Assign The Entire $_POST Array To A Variable (array)?

Oct 29, 2010

How do you assign the entire $_POST array to a variable (array)?

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See The Contents Of The Entire $_POST Array?

1.) What type of array is the $_POST array?

2.) How do I see the contents of the entire $_POST array?

3.) Is there a way to see the Field Name (on the Form) and the Value that a User enters into the Form for each Control?

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CodeIgniter: Use Get_post With XSS Filtering On Entire $_POST Array?

Is there an easier way than

foreach($_POST as $x=>$y){
$arr[$x] = $this->input->get_post($y, TRUE);

to just have the entire $_POST array cleaned with CI's XSS filter. Looking at the input library it seems though get_post() only accepts an individual variable rather than being able to clean the entire array and then return the array back.

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Assign Array Value To Variable?

Is it possible to assign an array to a variable? I need something like...

Code: [Select]&needvariable = $row->User

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Assign A Variable To An Array Value?

i have the following array

$fruits = array("cherry" => "red", "apple" => "red", "kiwi" => "green", "strawberry" => "red", "pear" => "yellow", "melon" => "green",
"grapes" => "green", "watermelon" => "red", "banana" => "yellow")

using the array_count_values($fruits) i get

Array ( => 4 => 3 [yellow] => 2 )

how can i asign the value of each key to a variable?

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Assign An Array To A Variable Minus The Index?

how do i assign an array to a variable minus the index so for example

PHP Code:

$arraycontents = array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
$var = $arraycontents;
echo $var;

I want the out come to look like this


and not

Array([0] => 1 [1] => 2 [3] => 3)

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Assign $_POST Value To Variable?

Why doesn't this code work...

Code: [Select]// Initialize variables.
$form_value = '';

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Save The Entire $_POST Variable In The Session?

Is this valid:

$_SESSION['pictures']['rateAlbum']['_POST'] = $_POST;

I want to save all of the POST data in the session in one shot.

$_POST = $_SESSION['pictures']['rateAlbum']['_POST'];

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Pass Entire $_POST Variable To Popup?

I have a PHP webpage that takes which accepts a rather large POST array. I have a button on the page that opens a PHP popup window. Is there a convenient way to pass the entire $_POST array to the popup?

Edit: It is an entirely different page. I open it with JavaScript:

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Keep $_POST Variable Into Array Format?

i have two files one in index.php & another is check.php.

<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="check.php?id=tbl1">
<table width="200" border="1">


So the problem is that, when we fetch the data from $_POST method. how to keep the key & value variable into different array.


$field=array('name,'address ',......');
$value=array('Ashok','Kathmandu','... ');

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Ajax - Have A $_POST Variable That Is Set To An Array?

I am using AJAX to put some data in my database. I am using JSON to submit the data to a PHP page. I am using a POST request. Can you set one of the POST variables as an array? Below I have the full AJAX request, but here is the part where I am setting two parts of the data as arrays:

"content[]" : testContentArray,
"content_attr[]" : testContentAttributes,

Below is my full AJAX (using jQuery):

type: "POST",
url: "../includes/create_test_main.ajax.php",


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Variable In $_POST Returns As String Instead Of Array?

In my form i have fields with name photoid[] so that when sent they will automatically be in an array when php accesses them. The script has been working fine for quite some time until a couple days ago. And as far as i can remember i havent changed any php settings in the ini file and havent changed the script at all.

when i try to retrieve the array using $_POST['photoid'] it returns a string with the contents 'ARRAY', but if i access it using $_REQUEST['photoid'] it returns it correctly as an array. Is there some php setting that would make this occur? As i said i dont remember changing any php settings lately to cause this but i might be mistaken, or is there something else i am missing.

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Creating Variable Names From $_POST Array?

Regarding the $_POST array. I know how to list all the $_POST array variables; however, I have a couple of questions regarding the output. 1. Are the variables ALWAYS in the same order? (ie does it list the form variables in sequential order - 1st field in form will ALWAYS be 1st $_POST variable, 2nd will be 2nd etc).

2. Is there a way to create a variable named the same as the $_POST variable? (ie take $_POST['address'] and create a variable named $address).

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Take The Entire Array And Apply The Htmlentities Function To Each Array Element

what I want to do is take the entire array and apply the htmlentities function to each array element. So here is what I am doing:

$result = $dbconn->query("select * from tablename");

while($case = fetch_array_html($result))

Here is the function:

function fetch_array_html($result)
$arr = mysql_fetch_array($result);
foreach($arr as $key=>$val)
$arr[$key] = htmlentities($val);
return $arr;

Here is the error I get: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() on line 129
What exactly am I doing wrong here? I can usually fix my own errors, but this one is dominating me.

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Update Values In An Associative Array And Store The Entire Array?

Here's a code example:

$array = array();
$array['master']['slave'] = "foo";
foreach ($array as $key => $value) {
foreach ($value as $key2 => $value2) {


Output does not reflect 'foobar' in l5

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Delete Entire Array Based On Presence Of One Value Without Rebuilding Array?

I've two arrays, the first ($needles) containing a bunch of Objects, the second ($stack) containing a bunch of key/values, but where one value is an array of Objects similar to the first array.

How can I delete all Objects within the target_p value in $stack where c_id matches any of the objects in $needle?

Array ($needles)
[0] => stdClass Object
[c_id] => 305164


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Storing Form Text Fields As Array Within $_POST Variable?

I'm creating an HTML form using jQuery that has certain text boxes grouped together under a single question (e.g., "List each URL that this request applies to.") For that question (and others), there are 3 text boxes below it along with a button to add additional text boxes if necessary. When I pass this form data to be processed by PHP, how can I have all these text box values be grouped together as a single array variable within the $_POST array variable? I tried giving all the text boxes the same name attribute followed by brackets, but that didn't seem to work (e.g., <input name='myarray[]' type='text' />).

EDIT: Here are the specifics on the error I'm getting:

I'm using this in PHP

$myarray ='';
foreach ($_POST['myarray'] as $value) {
$myarray .= $value . '

The error I get is: "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"

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Dynamically Assign Request Id To Any Array E.g. $_SESSION[] Or A Simple Array?

I am stuck with a program logic in array. Basically, what am trying to do is that.I have link that says "Unlock answer" use clicks on this link and then I get the request id and unlock the specific answer. But I have other answers there which needs to be unlocked.And user again and again clicks on any answer to unlock. But am able to unlock only one answer due to the reason that I only get one request ID. I am stuck that how can I unlock any no of answers with each time request id and the unlocked answer stayed there and the new one also unlocked.

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Declaration - Assign Value From One Associative Array Into Another Array?

I have a variable $params which gets data from the database:

$params = mssql_fetch_array($result)

As far as I know, it is associative array. I want another array $tempParams to hold the value of this array. Can I assign it by using the following statement:

$tempParams = $params

In addition, do I need one single statement to declare and assign a value to $tempParams, or can these be separated?One more question I would like to ask is that following statement is correct;
While $tempParams contains values;

$params['column1'] = $tempParams['newColumns']

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Assign An Array Just By Making It Equal To Another Array?

I have an array $x with nonzero number of elements. I want to create another array ($y) which is equal to $x. Then I want to make some manipulations with $y without causing any changes to $x. Can I create $y in this way:

$y = $x;

In other words, if I modify $y created in the above shown way, will I change value of $x?

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Assign The Result Of End() Array Function To A Variable To Operate On The Result?

I've tried to delete the possibly empty last entry of an array as follows but I get the error: "Can't use function return value in write context":

if (empty(end($crontabEntryList))) {

If I first assign end's return value to a variable (as at the bottom) I am able to delete that last entry if empty. Per the manual entry for end() it "returns the value of the last element or FALSE for empty array." hrough googling I've found a possible explanation: booleans are not "writable". However then it would seem that this error gets returned, in my specific context, and possibly others documented here on SO, merely because it is possible that a boolean could be returned. Because, the array in my instance decidedly was not empty, and therefore rather than false, end() "returns the value of the last element".

Are my assumptions correct? In which case, isn't this inconsistent with the loosely typed nature of PHP? Or is it because the last element of the array is "not writable"? In which case, what precisely constitutes "write context" in PHP?

$last = end($crontabEntryList);
if (empty($last)) {

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Pass A Javascript Array Via JQuery Post So That All Its Contents Are Accessible Via The $_POST Array?

How can I pass a Javascript Array via JQuery Post so that all its contents are accessible via the PHP $_POST array?

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Adding To $_POST Array Is Not Reflected In $_REQUEST Array

Recently I wrote this:

<? echo 'action = '.$_REQUEST['action'].'
'; ?>
<?php $_POST['action'] = 'newmember_split'; echo 'action = '.$_REQUEST['action'].'
'; ?>

My expected output was:

action =
action = newmember_split

However my output was:
action =
action =

How is this so. As far as I know $_REQUEST is supposed to reflect both $_POST and $_GET. I tried to find some information on it but failed.

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Assign Index Of An Array To Another Array

$arr1 = array('001','002','003');
$arr2 = array('aaa','bbb','ccc');

//$result = join $arr1 and $arr2;

i want $result such that $arr1's value become index of $result and $arr2 become value of each index of $result
final result should be

$result = array("001"=>"aaa","002"=>"bbb","003"=>"ccc");

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Declare An Array If Want To Assign Another Array To It?

I have a small question. Do i need to declare an array if i want to assing another array to it?I want to validate the values from a multiple select control, and i need them to be in an array (for sticky form fields)... i don't remember if in php, i can just assign the select array to a var and the var will become an array automatically or the var needs to be declare first as an array...I've tried both methods, and it looks to me that both work ok. But, for good practices, i want to make sure... i need to know from the experts!What do you think?

<select name="genre[]" multiple="multiple" id="genre">
<option value="...">value goes here</option>


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Assign Elements Of One Array To Another Array?

i retrieved data from mysql table in php

$array2=array(); while($q1= mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
{ print_r($q1);
$array2[]= $q['user_id'];


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