Sell Music With Oscommerce Or Other

Jul 17, 2005

I'm looking for a solution to sell music online (not to sell CD, but mp3
directly with download after payment ).

Is there a open source e-commerce solution ?

with OSCommerce ?

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Created A Music Online Music Database?

I have already created a music database so that i can add music tracks and albums to mysql. At the moment i am manually adding these one by one and it is taking forever seeing that i have thousands or tracks. I have tryed to make a script that will explode the raw data and then put it into arrays and then submit into the database, so that i can just copy the tracklisting off the internet and past it into a textera form or something..The fields i have in the table are:IdCDTrackArtistSongHere is a typical tracklist:Can't Get You Out Of My Head|Kylie MinogueUptown Girl|Westlife

Hey Baby (Zwie, Drei, Vier...)|DJ Otzi
Mambo No 5|Bob The Builder

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Streaming Music Through Music Player

I want to play music via music player and don't want allow users to download it. I have see on few sites that you can play some video or music but you can't download it, you can play it form site in a web page but can't download it.

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Simplest Way To Sell On My Site?

What's the SIMPLEST way to sell on a site? I am looking into osCommerce, but
the amount of setup and configuration is overwhelming. I just want to take
an existing site, dedicate a cell or two in a table, and be able to add a
product, and add multiple images to the display. I don't want to have to
manually create a page each and every product, I'd like this to be
automated. I would use osCommerce if I knew it better, but I have a long way
to go.

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Places To Sell PHP Scripts?

what the best places out there are for me to sell and buy commercial PHP scripts?

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Use Zen Cart To Sell Access

I have managed to setup a site using the CMS 'Nucleus' which is only accessed via a username & password. I have also setup Zen-Cart to sell access to the site. What I'm needing to do still is figure out how to have a username & password created for the customer after they purchase access. These are the options I have come up with, but don't know how I would go about implementing them:

1. - Nucleus has an account registration page, so one option is to secure that page so the URL can't be accessed until after payment is made

2. - Somehow modify the zen cart IPN file to write some kind of random username & password to the correct database tables then send that information to the customer

If anyone has any advice on how I can make this happen I'm also open to any other solutions that could make this work.

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Sell Pdf Files Online Through Paypal?

I was just wondering if someone can show me the correct way of selling pdf files online through paypal,Basically I'm using a php shopping cart and the shopping cart connects to paypal, just wondering once the pdf file names have been added to the shopping cart and have been paid through paypal how can I redirect the user to get the download links for that particular pdf file or a multiple of files,

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Magento - Use To Sell Certain Products Online?

I'm developing a website for a quite a big company, which is used to sell certain products online. Would Magento Community Edition be a bad approach for developing a big ecommerence website or is it better to develop a ecommerence platform from scratch using a mvc framework.I would just like to know other people personal opinion because i feel its safer to build a project from scratch. They say that Magento from my experience does not scale very well and feel i might run into problems in the future.

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Any Paypal Script To Sell A Few Items?

I was wondering without going overboard with the 'shopping cart' theme, is there a way I could use perhaps a simple script with PayPal integration to sell images online. This needs to be downloadable digital images with once only URL or something like that.

Have no idea and wondering if there is a php script out there I could use.

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Sell Videos And Need To Use Mail() To Send A Confimation

I'm producing a section on my site to sell videos and need to use mail() to send a confimation e-mail to the buyers and myself. How do you format the message so its something like:

Video bought: $name
Price: $price
Buyer: $buyer
Email: $email
Address: $address

i've already got this code which simply sends the name of the video bought:
mail( "", "Video bought",
$name, "From: $email" );
header( "Location:" );?>

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Photogragher Drupal Site With Thousands Of Images To Sell?

I'm developing a site in drupal for a photographer that needs to put online thousands of images each weekend and then sell them through the site, with ubercart i think; He takes photos on a circuit to users that pay to race with their vehicles and very often they want to buy pictures of their journeys. I would NOT like to "import" each photo as a node, doing so i'll have thousands and thoudsands of nodes uselessly, instead i would like to show images in galleries (galleries for me will be nodes, or something similar) i found the gallery2 drupal integration module and i was thinking about using this to show galleries and let the users buy only "prints" of pictures, integrating it with ubercart system, so the only node i would like to manage are galleries and product nodes such as 10x15 print, 30x20 print and so on. Which are the modules to best solve this task ?

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Uploading Music

Just wandering if anybody could point me in the right direction, I want users to be able to upload music files to a folder on my site. Does anyone have any links / tutorials that would help me here ?

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Getting The Music Time

Is there a way to get how long a song is? like x.mp3 is 3 minutes long.

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Music Streaming

im creating a music streaming website but have come up with a problem, when i call for the music from database, they all play at the same time, i have tried using autostart = false but that doesnt seem to work, Code:

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Music Player

I'm looking to create one of those nifty music players where there are links on a page and you can click one and it will play that audio file on the page in the player...I dont know where to start with this.

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Playing Music Across Pages

I'm developing a site in PHP4 for a music artist, who wants music to
play across all their pages. I have loaded a simple flash applet to
play the music, but every time the visitor to the site moves to a
different page the music starts again. The artist would like the music
to play continuously.

I can only think of three possible ways to solve this, and I am not
happy with any of them.

1) Use frames - but this will wreck my lovely CSS layout
2) Open the player in another window - but this has issues with popup
blockers, and really I would prefer it all to be on screen at the same
3) Re-design the whole site in Flash - I don't have time for this
right now.

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Playing Music Files

I have a list of file descriptions in a list box that is filled via a php
mysql select. I know the name of the file that is described by the file
that is select from that list box. It is an audio file. I have a "Play"
button. I know how to get to a section of code when the user clicks that

Question 1: What do I have to do to make it play on the the user's machine
when he clicks the "Play" button.
Question 2: When he terminates the music, I want it to stay on the original

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Looking For (Music) Database With Rowspan

I'm planning to make a music database for my own, but maybe someone else
found a script which can what I wont so here is what I'm looking for:

The Database only should have these fields:

Country - Band - Recommended Songs - Rating

And that's all. The only special thing about is that bands from the same
country should be diesplayed together and also the table-element should
be joind with "rowspan = x".

For example:

| | CMX | Song 1 | ***** |
| Finland +-------------+-------------+-------+
| | Sara | Tyrri | *** |
| | | CCCP | |
| Sweden | GBX Sound | Knäckebröt | ** |

See? Finland has a rowspan=2 in this column because there are two
Finnish bands in the list. That two songs of "Sara" are in the list
doesn't matter as it is in the same row.

Also the Rating is not important, I planned that there are 4 persons who
can rate on this site, but if we can just drop comments, it would be ok.

Maybe someone knows an easy-to-install PHP that can handle this with the

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Mainting Same Music Throughout Site

It is a very simple site where the changing centre pages are just called as different locations in the php file. My only problem is that the whole php page seems to be reloaded when the a button is clicked to change the content in the centre section.

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Put Continuous Music In A Site?

I have a php site with around 12 pages - where I wish to put a nice song from the index to the all pages without be interrupted by a click outside from index page. How I have to do or where I can find the script?

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Add Background Music Or Musicplayert In Web

i want php code for background music or musicplayert

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Select And Play Music Over Web?

hat the best way is for me to display all my music files and allow me to click through all the folders and play the file I want to listen to. I would also like to be able to create playlists that I can save in the db or whatnot... We have about 500 gigs of music, so would like to be able to create multiple playlists that we can listen to depending on our mood.

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Playing Mp3 Music Online

i want to create a search interface where the users search mp3's using a criteria. the mp3 search results can then be played online or downloaded.

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Music Sampling Script

I was just wondering if there is any music sampler scripts out there that i can use. What i mean is just like the resize for thumbs in jpg and gifs. I need something tht will sample the uploaded music. Something like 30 seconds or so. Is there anything that anyone knows out there that is reliable.

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Saving To MySQL - Music Database - Help?

I'm writing a CD database for myself. On a page, once the album title and general info is entered, depending on the number of songs entered, ($num_songs) after you submit the form, the variable is passed to the next page with the following code and the appropriate number of spaces are shown ready for the song titles to be entered.

for($n = 1; $n <= $num_songs; $n++) {
print "<tr bgcolor=ffffff><td>Song $n: </td><td align=center><input type=text name=songname$n size=40 maxlength=70></td></tr>

I've tried a few things but have had no luck at getting the actual song titles ($songname$n) to post to the database. The songs numbers do, however. I do want each song to save with its own unique ID and own name, song number, the album ID as entered in the previous screen etc.

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IOS Does Not Upload A Music File To Server?

I'm trying to upload a file from my iOS device to my IIS webserver (Windows Server Web 2008) but for some reason it does not receive the request if the added file is bigger than a certain size (around 10MB it seems).

I have made a couple more questions about this matter and found a lot of answers from these. I still have a problem with the bigger files not being sent. The previous cap was at 2MB, now it's somewhere around 10MB or so. All the settings in php that could have anything to do with this have been set to either 500MB or 6000 seconds timeout. The maxRequestBuffer for IIS has been set to 500MB aswell and should not be the problem.

Looking at what i have changed allready I would think the problem lies in the app side not sending it at all. Previously the request would be sent and received by the server and the code would be fired, but the file would be ignored as it was too big at that time. However right now when i have a big file the request will not be received.

My Objective-c code is like this:

NSString *theUrl = @"myserverurl";
ASIFormDataRequest *request = [ASIFormDataRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:theUrl]];
[request setNumberOfTimesToRetryOnTimeout:2];
[request setShouldContinueWhenAppEntersBackground:YES];


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