Warning: Division By Zero

Dec 19, 2001

Warning: Division by zero in /usr/local/plesk/apache/vhosts/certifyexpress.com/httpdocs/exam/checkpoint/index.php on line 1108 PHP Code:

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Warning: Division By Zero In....?

Ive been programming a search form with three fields, and the one thatt is giving me troubles is the one that use "LIKE" clause in sql.

Here is the code:

<form method="post" action="<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>">
<label for="nome">Nome Empresa:</label>[code]....

Why it gives me two times, this error?

Warning: Division by zero in .. on line ..

Warning: Division by zero in .. on line ..

I'm not making a Division...am i?

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Warning: Division By Zero In C?

I got a warning like this Warning: Division by zero in C:Documents and SettingsLTeport.php on line 122

Warning: Division by zero in C:Documents and SettingsLT eport.php on line 220

I have this code in line 22:

PHP Code: $yield = ($c_output / $f_input) * 100; and this is my code in line 220

PHP Code: $yield = ($sol_output / $buff_input) * 100; [code]....

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GCD - Warning: Division By Zero

what is wrong with this code? it keeps showing the message "Warning: Division by zero in C:xampphtdocsFinalPart3.php on line 34" This is lines 33, 34, and 35:


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Warning: Division By Zero - $average = $sum/$total;

I am running the following code: PHP Code:

$total = 0;
if ($total > 0); {
              $average = $sum/$total;
              echo "Sum: $sum / Total: $total"; }

When I try to tun the code I get the following error: Warning: Division by zero in /home/superman/public_html/comics/comicvote.php on line 14.

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Display Tag Cloud - Warning: Division By Zero

I have the following PHP code to display my tag cloud. It seems if I don't have at least two tags that are the same, I get a warning message saying Warnng: Division by zero (shown below).

// define variables
$fontSizeUnit = "px";
$maxFontSize = 40;
$minFontSize = 10;
$tagsToDisplay = 100;
$tagDivider = " ";
// font size range
$fontSizeSpread = $maxFontSize - $minFontSize;
// create blank arrays
$tagArray = array();
$tempTagArray = array();...............

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Mysql Error Warning: Division By Zero

I am getting division by zero error in php. Here's the code.


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Warning: Division By Zero - Function CalcL5tt

i get this error message:

Warning: Division by zero in pro-showBBL.class.php on line ....

how do i avoid this error?

function calcL5ttlBBL($idTeam, $thePitcher, $what) {
$ttl_w = 0;
$ttl_l = 0;
$pitchL5 = getPitchL5($thePitcher);
for($x=0; $x<count($pitchL5); $x++) {
if($pitchL5[$x]['wlt'] == "w") { $ttl_w = $ttl_w + 1; }
if($pitchL5[$x]['wlt'] == "l") { $ttl_l = $ttl_l + 1; }
if($pitchL5[$x]['ip'] ==0) { $ttl_ip = $ttl_ip + 0; } else { $ttl_ip = $ttl_ip + $pitchL5[$x]['ip']; }
if($pitchL5[$x]['er'] ==0) { $ttl_er = $ttl_er + 0; } else { $ttl_er = $ttl_er + $pitchL5

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Ajax Rating Script And Getting Division By Zero: Warning

i'm trying out this ajax rating script and i get this division by zero: Warning: Division by zero in /home/open2sha/public_html/Rate/index.php on line 37


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Receiving Errors: Warning: Division By 0 Error

why i am receiving the following errors from my script?


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Warning: Division By Zero In /home/lvfoo0/public_html/handle_oocalc.php On Line 33

I am writing a calculator script for a friend of mine but keep getting an error. I need to pass some values to the handle.php script and then do more calculations in that script. I am new to php and never written a script like this.

The HTML page:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
<title>Untitled Document</title>


Warning: Division by zero in /home/lvfoo0/public_html/handle_oocalc.php on line 33

Here are the results:

0.00 gallons needed for the trip.
0.00 is the total fuel cost.
1,000.00 is your net profit.
0.83 is the dollar per mile.

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Write Function To Implement Integer Division Algorithm Without Using Division Operator?

How to write a function to implement an integer division algorithm without using the division operator. Floating point values and remainders may be discarded. Error conditions may be ignored. For example:

f(10, 3) is 3
f(10, 5) is 2
f(55, 5) is 11

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"Warning: Getimagesize" And "Warning: Division By Zero" Errors?

I have users complaining that my site is giving the following error. (though I have not experienced them) Warning: getimagesize(./swf/Matter Shift_march_10th_2010.swf ) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in/home/games4w/public_html/games/system.class.php on line 430

Warning: Division by zero in /home/games4w/public_html/games/system.class.php on line 519
Warning: Division by zero in /home/games4w/public_html/games/system.class.php on line 520

I am hoping to find a solution to the problem. The actual page that these errors are coming from are http://www.gamesforwork.com/games/play-14719-Matter_Shift-Flash_Game

I am not very much of a programmer. These are the lines that are referred to in that error:


I am not a programmer, but I can insert code and ask my host to change server configurations if they need to be.

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Division By Zero.

I have a calculation that looks like this.. PHP Code:

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Division By Zero

I keep getting this error message. Here's the code: PHP Code:

if(floatval($clicks != 0)) {
$clickthrough = number_format(($clicks / $views) * 100);
} else {
$clickthrough = 0;

I searched, but haven't found much information about this error message. Is there something wrong with the code above? How can I prevent this error?

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Php Division

I have a simple division between two variables but I'd like the output to only show the answer with two decimal places and truncate the rest. Is there anyway to do this?

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Function - Division

I need to divide, say, 127 by 6 and get 21.1 - ie 21 plus 1 remainder.

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Division By Zero After PHP-Upgrade

I have following problem after my hoster updated to PHP 5.2.1. I'm not
really sure from what Version the update was done, but it was
definetly something like 5.x.x.
Locally I run XAMPP w/ PHP 4.4.4 and my script runs just fine.

These are the two lines which generate the error.
$return = $sbox0[$b0] + $sbox1[$b1] % pow(2,32) ;
$return = ($return ^ $sbox2[$b2]) + $sbox3[$b3] % pow(2,32);
It doesn't matter what is stored in the sboxes since the error has to
be from the modulo.

I tested if pow(2,32) would generate a zero, but it doesn't. So that
can't be the problem.

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Division Problem

I've searched for the answer but cant seem to find the correct function required. What i need is say i'm dividing 12 by 5, it will return 2 (5 goes in to 12 twice). Not 2.212 or woteva it is.

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Division Error.

I get

Warning: Division by zero in /usr/home/clancs/public_html/mafia/you_stats.php on line 75

line 75 is.

$percent = round((($rankp-$old)/($max-$old))*100);

any ideas?

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Dealing With Division

I want to know is how to devide in php and get the the answer in a whole number not a decimal. I know '%' gives the remainder ex: &#399;%6=3' but &#399;/6=1.5' and I want &#399; [] 6=1'.

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Get Remainder Only From A Division?

I am dividing 19/5 where by I have used 19/5 but I am unable to get the remainder only.

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Displaying Only One Division?

The idea I have for my site is fairly simple. A two column page with header.

The left column is the single level menu items. In the right column is a static sub header with a few items. On load, you will initially see some information. I'll call that text0.

When user clicks on menu item 1, text0 disappears, and text1 appears. Click item2, text1 disappears, text2 appears.

Any one have a script in PHP that would make this happen?

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Division By Zero When Mysql_connect()?

PHP constantly regenerates division by zero at line that I've defined my MySQL connection info. the code uses AJAX to change a variable, so the page can regenerate a new string from database.

<script type="text/javascript">
function newtrl()

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Catch A Division By Zero?

I have a large mathematical expression that has to be created dinamically. So, for example, once I have parsed "something" the result will be a string like: "$foo+$bar/$baz";.So, for calculating the result of that expression I'm using the eval function... something like this:

eval("$result = $expresion;");
echo "The result is: $result";

The problem here is that sometimes I get errors that says there was a division by zero, and I don't know how to catch that Exception. I have tried things like:

eval("try{$result = $expresion;}catch(Exception $e){$result = 0;}");
echo "The result is: $result";

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Maths Multiplication And Division

What am I doing wrong in this equation?

$mothly_payment= $financing_price * $monthly_interest_rate / (1 - pow(V, $month_term));

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