Assign Textbox Value As Php Variables?

Mar 18, 2010

may i know if in php i can assign the textbox value from the user input as variables and then display the result of in the same page. ssume, user insert the checkin and checkout date, then it wil automatically show the numbers of the day the user will stay at the hotel.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

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Assign Textbox Value To Variables?

may i know if in php i can assign the textbox value from the user input as variables and then display the result of in the same page. assume, user insert the checkin and checkout date, then it wil automatically show the numbers of the day the user will stay at the hotel.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

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Assign Textbox Value As Variables In Same Page?

may i know if in php i can assign the textbox value from the user input as variables and then display the result of in the same page. assume, user insert the checkin and checkout date, then it wil automatically show the numbers of the day the user will stay at the hotel.

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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

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Assign Variables To The Value Of The Post Variables Using The Field Names?

I’ve been using an older version of PHP up until recently. Using the older build I had 'register_long_arrays' on. However this depreciated some time ago and I want to start working with 'register_long_arrays' set to off.

My question is; if, for example you have a form with 25 fields is there a quick way assign variables to the value of the post variables using the field names? Code:

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How Do You Assign A Various Number Of Variables?

I'm struggeling with a small search engine here. I'm trying to put everything together myself, but I have a problem.

I've made a small form where search-words can be entered. This string is put into a variable $search. Then I've split this string up in pieces using the SPLIT command. something like this:

list ($one, $two, $three) = split ('[ ]', $search);

This works very nicely, but there is only one small problem. I can't possibly know how many search words will be used. It could be only one, but it could very be 10 or more (although unlikely). I thought about creating 10 variables, and in case they use less, they are just blank, but then if I use a OR function between these empty variables, the complete database (MySQL by the way) is called for.

I don't know if you're getting the picture, but I want to know how I can assing a number of variables not knowing the amount in advance.

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Assign Class Variables

I have a class with several variables, and I need to set them. I want to do them in a loop instead of assigning variables one at a time. How do I do that? Keep in mind that some animals don't have certain features, like wings, so those classes don't have wings as variables.

The reason I need to do that is because I have many animals besides dog, and I am doing same thing over and over again in each different php file for each animal. I am trying to combining them into one php file.

class dog {
var ear;
var tail;
var eye;

dog = new dog;
dog->ear = 1;
dog->tail = 1;
dog->eye = 2;

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Assign Multiple Variables

Can I assign multiple variables in php at once?

$a,$b = 'HELLO ALL";

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Assign And Use Class Variables?

I was wondering if there is a shorter, better or cleaner way to assign and use class variables in PHP, then through $this->instance_variable ?

class Bar {
# internal variables
var $foo = "Hello World";
public function foo() {
return $this->foo;

I am not very familiar with all PHP's variable scoping, but from what I understood at the official docs, you can either define them global, or access them trough $this->? Is there a keyword to define them as instance variable, so they are accessible like Rubys @variable?

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Assign Array To Variables?

I'm not sure if my memory is wrong, but when I last used PHP (years ago), I vaguely remember doing something like this:

$firstVariable, $secondVariable = explode(' ', 'Foo Bar');

Note that the above is incorrect syntax, however in this example it would assign 'Foo' to $firstVariable, and 'Bar' to $secondVariable.

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Strings Assign To Different Variables ?

Say i had two strings assigned to different variables like

$var = 'Hello there, how are you ?';
$var2 = 'Hello there, how are you today?';

I want to get a function automatically highlight whats different between the two by - say for example highlighting the added words in a red font.So like the result would show (after comparison)Is there a built in function for such a thing or is this a make your own function moment?

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Assign Variables And Display Results?

$somevariable = echo $anothervar;

i get a T_ECHO unexpected error . what is the right way of accomplishing the above task?

I am extending this question a little bit :

$num_posts = get_option($shortname.'_num_posts');
$args = array(


This is a bit of wordpress code . The *get_option* function doesn't echo the value , so i tried

$num_posts = echo get_option($shortname.'_num_posts');
$args = array(


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Explode Array And Assign As Variables?

I have a table in the following structure...

1 290 soccer
2 290 tennis


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Use RegEx And Assign The Values To Variables?

I have a create account form with the fields...

- First Name
- Email
- Password
- Re-enter Password

Should I trim the $_POST values before I use RegEx and assign the values to variables, or is it better to assume that if there are spaces that the user intended them?!

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Assign Each Value In Array To Separated Variables

I need to get the the column names from a table called "answers", and assign each column name to a variable. The table is not static, so I need to do this dynamically (i.e the code needs to work if there is just one or hundreds of columns). So far I've used SHOW COLUMNS the get all the column names, and when I echo out $column[0] (which I believe is an array) , I get a list over all the columns, but I can't seem to assign each value in $column[0] to separated variables.

$sql = "SHOW COLUMNS from answers";
$result = mysql_query($sql);
while ($column= mysql_fetch_array($result))
echo $column[0] . "<br/>";

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If Statements To Assign POST Variables?

I find myself doing this a lot of the time:

if(isset($_POST['name'])) $name=$_POST['name'];

I get the feeling there is a simpler way of doing this. It's not such a bother if it's just one or two but its when you have a whole bunch of these that it gets tedious!

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Assign Class Property Variables Conditionally?

Suppose I have an instance of a class test, and "test" has a property "employee" (hope this is the correct way to call it) and employee is of a complex type.

So, I have something like:

$test -> employee = array('Age' => '30', 'Sex' =>$sex, 'nationality'=>$nationality, 'maritalstatus'=>$status, etc, etc)

The problem I have here is, what if 'Age", 'Sex', 'Nationality', etc are not always present and I only want to assign values to them when they have something assigned, and I don't want to use If's for each combination of not empty values ...(this is a short example, but I have a lot of these attributes or whatever they are called and too many "if" combinations is too messy)...

I'm sending these values later as a soap request and I don't want any empty xml tags...

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Iterate Over A Loop And Assign To 3 Different Variables The Corresponding Strings?

I have an array that looks like the one below. I would like to iterate over a loop and assign to 3 different variables the corresponding strings. so for instance:


$mike = 'foo - ';
$john = 'bar foo foo - bar foo foo - bar foo bar - '
$bob = 'bar foo bar bar foo - bar foo - '

What would be a short(est) way of doing this?


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Assign To Multiple Variables In Ternary Operator

After writing my response on the question how to assign to multiple variables in a ternary operator I actually tried out the code I wrote:

true ? $w = 100 xor $r = 200 : $w = 300 xor $r = 400;
var_dump($w); var_dump($r);

I would expect PHP to do it this way, according to operator precedence:

true ? $w = 100 xor $r = 200 : $w = 300 xor $r = 400 ;
(true) ? ( $w = 100 xor $r = 200 ) : ( $w = 300 xor $r = 400 );
(true) ? (($w = 100) xor ($r = 200)) : (($w = 300) xor ($r = 400));

As the first part of the ternary operator is evaluated, this should output:

int 100
int 200

But instead I get

int 100
int 400

This is very odd to me, because it would require that parts of both parts of the ternary operator are executed.

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Assign Values To Variables With Prepared Statement

I am working on a Log-In script. Here is what I have so far.


I would like to assign the id and first_name to variables so I can use them later (e.g. to display "Welcome <first_name>!").

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Php5 - Assign HTML Contents To Variables?

Hard to explain, how to assign HTML contents to PHP variables. The HTML contents are not within the PHP

<?php $a_div = ?><div>Contents goes <b>here</b></div>

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Loop Through $_SESSION And Assign To Non-session Variables?

I'm trying to find a way to loop through a session where I may not know all the key names and assign the values to normal variables with the same names. I've tried a few things without success. Anybody know how to do this?(I realize this as security implications, so I'm validating the data very thoroughly.)

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Foreach Loop Assign Values To Class Variables?

I am trying to have a foreach loop assign values to class variables. Everything works fine until $var below references a variable that is an array.

PHP Code:
foreach ($this->field_vars as $k => $var) {
$this->{$var} = $row[$k];

For instance, if $var = "title" then I can count on $this->title to then have a value from $row. However, if $var = "something[10]" or $var = "whatever['foo']" then $this->something[10] or $this->whatever['foo'] won't have a value. Is there any way to get around this limitation?

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Html - Extract Elements From Array And Assign As Variables?

I have an html form that has a text box and a submit button. the text entered in the text box is posted to my .php processor form. Once it gets here, I use:

$textdata = $_POST['textdata'];
$input = explode("
", $textdata);

this takes the data, splits it by line, and stores each line in an array called $input. from here i can echo $input[0] to get the first line and so on. But I need to use this further down in my script and need to assign a variable to the first line, or $input[0]. $input[0] = $line1; does not work. I think I might have to use extract() and a foreach loop?

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Get All Submitted Form Values In Script And Automatically Assign Them To Variables?

I'm trying to migrate a website from one host to another. On the first host, when you submit a form, all of the form values are automatically stuck into variables with the input name (this is PHP). On the new host, these values are all null unless I do this:

$data = $_GET['data'];

Is there a PHP configuration setting that is causing this? If there isn't, is there an easy way to loop through all of the $_GET variables and automatically assign their values to a variable with the same name?

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Jquery Code To Assign Different Variables To A Link Inside A Loop?

I have the code bellow inside a wordpress loop, so the variable $perf and $url change every time.

<div class="link" data-performer="<? echo $perf; ?>">
<a class="performer_rp" href="<? echo $url; ?>">My anchor</a>

This jquery function ads the variable $perf to the link, on click.

function performer_rp(){
var perf;
perf = $(".link").data('performer');


Problem is, I get only the first value of $perf, it won't change with the loop. So lets say the loop "loops" 5 times and I get 5 $perf values: value1, value2 ... value5. The jquery code asigns the value1 everytime.

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HTML Actual Page Link - Recover Variables Name And Assign Them The Correct Values?

I'm building a website, and i need to know the actual page address in which the user is in,
in order to take users in the same page after login. The problem is that every page is generated from variables passed by url and query string, so I dont't know how to recover every variable and assign to it the correct value. How to recover variables name and assign them the correct values?

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