Session Duration

page a gets the user name and password. page b checks them and, if valid, sets a kennel_id in a session variable. this works fine. in testing, I reenter the site and discover that my session variables are still valid.


Setting Session Time Duration

how to override the default session duration and set a session time duration of our own?

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Session Expire Upon Browser Close OR Some Extended Duration Of Time?

My php session is set to expire when user closes the browser but I noticed that if I leave my browser open for an extended period of time (24+ hours for example) the session still persists. Is there a way that I can have these sessions expire either when the browser is closed or when some extended period of time has transpired?

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Can An Object Be Loaded And "persist" For The Duration Of A User Session?

This may be a dumb question, but can an object be loaded and "persist" for the duration of a user session?

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Duration Calculation

I had a look at a post here in regards to this issue but after it i was blank. I gave it a shot and i got a wrong value.

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Calculating Duration

I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the duration when given 2 times.

What I have is a script shown below in which you select a start time and end time from a drop down box, but would like some assistance on how to calculate the duration.

An example:

Start Time: 8:30
End Time: 9:30

Result: 1 Hour (60 mins)

<td><b>Select Operation Start Time</b></td>
<td><select name="start_time">
<option value="null">Select One</option>
echo "<option value=$time>$time</option>";
<td><b>Select Operation End Time</b></td>
<td><select name="end_time">
<option value="null">Select One</option>
echo "<option value=$time>$time</option>";

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Comparing Hh:mm:ss (Duration)

I have LOGIN and LOGOUT time of the visitors of my homepage. Right now I want to know the duration between those two range of time. I have the data in TIME field format (MySQL) as follow hh:mm:ss. So, for example I'd like to know the duration of this login session:

LOGIN: 14:45:32
LGOUT: 15:03:24

How can I compare that ?

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Determine Duration

I'm setting up a site where users can upload various media file types(starting with just WMA for now), and their info is stored in a database and displayed on a browse page. Rather than have users enter a duration, i was wondering if anybody could think of a way to determine the duration of the file being uploaded by opening it and reading its contents. All i'd really need is the bitrate information, which, at least in .wma, is stored early in the header of the file, from what i can see in notepad: Code:

...ARц1У¤ ÉHö   W i n d o w s M e d i a A u d i o 9 . 1 " 4 8 k b p s , 4 4 k H z , m o n o 1 - p a s s C B R  a¡Ü«ŒG©ÏŽä ...

I guess i could parse the file until i hit a certain string type and go back and read it to a var, but i'm still pretty new to php at least, and not sure how to go about it.

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How To Add Time Duration

there is a time Duration field in my page..!! in format mins:sec 03:45 05:11 i want o show total of all time duration in last. is there any predefined function to do this

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I'm using the API and I stuck on something seemingly fairly simple.One of the responses is the duration. Which is returned as:22200But how do I format (in PHP)

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Sesion Duration Problems

How can i exceed the 24 min duration of sessions? I mean if i left my browser window open fom more than 24mins and do nothing (idle window) the sessions will expire.

All i want is to have IE window close when one specific session expires (i know its brutal but this is how it must be done).

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Website Visitor Duration

How do i create a clock that starts when the person enters a website and displays a live clock i.e.

Your session duration is: x

x is a live clock that ticks away in realtime. I have not come accross any decent links.

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Get Duration And Display It To Webpage

I have a table that has a start time and an end time and I need to get the duration of time and display it to the page. So like if my row of data from the mysql table is


notice the time is stored as military time I could then display to the page J doe total hours 4 hours my issue is I do not know how to take the start_time col and the end_time col and use the $var to get the duration?

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Work Out Duration Between Two Times?

Ok, a really simple question but I am too thick to figure it out. I want to get the difference between two times. For example, "1:07" (1 minute and 7 seconds) and "3:01" (3 minutes and 1 second). It will only be ever minutes and seconds. I have been trying to make use of this:

function timeDiff($firstTime,$lastTime)

// convert to unix timestamps[code]....

But I think I am running in the wrong direction?


I tried this: echo timeDiff('1:07','2:30');

I got this output "4980"

What is the above? Is it seconds? I have no idea how to get it as "1:23" which is the difference.

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Determine The Video Duration?

Using PHP, is there anyway we can know the length of a video (not size but duration of the video) that has been uploaded?

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Converting MP3 Duration Time?

I'm using my iTunes library to get data from about 1,100 mp3s and I'm running into a small issue in getting the duration of the library into minutes and seconds.

$duration = 1893642;
$minutes = bcmod(($duration / 60), 60);
$seconds = bcmod($duration, 60);
echo $minutes.":".$seconds; //returns 0:42

The problem is that this specific MP3 is actually 31:42.

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Get The Video Duration And Put It In The Db After The Upload?

I need to get the video duration and put it in the Db after the upload. I found FFmpeg, is it a good choice ?

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How To Get Duration Of Audio Files

I am developing a software in php where from a specified location i have to get file names and duration of all the audio files present in that folder. The audio files can be in any format (WAV,DSS,.mp3,VOX).My problem is how do i get the duration of the audio files and display that with the name of the file.

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Track A Video File Duration In It?

I need to save video file duration. when it is uploaded. How can I do that in PHP.

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Retrieve Mp3 Duration From Remote Website?

I ram coding a website that links to thousands of mp3's on the web, but i need to retrieve the duration of these files without first uploading them onto my server. I already tried using getid3 script but that requires you to have the mp3 file on your server.

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Get Video Duration, Dimension And Size ?

I want to know how to get the duration, dimension and size of uploaded video file in php.The file can be in any video format.

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Set A Test Timeout Duration With PHPUnit?

I have some test cases that can go into an infinite loop upon failure. Is there a built-in way to set a test timeout duration with PHPUnit?f not, what would be the most unobtrusive way of adding this feature to a test case?

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Global Variable Scope And Duration?

im having a problem using a global object in all my scripts and programs. Its a register singleton so it have all the configuration values, etc..Now im doing:

1-I create a script for testing, test.php

2-I include in that script 'errores.php', thats my error system library.

3-The error library include once 'registroglobal.php', thats my file for the global register.

4-Because i can use a lot of systems with a complete library or alone, i created a system where i test if the library module is part of a more greater library or not. If not, it instantiates the global register in errors.php (called in the include in test.php).
5-Here is the problem. Includes add and execute code, so, i must have all errors.php functions and the global register created.

6-If i test the global register in the test.php script, it goes well.

7-But if i call a function of my errores.php system, it says that my global register is undefined.

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Dispay The Duration Of A Visitor Viewing A Web Page

I would like to dispay the duration of a visitor viewing a web page. I know the start time of hitting a page, which is:

start = time();

In order to calculate the duration the visitor has spent on a page, i need to know the time (timestamp) when a visitor leaves a page, or move on to another page?

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Convert A Duration Consisting Of Only Minutes And Seconds?

convert a duration consisting of only minutes and seconds (such as 2:15) into all seconds (which would be 135 based on my original 2:15).

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Count Visitor Time Duration On Website?

How to show the duration that person has been on the website?1- Person come on page, PHP server variable created (or cookie) that records entry time2- Whenever somone goes on another page (or even the original page) the Javascript kicks in (using the cookie or server var) and dynamically counts up the time, likeYou have been on[URL].....for 0:00:12 (this counts up every second)they go to another page, and it will be likeYou have been on [URL]......for 0:02:45 (again, counting up).I have my codes here:


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Calculate Time Duration Total From Row Results?

I have a query that display's results from my sql database. I have it listing a start time and an end time. And I have a script that calculates the duration of how long the service was an outage or was just degraded. I am wanting to display a time total, so gathering the row results and the script that calculates the duration. How can I make it calculate ALL of the displayed services total time based upon each individual service name? Every time I try, it's only calculating each row's hours and minutes and not counting all of the $hours and $minutes and calculating them to provide a total.

Here's my query thus far:

Code: (php) [Select]// ##### View DB data ##### Start ->
$str = str_replace("
", "<BR />", $str);


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Calculate The Days Per Month Given A Start Date And A Duration?

Trying to figure out a small problem. I have a start date and a duration (in weeks) and need to calculate the number of work days per month over the duration.

For example:
Start Date: 2011-02-07
Duration: 10 weeks

I'd like to get back the following:

Feb: 16 days
March: 23 days
April: 11 days

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Output Audio Info Such As Duration, File Size, Bit Rate

I been trying to find info on how to do this, is the only solution getid3?

I have ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, lame installed on my there some easy code I can do to output this info for a audio file?

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Get Swf Movie Duration / Code To Find Swf Movies On Site, And Play One After Another?

i need swf movie duration by php. for example i have 3 swf movie on my site, and i want to play another exactly than, when first one ends. i found a small library here

but i cant understand, is it worth? it has no documentation at all.

i want my php code to find swf movies on site, (no matter how many they will be) and play One after another. if php can not do this perfectly, what is another way or solution? javascript? i search google and nothing.

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Jquery .addclass 'Duration' Not Working Even With Google Labs Script?

The jQuery .addclass function is working well to add classes, but they do not come in on a duration:

newdiv = $('<div id='id".$row_new['ID']."' style="display:none;" class="eventdiv" data-sort="" . $row_new['TimeStamp'] . "">" . $row_new['Title'] . " TIME: " . $row_new['TimeStamp'] . "</div>');
$('#id".$row_new['ID']."').slideDown('slow', function() {
$(this).addClass('gradient shadow curved_sml', 5000);

The code is escaped because it is returned as an object from a php page (through an ajax request) to an html page. I have tried all different versions of JqueryUI and Jquery, none of them seem to allow it to add a duration to .addclass, the 5000 just becomes a delay. Currently I have JqueryUI 1.8.9 and Jquery 1.5.2 installed because those versions seem to perform the duration in JSfiddle, but not on my page..

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