Split Multi Line Text Box

I need to know how to split all the lines in a multiline input box into an array. The text input box is called "userlist". How would I do this?


How To Return Just First-line From A Multi-line String Of Text?

I've been looking through the manual for string commands, and I haven't had success in determining the proper call for this, if there is one:

Let's say I have a text string with hard-carriage returns in it:

"The lazy brown fox ran down the road
to the store and bought some eggs
to bake a cake and serve dinner
for all his friends."

So if that string value is in "x", how can I tell it to return JUST the first line: "The lazy brown fox ran down the road"

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Split Text In A Line Into Pieces?

I have a problem with a small php code. I have a string variable:

Code: [Select]$string = "word1*<p>description1...</p>word2*<p>description2.....</p>word3*<p>description3......</p>word4*<p>description4</p>";
I would like to split this string to get output:

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Multi-line Tooltip Text

i am using a code like: PHP Code:

<?php $tooltip = $first_name  .' ' .  $last_name
<a  href="some_page" title="<?php echo $tooltip ?> ">John</a>

to display a user name as a link. i am trying to show user's First name and Last name as link's tooltip text in two lines.

i tried with <br>, '', '/r/n' etc.

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Split Text Into Batches With Line Breaks?

I have a textarea and all I had to do is split the text into 50 chars and feed the lines to another app. No problem. But I forgot about line breaks. If someone puts linebreak I have to also make that a seperate line. Here's my current code ($content is the original text). I'm sure there is an easy way I just can't get to it.

$div = strlen($content) / 50;
while ($x<$div) {
$text = substr($content,$substr,50);
if (trim($text)!="") {
echo $text . "<br>";

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Makes Multi Line Text Box Very Long

I'm looking for a way to make a simple multi line text box in PHP. I am trying to make a text box a couple thousand characters log. but when i try to create it, it just makes a very long text box. I can't seem to find any information on how to make that a multi line box. I don't care if you can use line returns or not.

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Carriage Returns In Multi - Line Text Field To Csv To Excel

I've got an html form, processed by php that writes to a csv text file that I would like opened in excel. Problem is that I have a multi-line text field that users are submitting hard returns in that excel looks at as new records. How can I have the php ignore the hard returns within the abstract multi-line text field? I know NOTHING about php for the record! It's the $abstract value that is causing the issue...

PHP Code:
$oral = $_POST['oral'];
$poster = $_POST['poster'];
$either = $_POST['either'];
$name = $_POST['name'];
$affiliation = $_POST['affiliation'];

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Replacement For Quotes With Multi-line Text In The Glype Source Code?

I saw this used as a replacement for quotes with multi-line text in the Glype php source code, and I want to learn more about it but the special symbols mean I can't google it. How exactly does this work?

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Warning: Split() [function.split]: REG_EMPTY In /public/wp-content/themes/tanzaku/functions.php On Line 232

Using tanzaku in wordpress and get this error : Warning: split() [function.split]: REG_EMPTY in /public/wp-content/themes/tanzaku/functions.php on line 232

Line 232 in functions.php:

else {
// ... or get original size info.
$upload_path = trim( get_option('upload_path') );
$mark = substr(strrchr($upload_path, "/"), 1); // default mark is 'uploads'
$split_url = split($mark, $img_url);.............

How do I fix this error "Warning: split() [function.split]: REG_EMPTY " from functions.php of wordpress theme?

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Split A String Character Then Split Each Line

i have a string that looks like:

$string = "2005~nyy~75~10;2004~chi~26~18;2003~chi~45~78;2002~bos~24~46;2001~chi~24~56"

i want to split it by the ; character then split each line by the ~ character,

then take the "nny", "chi", "chi", "bos", "chi"

and put these into an array then only show unique values

so i get "nny", "chi", "bos"

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"Stupid" Display Multi Line Text

I need to display text from database witch has couple paragraphs. When i drop it on the screen it shows up but it seems like there is no wrap on it, it is all in continues line.

When i look in to database or try to update it with update record is showing up as multi line, just how it should be. Code:

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Transform A String From Multi-Line To Single-Line?

Is there a PHP string function that transforms a multi-line string into a single-line string?

I'm getting some data back from an API that contains multiple lines. For example:

<p>Some Data</p>
<p>Some more Data</p>
<p>Even More Data</p>

I assign that data to a variable, then echo the variable as part/"cell" of a CSV document.

It's breaking my CSV document. Instead of all content showing in one cell (when viewing in OpenOffice Calc), it shows in multiple cells and rows. It should be contained within one cell.

I would like to transform the string into:

<p>Some Data</p><p>Some more Data</p><p>Even More Data<p>

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Multi Line String To Single Line?

I am using JSON to fetch html from a PHP script - cross domain. Thus I am not using traditional AJAX techniques which only work within the same domain.

Becuase of the use of JSON, which does not allow multi-line strings, I need some way of formatting the string in PHP and returning at as a single line e.g.


PHP Code:

$string="ThisisaMulti-linestring thatspansoverseverallines andneedschangingtoasingleline";


PHP Code:


I cannot leave the original string on a single line because there are many lines of html and my non technical client will edit it regularly.

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Multi-Line Ereg_replace?

Hi everyone,

I am extremely new to PHP and I was wondering if I could ask y'all a question...

I'm trying to use ereg_replace() to replace a block of html code in a page. The problem is that the code is on serveral lines. Basically, it looks like this:

<td align="center"><font size="1" face="Verdana" color="#666666">Text goes here</font></td>

There's one space in front on the first and last line, and two spaces on the second line... I tried using and s to symbolize the newlines and spaces, but it doesn't work... I also tried chr(013) and chr(010) - same thing. Any ideas? Can I just surround the whole thing in quotes and have it multi-lined that way?

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Multi Line GET Statement

I am making a script. and I need to use get statement. In my html form I have a multilined field. Can i put it in my get link.php?message=all of html field multilined or for get do I need to stick with single lined?

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Split The Line Only At First Occurrence Of Character ':'?

This may be a lame question but I am a total novice with regular expressions. I have some text data in the format: Company Name: Name of the company, place. Company Address: Some address, here. Link: [URL] Now, I want to use a regex to split these into an array of name : value pairs. The regular expression I am trying is /(.*):(.*)/ with preg_match_all() and it does work well with the first two lines but on the third line it returns "Link: http:" in one part and "//[URL] in other. So, is there any way to split the line only at the first occurrence of the character ':'?

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Put String In Array Split By New Line?

I have a string, with line breaks in my database.

I want to put that string in an array, and for every new line, jump one index place in the array.

If the string is:

"My text1(here is a line break)My text2(here is a line break)My text3"

The result I want is this:

array[0] = "My text1"
array[1] = "My text2"
array[2] = "My text3

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Split A Line Into Several Array Elements?

let a user upload a text file, and have the in the upload process grab the file and programatically search for keywords I specify. The script then counts how many times the word is found and outputs the entire line that it was found in into an array.

So the example results returns this when using this code:

$sceneINT = $sf->countKeyWord('INT', $file);

with my class looking like so:
public static function countKeyWord($word, $file){
return NULL;
$contents = file_get_contents($file);


All that will go into 1 row in the database, I don't know how to approach this. How can I take the result and split into what I need and then send it to the database so that ALL items found are stored when the user presses the SAVE button.

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Split A Line From An Array Into Two Variables?

Here is the script as I am using it now:

echo '<html><body>';
// Data from a flat file [code]....

I would like to know what to change in the script so I can basically do this instead:

foreach($pagedData AS $item1 and $item2)
echo '<a href="'. $item2 .'">'. $item1 .'</a><br>';

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Split: How To Detect A Line Break Within A Form

I've got a textarea form and send a text via 'POST' to a PHP code:

I use this piece of code:
$data = $_REQUEST["data"];
$data_array = split('', $data);

But it doesn't work. I tried also with '
', '
' and '
without success.

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Function To Split An Array At Each Blank Line?

I'm building a script which will open a saved text file, export the contents to an array and then dump the contents in a database. So far I've been able to get the file upload working quite happily and can also open said file.

The trouble I'm having is the contents of the file are variable, they have a fixed structure but the contents will change every time. The structure of the file is that each "section" is seperated by a blank line.

I've used php's file() to get an array ... I'm not sure if there's a way to then split that array up every time it comes across a blank line?

$file = $target_path;
$data = file($file) or die('Could not read file!');

Example output:

[0] => domain.com
[1] => # Files to be checked
[2] => /www/06.php
[3] => /www/08.php


I know that Field 0 and 1 will be constants, they will always be a domain name then that hash line. The lines thereafter could be anywhere between 1 line and 1000 lines.

I've looked at array_chunk() which is close to what I want but it works on a numerical value, what would be good if there was something which would work on a specified value (like a new line, or a comma or something of that sort!).

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Regex Split String At First Line Break

I would like to split a string at the first line break, instead of the first blank line

(.*)/s' (first blank line)

So for instance, if I have:

$str = '2099 test Are you sure you want to continue some other string here...';

match[1] = '2099 test' match[2] = 'Are you sure you want to continue some other string here...'

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Multi-line HTML File

If I was to have a HTML document that had multi lines like this:


How Could I turn it into this:


I tired doing a str_replace with "/n" to "" but that didn;t work. Does anyone know how I can make an html document a single line?

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Problem Running Multi-line Sql From Php

I just want to insert a bunch of records into a table with fields, let's say, A and B. I can do this from phpAdmin with a statement like:

INSERT INTO table SET A=1,B=2;
INSERT INTO table SET A=9,B=24;

and so on which works fine. When I generate a similar query with a loop and create a variable $sql using something like Code:

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Multi Line Fields In Forms

I am trying to create a multi line field for it. I know about the <textarea> tag, but do not quite know how to got this to work in my php program. Are there any othjer tags i can use.

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Multi Line Insert From Array

PHP Code:

$canvas_list_contacts =" select id from contacts where agency_name='FSBO'";
    $result = @mysql_query ($canvas_list_contacts)or die ("Query failed"); // Run the query.
    // convert result set into array
    $array = array();
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
    $array[] = $row[id];

} // while
// here's where I loose it...
// I'm thinking a foreach is involved
foreach ($array as $key => $value) {
$populate_canvas_list = "INSERT INTO prospect_lists_prospects (id, prospect_list_id,related_id,related_type,date_modified,deleted)
  ('?', &#394;c1c90ac-e29d-b079-8c24-4550f759e92c','array[]','Contacts','now()',&#390;'),
mysql_query( $populate_canvas_list);

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Explode A Multi-line String?

PHP - I have a string that has different values on each line:


I want to explode the whole string in to an array consisting of the values separeted. I know how to explode a space separated string, like explode(' ', $matches). But how do i use the explode function on this type of string?


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Multi Line Variable Not Getting Created?

Can anybody tell what is the problem with this following code?

<body style='font-family: helvetica;'>
Welcome <b>#{FIRST}</b>, <br/> You have successfully created your account.However, there is one more step that you need to take to verify your account.Please click the below given link to activate your account. Unless you do that your account won't get activated.

<a> #{LINK} </a>

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Multi Line Random Array?

Say we have an array like this with 1 being two values and 2 being two values and 3, etc

$language = array


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Regular Expression To Get Multi Line Comment

If I have the following code fragment:
comment bla bla

With a regular expression, how do I get/extract the comment inside this
multi line comment block. With and without the comment characters?
And how do I get all the multi line comment from in the entire script?
(yes I have red the documentation, but obviously this wasn't enough ;-) )

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Posting Multi-line Form To MySQL

cutting/pasting etc and have a basic idea and recognition of php functions. That said, I am trying to hack together a php function using smarty which will allow me to input a list of names into an existing sql table using a multi-line form. Code:

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