Session Time Length

Aug 1, 2001

Is there anyway to retrieve what the server's session timeout length is?

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Session Time Length?

I've only gotten confused about it. I've read about changing some settings or adding code in my php.ini file but I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to that. I'm starting the session simply by having session_start(); at the top of each of my pages. I'm including a copy of my entire php.ini file here so that you can see what I have already. Can someone please help me to figure out what I would need to do to make my sessions last at least 8 hours?

Code: [Select]register_globals = off
allow_url_fopen = off

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Length Of Time

I'm building a very simple stats package for a website im doing, currently I hold the

IP Address

Each time someone goes onto a page, then the above details are captured and stored in an sql database.

What I want to do is to store the length of time someone has been on each page, so as well as capturing the "Time", "Date", "URL" & "IP Address", I want to capture "Length" and store this like 00:04:23.

Is it possible to store the length of time someone has been on a page?

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Formatting Length Of Time

I need to write a formatting function for the number of seconds a member has been on a site. the system already counts the seconds and handles sessions and everything. here is the code I have now. Code:

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How Do I Adjust Length Of Log In Time?

Is there a way for me to define how long a user remains logged in to the site? -- 10 hours for example?

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Determine Length Of Time To Date

I'm trying to figure out how many days there are to an annual date (e.g., I need to know whether I'm approaching a yearly invoice date). The approach seems simple, but I've not been able to figure out this 'logic' problem. I assume this task needs to account for the year of the invoice date and today's date. Then it seems as though I just need to determine the number of days between those two dates once the year has been taken out of the equation.

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Divide Time Length By 30 Days?

from the time length 2010-01-09 21:04:06 **to** 2010-02-08 21:04:06. how can I get date + time at each 30 day interval? So I should get

2010-02-09 21:04:06
2010-03-09 21:04:06
2010-04-09 21:04:06
2010-05-08 21:04:06

So everyday, a script will check today's date to see if it matches one of above. If there's a match update all rows added before today.

$point1 = "2010-02-09 21:04:06"
if (date("Y-m-d h:m:s") >= $point1){
mysql_query('UPDATE table SET status='checked' WHERE lastadded < $point1');

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Echo Time Length Of AVI File..

Is there a PHP function, or some other way, to echo the length of an AVI file? Like the hours, minutes and seconds?

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Session Length?

A user visits a page, after they finish with that page (By leavin to another location) It starts a timer that wont allow them to reaccess the page for 10 whole long boring minutes. It has to be with sessions but it cant conflict with any of the previous sessions set! Can anyone help?!?! And dont send me to please, because I have read the stuff thier and I dont understand how it works!

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What Is The Default Session Length?

I read the manual but still not clear on sessions. what is the default session length?
can i assign new a new session length with code in my pages or is it strictly server config?

session.cache_expire 180
session.gc_maxlifetime 1440

these are my defaults.

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Setting The Length Of A Session?

I was wondering if it is possible to set the length of how long a session lasts?

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Maximum Length Of A Session Variable Value

Is there a maximum length of a value stored in a session variable?  I have written a basic shopping cart in PHP and am adding the selected products and options to a single session variable (probably not the best idea, but i don't know what else to do) and i wonder if it would be possible that this string gets too long and products are "forgotten"?  I know there is a cut-off length when posting variables from a form using GET, but i am using POST, then combining the data into one (long) string and storing it in

$_SESSION['cartcontent'] = "mylongstringhere|seconditemhere|thirditemhere|fourthitemhere"
I have googled for "PHP Max Length Session Variable" and not found any info about this.

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Calendar Using Javascript / It / MySQL - Display Of The Length And Time Of The Date

for a current webapp i need a "outlook-like" calendar... Here are some requirements for the calendar:

week-view for the appointments different appointment types direct display of the length and time of the date (like in googleCalendar) multiple appointments for the same time only using javascript, php and any DB

We need the calendar for the Zend Framework, so if the Calendar doesn't already support the ZF, the source needs to be editable! do you know any calendar which fits my needs? or do you have any tipps for developing one by myself?

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Set The Session Time Out If The User Stays Inactive For A Certain Time In A Web Page?

How can i set the session time out in PHP if the user stays inactive for a certain time in a web page.

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Count String Length Of A Domain List And Group Them By Length?

I have a list of domain names, for example:

from that list I want to get:

length 7 [2]
length 10 [1]
length 3 [1]

I know how to split the tld and count each domain length, but dont know how to group and count those with the same length.

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Session Management - Impact Session Time Out?

My session variables seem to only last for the first page after log in, and disappear on subsequent pages. I tried different things, and finally added session_start() to every page. Is this the correct fix, or will this cause problems down the road and impact session time out?

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Is There A Script To Tell The Length Of A Youtube Video Length

I am looking for a php script, take a youtube url as parameter, return the duration (how many seconds) the video will play.

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Replace All Zero Sequences Whose Length Less Than 5 Into Number 1 With Same Length?

I have a string contains sequences of 0 and 1. I need to replace all zero sequences whose length less than 5, into number 1 with same length. The zero sequences with length 5 or more should be left as is.

For example
source : 11000001100010011000001
result : 11000001111111111000001

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How To Set Session Time. Session Problem

I am storing and retrieving username, listingid, and user type using session. On my machine It works fine but on the internet server session expires after some time.I want to set session time for each category. do someone knows how to set it. thanks.

Second confusion question is when user login in like in car website and enter a car details when he click on submit button then after submitting, if session get destroy because of its time limit and listingid can not get into the mysql table. what possiblity can be make to avoid such situation.

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Know The Session Time Out Is Finished And The Session Is No More?

How to know the session time out is finished and the session is no more? I actually want to make the user logout automatically after one minute.

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Getting A Content-Length Error Despite Specifying Content Length When POSTing Data To XML Server?

I have a really strange error. I'm trying to POST data to an XML data using the following code:

`$url = "";
$post_string = "< client>
< id>< /id>


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Session Time

I have changed the following in my php.ini file

filesession.gc_maxlifetime = 60
session.cookie_lifetime = 60

So in theory all of my sessions should not last longer than 1 minute. But I`m still roaming round on session based pages.

I`m fairly sure my code on these pages is ok:

// Connect to MySQL
$connection=mysql_connect("", "", "");
// Check Login against database
$UserChk=mysql_db_query($dbase,"SELECT * FROM Members Where UserName='$UserName' and Password='$Password'");
$num_rowsUserChk = mysql_num_rows($UserChk);

Is there anything else I`m missing?? Do I need to restart something or other?

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Time Out A Session

How do you make a session end it self if the user stop doing stuff for like 5 min. or something.

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Session Time Out

I activate a session when a script is processed to get results from mysql. And I will save the "total_items" and "last_query" in the session variables when the visitor send the query for the first time, so that when the same query is sent again by the same visitor, the script will modify the query by adding "LIMIT, start, itemsperpage" to only get the needed number of rows from the database.

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Allow One Session Only At A Time

I would like to make my website to allow only one session at a time. For example, let say user has login to my website on firefox, if the user login again to another browser like opera on the same computer or different computer, the session on firefox will be destroyed. However, the session on firefox remained if it remains as one session. May I know how can I do that? I am using php and apache.

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Session Time Out!

I am tracking with a variable in db called 'Logged' and setting it to 1 if a user logged in and setting session at this point as well. If the user logout then it is set to 0. This way I am allowing only one login per user name & Password.

But I have a problem that If the user didn't log out, them the 'Logged' flag is not changed. thus preventing the user logging in again.

Question : How can I know if the user just closed the browser, Or inactive for more than 20min.

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