my website. I want this implementation in PHP.

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Seamlessly Authenticate Users To Use Services Associated With A Google Apps Account?

I'm building a Google Apps based solution. Basically I'm setting it up such that: When a Google Apps account holder installs it he/she enters the authentication details for a single Googles Apps account to be used - that account would be used by all users of the instance of the installed system for uploading to Google Docs associated with that account and managing Google Calendar entries associated with that Google Apps account. The user as mentioned can create other users and invite them to sign in from a separate login screen and they should be able to interact with the system's facilities which allow interaction with the services associated with the Google Apps account used to install the system. Any other user of the same domain as the original user can also install the system and be automatically associated with the instance created by the user of the same domain.

I got parts one and three all set up but the second part is where I'm stuck - I'm storing the credentials for the centralised Google Apps account in a database and would need a way to authenticate seamlessly using the details i.e. I don't want the users to have to add in the sign in details nor have to go through the process of having to be asked for permission to allow the application to access the Google Apps services - I wish that when the users log in they are automatically transparently also signed into the Google Apps account as well and be able to use its services. How can I do that I wish to do away with the process of 'asking the user for which account to sign in or the Google Apps login screen' and the second step asking for permission to allow the application access to the account.

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Identify The User Is Having The Account In Gmail?

Do any one say which is the simple way to identify the user is having the account in Gmail ?

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Storing Data On A User's Google's Account?

Is there any way in which a PHP powered web app can store data in a user's Google account? (after requesting permission from the user)

Basically I want to stay away from storing private user data on my server.

App will be handling mostly documents / text data.

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Log Into A Google Apps Account Associated With Custom Application Without Prompting The User?

I'm working on a google apps based application - its a project management system and I'm setting it such that it requires a single google apps account to be used for all users of a particular installed instance. I.E someone installs it using a google apps account he/she can create users who can log in from a separate login screen. At the same time when these other users log in I would like to set it up so that when they log in to the system - the google app account they are associated with is automaticaly authenticated and they don't have to manually add in the username and password for that google apps account.

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Google App - Gmail Unable To Set From - Gmail Replacing From Address When Sending Via Swiftmailer SMTP Transport

I'm using swiftmailer, SMTP transport method to send email from my PHP script. Sending the message is fine. It works. The problem is, no matter what I set the FROM,REPLYTO,SENDER settings to, The email comes through as the GMAIL mailbox (ME - me@[URL]) instead.

$transport = Swift_SmtpTransport::newInstance('', 465,'ssl')
$message = Swift_Message::newInstance($subject)
->setFrom(array('' => 'test mcttest'))

So the email goes through fine, but instead of being from [URL] as the sender... it's ME-me@[URL] I switch to a separate (non-gmail) SMTP server to test and the email went through fine, without any problems... definitely think it's a GMAIL thing.

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PHPMailer With Gmail (send Emails) - Could Not Authenticate

I have a gmail account

ie/ [URL]

i have associated my website email to it



Is it possible to use PHPMailer to send email via gmail (for reliability, less likely to get flagged as spam etc..) but have "" as my sent email? I'm using the code found here: [URL] So far i've been getting an error: SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

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Send Welcome Message To New User's To Their Mail Account In Other Mail Servers Like Google

I am hosting my web application( from they have given me some email account like I want to send welcome message to new user's to their mail account in other mail servers like google, yahoo.for example, my mail function is-

$address = "";
$Subject = "PNP Solutions";
$body = "Welcome to PNP";
$mailsend = mail("$address", "$Subject", "$body.");

what other configurations are required?Any path name or server name??

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Mailer Fsockopen() - Can't Authenticate Anymore To A External SMTP Account?

I'm running a script that uses phpMailer, and it alaways worked with no problems.Last Friday, i began to experience errors, nothing was changed, nor the script, nor the server configuration files.

Server is a (dv) from media temple, i already contacted them, and they gave an exceptional support but couldn't figured this out.

The thing is: i'm running the php files on the (dv) server, but the SMTP account i'm authenticating is from other server. This SMTP account is just fine, the problem is where the files are running from.

If i change the SMTP account to an e-mail account of the same server, it works perfectly, the problem is i can't authenticate anymore to a external SMTP account.

The errors im' getting:QuoteWarning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: SSL: connection timeout in /var/www/vhosts/***DOMAIN HIDDEN***/httpdocs/class/mail/class.smtp.php on line 122

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: Failed to enable crypto in /var/www/vhosts/***DOMAIN HIDDEN***/httpdocs/class/mail/class.smtp.php on line 122[code]....

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Email Text To Gmail Account?

Is there some way I can take text (retrieved from a form), and email it to my gmail account? I can also have the user enter their email address, and a subject. Or if not is there a better way to have users send me a message?

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Send Email Using Gmail Account Through Php Script

I am trying to send email using Gmail account through php script. But i am getting error like "Error: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first c28sm773563nfb".

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Open My Gmail Account From Another Browser With The Imap_open

What I am trying to do is simply open my gmail account from another browser with the imap_open and display the contents of the inbox.  So far everything that I have tried has given me an error.  Any suggestions?

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Send Email Into Gmail Account From Localhost?

What necessary changes have to made in php.ini so that I sent email from localhost...

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Send Email From Mail Function Using Gmail Account?

I have to send email from my gmail account using php mail() function. I have read the phpmailer but I don't want to include any external apis.

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Send An Email To My Gmail Account Using Mail SMTP?

I am trying to send an email to my gmail account using Mail SMTP.With the following code:

include 'incl/php/Mail.php';
$recipients = [url]..[code]...

I get the following message:Failed to connect to [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Connection refused (code: -1, response: )]

Why is Gmail refusing me?

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Authenticate Users Into Internal Application With Google Apps?

I am creating an application within our company that handles all our processing. This will need to implement Google Apps (we have premier). I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to authenticate user. I need full access to ALL their information (add, delete, modify [calendars, emails, contacts[, password?]]). I'm wanting to do something along the lines of OAuth so that they don't need to store their password on my server as well as google. As if it's all 1 concurrent login. I'm using Zend to communicate with Gdata API. What's the best kind of authentication for my application? What are limitations to this authentication?

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Mail Not Showing Up At Gmail But Shows Up At Hotmail And Other 3rd Party / ISP Account?

I have 2 sites where mail is sent to two vanity gmail accounts. I'm using PHP to handle the mail, but the mail is not showing up at gmail (not in spam/junk, it just doesn't show up). If I switch the PHP to send to my personal hotmail account, the mail shows up. Same for a personal email account through my ISP.

The mail used to show up at those 2 vanity gmail accounts, why they would just stop?

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Javascript - Retrieve The List Of Contacts (Data API) From A GMail Account

I'm developing a PHP application to retrieve the list of contacts from a GMail account. I'm looking for a solution which would enable the user of my application to provide the login and password to their Gmail account in my application (as opposed to getting redirected to Google) and then automatically do the retrieval. The retrieval process can be run in PHP or JavaScript (which would then feed the list of contacts back to PHP using Ajax). Is it possible to do that? Which JavaScript API should I use for that? Can someone point me at the right chapter in Google Contacts Data API documentation?

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Mongodb: Created A Database And Added User To It, But Cannot Authenticate User?

this is the php code I used to add the user "someuser" to the "someusersdatabase".

// open connection
$mongo = new Mongo("mongodb://admin:passwd@remotemongoserver:27017");
$db = $mongo->selectDB("someusersdatabase");

I can authenticate as admin, however when I authenticate someuser the log shows:

Mon Jun 27 14:01:38 [initandlisten] connection accepted from client:62708 #1
Mon Jun 27 14:01:38 [conn1] auth: couldn't find user someuser, someusersdatabase.system.users

but when I navigate to the web view, it displays both someusersdatabase and someusersdatabase.system.users

So is the user not being added properly? no error is being thrown when the php code runs...

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Login To Gmail Account And Fetch New Mails And Deliver It As Row Data To View It On Personal Web Page

i simply want to write PHP code using IMAP to:

1- Login to my gmail account and fetch my new mails and deliver it as row data to view it on my personal web page.

I faced some problems like IMAP libraries which is not unique ( ex: imap_mail() ) and i fed up.

the code or any tutorial cz i didn't find anyone on the net,they are all personal trials, no t standarized ones. note: i may need gmail block like thet in if u can support here

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Trigger Script On New Email (Google Apps / Gmail)

Is there any way to trigger a php script when a new email arrives on Google Apps (Gmail)? I've figured out a way to poll the inbox to look for new messages, but I'd ideally like a more event-based solution. Basically I need it to be run from a server somewhere which would parse new email messages and process itself according to the contents of the message.

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Set Google App Account Set With Server?

I'm trying to send mails from my server by google app.

I am using this php code :-

$to = "";
$header = "From:";
$subject = "testing mail";
$message = "no reply pls";


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Sending Email To Google Gmail - Missing Message And Attachment?

When I send an email using PHP to hotmail or to my personal email, it comes through fine. The message and PDF attachment is there.When I send the same email to a google gmail account, the headers and subject seem to be intact, but there is no message and the attachment shows up as noname with a size of 0.I've found mention of this in other forums but nothing I've tried has worked. In fact, some of the things I've tried end up breaking the email when it goes to hotmail.Here's a condensed version of my code -

$to = '';
$subject = 'Quote';
$random_hash = md5(date('r', time()));[code]....

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Google Account Information With Oauth?

I am develop a application that allow login from other applications, eg. Google, Facebook, linkedin, etc.
My question is, howto obtain the user account information from google, after login with oauth. With user account information, i mean: name, email, date of birth, etc.

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Download Google Trends CSV Without An Account?

Is there a way to download google trends search results as a csv using php without having a google account?

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