Validate IPv6 Address

Can anybody know how to validate IPV4 and IPV6 address in PHP. I am
using PHP 4.2.3 for some compatiability reason.


Ip Address - Detect IPv6 In It?

I am currently detecting the user's IPv4 address and using IP blocks with the v4. However I want to capture the IPv6 and have block lists for this too, so the question is: Is it the same logic to get IPv6 as IPv4 or something different in PHP? I am just not sure if every device has a IPv4 and IPv6 or is it either one of these and the system will auto detect what format it is and store it?

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Regular Expression For Validating An Ip Address In Ipv6 Format

Possible Duplicate: Regular expression that matches valid IPv6 addresses. Can any one know the regular expression for validating an ip address ,in ipv6 format

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Detecting An IPv6 Address And Storing It Properly In MySQL?

I read a few of the questions already asked, and i found this to be useful, although i have no tried it Working with IPv6 Addresses in PHP

Still, say i have a 'bans' table in MySQL. How would i go about storing the IPv6 address? The method must be universal, i.e the field must be able to contain either a ipv4 or ipv6 addr. This also must apply to my ip_addr field in my users table.

i would usually check if(getip == $bans['ip']) { do something } But my getip function is for ipv4 afaik and i wonder if it will work.

The function i use is

function getip()


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Find IPV6 Address Similar To $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

Is it possible to use PHP to find out peoples IPV6 address similar to $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

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Validate Url Address

Looking for a way to validate a URL with an ereg - must be able to handle various types of domain formats eg or or or .

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Validate IP Address

I am trying to write a function that would validate if an input is an ip address. i want to check for example if the format is,


ive spent countless hours trying to mess around with lines like.


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Validate E-Mail Address

I was wondering how you can check for a character in a string. For instance, if I have someone fill out their email address, how, using PHP, can I make sure it has an '@' in it?

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Validate Email Address

I can't seem to figure out why this isn't working, I'm using the eclipse plugin to develop, error message in eclipse says ')' expected in function declaration, right on the 2nd print statement...

PHP Code: ....

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Validate A Name Or Street Address?

Is it necessary to validate a name or street address? when I have it coded in the following format. And if so why?

$address = mysqli_real_escape_string($mysqli, htmlentities($_POST['address']));
$name = mysqli_real_escape_string($mysqli, htmlentities($_POST['name']));

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Validate A Rss Feed Address?

i am building a site for validation of the RSS feeds and adding it in the database. When a user enters a rss web address i need to validate the address and if it contains a rss then i need to enter it into the site or else i need to mention a message.. how do i do it. i think the easy way is to pass the feed address to this address [URL]

but how can i check what result is it giving..

<form action="subscription.php" method="post">
<b>Add New Subscription URL :</b><input name="subscr" value="" size="50">


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Validate A .edu Or .ac Email Address?

I'm a noob but trying vigorously to simply validate email addresses that only end in ".edu" or ".ac" is there a simple function/script/solution to this seemingly simple problem? able to use php,javascript or jquery.

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Validate Email Address With Preg_match?

Here's the code:

if(trim($_POST['email']) == '') {
$hasError = true;

Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: No ending delimiter '/' found in /home/bigsilkd/public_html/UBA/join.php on line 22

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Validate A Valid Email Address

I have a routine (taken from the web) that SHOULD validate a valid email address (using info@[URL] which is valid). But, it keeps returning FALSE so I get the message "Invalid email" and exits out (per my check)


Can't figure out why the valid email is being tagged invalid. Or maybe just don't understand what is going on with this

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Validate The Domain Name Of An Email Address In My Scripts

I want to validate the domain name of an email address in my scripts to see if the domain exists. To make it easier I just want to check the TLD and the 2nd LD (e.g.
Anyone any ideas on how to tackle this challenge?

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Regular Expression To Validate An Email Address:

I am currently using the following regular expression to validate an email address:

(!ereg("^[a-zA-Z0-9_]+@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+.[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+$", $email))

Problem is it will not allow say URL what do i put in to allow it to pass dots(.) in the address?

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Validate A LONG Email Address List

I have a mysql database that holds a long list of email addresses. I have a email validation script and would like to run it on each of the email addresses in the database.

How do I go about this exactly? This is what I have but it only validates the first one:

PHP Code: .....

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Validate Email Address's On Registration Form?

Validate email address's on my registration form.Everything works great except for checkdnsrr function.I was wondering can anyone help with this.I never used checkdnsrr before.Here is the code I'm using:

//set flag that sais pwd is OK
$pwdOK = true;
//trim whitespace


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Validate If An Email Address Already Exists Remotely?

I am trying to validate if an email address already exists remotely. currently, it keeps saying email already exists for any kind of email input.its my first time doing jquery. i got two of the jquery files from .below are all my codes

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.validate.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

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Validate An E-mail Address In A Registration Form?

PHP Regular Expressions.Find a practical way to validate an e-mail address in a registration form, and Regular Expressions sound like the way to go?However the e-mail is validated, the "rules" should be strict but not so restrictive as to block out legitimate e-mails addresses.Letters [a-z][A-Z], Numbers [0-9], Underscores, Hyphens, Decimals.a finite set of top-level domains (e.g. .com, .net, .org) PHP using Regular Expressions?

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Validate The Email Address On Register Form?

I am trying to validate the email address on my register form but can't seem to get it here is what I have.



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Function - Validate Ip Address And Return Errors

I have vreated a site and am now trying to validate the ip address i have created a function but am failing to get it to work i need to add the errors to add to the errors array but instead it keeps resetting and leaving me with the last error that is if i can understand the concept behind whats happening it will be of great benefit heres the code


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Regex - Validate Email Address Based On The Domain Name?

I need to filter some email address based on the domain name : Basically if the domain name is,, .. (and a few others) the function should do something and if the domain is different it should do something else . The only way I know to do this is to use a pattern/regex with preg_match_all and create cases/conditions for each balcklisted domain (e.g if domain = yahoo-inc) do this elseif (domain == ) do this ... etc but I need to know if there is a more simple/concis way to include all the domains that I want to filter in a single variable/array and then apply only 2 conditions (e.g if email is in black list {do something } else {do something else}

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Validate Non - English (UTF - 8) Encoded Email Address In Javascript And It?

Part of a website I am currently working on contains registration process where users have to provide their email address. Just recently I became aware that non-ascii based domains are possible (so is email). My backend is utf-8 encoded MySQL where I am expecting any users (with differnt locales) should be able to enter their email but don't know how to validate this kind of email address.

Currently I am testing out jquery tools and it validates the english email address correctly but fails to validate non ascii email. Also I need to do same at server side with php. Is there a regular expression that can validate this kind of email address? I have tried this but it fails in jquery tools (this is just example for demo, I don't understand this too) [URL]

Also what will happen when they type their English email address (jonesmith@[URL]) with their own IME. Can this be validated with current regular expression we have for English mail validation. Currently I don't have to worry if that email exist for not.

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Eregi() Function To Validate An Email Address I Got An Error?

please when using the eregi() function to validate an email address i got this error:

Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in C:wampwwwssiphoneclassesTraitementFormulaireContact.php on line 13

my code which may make problem is :

public function verifierMail($mail)
if(eregi("^[_a-z0-9-]+(.[_a-z0-9-]+)*@[a-z0-9-]+(.[a-z0-9-]+)*(.[a-z]{2,3})$", $mail)) {
return "valid mail";


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Accept And Validate A Specific Email Address In A Form?

So for example their ending email address was. @[URL]. but to be accepted into the site, the email HAS to end with [URL]. How could you validate it so it matches something specific like this. Here is my code at the moment which just checks that their is at least one. after the @ for it to be an acceptable email.


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Ip2long() For IPv6

how to convert an ipv6 address into a long e.g 2001:504:4:: I know you can use ip2long() for an ipv4 address

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Does PHP/Apache Fully Support IPv6?

Now I am running PHP in Apache on Windows platform, but I need to
migrate it into linux and using IPv6 instead. So I want to know if PHP
fully support IPv6. And how about the workload of this migration?

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Check If Someone Connected Via IPv6 / IPv4?

I want to check via php if someone connects to my site via IPv4 or IPv6. The client address can be found in $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] but how to check if it's IPv4 or IPv6?

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Convert IPv6 To Binary (/memory) Representation?

Title says it all. I already "did" this for IPv4;

$ip = ''; // example
$ip = explode('.',$ip);
if( count($ip) != 4 ) $ip = array(0,0,0,0); // wrong ip format, default to
return chr($ip[0]) . chr($ip[1]) . chr($ip[2]) . chr($ip[3]);

I need to do the above for IPv6 as well. Reading through the IPv6 spec, (I admit I didn't read all of it), I saw several oddities ("exceptions") such as a set of 0 could be compressed to a double colon: ":0000:0000"=>"::" (if my understanding was correct). I also saw how you can have an IPv4-style string inside an IPv6 string: 0:0:0:0:0:0: Let's start by saying I've no freakin idea where to start.)


Problem is, I can't quite understand what it's doing. The issue is, I can't just use such a function since (for one thing) I know it's packing the IP in a differnt format than I'm doing (or want to).

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Convert IPV6 To Nibble Format For PTR Records

I need to convert a ipv6 address to its nibble format for use in creating ptr records dynamically. Here is the information I got from Wikipedia:

IPv6 reverse resolution Reverse DNS lookups for IPv6 addresses use the special domain An IPv6 address appears as a name in this domain as a sequence of nibbles in reverse order, represented as hexadecimal digits as subdomains. For example, the pointer domain name corresponding to the IPv6 address 2001:db8::567:89ab is

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PEAR Validate Package - Fatal Error: Class 'Validate' Not Found?

This is the error I am receiving:Fatal error: Class 'Validate' not found in C:xampphtdocsfinal_projectvalidate.php on line 5And here is my PHP code:

require_once 'Validate.php';
foreach($_POST as $name => $value)


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Validate A Posted Variable Exists And Validate Strtotime?

Would there be a better way to validate a posted variable exists and validate strtotime works.



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Script - Increments IP Address From Defined Starting Address To Defined Ending Address?

I know I can do this easily by converting the IP addresses to decimal notation first using PHP built in functions like up2long and long2ip. I just want to be able to do the same using the standard IP address notation as an exercise. The problem I am thinking goes like this: Given an starting IP address, say, and an ending IP address, say Make the program that prints all the address numbers in that range (,, … ,,

I was thinking that maybe the way to go would be to make a nested for loop inside a while condition until the first octet of the starting address matches the first octet of the ending address. Then execute the same block of code for the second octet and so on until the program reaches the ending address and finished. I just started learning to program recently so it is quite possible that my of thinking and or writing code is far from elegant. If you were to this, how would you do it?

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Implement Form Validation Part In Shopping Cart Such As Email Address / Age / Address?

i need to implement form validation part in my shopping cart such as email address , age, address and etc. how to validate email address and other forms ? what are the implicit functions in php for validation?

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Use A Script That Has A Mail() Function And The Address Is To An Address Of The Same Domain As The Site

I just moved my php site to a new host. The previous host and the new one are both running the PHP 4.3.11. The sendmail path is the same.

If I use a script that has a mail() function and the address is to an address of the same domain as the site, it works ok. If it is to an outside address, it disappears. Though it returns it was a successful send.

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Detect If The IP Address For Data Received Via A Web Form Has Come From A Spoofed IP Address?

How do you detect if the IP address for data received via a web form has come from a spoofed IP address? If detection is possible in PHP, is there a library that will also attempt to find the real IP address?

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Allow + In Regex Email Validate Email / Change This To Validate Emails With A Plus Sign?

Regex is blowing my mind. How can I change this to validate emails with a plus sign? so I can sign up with

if(!preg_match("/^[_a-z0-9-]+(.[_a-z0-9-]+)*@[a-z0-9-]+(.[a-z0-9-]+)*$/i", $_GET['em'])) {

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Zend Validate PostCode In A Zend Form -> Validate Depending On Given Country

How can I validate a zipcode field in my form depending on the country set in the "country" field in the same form? I somehow need to get access to the form instance or the value of another field. Is there a way to do this in a Callback validator?

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Mail() Bounces To Server Address Instead Of From Address

All email sent from php mail() that bounces is being returned to my servers admin email address instead of the "From" or "reply-to" address.

What needs to be put in my header code to ensure that this does not happen?

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