After Login - Redirect To Last Visited Page Of The User's Last Session?

Apr 21, 2011

I have a login form. I want that when a user login in its account then he gets redirected to the last page that he visited before logging out in his last signed in session.

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Session - Auto Redirect Login Page - Check Whenever A User Is Online And Update Whenever A User Visits A Page?

I have a community site where a user can have many friends. When displaying all of his friends, I want to include whether his friend is online or offline.My method is, when user logs in, create a session and update the users table, on status column "online". If he click the logout button, then i will set the status to "offline". What if he close his browser without clicking the logout button? Here is what I want to do:

if (!isset($_SESSION['LAST_ACTIVITY'])) {
// initiate value
if (time() - $_SESSION['LAST_ACTIVITY'] > 3600) {
// last activity is more than 10 minutes ago

EDIT: how to check whenever a user is online and update whenever a user visits a page? Do I need to include php?user=$_SESSION['userid'] in every link?

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Store User's Last Page Visited Using Session In Php5?

how to Store User's Last Page Visited using session in php5?

when user come to my website & when he login then he will redirect to user panel of my site. but if user is not active more than 5 min then session will expire that time if user will active then it will redirect to login page.

now i want when user relogin then he will redirect to his last visited page|(where his session expire last time).

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Setting A Session To Store User's Last Page Visited?

I have the following code that sets a session to return the user back to the previous page they were on.

$_SESSION['last_page'] = (!isset($_SESSION['curr_page'])) ? "" : $_SESSION['curr_page'];
$_SESSION['curr_page'] = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

Bascially I am looking for a better way to do this. The problem with this is you need to hard code what the previous page was. Is there anyway to dynamically set what page the user was on. What if the last page URL had an id in it like...

How could I set this as the previous page in a session?

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Redirect The User To Another Page If The User Fails To Login After Three Attempts?

login form with session and cookies, how can i redirect the user to another page if the user fails to login after three attempts, and hitting the submit button at anytime is an attempt,does using SESSION come into play here?,

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User Getting Redirect To Login Page?

i have a form page which is accessible only after the user gets logs in. when a user logs in then a session repair_access is set to true


after loggin the user enter information in the form, when he click submit button the information is getting stored in database correctly but he is redirected to index.php which is login page. this is my config file

PHP Code:

$conn3=mysql_connect("localhost","root","") or die(mysql_error());
mysql_select_db('repair_data', $conn3);


session.gc_maxlifetime value is already 1440. this is only happening online. everything is fine on localhost.

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Redirect The User To His Own Page Once It Login

i have created a login page .. and i need to redirect the user to his own page once it login.. in the other words.. i need to redirect the user to his own database.. but the login details is stored in another database...

just like once you login into your own account and it is displaying only your details.. hmmm how can i do that with php ... what method is easier and suitable ?? if can juz kindly show me how the code look like too..

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Redirect User To Login Page Without Using Fbml On Facebook Page?

so i'm creating a login_url using php framework and getLoginUrl().if my facebook app is setted as an FBML page, something like this works fine

echo '<fb:redirect url="'.$login_url.'" />';

but i need my facebook application configured as an IFRAME page, so it will not be rendered as FBML.whats the best way to redirect my user to the login page?

using header(); in php will not work, because header is already sent. also

echo '<script type="text/javascript"> document.setLocation("'.$login_url.'"); </script>';

has no effect.

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Redirect The User To Another Page Based On The Login?

I have a login page that I would like to redirect the user to another page based on the login.

I've tried using the 'header' but that won't work becuase info is being passed. I can use Javascript but I need a back up in case it is turned off.

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Login Redirect The User To The Correct Page?

The flow would be like:user can log in and from there the form will authenticate the user to see whether is admin or user and from there redirect the user to the correct page.Eg; if a admin he would see the admin page else he would go to the user page.

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If User Not Admin Redirect To Login Page

I currently have a code to see if the user is logged in,

// Check if we have an authenticated user
if (!isset($_SESSION["authenticatedUser"]))
//if not re-direct to login page

How can I change it for my admin page, so if the users username (authenticatedUser) isn't 'Admin' it tkaes them back to the login?

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Login, Then Go Back To Last Visited Page

I have a form that calls login.php, and the form can be included allmost every where in my site, for login purpose. But as soon as the login verifies.. the browser is redirected to one sertaint page. PHP Code:

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How To Format Login.php To Redirect To User's Profile Page

I have created a login page that, after the user has authenticated should re-direct to his profile page. However, this is not the case. This is the piece of the page that should do that:

// if login is ok then we add a cookie
$_POST['username'] = stripslashes($_POST['username']);
$hour = time() + 3600;


But instead, I just keep getting:

Warning: extract() [function.extract]: First argument should be an array in /mounted-storage/home94c/sub005.... myprofile.php

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Redirect - Returning A User To Their Original Page After Login

Are there any 'best practices' concerning how one should return a user to their original page after logging in to your website, specifically in PHP? e.g. if I'm viewing a StackOverflow question while not logged in, how would you ensure that I return to this question if I logged in? From my research, it seems a lot of advice centers around the $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] variable. Basically, you take note of the referer and store it in the session, then redirect back to that page when you're done. The problem with this is that HTTP_REFERER is unreliable at best.

This is set by the user agent. Not all user agents will set this, and some provide the ability to modify HTTP_REFERER as a feature. In short, it cannot really be trusted. [URL] Any edits to the referer to redirect to other areas of the site will be handled by routine permissions checks. If the referer gets blanked out, it might be acceptable to simply redirect the user to the main page of the site rather than the page they came from.

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Login System With Redirect To Specific User Page?

I know this is basic stuff but there's a specific way I want to do things that's making this awkward. To begin with, I want to create a login page, just using php with a small list of three users and no way to register. I can do that easily enough, but I want the page to redirect to a specific page for that member once they've logged in. So if I were to login with FantasticHam, it would redirect to Keep in mind I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible and I don't have access to a MySQL database.

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Redirect User To The Login Page If He Dosnt Have Right Info?

i am making a login script, so when a user puts in the details, it goes to checkuser.php and there it checks, how can i redirect him to the page after he logged in, like maybe news.php, and how can i redirect him to the login.php page if he dosnt have right info?

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Login Script Depending On User Profile Redirect Them To A Home Page.

if anybody could help me with a login script for my internal web site. Basicly all I want to do is have someone type in a user name and password and depending on their user profile redirect them to a home page. I also need help setting user levels for example I would be a super as an admin, but what are the other levels.

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Session Expired -> Redirect User To Another Page.

I am using the new session management function from PHP4. session_start()
how do u redirect a user to another page if his session is expired? here is what i want to do:

1. user Tom enter his correct username and password.
2. my system use session_register() function register a variable in his cookie.
3. user Tom clicked Logout
4. my system use session_destory() function and redirect Tom to the login page.
5. Now, Tom click the 'BACK' button of his browser, a page showed 'page expired, hit reload button ... ...'.

here is my question, how do I redirect Tom to the login page if he clicked the BACK button?

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Login Redirect : If A Member Goes To A Page That Is For Registered Members Only It Will Redirect Them To The Login Page?

I have a login system working but i need to make it so if a member goes to a page that is for registered members only it will redirect them to the login page.i have tried but it redirects eather way with our without loggin in


$_SESSION = array();[code]....

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Return To Last Page Visited When Session Expired

I need to redirect to last page visited when the session has expired, sometimes the users are working in a form or viewing some records, then the users receive a call or something, then when they want to continue the session has expired and then they have to login again. So, I want to remember the last page visited and after login go to it.

1. Now, when the session is active i always save the page's name in a SESSION var
2. if the session is expired, in the login.php page I put this code:


but nothing happens, the user is always redirected to the main page. my questions are:

1. when the session has expired, the global vars are deleted from memory?
2. to do this is better to use cookies instead of session vars?
3. can I recall session from the garbage collection?
4. is something wrong with my code?

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Redirect Wordpress's Login/Register Page To A Custom Login/registration Page?

I have a website, with a user system. I want to integrate wordpress's user system into that website's, but I still want to use the website's register/login pages. I don't want anybody to be able to login or register using Wordpress's login or registration forms. Instead, when they're try to access the login/registration pages in Wordpress, I want those pages to redirect them to my own login/registration pages.Is there any way of doing this? I've tried Google, but all I could find was redirection AFTER the user logs in or registers, which is not what I want.

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Session Time Out - If User Not Accessing Any Event Form The Past 15 Minutes Then Redirect Gallery Page To Password.php

i have a page which display all images in a floder.for accesing this page i am asking password for this. now i have 2 files named as password.php and gallery.php. now my requirement in if user not accessing any event form the past 15 min then i will redirect this gallery page to password.php.

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Redirect To A Login Page When User Tries To Download Any Of The Files From The Download Folder

I have a download folder. So is it possible to redirect a user to a login page when he/she tries to download any of the files from the download folder. I have heard this can be achieved using .htaaccess, but I can't find a good tutorial.

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Sessions Login System - It Doesn't Redirect Me To The Login Page?

I'm trying to test a simple login system without a db, just for testing purposes. I have created a php file that checks if the username and pass are valid and register a session.

define("ADMINUSER", "user");
define("ADMINPASSWORD", "pass");[code]....

and include this in other files to check if the user is logged in:

<? session_start();
if ($_SESSION['logged_in'] != true)

But this doesn't seem to work, as I close the window and try to open it again and it doesn't redirect me to the login page(auth.php).

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Web Platforms Achieve A Long-time Login Session That Does Not Require The User To Login Over And Over Again?

I really don't get that: Some platforms have some kind of "persistent" login sessions. Like Stackoverflow and many other boards and platforms. I've logged in here a month ago. And even if I quit my browser totally and have another internet connection with different IP, I come back here with no login.

I can't belief that's just done with cookies, since cookies are not accepted in most modern browsers anymore (they would ask the user and the click instinctive "no").

I even encountered a platform that does persistent login regardless of the browser I use. I could use safari, or opera. No matter what. I was always logged in with my nick.

Since a few years have passed since that and I went totally off from web development, I wonder if technologies have changed? How is that done today?

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Login Script Stores The User's Login Session As A Cookie?

Output a user's coins(points)but i can't seem to get it right.My login script stores the user's login session as a cookie if that helps anyone understanding what i's the code of my sad attempt.

$check = mysql_query("SELECT *FROM users WHERE username = '$username'")


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