Show Value For Text Field

Sep 20, 2006

the text field is PHP Code:

<input name="page[]" type="text" size="3" maxlength="3" value="<?php echo $row_some['PAGE']; ?>" />

it show the same value at the first value in the database.

in the database.


but in my coding,it will show value 34 in each of text field value.

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Show A Field Data(text)

How can i show a field data(text) when i move mouse over a pic (like alt text of pic)
for example your credit pic is available in a page,now u move your mouse over the credit pic and it shows your credit (like alt text in a simple image)from the My Sql.
(for example: field name in sql is is: kom ) any thing like this :

<img src="pic/me.gif" alt=" this section code is nedded " width="9" height="9">
<img src="pic/me.gif" alt=" $read from kom " width="9" height="9">

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Check If A Text Field Has Been Altered Or Passing 2 Values Through Text Field?

I am trying to get something up where by:-> It dynamically displays input text fields that can be edited.> However I need the current id as well as the current value to display-> when a person submits the form, it updates all / or only each one that has been altered. Q:-> I need to use both the id and new value or old value when updating the database. How can this be done?Code below: of what i have attempted so far.

$sql5 = "SELECT * FROM $tableName";
foreach ($conn->query($sql5) as $row5) {

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If / Else For Wordpress Custom Fields - Show The Content For The Field If The Field Is Being Used

I have a site that is using custom fields, and I want to either show the content for the field if the field is being used, and if the field is not being used per a Post then of course don't show the contents of the fields. Seems my code below is not correct, as it is showing the content in the else block when the Post is not using any of the custom fields.


I have confirmed that when I do input the value for the custom field is it being outputted in the Post. Here is the code I am using:


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Extract First 30 Characters Of One Text Field And Input Into The Post Title Hidden Field

my home page is an insert form where the user posts what they want to buy/sell. there are two fields in the db that i'm dealing with for this problem, one is the user's postint title and the other is the content they enter. i only have the user enter the content right off the bat, but they can always login and edit their post title whenever they want. can i extract the first 30 characters from the content and submit it into the post title hidden field when they initially fill out the form?

i've tried something like,
$title = $_POST['content'];
$title = substr($title, 0, 30);
... and then in my form...
<input type="hidden" value="<?php echo $title;?>

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Text After Space Character Cut Off In Input Text Field When Editing Form Back?

i have this edit form that allows user to edit data but the problems on the text box is that it deletes the rest of the data after the space from the first word i tried to increase the size of the varChars on mysql but did no work why it happens how can i stop from happening?? example if name elvis priesley when i try to edit it only comes elvis cuts off the other words after space this the form input

PHP Code:

<input type="text" name="name" id="name" class='text_box' value="<?php echo $_GET['name'];

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Show Field Name

I have a mysql table with member data. I need to query that data for a particular member's data and then display it on the page. PHP Code:

$g = "select * from members where id = 2";
$grec = mysql_db_query($dbname, $g) or die(mysql_error());
while ($r = mysql_fetch_row($grec)){
echo "<p>".fieldname."<br>".fielddata."</p>";

This particular customer changes things quite often and he may add more fields in the future. Therefore, if I use mysql_fetch_array and put in all the fieldnames, it won't catch the new ones that the customer ads. Can mysql_fetch_row be used to loop through the data and show the fieldname and corresponding data? If so, what is the code to do so?

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Quickly Adding Text To A Mysql Text Field That Is NOT Empty

Is there a way to insert text into a mysql text field that already has
text into it; without having first to extract the existing data and
append the new text to that string variable and then insert the new

Basically i'm looking for a way to do it with a single query not 2 (one
being a select to gather existing data).

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Rich Text Editor Which On Submit Updates The Field To Have The New Text

I have my content stored in a database. I need a rich text editor (so the user doesnt need to include HTML) so they can edit contact. So a rich text editor that displays whats in the current content field and can be edited so on submit it updates the field to have the new text. Get what i mean?

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Use A Text Area Which Will Show All Formatted Text

i have no clue how i pull it off what i how can i use a text area which will show all formatted text so if a user presses enter to add a new line or start a new paragraph example shown below i went to the shop and bought (pressed enter) 500 cakes. where when a user enters and submits to my db and i retrieve the text it loses all user formatting and will appear like this i went to the shop and bought 500 cakes.

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Take Two Text Field Values And Add Together To Another Field?

<p>First Name <input type="text" name="first_name"> Last Name <input type="text" name="last_name"></p>
<input type="hidden" name="screen_name" value="first_name + last_name">

How do I take what was typed into first_name and last_name fields and add them together to the screen_name so when the field is submitted, it inputs the values appropriately for the screen_name field?I am looking for either a php or jQuery resolution.Would this do the trick?

<?php $screen_name = $_POST["first_name"]." ".$_POST["last_name"]; ?>
<input type="hidden" name="screen_name" value="<?php print $screen_name; ?>" />

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Don't Show The Contents Of An Empty Field

I have a database which when queried brings back results one of which is an image name. The image name points to a subdirectory to display the image. Everything works fine but if there is no image name then the image is not found (obviously). How can I tell a result to not show the entry if it's empty?

The code goes something like this


$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM reports WHERE target_page LIKE 'News' ORDER BY description",$db);

if ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {

echo "
<table border=0 width=70%>n"; do { echo "
n"; printf("
</tr>n", $myrow["description"]); echo "
n"; printf("
</tr>n", $myrow["paragraph_1"]); echo "
n"; printf("
</tr>n", $myrow["paragraph_2"]); echo "
n"; printf("
<td><IMG SRC=%s></td>
</tr>n", $myrow["image"]); echo "
n"; printf("

</tr>n", $myrow[""]); } while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result)); echo "
</table>n"; } else { echo "Sorry, no records were found!"; } ?>

Any help would be appreciated

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Missing A Link:To Show Field Name Rather Than Id

Now this is working great except that at each selection after the first, the Company name returns $cid value rather than $name and $cityid gets echoed rather than $city so if i have chosen ABC &Co.

in London, when i select it to update the address , i get 23 and 10 corresponding to their ids in the table. How would i change that please ? $name gets pulled from the Customers table and $city is from the City Table whose id $cityid is recorded in Custaddress. Code:

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Show What Field Updated In Mysql?

When users edit their account, I want to display a confirmation page that shows their updated information with the fields that they changed in bold. Is there a mysql statement that allows you to select the fields that a user changes? If not, how exactly can I achieve this

first_name: bob
last_name: builder

When they change say their first name to "james", the confirmation page shows their first name in bold because they changed that but the other areas are still normal text.


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Show A Grandtotal Of Values In A Field?

i was thinking is it possible to show the summation or grand total of a selected field in the table and with relation to date:for example is i want to know the total beer consumption of my hotel every month.i have here my table on services:


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Show All Fields After A Certain Field In Mysql

Is there a way to show all fields in a table after a certain field, lets call it "position". If so please provide the code.

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Enter Text Into A Text Field For Another Page?

I have page A text, that I wish to have entered into page B text fields. The usual procedure to transfer data between pages are sessions. But for argument sake I am denied the access of sessions how else am I able to automatically enter the text and submit the page it self?

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Text Returned From DB Gets Cutoff When Placed In A Text Field

I have a string that contains an apostrophe or a quotation mark, stored in a DB. I can retrieve the data, and display it properly (for editing) in a textarea, but when I try to put the string in a text field, it get's cut off right before the questionable character.

For example:
$string_in_database = "John's car."

-displays correctly here <textarea><?php print $string_in_database ?></textarea> and displays this - John's car.

-gets cutoff here <input type='text' value=''<?php print $string_in_database ?>' /> and displays this - John

I've tried adding slashes and stripping slashes and I just can't figure out what I need to do.

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Use Htmlentities When Inserting Text Into A 'text' Field

Should I use htmlentities when inserting text into a 'text' field or should I leave the input and htmlentities the output when displaying?

Pound signs etc work, but having issues with & (&amp;) and trying to strip_tag at the same time?

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Get Text From A Drop Down Selection Into A Text Field?

This is just a quickie, at the moment I can get a numeric value driven by the dropdown selection into a text box using this code in the drop down:

Code: [Select]<select name="skillsListDropDown" onchange="document.skillsForm.skillField.value=this.choice">

and this code for the text field: Code: [Select]<input name="skillField" type="text" size="25">

but what I actually want is to get the text from the selected drop down item.

You can see the form here: [url].... it is the Manage Skills List section.

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IF Statement To Show Content Of A Field If NOT Empyty

Can someone help me write the syntax for an IF statment to show the content of a database field if NOT empty?

my field is called name. how do you say NOT empty in php.

if $row["name"] NOT EMPTY then
echo ($row["name"]);

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Show CCK Field Only When Accessing Specific Url (permissions)

My situation is that I want to restrict users access to a certain CCK field. After a user has made a purchase (Ubercart) they will be emailed a special link where they will have access to the field. This link will expire after a certain amount of time but they need to have access to that one specific field while the link is active. basically what is happening is that when accessing the node using it's standard path (node/14) they will not have access to the field. If they access it through another path (available/for/limited/time/u9xYs4) they do have access to the field.

Edit 1: I hack that I came up with that works is the following.

global $user;
$user1 = user_load(array('uid'=>1));
$prevUser = $user;
$user = $user1;
$view = views_get_view('greeting_listen');
$rendered = $view->preview('default', array($nid));
$user = $prevUser;

I know that is ugly but it works. I'm also concerned that there may be some major security issues. Does anyone have any thoughts on this for me?

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Show Id Field In 8 Character Length String?

In my listing page I have to show the record ID in eight character length string. This needs to be combination of letters and digits. The first 4 characters need to be letters and last 4 need to be digits. For viewing purpose alone I need to show the record ID in this formatted manner.

If a record ID has less than 4 digits, then add prefix 0's in front of them.

For example:

record #2 needs to show like AAAA0002.
record #10001 needs to be like AAAB0001.

The first part of 4 letters starts with A, if the record ID has more than 4 digits, the respected characters need to be incremented in the same manner.

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Show Only Duplicated Entries According To Topic Field?

this is what i use to show the the data from mysql.

// i use this to get the total count for pagination.

$query = "SELECT COUNT(*) as num FROM file ";
$total_pages = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query($query));
$total_pages = $total_pages[num];
/* my codes continues.................*/
// i use this to get the data
$sql = "SELECT * FROM file ORDER BY topic DESC LIMIT $start, $limit";
$result = mysql_query($sql);

what do i need to change here to show only duplicated entries according to topic field.

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Get URL To Show Text Or Random Text Instead?

eg, $search = $_GET[$id];

instead of showing [URL] [URL] in the db 56 is the id and sometext is the title how can i get the title to show instead when i use the get url id function

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Show A Button Only When A Wordpress Custom Field Value Is Present?

On a Wordpress site, in a product template, I have a section that shows a custom field value. On the site, the container is hidden by default. A visitor can click a button that slides open the container. The button is just in the template, static.

I am using this to show the value of my custom field:

if ( function_exists('get_custom_field_value') ){
get_custom_field_value('fieldname', true);

So what I'm trying to do is make it so the button only shows up if there is actually a value in the custom field.

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