WAMP Uninstall

I have a version of WAMP5 Version 1.4.3 on my Windows XP PC. I would like to uninstall this and upgrade to the latest version - but I am unable to uninstall the program. I do not have any record of Wamp in my control panel - under Add/Remove Programs - nor do I have an 'uninstall wampserver' link in the 'Start' menu, or any unins000.exe file. I can see wamp files under C:wamp - including the wampserver.exe - but no reference to an uninstall file. I am a complete novice with Wamp - this version of Wamp was installed by a third party.


Uninstall Pear In Wamp?

I thing i installed very wrongly, uninstall only PEAR ,Tell me How to uninstall PEAR IN WAMP..

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Uninstall Php In W2k

how do i uninstall php in w2k? (using IIS) why? -> i think they run better in linux than windos and they are.

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How To Uninstall Php?

I want to uninstall php5beta4 which was installed using the .tar.gz
source code. I delete the module "libphp5.so" under the apache2 module
directory, and then delete all files under /usr/local/lib/php.

And then i reinstall the php5, something strange happen:
I use phpinfo function to print the php information, The "Build date" is
not the date i just reinstall but the date i install last time. That may
mean the php5 installed last time haven't been unistalled.

Can someone tell me how to uninstall php clearly which was installed
using the source code?

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Uninstall PHP

I have been having a number of problems trying to get php to connec to mysql and have decided that it would be best to do a complete reinstall using xampp. Before doing so however, I want to remove my existing php, mysql etc. I uninstall PHP properly from windows xp pro. If this doesn't work I am going to look at asp.net because trying to get this to work has been completely rediculous.

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Uninstall Php3?

I want to install a php4 rpm, but it says I have php3 installed already and to uninstall it. I did a search and the only thing I found was that I should delete all the php stuff I can find. I *think* it was installed binary style, not with an rpm. If I do it this way, should I edit any conf files also? Please help as I can not find anything on how to remove a binary installation!

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Uninstall PHPTriad

I have PHPTriad in my pc (windows xp) I like 2 learn how 2 install apache, php & mysql separately n configure them by myself. I dunno how 2 uninstall PHPTriad I use before & clean up all the registry.

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How To Uninstall Webalizer?

How can I uninstall Webalizer? It has no uninstall.* file.

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How To Uninstall PHP5

I am an experienced web designer, programmer and IT teacher. I use PHP extensively and decided to avoid having to uload php files to my ISP for testing by installing Apache and PHP on my computer. After many weeks of struggling to get PHP, MySQL, Apache installed, I must now give up to presrve my sanity. Apache and MySqL installed and functioned without problem, but PHP just would not function despite studying 3 text books and every FAQ on the internet.

The installation instructions have great big gaps in them, and what instruction there are ask me to locate sections of the 'conf' file which don't exist. Now I wish to remove the PHP program and its files from my computer but there is no PHP program shown in the Add/Remove programs list. Does any one know how to safely remove this flakey mess of a program (PHP5)?

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PHP/MySQL/Apache Uninstall

I have tried multiple times to install a secure MySQL/PHP/Apache application on Red Hat 7.2 but I keep on running into issues.

I want to give it another try and I am wondering how to uninstall past installations of apache/php/mysql. My targets have always been /usr/local/[APP]. Do I just need to remove the /usr/local/[APP] directories that were created during the installation.

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Uninstall & Upgrade PHP5

I'm finding that there are some items I should have enabled when I compiled it (LDAP support). even though it is running fine with the web server configured. I'm a Unix system. I would like to recompile PHP5 with extra options enabled. Is it as easy as shutting down my web server and recompiling it? That way, when I bring up my web server again, all the options are there. * If not, how do I uninstall PHP5? (I'd like to know this answer just in case I ever need to do a clean install.).

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Uninstall MySQL > Windows...

How do you uninstall MySQL from Windows...? I installed Foxserv (foxserv.net), so I could develop locally on my Windows machine (XP). Now I need to uninstall it...I've stopped it as a service in the Administrative Tools, but there is no option to uninstall.

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Wamp 5 And Wamp 2 Display Website?

i attached a print screen of what it comes up as. if i rename it .php3 it shows up alright but i dont want to go through and change all the links. here's what it should look like [URL]

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Caneling 5.0 Install/uninstall Messed Up 4.1.14

I canceled the install of mysql 5 and now I can't access my databases. mysql 4.1.14 is still installed (it was atleast).

After I canceled the instal, it said completed (not canceled) so I checked add/remove programs and I removed mysql 5 becauee I thought it would interfere with my current install...

it seems that it also removed my old mysql service.
I have tried reinstalling mysql 4.1.14 as a service but it wont start
"Could not start the MySQL service on Local Computer.
Error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly."

How can I fix this problem?

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What Is The Command To Uninstall A Pear Package

What is the command to uninstall a pear package?

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Pear Error Failed To Load After Uninstall

whenever i type a pear command i get the following error:

Failed loading /usr/lib/php5/20060613/xdebug.so:  /usr/lib/php5/20060613/xdebug.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This started happening after I uninstalled the extension.  I uninstalled it b/c I realized that I had already had it installed via ubuntu.  Now, I just keep getting that error.  I guess I could install it again with pear, but rather just get rid of the error. 

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WAMP Which Is Installed At "C:\wamp\"

I'm using WAMP which is installed at "C:\wamp\". But I changed the directory root to "D:\www\" and its been working for awhile but I'm I'm trying to use PEAR and it's not working. I ran go-pear.exe and put everything in but when I try in include Mail.php (which I did install) I get the folowing error.Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'Mail.php' (include_path='.;C:\php5\pear') in D:\www\languages\php\mail\send.php on line 2

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Has anyone ever used WAMP on CD? I imagine it works really well but i've got a db connectivity issue. I have copied the database to the /database folder as a .sql file and used the following code to connect to the db from the relevant pages:

$server = "localhost:8182";
$user = "";
$pass = "";
$db = "db_name_was_here";

The error i'm getting when trying to view the db is "No Database Selected". Has anyone ever come accros this problem before or can anyone suggest a way around this?

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i just installed WAMP in my Pc and when i type localhost the WAMP5 Homepage works well. I made the "Hello World" and put it on www folder with filename hello.php on a directory samples and when i click on the projects the samples directory appears and the file hello.php also appears but when i click on the file,

nothing appears on the webpage instead of printing "Hello World". I tried to create other files but they all do the same, nothing appears on the webpage.

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Wamp Or Any Better?

i have been using wamp for a while now and having no problems. I've just got a new laptop and was wondering if there are any better ones to use rather than wamp?

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WAMP GD Support

I'm using GD functions for the 1st time. After struggling for several hours with the following:

Call to undefined function: imagesx()

and the same error with other GD functions I started to suspect GD was not installed. I'm running WAMP 5 which installed PHP 5.0.16-nt . I thought I'd read some place that PHP 5x came with GD.

echo '<pre><br />'

Just returns another "Call to undefined function" error. Does anyone know if there is a GD patch or do I have install another version of PHP?

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PHP And Extensions Using WAMP

My hosting company just told me that in order for me to use php on their server I need to have the .php4 extension in all my php scripts, and otherwise php won't work. I have been using WAMP for a few weeks and it only seems to work with .PHP extension files, I am sure there's a way to make it work with .php4 extensions as well, just need to know how.

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I need to get a large database (~350 mb) from a Windows (WAMP) server to my Linux (LAMP) server. Actually that's not strictly true. The windows machine containing the data is database only the active webserver and php are on a separate windows machine. That said, can i run mysqldump on the windows machine from the command line? Will the resulting file be compatible with mySQL import on the Linux machine?

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Wamp Server

Is there a way to use binary files with wamp server?

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Wamp With Php3?

I am looking for a wamp with PHP3 (i need to audit some old application that was coded for php3)I couldn't find any on google, does anyone knows one?

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Different Types Of WAMP's?

"WAMP" is an acronym formed from the initials of the operating system (Windows) and the package's principal components: Apache, MySQL and PHP (or Perl or Python). Personally I use XAMPP Lite, but thats because I haven't tried anything else. I've just been looking as to how to install SQLBuddy on it, and can't find out.

I've heard about the Uniform Server as well as WAMP5.

What WAMP do you use and why?

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Make A CMS Using Wamp?

I am trying to make a CMS using wamp. I made an uploading photos section, and when I try to delete the folder of the photos I get: Warning: rmdir [URL] [function.rmdir]: Directory not empty in C:wampwwwsiteadminprocessdelete.php on line 23 Although the directory is empty and I have checked it myself, and used unlink to remove any photos. Is this a problem because of wamp not allowing this? does it have anything to do with wamp configuration? And I think its worth knowing that I have changed the permissions using chmod to 0777

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Use HttpRequest In WAMP?

I am trying to use PHP HttpRequest Class and it seems that it's not installed with WAMP. Is it possible to have this extension available on Windows. I saw somewhere that "a DLL for this PECLis not available at this moment".

Can someone confirm if it's possible to use PHP HttpRequest on Windows

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Work With PDT And WAMP?

I have installed PDT for Eclipse and WAMP server. I want to know how do i start writing code in PHP now? What should I do so that WAMP gets all my PHP files?

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Set Up Mail() With WAMP?

I am trying to learn php following Head First: Php & MySQL and have made a web form that is supposed to send out an email. At this point, to my understanding, I have to manually figure my mailserver or smtp or something along the lines of that. When I run my script this is what show up:Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 530 hentication required - for help go to http[URL]..../us/mail/pop/pop-11.html in C:\wamp\www\Chapter_1\report.php on line 2Here is my php script

<title>Aliens Abducted Me - Report an Abduction</title>

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Mail() Using Wamp?

I'm trying to test a contact form, but the file that actually sends the data is identical to one I'm using on my site with no glitches. Every time I try it on wamp I get an error saying the message couldn't be sent.

I'm using this code to send it:
      if (mail($recipient, $subject, $message, $headers)){
         echo '<p align="center">Thank you<br />Your message has been successfully sent</p>We will get back to you as soon as possible.';
      } else
         echo '<p align="center">An error occurred and the message could not be sent.<br /><a href="javascript:history.go(-1);">please try again</a></p>';

and it always outputs An error occurred and the message could not be sent.
I tried echoing $recipient, $subject, $message and $headers to check that they were being sent and they were, so I presume the mail() function doesn't work on wamp..

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