Sending Data From Android?

Jun 2, 2011

I am new in using android.I want to sent the data from android device to php.i have tried but where i am wrong i dont know...can any one correct this..this is the android code that i have done.

public class php_connect extends Activity {
InputStream is;
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
JSONObject json = new JSONObject();
try {............

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Sending Android Data To Script?

I am developing an application that will involve interaction with a MySQL database whereby the posted data is handled using PHP. From an Android app, i send HttpRequests to a PHP file [at localhost], which creates a connection to a MySQL database and drops some data in a table.

The problem that I am having is that I have installed XAMPP [Apache server, MySQL] but when I start the Apache service, and start the Android application it doesn't fetch any data. What are the best requirements that will help me get out of this mess so that I may connect my Android app to a MySQL database then do some scripting using PHP?

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Sending Notification (few Data) From Server Side App To Android Client Side App?

How can I send data from my PHP server side App to Android Client Side App in terms of Notification or something else i dont want to use C2DM ,is there any other Alternative.I want to send such data on a particular event happen on server like a new row inserted in some table or existing row deleted by user A but also shared to user B.So i want to notify user B by sending some notification on his mobile.

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Send Data Through Post Method In Android - Receive Data In Server?

I am trying to send data through post method in android . But how I can receive data in server. My server is in php. I found a method in php $_post[]. how can i use it? my client code is

client=new DefaultHttpClient();
HttpPost request=new HttpPost("");
HttpEntity entity;
StringEntity string=new StringEntity("I am android");

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Java - Mysql Compare Data With Android Data?

How can i get android to take a mysql table's values and compare it to itself?So far i have a table called versioncode with the value of 1.0.2How do i get my .php file to pull up this information and then transfer it into android so android can compare the versioncode 1.0.2 to the version name i t has right now?

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Detect Android Phones And Android Tablets Differently Using The User Agent Header?

For my site I need to be able to tell the difference between when an Android tablet visits and when an Android phone visits. It needs to be detected before the page is sent to the user so using JavaScript to check the screen res isn't an option. At the moment I use this to detect an android device:

stripos($ua, 'android') Is there anything unique thar a tablet has in it's user agent?

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Send Data To Android Set?

how to send data from a php page that is open in browser to a particular person who has android set with him.The person is connected to the Internet and me also.i know the person IMEI number.

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Send A Data In Web Server From Android?

i want to send a data to my php page using android

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Android - Scrape Data From LocService?

I'm looking to scrape geolocation data from LocService (a solution to track GPS pings from an Android phone) and host it in a MySQL database as a PHP cron job. The login system uses HTTPS. I'm having trouble returning anything through cURL.

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Fetch Data From Android To Webserver?

I have a certain concept in mind, but I an unsure what my possibilities are.

User enters a name (html form) on a webpage Webserver sends push notification to the Android device of the user Application looks for this name in the contactslist and finds the corresponding phone number
Application instantly sends this information back to the webserver, where the user can use the returned phone number.

The only step I am unsure about is #4. I presume I'd have to use a temporary MYSQL database and use reverse AJAX or something alike to get the returned data to the user without him having to refresh the page (this entire process needs to be completed within a couple of seconds at most - the faster, the better).

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Pass Data From Android To Mysql?

Ive been trying to send gps data from my android app to a mysql database using php but Im not sure if everything is set up right because I can see through the logcat that the data is being sent from android but its just not getting sucked up by the database.Aside from some recommendations does any body have any tutorials that would show specifically the php to server code.Also is it pssible to just send the data straight to the database without something like php? I dont think so but I had to is the php that I am using with the addresses and stuff taken out for obvious reasons.

<title>Send and Rec data to Android Device</title>

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Send Data From Android App To Local Server

i want to send data from android application to local server (PHP) but it doesn't work this is my code (it is work with remote server ):

String path ="url";
HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient();
HttpConnectionParams.setConnectionTimeout(client.getParams(), 100000);
HttpResponse response;
JSONObject json = new JSONObject();
try {
HttpPost post = new HttpPost(path);

i thing the wrong in the address url.

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Get Back Data From Script After POST From Android App?

I am trying to set up a Login form in my android App. This is how things actually work: the user enters his username and password in two EditText, this informations are sended to a PHP script through POST, the PHP scrip queries the DB and returns 1 (CORRECT USER AND PASS!) or 0 (NOT CONNECTED, INVALID USER OR PASS).

if(conneted == true){
echo 1;


In my android App I obtain the HttpResponse that contains 1 or 0.

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Send Data From Android To Server Via JSON

I have MySQL database server I need to update and retrieve data to/from MySQL server via JSON

So, I want to know how to do that, and I pretty confuse with this example statement:

HttpPost httppost = new HttpPost("url");

This means I need to code my application that connect with PHP server before write php to connect to DB right?

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Get Back Data From Script After POST From Android App?

I am trying to set up a Login form in my android App.This is how things actually work: the user enters his username and password in two EditText, this informations are sended to a PHP script through POST, the PHP scrip queries the DB and returns 1 (CORRECT USER AND PASS!) or 0 (NOT CONNECTED, INVALID USER OR PASS).

The "problem" is that now I'm doing it this way:

if(conneted == true){
echo 1;
} else {
echo 2;

In my android App I obtain the HttpResponse that contains 1 or 0.But is this safe? Using echo is the best way to obtain an answer from the script?

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Secure Data Between Webservice And A Android/Java Application?

And by that i don't mean using HTTPS, but data encryption. Is there a nice encryption method that i can use in PHP to encrypt the data and decrypt in Java?

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Make Server Sends Data To An Android Device?

I want the Android device to send data to a PHP server. After receiving, the PHP server sends other data to Android. The first part can be done by using JSON. However, I don't know how to make the PHP server sends data t

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Android - Send Data To And Fro Using HTTP Request Methods

What i want to do is receive a data from an android app as a POST variable, search in a database and then respond to the app if the data is present or not.(Using PHP) What i am currently doing: I am receiving the data and posting the search results in a particular xml file which is fetched by the app. This process has its own shortcomings. I am looking for a faster response using any request methods or any other way. Here is the code.


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Android App Sends Data To Script - Expectation Failed?

I try to develop an app which needs to send data to a MySql database.In order to achieve it, I create a httppost as follows

public void postData() {
try {

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Android App Sends Data To Script - Expectation Failed V2.0?

I have asked a question recently on StackOverflow: Android app sends data to PHP script - Expectation failedI didn't get the expected answer so I try another time with new clues.First, I've found someone who gets the same error on this website:'ve tested every code on this forum and other websites, sanitizing them or using as written, but I always return the same error: 417 Expectation Failed.. I don't know anything about status error different from 404, 500, and so on..Chances are the reason why your code isn't working is because you don't understand how to build an HTTP request. The code is fine, your headers and content probably isn't!Using a network protocol analyser (such as Wireshark), or FireBug or Chrome's built in development tools, read the POST requests you make to websites then rebuild them (using the same headers) in Android.

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Add Name Value Data To An Android HTTP File Upload POST Request?

I have an android photo upload script that uploads fine if I use $_GET to read some data, I want to use all $_POST. The problem is I need to append data do the posted request to include basic name value pairs along with the file upload. I can get this to work if I have the server use $_GET and just add the extra data in the url string, but I want to use post. Is there a way to encode other post data in the file upload that the server can read using $_POST. Heres the function, notice the URL string where, I'm trying to get the variables api_key,session_key, and method to be sent in the POST request.

public void uploadPhoto(FileInputStream fileInputStream, String sessionKey) throws IOException, ClientProtocolException {
URL connectURL = new URL(API_URL +"?api_key=" +API_KEY+ "&session_key=" + sessionKey + "&method=" + ApiMethods.UPLOAD_PHOTO); //server ignores this data


EDIT: I'm thinking something like the following is needed for each added param

dos.writeBytes("--" + boundary + lineEnd);
dos.writeBytes("Content-Disposition: form-data;name=api_key=" + lineEnd + lineEnd + API_KEY);
dos.writeBytes("--" + boundary + "--" + lineEnd);

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Android JSON HttpClient To Send Data To Server With HttpResponse?

I am currently trying to send some data from and Android application to a php server (both are controlled by me). There is alot of data collected on a form in the app, this is written to the database. This all works. In my main code, firstly I create a JSONObject (I have cut it down here for this example):

JSONObject j = new JSONObject();
j.put("engineer", "me");
j.put("date", "today");
j.put("fuel", "full");
j.put("car", "mine");
j.put("distance", "miles");

Next I pass the object over for sending, and receive the response:


However the data received on the server cannot be parsed to a JSON string. It is badly formatted I think (this is the first time I have used JSON): If in the php file I do an echo on $_POST['vehicle'] I get the following: {"date":"today","engineer":"me"} tell me where I am going wrong, or if there is a better way to achieve what I am trying to do?

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Java - Android: Uploading Text File Data To MySQL Database?

My android app was able to generate text files with key value pairs. Now, I want to upload those data to an online MySQL Database.My Idea is, my App will communicate with a PHP file and so this PHP file will parse the text file and then insert it to MySQL database.My question is, how will android upload and communicate with the PHP file? Any codes and other ideas out there?

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Sending Data

After processing some form input, I want to send the user to a new page like this:

header("location: /page.html?mode=del&amp;cat=$cat&amp;ann=$ann");

When I do that, the new page appears and the new page receives the value for the first variable. For some reason the second and third parts of the data aren't received in the new page, although they are present right before this line in the sending page. What am I doing wrong?

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Sending Data Via GET

I need to send data to a script on another server via the GET method. I've used curl to post data before...opened a socket etc, however I need to use the GET method, but I would rather not have to open up a separate browser window to send the string (

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Sending Data Via PHP

Is there a way to send data to a script like you would with <form method=post name=sendit>? I need to send data to a remote aspx script without changing to brower's url.

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