Validate Age

I wanted to validate user input of age to be a number and range between 0 to 99. How do I do this?


PEAR Validate Package - Fatal Error: Class 'Validate' Not Found?

This is the error I am receiving:Fatal error: Class 'Validate' not found in C:xampphtdocsfinal_projectvalidate.php on line 5And here is my PHP code:

require_once 'Validate.php';
foreach($_POST as $name => $value)


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Validate A Posted Variable Exists And Validate Strtotime?

Would there be a better way to validate a posted variable exists and validate strtotime works.



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Allow + In Regex Email Validate Email / Change This To Validate Emails With A Plus Sign?

Regex is blowing my mind. How can I change this to validate emails with a plus sign? so I can sign up with

if(!preg_match("/^[_a-z0-9-]+(.[_a-z0-9-]+)*@[a-z0-9-]+(.[a-z0-9-]+)*$/i", $_GET['em'])) {

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Zend Validate PostCode In A Zend Form -> Validate Depending On Given Country

How can I validate a zipcode field in my form depending on the country set in the "country" field in the same form? I somehow need to get access to the form instance or the value of another field. Is there a way to do this in a Callback validator?

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Validate A Url

I'm trying to validate a url, but unfortunately it has some rather adverse effects on my page, basically makes the entire page disappear, without errors, notices or warnings. So far i've got this:

$churl = @fsockopen(server($image), 80, &$errno, &$errstr, 20);
if ($churl) {
echo "<img src=".$image." border=0>";

Basically it should make sure that the image (url in $image) exists, and then if it does it will echo it, but it just blanks the page. I tested it and removing the var line ($churl = etc.) makes the page there's something wrong with that line, i'm not sure what though.

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How To Validate URL?

Hi, is there a method with PEAR that would allow one to properly
validate a URL?

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Validate Css

in a script im doing i want to let the user to modify a css (cascading stylesheet) file to customize the looks of the script/webpage. i would like for it to validate the css using preferably the wc3 algorthm as if the person used the wc3 website, but have it as apart of my script so when the person updates the stylesheet theyll know if they made any errors.

bassicaly i want the wc3 validation script on my own website as apart of my script instead of telling them to use the wc3 validation page has anyone ever done something like htis?

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How Would I Validate A URL

I have a form in which a user is required to enter a URL I would like to validate it to make sure a URL had been entered and that it ends in a cirtain file extention for example .jpg: would be valid would be invalid

or would be valid would not be valid

How would I do this?

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How To Validate A Url For 404

Anyone can tell me how to validate if a web page is online or 404?

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Validate Ip In Use

i am making a voting system... i want to see if a users ip is in a mysql database and if it is i want the script to die here is my code:

//insert into the database...
$id = $_GET["id"];
$result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO vote_security VALUES ('$REMOTE_ADDR','$id')");
//see if it matches somthing in the database?
if (ip exists) {
shoot the person}
else { vote}

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Validate In JS And PHP?

I'm diving into client side scripting and I'm wondering if I should validate variables in both PHP and JS or if it is only needed in the JS? I'm not aware if a user can 'hack' their way around it by putting it in the URL or by other means.

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Validate Url Address

Looking for a way to validate a URL with an ereg - must be able to handle various types of domain formats eg or or or .

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Validate User Name

I need to validate the characters in a user name. what PHP function can i use to check if the user name has only letters, numbers and/or underscores.

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Validate Username

Can anyone tell me how use regular expression to validate a username
with alpha numeric and special character but not space?

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How You Can Validate A Form Using Php

i'm just writing a small script about how you can validate a form using php.This question i use to get daily in my i thought ,i should post this script in Devshed.this may
be helpful for new comers. My html page consisting of a form.and i want to validate all the fields of that form.i have three input field in that form(name,email,address). Code:

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Safest Way To Validate

I'm writing an upload script and would like to know what is the safest
way to validate a file type that is being uploaded to a server?

I am accepting just bmp, jpg, png, and gif.

Here are is what I have come accross:
$_FILES['userfile']['type'] - I heard this is not safe
$imginfo = getimagesize($filename); - I heard this is safer

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Validate Variable

$uca scheme: any_digits dash any_digits. for example: 1-2 or 85521-99874 . How to check if variable has this scheme?

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Validate The Entries That Only Contain 0-9 A-F Or A-f.

I'm trying something which seems so simple to do yet just can't seem to figure it out. I'm presenting a form which collects MAC addresses. The vendor portion is always the same (001036) so I only ask for the last six chars.

What I need to do is validate the entries only contain 0-9 A-F or a-f. I've tried ereg with zero luck. Can anybody offer me guidance?I've tried PHP Code:

if (ereg('[0-9A-Fa-f]', $mac1)) {echo 'valid'} else {echo 'invalid'}

with no luck. It's close though. What it's doing is allowing the form to procede so long as one charactor is valid. I need it to check all chars in the string.

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Validate 2 Values

I have a array $my_array with values ([112] => 5 [127] => 7 [126] => 5 ) foreach ($my_array as $key => $value){ . how can I validate if two values are the same inside the array for example if 2 values are 5.

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Validate Your Forms

I have been working on creating a guestbook for my site as practice and am learning a lot. Do you guys validate your forms first on the client with javascript and then on the server with PHP or just use one of the two and if yes which one?

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Validate Mp3 Url Input

I was hoping one of you might be so kind as to help me find a better validating solution for checking user input of valid mp3 files.

Here is what i am currently using: ..........

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How To Validate Forms

First off, please know that I always try to spend at least a little time searching for answers before posting.

I am trying to figure out how to use php for validation and although I have found a few tutorials on this, i am not getting it. So if you don't mind, here's a couple of questions:

1) When validating via php, it seems that the action link in the form always refers back to the same page the form was on. Is this correct?

2) If question one is correct, then how do we finally move on to the next page once the data is correct? I read about a redirect somewhere. Is this how these are generally done? If so, is there a simply line of code someone can show on how to do a redirect.

Here is a basic (key word: BASIC) php file i made. Is this how the validation essentially works:


    $submit = $_GET['submit'];
    if ($submit) {
        // some validation function that returns true if input is valid
        // returns false if invalid
       $valid = form_validate();
        if ($valid) {
            // process form (I guess redirect goes here.?. )
        else {
            $error = "Invalid input"; //obviously more details would be used
    if (!$submit || $error) {
        echo $error;
        echo '<form method="post" action="<?php echo $PHP_SELF ?>">' . "";
                      // form STUFF
        echo '     <input type="Submit" name="submit" value="Submit">' . "";
        echo '</form>' . "";

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Validate Code

I know that improper coding can cause security problems but i do not know of ways to fix this.. How would be the best way to validate code as i have only got as far as is_numeric() and htmlentities()??

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Validate A Timestamp

I am currently working on a project that uses a UNIX timestamp to store a date in a database.

In the database the value is something like: 1177578000 - lets call this x

My question is, how can I use this value to do something like:

if(x < today's date){
dont show the results - only show dates today and in the future!

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Validate If Username Is Already Taken

I'm having a problem with a form validation. Basically what i'm trying to do is have PHP connect to a mysql database and check to see if a username is already taken. If the username is taken in the database it sends the php variable through javascript and pops-up an alert that says its already taken.

Here is the code i came up with. I could be way off, but my idea was the put the javascript in a while loop so that it will run through even item in the user_name field in the database till it reaches the last inputted name......

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Validate Record

I want to say whether or not there are any records available, down the body of the page.

if (empty($colname)){
echo "No matching record found.";

I think this is a start but where do I go from here?

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Validate Dates?

I was wondering if there's any function I can use to validate dates? I have a form where, if js disabled, let's the user choose from values [from a drop down menu] for the year, month, day, hour and minute each one separately.

I just noticed that there's not a problem with storing bad dates on MySQL, like the following date: 2006-02-31 23:13:00 (February 31th?)

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How To Validate A Form

$password = $_POST['password'];
if ( password contains letters ) {
echo "password must be numerical"; }

can anyone help me with this?

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Validate Form

I have read a few threads on validation but I still don't understand it. I can't use Javascript for validation because some of the form data is coming from the db.

Can someone have a look at my form and help me with the validation - mandatory fields are pubname, pubdesc, authorid, formatid, orgid, catid.

My sectors (catid) are in one big long list and I want to put them into 3 columns. Anyone know how to do this?

Here's my form ....

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Validate Xml Against Schema

Is ther a way to validate an AML file against an XSD schema. I don't have PHP 5 installed on my hosting server yet so need a way to do this in PHP 4 if possible?

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Date Validate

This is the code that works for validating but it doesnt enter it into the database, it just puts out 0000-00-00. I know the code doesnt have to be this long, but its the only way i got it working.

As you can probably tell, the date input fields are three seperate ones. How can i make sure that it checks if the date is right and then puts it in the database correctly? .....

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How Do We Validate URL Either With PHP/javascript?

How do we validate URL either with PHP/javascript? could u help me? for example, whether input text is in the format or not?

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How Can I Validate Fields In Php?

i was using javascript to validate my register form but its not reliable. How can I validate fields in php so that, for example if username was blank it would print a message on the same page asking the username to enter a value? I've been trying this for a while, im struggling as it seems i would have to write and IF statement for every field I need checking.

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Validate IP Address

I am trying to write a function that would validate if an input is an ip address. i want to check for example if the format is,


ive spent countless hours trying to mess around with lines like.


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How To Validate Csv File

How can we validate a CSV file ?

I have an CSV file of structure:

and so on and on !!! approx around 80,000 rows.

How can I validate this CSV file before starting the parsing using fgetcsv ?

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Validate A Number Between 0 And 255?

I want to validate number in range of 0-255

I have this expression


But this accepts any number...

And this works:


why do I have to have ^ and $ for each option?

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Validate An RSS Feed?

I'm working on an application that allows users to add their own RSS feeds to a simple reader of sorts. Currently, I'm using xml_domit_rss as the parser but I'm unsure if it's actually validating the URL before parsing. From what I can gather online, it looks as if validating is separate from the parse, either by using a service ( or some other method (parse_url()). Anyone have some insight into either how XML_domit_rss validates, or a method by which I can validate before sending the URL to the parser?

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Change Div ID To Validate

I am using a lightweight CMS that has the option to repeat regions. In order for the region to be repeatable, it must have an id. When the region is repeated so is the id. This causes my code to invalidate. I was hoping there was a way to change all matching id's (example) to (example-1), (example-2), etc. so that it would validate. I was able to do this through JQuery, but it still did not validate (I am assuming because Javascript is client side), which is why I though PHP might work.

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Form Validate To CSV?

I have to validate a phone number field to a csv, im curretnly using a js script to alert an error when the min # isnt met. (onblur) But it still is able to submit, regardless.How can i validate a phone number field, when not using it to validate on a seperate page. Needs to validate with itself, then post to posts fine, but i cant validate a min. # of characters, if not, dont submit.

im using 3 different forms. Area(3), Pre(3), Suf(4).Is there a way to just make those required to be those min. characters, if not. post error message.ive been to the end of the internet, looking for a script. Nothing yet. mostly just formatting etc. but i need min. character. with validation. on same page. and ill use my post to csv.or can i validate on a seperate page, and post to csv with that page as well?

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