Send Two Emails

Feb 21, 2006

I just wanna know what's the php code to send two emails in a same time: I have this code:

$email1 = "....etc....";
$headers1 = ".... etc...";
$subject1 = "....etc...";
$message1 = "....etc...";

$email2 = "....etc....";
$headers2 = ".... etc...";
$subject2 = "....etc...";
$message2 = "....etc...";

mail($email1, $subject1, $message1, $headers1) or die('Failed');
mail($email2, $subject2, $message2, $headers2) or die('Failed');


Send Emails To Around 6000 Emails?

Mar 4, 2010

I'm basically send emails to around 6000 emails. The way I'm doing is the scripts sends 100 per 30 seconds. Now my questions is: Is there a possibility that even if I close my Internet Explorer or my PC suddenly restarts, the email keeps going / or is queued on the server???

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How Do U Send Emails

Apr 11, 2001

i'm writing this new Job Card system... every time a new job is entered or an old one modified an email must be sent to the head of dept on form submission with all the details for that job.does anyone know how?

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How To Send HTML Emails.

Aug 18, 2003

how to send HTML Emails like in newsletters.

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Send Html Emails

Jul 5, 2005

I can send html within an email which is good, but can get a little tricky if I want to print it out in a nice format, because many email programs don't support html or mess up the layout to say the least.

What I'd like to do Take that html code, which I send in an email, but instead of simply displaying it, attach it as a file. either as it's own seperate .html file or even a pdf or something. Does anyone know if this can be done?

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Send Batch Emails

Jul 31, 2005

All shared servers limit the # of emails sent per x amount of minutes, as they should to keep load down. My question is, I've seen perl scripts (ie. dada mail) that do whats called batch emailing which esentially allows you to send a large amount of emails by splitting the mailing list into batches to lets say 5 per minute.

Can php do something like this? I have no idea how perl does this in the first place. In php, whenever you execute a shell command, doesn't it make you wait until it completes. So is it even possible to execute a shell command through php and leave it running as a background process or however those perl scripts are doing it.

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Send Multiple Emails

Apr 9, 2006

I would like to know if I can add several emails (2-3) on the following code, if so how?

$message = stripslashes($message);
@mail("","Form Submitted at your website",$message,"From: TGHL Registration Form");

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How Send Emails From Another Site?

Sep 5, 2006

Exists possibility of sending from my side mass emails to users eBay? Quickly obviously I login to eBay by cURL. Problem in this that data by contact form in method POST be sended.
It will give to make like this glad something?

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Cron Job To Send Emails

Jan 13, 2006

I'm running a cron job that exec a PHP script. The php script sends out emails to over 10,000 users. I wanted to know, is there a way to send out 50 emails then pause the PHP script for 5mins before sending out the next 50 and so on, and so on. The only thing I could think of is that after 50 emails have been sent.

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Send Many Emails In One Time?

Dec 23, 2009

i want know how i can send one mail to 200 user and i want when the email sendt it appeare send from:my mail because i think i see many email like that;;; ithink this from bbc

i mean i want every user see sent to this email only

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Run A Cron Job To Send Emails?

Dec 22, 2009

I have a windows shared hosting account with [URL] with PHP5 that does not allow cron or scheduled job. I am developing a website in PHP5 with CakePHP and I need to run a cron job to send emails.

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Send 100.000 Emails Weekly ?

Oct 11, 2010

On my blog, I have 100.000 subscribers and I want to send them an update email weekly. How can I do that with PHP ?

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Send HTML/CSS Emails?

Jul 21, 2009

Most email clients have problems reading CSS in HTML emails (including Gmail and Hotmail). I often use this service to convert my HTML/CSS to proper email format so that everything looks normal on the user's end. Basically what it does is convert all CSS to inline styles:[URL]

Do any of you have any other methods for sending CSS in your HTML emails? I automatically generate the emails, and due to some restrictions, I can't modify the the inline styles.

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Send 2 Emails At The Same Time?

Jul 11, 2010

i want to know if i can sent 2 emails from my website at the same time and also how to send two different emails form one code at the same time , i mean i want to create a form that someone fill it to invite his friend to my website but the form sends the message to the entered email then the form sends to me a notification telling me that someone has filled the form.

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Which Smtp To Use For Send Emails?

Mar 25, 2011

I am currently sending emails thru PHP (now with Swift 406). Which SMTP server would you suggest to me to login to send emails?I am using the SMTP of my currently DNS hoster. But I think it sux because often emails are not sent.

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Cannot Send HTML Emails

Jan 10, 2011

I'm trying to send a HTML email using gmail smtp from CI, and it seems to reject my emails when they have any amount of tables. No error is given, they just do not appear in my inbox.

If I send an email with light HTML and no tables, they go through. Anyone have any insight?

$config = Array(
'protocol' => 'smtp',
'smtp_host' => 'ssl://',
'smtp_port' => 465,


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Using SQL Result To Send Different Emails?

May 3, 2010

I am creating a solution where you can order items. Once the order is confirmed an email gets sent in two ways:

1. If any items require approval an email gets sent to an TL's email. 2. If all items do not require approval, it gets sent for processing in the warehouse.

I am assuming this requires an "if statement" of my SQL result?

for eg.
$sql="SELECT ordering.status, ordering.emplNum, ordering.description
FROM ordering
LEFT JOIN primaryOrder ON ordering.orderNumber = primaryOrder.orderId
WHERE primaryOrder.orderId =".$primaryOrderId."";

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Send HTML Emails?

Aug 13, 2007

How can i make it where my script below can send html emails? Right now it works, it sends emails, but how can i make it so it can send html emails Code:

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My Website Can't Send Emails

Aug 7, 2007

I tried the regular mail() function, and a script that sends messages to an email address (that worked the last time i checked.. like half a year ago) and neither of them work. I don't think its a problem with the coding, I think its more like the settings on my site has changed somehow and maybe I have to fix it so I can send emails from my site? I'm not sure if that makes sense, but if it does, is that possible and how can I fix this?

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Send HTML Mime Emails

Sep 28, 2001

I have tried several codes to send HTML code and I can't. Can somebody pls put a COPY and PASTE PHP code for sending HTML mailers that I can easily modify.

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Send Emails Out To A Mailing List.

May 11, 2006

i want to send emails out to a mailing list. its takes 2 emails (right now, probably 50 when im done) from the database and sends out and email. then it submits a hidden form to the same page after it sends two emails. it then grabs the next 2 and sends those out. it does this till all emails are sent out. so basically it sends 2 emails, submits hidden form back to the same page, then send 2 more emails out. it does this till all emails are sent.

my problem is that while the script is executing none of the html is output and visible in the browser until the $mailer>send() is done. and when it appears it only appears for 1 sec then disappears.

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How Do I Automatically Send Out Emails Every Two Weeks

Sep 8, 2005

I need to send emails once every two weeks to registered users. The registered user's email is stored ion a database. How would I do this?

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How Do I Get My Emails To Send That Have 'single Quotes'?

May 9, 2006

How do I get my emails to send that have 'single quotes'? When an email with 'single quotes' is attempted, it does not get sent. magic_quotes does not appear to be on and I do not have to power to turn it on, I am using an external server.

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Send Emails From Script Language?

May 13, 2011

we cannot fully prevent our emails to go to spam box right? But I guess we can decrease the #of emails that goes there. I use PHP's built-in function mail() but I guess there are other methods right?

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Send Emails From Server By A Script?

Jan 23, 2010

I'm trying to send emails from my server by a PHP script. I used to send it by a native php function mail and everything worked OK. Here's the code I used:

$to = $sMail;<br>
$subject = $sSubject;<br>
$message = $sMessage;
$headers = 'From:' . "
$headers .= 'Reply-To:' . "

As the sending works with the native function, I'm sure my server is able to send mails to hotmail. There must be a property to set when using PHPMailer, but I can't seem to find the right one.

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Best Practice To Send Emails From Script?

Jun 3, 2011

What is the best practice to send emails from PHP script?

I would like to setup an email application, which is the best method to use in sending emails through PHP and make sure that emails sent through the application is not considered SPAM?

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Extend Exception To Send Emails?

Jun 3, 2011

This user asked a similar question but had no viable solution in the answers, so here is am revisiting the topic. I would like to have emails sent from custom exceptions in a clean way. I can do this easy with plain old errors from a custom error_handler, but with extended exceptions I am a bit stumped.

The main problem is I rely on Zend_Mail to have transparent cross-platform mailing, easy smtp/ssl configuration for gmail account usage and a bunch of other goodies. I would like to access my Zend_Mail object in a custom exception. Static calls are not really an option that I am willing to use, although it seems to be the easiest to use a 3rd party object in a custom exception. Here is the constructer of base exception class:


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Send Emails Using Mail() Function?

Jul 5, 2010

How do I know if my host is allowing me to send emails using PHP mail() function?

Is that possible to check with phpinfo() output?

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Automatically Send Emails As Soon As Registers?

Oct 17, 2010

I have people registering on my website with their e-mail id. What is the best way to automatically send them e-mails as soon as they register?

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Send 10,000+ Emails With PEAR / Mail_Queue?

Aug 14, 2009

I have a cron which generates the whole mail info and puts in a database table using $mail_queue->put(.....) with an option to delete emails after they're sent.

What is the best way to send the emails after I have the above info? Running the $mail_queue->sendMailsInQueue() right away, using other cron job(s) or something else?

The server limit by the way is 100 emails / minute. Currently the last csv diff for Mail_Queue is not applied (currently working with the support on that), so I can't use the "delay" option.

I had an idea to use the $seconds_to_send option, but it's calculated on the base of create_time field, which isn't a big help, but it's also an option.

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CURL Can Be Used To Send Emails Through A Proxy?

May 5, 2011

I would like to send mails from my localhost. I am connected to internet through my institute's proxy(HTTP) which requires authentication. Is it possible to use cURL to send mails, because so far i've seen it fetching webpages only.

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Send Out Invitations To Friendlist Emails

Oct 7, 2007

First of all I have to apologize for the title of this question.. You may have seen some websites like facebook which get the hotmail password and send invitation to everyone on friendlist.. Does anyone have any idea how they do it?

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Having An Array Of Emails And Make Sure They All Send?

May 25, 2011

I would like to be able to get an array of emails and make sure each email is sent. (e.g. Array > send each email > result) I kind of changed the question here because this is more important, plus I have added a 50 rep. point.

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Send Many Emails Without Being Marked As SPAM?

Feb 19, 2010

I have a script that contacts several users everyday informing them about the latest news updates on daily basis. Now what I am afraid of is that given I am sending to like 40+ users (individually) daily, that this might mark my server/address as SPAM.Is there a way to allow the script to send a large number of messages and is still safe from being marked as spam?

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Send Multiple Personalized Emails?

Apr 20, 2010

Am designing a sign and there is a page (INVITE FRIENDS) where members can invite there friends. All the member has to do is just to enter the friends name and email into the form and click invite. the form is below;

<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="<?php echo $_SESSION['PHP_SELF']; ?>">
<table width="500" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0">
<th width="26" scope="col" id="heading4"><div align="center"></div></th>
<th width="182" scope="col" id="heading4"><div align="left"> Names</div></th>
<th width="262" scope="col" id="heading4"><div align="left"> Email Addresses </div></th>


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Send Schedule Emails Without Cron Job

Nov 8, 2010

I want send schedule mails using my php website, I don't want to use cron job because shared hosting environments might not provide all the functions. So how can I send schedule mails with my site.

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Send Emails Via Cron Job Using Mysql?

Jul 30, 2010

i managed to send multiple emails (check here).i am stuck with sending automated emails via cron.

This is what i need - while the admin send emails, i store the message, emails, event date in the database. now i am trying to set a cron job to send emails to all these ids from the table with the message i have as a reminder. i am not familiar with cron job scripting, I am planning to send two mails - one day exactly before the event and on the day of event.

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Send Emails To Members Of Site

Oct 19, 2009


$subject="$fullname contacted mysite";
his/her email address is $email";
mail($to, $subject, $content,$from);

When i send email by removing @[URL] and remaining mysite from $from="From:mysite@[URL]"; strange thing happens, thus to say mysite@[URL].

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Mail() Function To Send Emails?

Mar 16, 2010

i got a very strange error... i am using mail() function to send emails.. it is working fine with all my other scripts... but is one script i am getting this following error...

$message = "hello world <br /><br />";
$message .= "this is my email messaage"

this is working fine in all other scripts.. but in this script... when the mail gets delivered it shows as:-"hello world <br /><br />this is my email message"but it should be like this.."hellothis is my email message"

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Send Form Submission To 2 Emails?

Jan 14, 2010

send my form submissions to 2 emails, Code:


Enter the continue link to offer the user after the form is sent.If you do not change this, your visitor will be given a continue link to your homepage.If you do change it, remove the "/" symbol below and replace with the name of the page to link to, eg: "mypage.htm".


$continue = "index.html";


Step 3:Save this file (FormToEmail.php) and upload it together with your webpage containing the form to your webspace.IMPORTANT - The file name is case sensitive! You must save it exactly as it is named above!Do not put this script in your cgi-bin directory (folder) it may not work from there.You do not need to make any changes below this line.

$errors = array();
// Remove $_COOKIE elements from $_REQUEST.
if(count($_COOKIE)){foreach(array_keys($_COOKIE) as $value)


At the top of the code it says and this is the email it is sent to.How can I add another email, so it is sent to both?

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Send Multiple Emails At Once Using Mail?

Aug 9, 2010

I want to send multiple emails from php with one unique script. The emails are from a mysql database table.

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Send Emails To The List Of Users?

May 24, 2009

I'm trying to send emails to the list of users an I got an template.

Here is my msg variable

$msg="Dear {name},
Your message goes here.

I want to loop through the user database and replace name and link



I'm getting the same user name and same link(code) for each email. My question is - foreach loop shouldn't $msg update ?

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Send Individual Emails With A Loop?

May 3, 2011

l am trying to send individual emails with a loop using php mailer in joomla.

However when l generate the emails l get something like 12 emails to one email address even if the loop is only 2 in size

So its something like
foreach($res as $r)
//send email here

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Send Gpg-encrypted Emails With Attachments?

Feb 12, 2011

I am looking for an easy way in PHP to send GPG encrypted emails with attachments.

I understand the individual pieces on how to send emails, how to use gpg command line and how MIME works. But I am interested in existing libraries. So that I don't re-invent the wheel on a low level.

The encrypted emails will be reading using Thunderbird with Enigmail.

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Possible To Use Ipn.php To Send Emails To PayPal Customers?

Jan 17, 2011

I have inherited a site without MySQL or other database facility so I need to find a way of using PayPals ipn system to retrieve customer email information to be able to send them instructions regarding logging into a training page.I'm sure it can be done using ipn.php and I'm nearly there but can anyone point me in the direction of a simple script that can do this?

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