Update A Users Information - Change Their Own Password

Jun 8, 2006

I have a script to register a name, email address, and give a random generated password at sign up. The user then can login only using that generated password.

I want to be able to let the user login and change the password when he/she wants to. Eventually I want the users to be able to update their other information but for now the password change is needed. Code:

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Change A Users Password In Phpmyadmin?

i need to change a users password on my forum, because he has set himself to founder of the site, and is now deleting everything and has deleted everyone else off founder.

i have found his account on phpmyadmin, changed the encripted password, but when i click save, it never uploads to the forum? therefore the password is still the same.

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How To Change Or Update Password

im having problem to provide "change password" feature. ive tried several coding but nothing can solve it.

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Connect To An Appliance And Change Password Information Using TELNET?

I've found a way to connect to an appliance and change password information using PHP and TELNET.I have a random password generator which puts the password into a variable, could I incorporate that into the telnet command?

Code: [Select]<?php
function randomPass1 ($cut) {
global $string1;

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Encryption To My Update Password Page For Users?

have applied sha1 encryption to my update password page for users and it is encypting into the database fine.however i have a script that should at login check the encrypted sha1 password in the database and login however it does not work. i am not great with php and this is a script on an existing site i am working with: the code line for the password is:

columnValues" => explode($WA_Auth_Separator,"".((isset($_POST["username"]))?$_POST["username"]:"") ."".$WA_Auth_Separator."".WA_SHA1Encryption(((isset($_POST["userpassword"]))?$_POST["userpassword"]:"")) ."")

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Cronjob - Update Each Users Information According To Their Statistics

how i could make a php cronjob that would update each users information according to their statistics. For example:

User A had 2 horses and is multiplied by two every hour where User B had three horses and was multiplied by two ever hour

So it would figure out that User A horses=2*2(4)
and User B horses would equal 3*2(6)

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Newsletter System - Send Information (posted By Users) To The Mails Of The Other Member-users Of Site

In my site i have smth like newsletter system. Logged in users can post information about their services and this information is shown in my site. I'd like to send such information (posted by users) to the mails of the other member-users of my site. I wont the system to check, let's say, every hour the state of database(if there are any new injections) and if there are new posts these ones could be sent to the other members

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Register New Users By Having Users Inputting A Username And Password Into A Database?

i am trying to register new users by having users inputting a username and password into a database called test and a table called members that has columns: username and password.

but when the password and username are inserted the following message appears. Notice: Undefined variable: table in C:wampwwwwebsite egister.php on line 28 Could not insert data because You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'values ('tom', 'tom')' at line 1

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Password Protected Directories For Users To Be Able To Edit There Password

Do use all know password protected directories are, the directories that you set and apply users to through c-panel (if you have used c-panel). i want to use that way of password protecting areas of my site, but i want users to be able to edit there password. Is there a way that php can talk to the server to tell (it may be apache) to change the password to what the user specifies. I hope use know what i talking about, here's a screenshot of what i mean


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Change Password Doesn't Save Password In Md5 In Mysql

While creating a userid the password is saved in type md5 in mysql The below script to change password does not save password in md5 in mysql and hence user after changing password cannot login The script also gives password chaged sucessfully but also says you have typed wrong password (the old one) as users type their password in the form which are not in type md5 is there any solution for this

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<title>Password Change</title>

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Need Assistance On Forget Ur Password And Change Password?

This is Order now1.php code, it is working fine with Login and New User Registration. Now I am integrating my_area1.php in which I am implementing forget password and change password function, and need assistance on error removing.



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Logged-in Users Seeing Other Users Information?

I have a website setup here: There is a test account of: [URL] | test' should it in troubleshooting this issue.. When users login to the site (still under construction) they have the ability to create events. The Create Event can be found by hovering over 'Events' at the top and selecting Create Event. All events are linked to the logged-in user's unique "user ID", which is a field labeled 'id' in the `users` table of the MySQL database.

The problem is this.. once a user has created an event, they may view their event(s) in the 'My Account > My SportAccess > Manage Your Events' page. However, although the correct events are listed initially and nothing seems to be of an issue, clicking around other pages in the site and returning to the 'Manage Your Events' page will often display another user's events instead. Obviously this is an issue because I don't want users to be able to manage other users' events or information. I don't know why this could be happening but am thinking along the lines of a loop somewhere that may be incrementing the $id variable, thus displaying another user's information..

The code I have for 'mysa-events.php', the page where this is occurring, is:

$max_col = 100;
$query = "SELECT * FROM events WHERE user = $user";


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Sql Password Nightmare - How To Get Information Into The Database?

function check_user_info()

ok , the first method is how i get info into the database.i checked my database and it goes in fine.in the second method is the problem, when i check if the user is in the data base when i deleted the second part of the sql statement (password stuff) it worked fine.is there something wron with the second methods query maybe encryption or something?i feel i know what the problem is just can't fix it.

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Authentication - Ask For The Users Password

I basically want my site to ask for the users password, and there have to be two different levels of access, and all the pages need to authenticate the user.

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The Collection Of Different Information About The Users?

creating a User Profile System.I have just finished a user management application with the usual controls like Login, Registration, Password Reset, Admin section for managing user accounts etc.The one thing that is missing is a user profile functionality.My dilemma is that virtually every project requires the collection of different information about the users so creating a specific list does not work because it will have to be modified and added to anyways.

How do I approach something like this?It is becoming obvious to me that a dynamic system that allows the admin to define and change this information is needed but I'm not sure where to start.

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Extracting A Users Information?

I'm trying to get a users information for each post that is displayed. I know the way my code is set-up is incorrect, but I couldn't think of any other ways.

$get_replys = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM posts WHERE tothread='$id'");
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($get_replys))
$get_user_info = mysql_query("SELECT postcount FROM users WHERE username=$row['username']");
while ($row_info = mysql_fetch_assoc($get_user_info))


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Allow To Retrieve Information From An Website That Has A User Name And Password?

My question is does anybody know any script commands that will allow me retrieve information from an website that has a user name and password? For example, I write a script that ask the user to enter in a user name and password, then the script goes to the website to query some information and the user doesn't need to go to the website himself to enter in the user name and password.

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Input Box Information And Username Wrong But Password Right?

Basically i'm trying to allow my input box to remember information if the user gets their username wrong but password right.I've done a bit of research and come up with the following code however it's not working(doesn't remember i.e.still have the inputted username in the box if the user gets their password wrong).

PHP Code:
<form method="POST" action="<?php echo $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]; ?>"
<p>Username</br><input type="text" class=input name="user" value="


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Change Password

Did there any bugs on the following script? My script always execute on else part. PHP Code:

include ('dbconn.cfg');// database configuration file
$connection = @mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "") or die("Cannot connect to server!");
if (isset($_SESSION['gmemberid']))

    $tbl_name = "member";
    $sql = "SELECT password FROM $tbl_name";

    $result = @mysql_query($sql, $connection) or die("Cannot execute query.");
    if (isset($_POST['changePw']))
        if ($result == $_POST['oldPw'])
           $update = mysql_query("............

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Password Change

What is the best way to change passwords via php?

I was first thinking of using the chpasswd function, but even though I added
an entry for apache to be able to run chpassword vi visudo, but I still get
the following error:

chpasswd: can't lock password file

I've also tried allowing apache to run passwd and get the folloing error:

Only root can do that.

I'm kind of just in the experimenting stage on a development server, so
security is not an issue yet. But what would be the most secure method, I've
read so many different opinions?

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How To Change Password To Md5

i accidentally loaded a csv file and forgot to set the password fields to md5

what is the sql query that will change my password to md5?

UPDATE users SET password =md(password) WHERE password='123456'";

hope you could help me with this.

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What Characters Should Allow To Users To Enter As Their Password

What characters should I allow users to enter as their password?

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Users Account Information And E-mail

If I have users and registration page has e-mail for users. The same is account page if user would like to change his e-mail address.

In the registration page: Is correct that user can create new username and the same e-mail address or I should not allow this?

In the account page: Username is unique in db. If user would like to change his e-mail, can be his e-mail address as one e-mail that is already in db for another user?

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Facebook API To Gather Information On Users On App?

Use Facebook API to gather some information on users on App, the returning string.

Code:$params = array("method" => "fql.query",
"query" => "SELECT first_name, last_name FROM user WHERE uid = $this->userId",
"callback" => null);


A "null" written in the returning string.EDIT:the "null" part of the response string is here because didn't fill the "callback" part of the params but put null instead.makes face-book api automatically return an ready-to-execute string, which means.type "sayPlop" as callback function, returned string would have been => "sayPlop(......)"Facebook to do that, just don't specify the "callback" parameter, it's optional(see Facebook PHP SDK source code).

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Do A Session And Get All Of The Information From A Table That The User Name And Password Is Stored In

I would like to do a session and get all of the information from a table that the user name and password is stored in and use it on a different page to be printed out. The books I have read are very vauge on this subject.

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Securely Store Registration/login Information Like A Password?

I am in the process of resecuring my registration on my website and want to ask if my password hashing is correct. Or if there is any better more secure way I can do it. I read somewhere that the salt can be written to the database on a per user basis.

This is my security so far:

$salt = sha1(md5($activecode).$username);

$username = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['username']);
$activecode = mysql_real_escape_string(time());
$pass1 = sha1(md5($_POST['pass1'].$salt));
$pass2 = sha1(md5($_POST['pass2'].$salt));

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