Send Mail With Account Activation Link After Filling Up Registration Form?

Dec 10, 2010

I am trying to send an automatic mail containing the account activation link to the person who is filling up the registration form after he/she clicks on Create account button. But every time it giving an error .... Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. w42sm3532376wfh.15 in C:wampwwwKeyWestNewRegister.php on line 66.. The code I have written is as follows:



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Send An Email With Account Activation Link

I'd like to check if the email address users enter on the registration page is valid. For that I'd like to send an email with an activaion link. Right now I only have a form that users fill in order to register.

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Activation Link Upon Registration?

I've managed to make it work in localhost. But when i uploaded my file onto the server, it shows me an error:

An email has been sent to with an activation key. Please check your mail to complete registration.

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/winecom1/public_html/siteb/Verify.php:107) in /home/winecom1/public_html/siteb/Verify.php on line 162

I received the activation email. But when i clicked on the activation link, it doesnt seem to update mysql.You can test the live registration at http:[url]....

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Mask A Account Activation Link In An Email?

How would I mask a account activation link in an email, The sample below shows how the user receives the email. I donít want them to see the full path of the url.

Your account has been created but you would need to confirm it first before you can have access to the protected area.

Please click[URL]confirmkey=32fa7234b61d9eb200dda71e713c744 to confirm your activation If your email client does not support HTML messages open a new browser then copy the above URL and paste it in the location bar.


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Send Activation Link For An Email Address?

If any guest is wanted to register into this site,we provide the registration form to register by submitting the user name,password,email.

Now i want to send a mail to that email to active the user to login to the site

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Send Welcome Message To New User's To Their Mail Account In Other Mail Servers Like Google

I am hosting my web application( from they have given me some email account like I want to send welcome message to new user's to their mail account in other mail servers like google, yahoo.for example, my mail function is-

$address = "";
$Subject = "PNP Solutions";
$body = "Welcome to PNP";
$mailsend = mail("$address", "$Subject", "$body.");

what other configurations are required?Any path name or server name??

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Use The Mail Command To Send Mail To Gmail Account?

I'm trying to use the mail command to send a mail to a gmail account. The content of the mail is in hebrew, however I receive the mail in gibberish...

PHP Code:

mail("","&#1492;&#1494;&#1502;&#1504;&#1514; &#1502;&#1493;&#1510;&#1512;&#1497;&#1501;",$content, "From: $mail");

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Registration To Send Out And E-mail

I've been playing around getting my site registration to send out and e-mail, excuse the untidyness of it as I have just been playing to see what will do, What i would like to know is about what other headers I could use, or what headers I should include. PHP Code:

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Auto Generate Email Account During Drupal Account Registration?

I was wondering how to auto generate a user email accounts in Drupal? I do not have a host currently but am trying to get my head around how this would be done.

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Email Account Creation In Apache - How Or Send A Link To A Tutorial?

I would like to know if it's possible to create an email account through a PHP script with the given SMTP, IMAP and POP3 authentication? I tried searching on Google but the closest I could find was how to install a script to create cPanel email accounts. This is no good for me as I am currently writing it as a script to release and we will be moving away from a server that has access to or send a link to a tutorial,

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Send A HTML Mail To The Users In The Registration Task?

Send a HTML mail to the users in the registration task 1.with a design embedded in it.

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Send Email From Mail Function Using Gmail Account?

I have to send email from my gmail account using php mail() function. I have read the phpmailer but I don't want to include any external apis.

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User's Register, And Send Mail With The Account Info...

i desire send mail to the new user than he register in my web. i have 2 codes. 1 is registra.php that one is in charge to verify fields and to register the new user, and other that sends a mail to the user, but this I complete not where to place it within registrar.php. Code:

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Send An Email To My Gmail Account Using Mail SMTP?

I am trying to send an email to my gmail account using Mail SMTP.With the following code:

include 'incl/php/Mail.php';
$recipients = [url]..[code]...

I get the following message:Failed to connect to [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Connection refused (code: -1, response: )]

Why is Gmail refusing me?

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Mail Function Does Not Send Email To Valid Account On Same Domain

I'm using the mail function as follows:


The first is intended for the enduser. The second copy is for me for record keeping purposes.Soometimes the enduser specifies their email address, other times its blank.hen an email address is specified, the end user actuallys gets the email without any problemHowever, no email gets sent tin EITHER case - I've checked the spam folders as well.In my /mail/new folder I see many FILES created similar to the below.


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Send A Mail To People When They Registered At My Website To Activate The Account?

i want to send a mail to people when they Registered at my website to activate the account, yet it doesn't work for some reason. tried three different ways already yet non work, this is our Latter one.could anyone take a look at it and tell me what is wrong???

PHP Code:
* registreren Voor simpel gebruik voor gebruikers.
include("php_functies.php"); //includes voor Php Functies
include('dbopenscript.php'); //Database openen
if (isset($_POST['email']) && isset($_POST['password'])) {


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Registration Activation

Here is my problem, When someone tries to register on my website it says it will send them an activation email, but yet they dont recieve an email at all. so i tried to sign up with a test a name as it did not send any emails to me. How do I fix it so that it sends and email for activation.

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Account Activation

I have a simple account authentication system on a mysql db. I'm building a resgistration page now and i want to be able to verify a users email befor making them a account. I'm looking ideas on how a verification system will work. What i have planned is a new column in my user table with a YES on a NO depending on if they are activated. When a user is added to the table a NO will be added.

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Registration With Email Activation

I Am Looking For A Registration Script That Has A Email Activation With It!

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Account Activation Via Email

I'm supposed to do the account activation via email. I mean *not*
sending the activation link like
But, I would like it to be like <actcode> or so.
I remember, once I did it by checking the POP3 server. Now, I totally
forgot how I did it in PHP or server. Also, I couldn't find any
solution/script by Googling. Anyone has the idea?

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Account Activation Script

i have a form on my site where usres enter their details including their e-mail address i what it so when they click submit they are assigned a unique Activation Number which is inserted in to a field in my database they are then sent an e-mail contaning a link which when clicked on changes tyhe code int eh database to a yes which then means there acount is active and they can log in?

heres the script i got from anouther post to make the id No i know how to put it in teh database but how do i get it to send the e-mail with the activation link? Code:

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Account Activation Time Out?

I was wondering because I can code in PHP without minors hitches or errors but one thing I have never understood about PHP is the fact it is a server side scripting language, so it needs something to trigger it, if this is so how can I create a PHP file which runs routine checks? and example is:

Someone has not activated there account although they have had a email sent out to them and it has been the time period given, were and how would the script run, would it need to be required into a page or is there a function for this.

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Email Account Activation

When my users register on my site they recieve an activation email. i was wondering, how do i make so there is a link in the email that when the user clicks it, it changes their active satus from 0 to 1.

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Activation-registration-login Solution...

some users after succsesfull registration and login can not see
"memeber_menu" and can not activly participate if forums, galleries
(they are not able to post or upload images)... cookie problem? but just
some of them? why not all of them? if I delete one "cookie" from my
dbase for them, problem is solved.. Code:

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Make Account Activation By Email?

I'm making a system to connect three applications in one and have a user register page. The register page sends an email to the user asking activate the account in order to use the system. I'm having some matters. First: I encrypt the username and password with base64_encode and decrypt with base64_decode to send it to the email. * when I update the page the username gets its encode chars and change. I can see that on the confirmation page. Second: after sending the confirmation email to the user, I destroy the cookies i use to go though the registration process and when user clicks in email confirmation link, i activate the cookies again. But there's an error: The email is sent but the content of the email no. I use this code:


where to find an activation by email script? I don't really know what is wrong.

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Auto Account Activation By Email

I got a list of emails with attached passwords. I need a script or bot to sign in and click all links in any mail, then delete them all whenever i push button ( just like one of the operations of Xrumer, Senuke, Sickmarketing. - can you show me where to get it?

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