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Jun 21, 2007

I am using sandboz account to check my transactions. I submit to paypal through direct method I get following error-

SOAP-ENV:ClientData type '' mismatch in element 'CreditCardType'

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Integrated Paypal Payment Pro Over Website?

I've integrated paypal payment pro over my website. I don't know how can i test it.[URL].....

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Make Credit Card Payment On Website?

I just want to make credit card payment on my site. in which i have create a page for getting all credit card information and complete the payment. not using paypal. is it possible? Is it possible to make credit card payment without using any payment gateway?

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Gain Access To Website After Payment Is Made?

I have a sight that is members only and right now there is no charge to join...You just put in your Username, password and email and you are granted access. What I want to do is when they click signup...take them to a payment page where they can pay for a membership and enter their username, password and email. This info then would be passed to my current register page and then automatically into the database. Or would it be better to come from my new register page where they enter the credit card info right into my database creating access for them? how do I pass the unsername, email and password to the mysql only on approval of the transaction?

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Add Credit Card Payment Option To Website?

Anyone can please suggest me what are the process for adding payment system by master card in a website? I want it for online booking and online rental things. I have credit/debit cart to take payments. People will not redirect to from my site to paypal or other site to complete the payment. I want everything will be done from my site. Is there anybody please teach me how to add credit card payments, directly from my site, they will enter their credit card details and copy.

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Setup A Payment Method On My Website That Allows A Certain User To Pay Another Via Two Email Address?

I need to setup a payment method on my websie that allows a certain user to pay another via two email address'. So essentially, user1 comes to a page, downloads an invoice and has the option to pay that invoice using a link which redirects to paypal with the prefilled details i.e. payeremail, receiveremail, amt, currencycode. Does anyone know which API call I need to make to do this? All I can really see in the API is for other users to pay my account which I already have setup for another function.

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Registration And Payment - Save Information Into Database And Process Payment?

When someone registers for an event on my site, we collect their information on a form and then pass it to our merchant provider who processes the payment and then returns the customer to a page on our site depending on if their card was approved or not.

I have a form that collects more information than what the merchant provider requires. For example: Age. I need to save that extra information in my database and then pass the variables required to my merchant provider.This is the opening of the form code provided by the merchant:

Code: [Select]<form id="form" action="https:/[url]..../cgi bin/dbe/" method="post" />

I would like to avoid having multiple pages or clicks for the customer. Is that possible? Can I have the form variables saved to my table AND go to the merchant page in 1 click?

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Get Started Implementing Dps Payment Express Payment Gateway

I have a created a website in which I want to use the online payment procedure Dps Payment Express Payment gateway.

However, I don't know how to go about using it. The website runs on PHP. Does anyone know of any tutorials or example code that shows how to use this system under PHP?

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Joomla Make Payment With Paypal And Track The Payment?

i have a joomla site and in one article page, i want to sell a book of myne.My users will be visiting this page, and when they click on "Buy" link, they will be shown a form, where they can fill details like name, email, phone and address.Upon submitting the form, i want the user details to be inserted into the database, and then redirect the users to paypal site, for making a small payment towards the purchase.How can i accomplish this? I have heard about Chrono forms in joomla, but cant seem to figure out how to do 2 things simultaneoudly (inserting user details in db, and redirecting to paypal site).

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Magento Payment : Additional_information Or Payment Attribute ?

I'm wondering which is the better way to add some information to a payment in magento ('s say I want to add an information called "payment_duedate" which would be the date the customer has to pay his invoice.Actually, there is a field in the sales_flat_order_payment called "additional_information" which contain serialized data set by the method setAdditionalInformation($arg1,$arg2); available in the 'sales/payment' model.So I could save my date by :


But one could also choose to add a payment attribute, which would have as effect to create a new column called 'payment_duedate' in the 'sales_flat_order_payment' and then save my date by doing :


The main differences are :

with the "additional_information method", datas are serialized, and so, not queryable easily.

with the "setPaymentDuedate() method", datas are queryable and a new field is created in the table

So, in your opinion, which of the two ways is the best ?

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Php Web Payment Options

What would be the best way to add a credit card (and maybe also other
systems) payment option to my php website shop?

Is this something that can be done by a regular developer like me? And
if so where can i find information on how to do this.

Or is it customary/best to let a specialised company handle the actual
payment part of the transaction. And if so what can i expect to pay to
such a company for each transaction, and which are respectable
companies in the "Netherlands" region.

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Ipn Payment Post

I am some what new to mysql & php so any help would be appreciated. I have an ipn script I use for payment notification that works with 2checkout. When tha invoice id is passed it marks the invoice paid. I want to modify this so it quries the database for the client id, finds the invoice due & then marks it paid. Here is the code I have that works when an invoice id is passed through the ipn.

$pay_update_sql =
"UPDATE client_invoice
SET invoice_amount_paid=invoice_amount_paid+$invoice_amount_paid,
WHERE invoice_id='$invoice_id'";

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Online Payment

I'm shortly going to be creating a site for selling items and want to be able to process credit/debit cards online.

Since I've never done anything with online payment handling before I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for doing this with PHP? I'm running a Unix server with MySQL as well and naturally I'd need an SSL certificate which I can get without any problems.

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Payment Processor

I want to add them as a payment processor in my script, but need to know if it is possible to make a callback to my site if a successful payment was made.

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First Payment Gateway?

I'm recently started a project where the client requested I add a payment gateway to it. My first thought was fear, I've always avoided working with cash (because I've never trusted my code that much, and don't pretend I know enough about security), but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it shouldn't be that hard to implement.

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Payment Gateway

how to use payment gateway in php ? or create an application ?

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Payment Systems

does anyone here have a particular payment system they use that integrate well (ie hidden) into their php work? I'm not looking to do one from scratch and worry about security issues, but I also don't want a full paypal ugly thing either. I'd just like soemthign I can hide behind the scenes in my php script. I figure one or two of you must be doing the same. google finds me lots, but I'm sure some are better than others.

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Paypal Payment

I have done my shopping cart, my next job is to check out the order and the buyer to bye the product with paypal. what is the best solution with for this job, so simply i have the shopping cart and i want to continue to payment with pay pall.

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Worldpay Payment Integration

does anyone know any article or guideline on worldpay payment integration with php?

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Payment Process Through Nobel Pay

I am in photo business site. is their any one done any credit card payment process through nobelpay(one of the payment process like paypal, surepay etc..) in php.

If any one have come across this payment process in php. please tell me how to implement the credit card payment process in php using nobelpay payment.

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Best Way To Update DB After Payment Transaction

im trying to make a script so users can make payments with paypal

how it works is they log in, go to the payment screen type in a number, then pay with paypal and their login user balance is updated with how much money they just paid on paypal.

the problem is i dont know how to go about updating the database.

the obvious way would be to use the paypal IPN thing which runs a script after the transaction on my server. exactly the kind of thing i need except that i also read that theres a chance that it could fail to go to the script: not good.

so what way would be best to handle the situation?

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Hsbc As The Payment Gateway

I am using Hsbc as the payment gateway. I used the file hsbc.php and in the hidden fields (CpiDirectResultUrl , CpiReturnUrl ) I given my files path (it is in https). But while running it is always showing the CpiResultsCode as 4 (ie, no reponse). What may be the reason? If this problem is already discussed please give me the links.

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Creating A Payment Module

I have read some of your threads and have not come up with any solution. I need to have a custom payment module built or find a way to allow my browsers to purchase items on my website without being redirected to the payment processor and offer real time processing at the same time.

This means that Browser A will go to purchase an item on my site, he goes to a page (hosted on my site) that gives him the option of purchasing using the following:
2 Checkout, Clickbank or Paypal. That page must transmit the data to the initial page I got from these payment gateways, process the transaction and return if the transaction has been declined or approved.

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Payment Processing Sites

I would like to know if anyone knows anything more about payment processing that has recurring plans? (besides paypal) and the rates and if you recommend them.

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PAyment Gateway Question-

i am working on Shopping cart. For payments, i use payal.

I also want to integrate some gateway/method, which allows me that when someone orders something from my website, the amount was directly transferred to my bank account.

Is there any web service/ method available to implement this?

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Online Payment System

I am developing a site for a client who wants to sell courses. I have looked at paypal and it looks like the best choice, but the site needs to be able to give special offers for courses based on what courses the user has bought before.

So, although I need a simple payment system, I need to have some feedback from the provider of who has bought what. I have looked at the paypal site and sent an email to no avail. Does anybody know if this is possible with either paypal or perhaps another provider.

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