Undefined Index Using Php 5.0 MySql 4.1.21 And Dreamweaver 8

Apr 18, 2007

I'm using php 5.0 mySql 4.1.21 and dreamweaver 8

I'm getting the following errors

Undefined index: contact_areacode
Undefined index: contact_phone_prefix
Undefined index: contact_first_name
Undefined index: contact_last_name

Here's the section of code

$contact_phone = $_POST['contact_areacode'];
  $contact_phone = $contact_phone.'-';
  $contact_phone = $contact_phone.$_POST['contact_phone_prefix'];
  $contact_phone = $contact_phone.'-';
  $contact_phone = $contact_phone.$_POST['contact_phone_last4'];
$contact_name = $_POST['contact_first_name'];
  $contact_name = $contact_name.' ';
  $contact_name = $contact_name.$_POST['contact_last_name']; 

Any idea what's wrong with it or what the error means?


Html - Upload - Undefined Index Iis / Error Unable To Fetch Values.PHP Notice: Undefined Index?

Mar 28, 2011

My html form looks something like this:

<form action="dins.php" method="get" name="test" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<table class="formTable" id="programTable">
<td class="ft_head">Title</td>
<td><input type="text" size="26px" name="title" id="title" autocomplete="off" /></td>
<td class="ft_head">Objective</td>
<td><textarea width="26px" height="18px" name="obj" id="obj" autocomplete="off"></textarea></td>
<td class="ft_head">Theory</td>
<td><textarea width="26px" height="36px" name="theory" id="theory" autocomplete="off"></textarea></td>
<td class="ft_head">Code</td>
<td><input type="file" width="26px" name="code" id="code" /></textarea></td>
<td class="ft_head">Output</td>
<td><input type="file" width="26px" name="output" id="output" /></td>
<td class="ft_head">Conclusion</td>
<td><textarea width="26px" height="36px" name="conc" id="conc" autocomplete="off"></textarea></td>
<input type="submit" value="submit" name="sub" />

My part php script is this:

if(isset($_GET['title']) && isset($_GET['obj']) && isset($_GET['theory']) &&
$_FILES['code']['size']>0 && $_FILES['output']['size']>0 && isset($_GET['conc']))

I am getting the following error:

_Unable to fetch values.PHP Notice: Undefined index: code in
E:RepositoryHTML123assign_cgdins.php on line 4_

I tried modifying php.ini for upload_max_size but did not help. I am running WIMP.

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Undefined Index - Installed Php 5 On IIS With Mysql 4

Jul 17, 2005

Notice: Undefined index: name in F:uniSoftware
engineeringassignment4guestbook.php on line 6

the variable $name is declared as $name = _POST["name"];

What could be causing this?

I've recently installed php 5 on IIS with mysql 4. All running on windows XP

downloaded code straight from my uni's tute site.

went to run it and it sort of runs but I get these errors at the top of the

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Multiple Mysql Tutorials - Undefined Index Mean?

Mar 20, 2011

I've tried multiple mysql tutorials thus far and some of them, have codes like this:

$Page = $_GET["BLAH"];

, I get an error of "Notice: Undefined Index: BLAH" in the file location and line number.what undefined index means and how I can patch up the problem

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Notice: Undefined Index: Username In /home/spaodesi/public_html/preview/index.php On Line 23

Jul 4, 2006

Quote: Notice: Undefined Index: username in /home/spaodesi/public_html/preview/index.php on line 23 Quote:

Notice: Undefined Index: pass in /home/spaodesi/public_html/preview/index.php on line 24.

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Notice: Undefined Index: Action Index On Line 3 / Error?

Jul 1, 2009

Notice: Undefined index: action index.php on line 3

an error occured when i submit the login form....in the previouse version of wamp it does not show this type of errors

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Undefined Index Error When If =(do Something If Index Undefined)?

Jun 30, 2010

I have a simple login form (see below), but when I call the page, PHP returns and undefined index error, even though I have coded to say if index is undefined, then die.Am I missing something very obvious in PHP v 5

[CODE html]
<form method="post" action="">

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Add New Index To Array Without Generating An 'undefined Index' Warning

Feb 17, 2011

I am looping over an array,

if I spot an error in the array I am adding a key called error.

however I am getting a whole pile of 'undefined index 'error' warnings.

How can I do this without generating those warnings?

Code as requested

$csv = array();
if (($handle = fopen($filePath, "r")) !== FALSE) {
while (($csv[] = fgetcsv($handle)) !== FALSE);


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Error - Undefined Index And Undefined Offset

Nov 17, 2010

my current code:

Code: [Select]$Townsearch = $_REQUEST['rsTown'];
list($Town, $County) = split('[,]', $Townsearch);

I am getting undefined index and undefined offset, so I tried this:

Code: [Select]if $_REQUEST['rsTown'] == ''{
$Townsearch = '';
} else {
$Townsearch = $_REQUEST['rsTown'];

but this brought back: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting '(' in D: etroandvintage.co.ukwwwrootmain.php on line 6

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Get Undefined Variable And Undefined Index Notices?

Sep 29, 2010

I have just upgraded my wampserver and with it MySQL, PHP and PhpMyAdmin versions. And my scripts, which ran normally before, not burst hundreds of undefined variable and undefined index notices. I realize it's "notices", not "errors" but this is quite irritating. I believe it might be due to some upgrade in PHP scripting rules or something but I don't know what.The first type of notice is "undefined variable". This function will return the notice if I remove the bold red line, where I define the variable as empty before I use it in the loop. I didn't need to do this before.


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Error When Updating MySQL Database - "undefined Index"

May 31, 2011

I am a newbie, i want to update the database and when i submit the form to update the record, i get this error

Notice: Undefined index: idno in /Library/WebServer/Documents/practice/employee/edit_employee.php on line 6 Call Stack: 0.0001 633952 1. {main}() /Library/WebServer/Documents/practice/employee/edit_employee.php:0

This is the code


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Get Undefined Variable And Undefined Index?

May 3, 2010

I have been following a tutorial, the watchmaker project for a shopping cart.I had downloaded one of the codes which is as follows:

PHP Code:

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Undefined Index And Undefined Offset?

Oct 24, 2010

I am getting undefined index and offset when I duplicated my SEARCH page for when logged inhere is my code

Code: [Select]<?php


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Postcard Notice: Undefined Index: Notice: Undefined Variable Errors?

Aug 18, 2010

I am having serious trouble with my PHP Postcard script. The error message i get is: Notice: Undefined index: Notice: Undefined variableBasically it does not send out the scripts at all. It is hosted on Awardspace.

<?php session_start();

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Undefined Index

Sep 20, 2006

Reference the above thread: "Passing a HTML variable to a PHP file
using include". One thing I've learned over the years is that an error
doesn't always come from where the compiler/interperture says it does.
Case in point maybe.

I am getting this error:

Notice: Undefined index: var1 in
/var/www/vhosts/texasflyfishers.org/httpdocs/form.php on line 4

Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in
/var/www/vhosts/texasflyfishers.org/httpdocs/form.php on line 5

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in
/var/www/vhosts/texasflyfishers.org/httpdocs/form.php on line 6

in this function:

if($_GET["op"] == "ds") {
foreach ($_GET["name"] as $key=>$value) {
fwrite($fp,$_GET["name"][$key] ."&nbsp;". $_GET["email"][$key]
.."&nbsp;". $_GET["phone"][$key] ."&nbsp;". $_GET["id"][$key]);

'var1' comes from this last line in this snippet in a previous function:

<?php include ($_GET["var2"]); ?// this works
<br clear="all">
<?php include ($_GET["var1"]); ?//this works
<form action="form.php?var1=>($_GET["var1"])" method="GET"// NOT

I have found that the text editor you are using will color out the
parts of code if they are correct. This code does not color out evenly.
In the 2 'include' statements '$_GET' is red. In the 'form action'
statement it is not.

At this point 'var1' is a name on a disk with zero length. Is it
possible that the error trapping of the 'include' function is taking
care of this and the error trapping of the 'fopen' alerts you that it is
going to crash fwrite because 'var1' is now corrupted?

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Undefined Index...

Apr 14, 2005

$name= $_POST['name'];
$birthday= $_POST['birthday'];

I keep getting errors saying undefined index.

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Undefined Index?

Mar 24, 2007

I have the following PHP error:

Notice: Undefined index: id in PATH_TO_MY_FILE on line 6

This is line 6:

$validid = pf_validate_number($_GET['id'], "value", $config_basedir);

Whats funny is that under OSX using apache php 4.4.4 I don't get this error (there are more but one at a time).

Under a windows server using PHP 4.3.2 I get the above error. How is this and what can i do to get around it?

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Undefined Index??

Feb 5, 2006

i am creating a system which requires users to log in. Code:

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Undefined Index

Jul 16, 2005

I am trying to check and see if a field is posted or not, if not posted then assign $location which is a session variable to $location_other. If it is posted then just assign it to $location_other I keep getting "Notice: Undefined index: location_other" referring to


if (!($_POST['location_other'])) {
$location_other = $location;
if ($_POST['location_other'])
$location_other = $_POST['location_other'];

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Undefined Index: Cid

May 12, 2005

I have a notice displayed as Notice: Undefined index: cid in c:program fileseasyphp1-8wwwviewgallery.php on line 8 These are the first few lines of my code


// initialization
$result_array = array();
$counter = 0;

$cid = (int)($_GET['cid']);
$pid = (int)($_GET['pid']);

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Undefined Index:

May 18, 2006


$exist_in_group_arr = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['curr_contacts_arr'][$mainEntryArr[$j]];

$mainEntryArr[$j]); has some value

but " Notice: Undefined index: curr_contacts_arr in /usr2" ???

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Undefined Index: Id

Mar 3, 2007

I have a website online which I have taken offline to work on it, but when I load the pages, I get the error

Notice: Undefined index: id in C:wwwwebconnectwebsitedata.php on line 5 Code:

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Undefined Index ?

Mar 16, 2007

I have some code with a problem. The code is:

1. <?php
2. $initStartLimit = 0;
3. $limitPerPage = 10;
4. $startLimit = $_REQUEST['startLimit'];
5. $numberOfRows = $_REQUEST['rows'];
6. $sortBy = $_REQUEST['sortBy'];
7. $sortOrder = $_REQUEST['sortOrder'];

The errors starts with row 4:

Notice: Undefined index: startLimit in *** on line **
Notice: Undefined index: rows in *** on line **
Notice: Undefined index: sortBy ***
Notice: Undefined index: sortOrder in ***

The code was created by "phpCodeGenie" and works fine on my webserver, which has
php version 4.4.4 and
mySql version 4.1.21

I just installed easyPHP on my home computer which has php version 4.3.10
mySql version 4.1.9 The errors only show up on easyPHP. My guess is that phpCodeGenie defined these indexes.How can I define them in EasyPHP ?

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Help With Undefined Index Error

Sep 5, 2003

I am geteting an Undefined index error on the script below. what could be causing this ?any help is appreciated. PHP Code:

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Error Undefined Index

Jul 9, 2003

I keep getting the error: "Undefined index: page in ......." for this script:

$page = $_Get["page"];
if (!$page){
$page = 1;

If the variable "page" isn't referenced in the url, I want it to be set to a default value of 1. This script works fine on one web server but not another. I'm assuming that it has to do with different php.ini files.

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Undefined Index: Mode ...?

May 3, 2002

I was installing some "canned" php code and came across this error, and am not sure what it means.

Undefined index: mode in line xx.

here is the code snippet in case anyone can point me at something, or an ini setting. PHP Code:

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Notice: Undefined Index:

Jul 17, 2005

I am getting the following errors:

Notice: Undefined index: sender_name in c:program filesapache
groupapachehtdocsallinone_form.php on line 12

Notice: Undefined index: sender_email in c:program filesapache
groupapachehtdocsallinone_form.php on line 14.....

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PHP Notice: Undefined Index

Nov 3, 2006

I got this error message below. How can i fix it...

PHP Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_URI in c:inetpubwwwrootguestbookguestbook.php on line 41 PHP Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent in c:inetpubwwwrootguestbookguestbook.php on line 41

any help is very much appreciated.

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Undefined Index Notices

Jun 8, 2006

I'm getting this:

[client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: D1 in

From this line of code:

$id_option = $_POST['D1'];

Which is posted by this:

<form target="_blank" method="POST" action="mailchart.php" name="mail_data">
<input type="hidden" name="D1" value="<? echo $id_option; ?>">
<input type="submit" value="View Chart"></p>

My question is why?

I *am* getting the correct value for $_POST['D1'] and at this point in
time am really quite confused because that notice is getting thrown.

[root@... ~]# php -v
PHP 4.3.11 (cgi) (built: Nov 8 2005 06:24:40)

[root@... /]# uname -a
Linux ... 2.6.12-2.3.legacy_FC3 #1 Sun Feb 19 10:47:10 EST 2006 i686
i686 i386 GNU/Linux

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Undefined Index: Error

Apr 25, 2007

simple php website that displays a table from my mysql

To prep for my MCSE I moved my home server to Windows 2003 Standard, I
installed mysql and php 5 to run some of my databases and websites.

Under Linux the site worked fine, under windows I keep getting Notice
Undefined Index error on line 67

I have went back to the basics just pull the data then display and
still get the same error.

60 $sql = "SELECT * from newschool ORDER BY State, CollNam";
62 $result = mysql_query($sql, $dbcnx) or die(mysql_error());
63 $number_of_rows = mysql_num_rows($result);
65 while ($newArray = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
67 $id = $newArray['id'];
68 $testField = $newArray['testField'];
70 echo "The ID is $id and the text is $testField <br>";

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Undefined Index: Referral

May 6, 2007

When the cookie exists its fine, but when the cookie doesnt exist it gives the error.....

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Undefined Index From Name Search.

Nov 22, 2001

I am developing a Abstract Submission system for a small medical association. What they want it to do is be able to search an exsiting members database and fill out the information automagically from the search.

The original database is in Access and I have successfully exported it into MySQL without any problems. When I do the search and all of the fields are in the database for the form that I want to have filled out it works perfectly. but... if one of the fields is empty. I get a error.

"Warning: Undefined index: MiddleName ... on line x"

for each of the fields that is empty. I know why this is doing it. But I don't know how to fix it. I was thinking of using if then statements and adding a space to the variable so that variable would not be empty but that would screw up my Error checking in the next step. Code:

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Warning: Undefined Index: 2 In

Nov 23, 2001

wat does this error means?

Warning: Undefined index: 2 in C:Inetpubwwwroot emplateadmin.php on line 453

if i manually install php,(setting manually), this error wil not appear. but if i use the .exe to install, (means i dont' have to do the settings), this error will appear.

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Undefined Index: Cookies

Jun 7, 2005

How do I trap this error "Undefined index" when reading cookies? when I'm logged in, there is no problem, but if did not login, then this error appears. this lines is where the error occur. $_COOKIE['sID'].

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Fix "undefined Index

Jun 30, 2006

I need some help to diagnose and determine what is causing this problem and (most importantly) how to correct it. Here is the error. (I get a whole bunch just like this.. always the "undefined index: variable_name" Quote:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: pasv in C:xxx_path_xxxdomain.orgzzzzzautoinstaller.php on line 87

Here is the code on line 87: Code:

if ($_GET['pasv'] == "on") { $_SESSION['ftp_passive'] = "on"; }

I believe the php error is caused because php is trying to "use" an undefined variable (called pasv) for the first time, and the php config is somehow set to produce this warning. This is becoming more and more common to see now, and it seems to happen when my users have to re-install PHP. So I think there is some setting in a more recent "default' php installation which is causing this.

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Undefined Index On Line Etc...

Feb 26, 2004

I cannot figure what goes wrong I tried it on 2 servers one w/ reg glob on and one with the glob off same result

" Undefined index:..line 12"
" Undefined index:..line 13" ...

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Undefined Index Errors

Nov 16, 2006

script snippet. PHP Code:

/*-----POST VARIABLES-----*/
    $user = strip_tags($_POST['u']);
    $pass = strip_tags($_POST['p']);
    if (!empty($user) && !empty($pass))
    //whole lotta processin

i get undefined index errors on the $_POST var assignment.

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Undefined Index (multiple)

Feb 25, 2007

I receive two warnings everytime I load the page and I can't seem to figure out why?

PHP Notice: Undefined index: user in I:ApachehtdocsAHSlocks.php on line 6
PHP Notice: Undefined index: usrlogin in I:ApachehtdocsAHSlocks.php on line 7

Lines 6 and 7 are: PHP Code:

$user = $_SESSION['user'];
$userlogin = $_SESSION['usrlogin'];

Respectively. They have values passed from another page where I set them.

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Undefined Index Using JavaScript

Feb 9, 2007

i dont know what would i name for this thread of mind. basically i having throuble working on with my JavaScript bellow:

function goDelete(){
var recslen = document.forms[0].length;
var checkboxes = "";
for(i = 1; i < recslen; i++){
checkboxes += " " + document.forms[0].elements[i].name
var con=confirm("Are you sure you want to delete");
}else{ ............................

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Undefined Index DB Error

May 4, 2007

I installed php and mysql on a windows server and we moved to the server a working php page with its data base. I modifyied the php.ini file and we can see php pages fine but when these pages have some dynamic content from the DB it comes with an error. Code:

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Undefined Index: Submit

Apr 16, 2007

I came across this forum as it had a solution for an error like this. My error is this:
"Notice: Undefined index: Submit in C:sokkitsitejoomla102componentscom_report
eport.php on line 22" "Submit" is the value of which the form has been submitted, would this be related to my query a number of lines before this value is tested.

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Undefined Index In Array

May 17, 2004

Create data arrays for graph plots

WHAT WORKS: The SQL portion, the creation of master array-> from which I chose data array per unique category: Code:

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Undefined Index: REQUEST_METHOD

Jul 17, 2005

I have installed a search engine on one of my websites - it had a few
bugs in it, I got all but one out of the script.

The results page works, but it displays this error on the top of the page:

Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_METHOD in wwwsearchlibsutils.php on
line 409

I have enclosed the code it refers to below Code:

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Notice: Undefined Index: In

Jan 5, 2007

Can anyone see anything wrong with this line:

$tpl->assign_d('pr_row', 'pr', '<img src="' . $images[$pagerank] . '" />');

It's causing this error:

Notice: Undefined index: in /home/NAME/public_html/prc.php on line 59

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Indexing - Undefined Index

Jul 9, 2006

I have a join form connecting to a MySQL database. This form is a copy of another join form I have on the site for customers (this new one is for suppliers).

On the suppliers form I have added some extra columns, and yet when I try and submit to them I get an error - "undefined index" on all of the new columns only, the old columns post fine.

Most of the new columns I want to be checkboxes and I have them set in MySQL as "char3" and then I have a few longtext. I have gone over the PHP code and it is fine, any ideas on why I am having this error?

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