Screenshot Of Webpage.

Jan 17, 2003

I remember an old topic way back about creating a script that would be able to create a dynamic thumbnail image of a live web page. I didn't follow it all the way thru and never did see if somebody created a solution. I tried searching for it, but can't find it.

Did anyone figure out if this is possible?

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Webpage Screenshot?

Is it possible to fetch a webpage and take screenshot of it like it displays
in browser and then store it in jpg/gif

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Screenshot Of A Webpage

is it possible to take screenshot of a webpage with php? if yes then where should i start writing this script if you know any tutorial or article etc on this.

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Screenshot Of Any Webpage?

I want to save screenshot of any webpage using php. i search in google but i dont found any result for linux server. i got some window server result using imagegrabwindow() function. is their anotherway for linux server. i install one script with Class COM i which internet exp. open and take a screenshot. but how it will work in linux serve

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Take A Screenshot Of A Webpage?

Yet again, I was wondering if one of you genious's could help me. I want to be able to take a screenshot of an entire webpage (From the header to footer) using a PHP script. So If I crawled the webpage[URL]..I would like to take a screenshot of that entire page from the GOOGLE header to the GOOGLE footer and store it into a TEMPORARY folder on my server and then be able to call it back.

Is this possible? I've been searching everywhere for a solution to this but the closest thing I came to was[URL]..

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Get The Screenshot The Live Webpage?

How can we get the screenshot the live web page using php.

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Screenshot - Height Of A Webpage For Snapshots?

We have an application that takes snapshots of certain web pages. It's quite tightly integrated into the code, so we're not ready to incorporate another library.But we don't have a way of being able to calculate the web page height, so we end up taking snaps of 8000px height. Which is now proving troublesome when inserted into PDFs.Is there a way to find the height of the webpage in PHP?

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Screen Scraping - Capture Screenshot Of Webpage

I want to capture screenshot of web page using php script. Is there any way to accomplish this?

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Screenshot - Obtain A Snapshot Or Thumbnail Of A Webpage?

I need to create Snapshots / Thumbshots / Site preview

There are some site as that meets with I need. But I do not want to use an external service, not to depend on others for my project (What would happen if they close the site?)

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Generate Screenshot Of Webpage Using Server Side Script?

I need a server-side script (PHP, Python) to capture a webpage to a PNG, JPG, Tiff, GIF image and resize them to a thumbnail. What is the best way to accomplish this? See also: Web Page Screenshots with PHP? How can I take a screenshot of a website with PHP and GD? How might I obtain a Snapshot or Thumbnail of a web page using PHP?

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Generate A Screenshot Of A Webpage Using A Server-side Script?

How can I generate a screenshot of a webpage using a server-side script? Taking screenshot of a webpage programmatically. i want to make an script in php for take screen shot of an url. when i take an url as a input i can get screen shot for that url.

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Screenshot Of Swf?

Is it possible to input a .swf file in php, take a 'screenshot' of it, and output it as a gif/png/jpg?

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Getting Screenshot

If given a URL, is there any way that PHP can get a screenshot of the site and the date it was last updated? Someone asked me if that was possible, and I had no idea...I don't think it is, but I wasn't positive.

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Screenshot A URL Through (GD??)

Is it possible to give php a url and take a screenshow of it somehow? I was wondering if the GD library or some other existing classes could handle this.

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I doubt this is possible in php but I thought it would be worth asking. there a way to call a website in php and then actually take a visual screenshot of it which will then be saved to my computer. I can do this in c++ or vb probably but it would be more convenient in php which is why I am asking.

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Get Screenshot...

I want to know how people make it in php, when someone has a swf flash file, they get a screenshot of the swf.

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Take A Screenshot?

With PHP is there a way to take a screen shot of a server's computer screen, like one would get if he or she used the print screen key, and then save it somewhere on the server?

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HTML Div To Screenshot?

I tried to google it, but without many success.This is my problem:I have something like a drag-and-drop game in jQuery, where the user drags some items (div with img) to the droppable drawing area.I need a screenshot of the users design so I can put all designs into a gallery page.

My problem is hot to get the HTML code into a jpeg/png/gif/canvas/whatever. Btw. I'm on a shared PHP hosting on the server side.

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Take A Screenshot Of A Website?

how to take a screenshot of a website in php , then saving it to a file. like this sit [URL}....the screenshots are under "Today's Top Coupons" part. what ways of publishing the website's screenshot it uses?

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Getting .swf Screenshot (frames)

I have a site where my users upload swf, i have tried endlessly to figure out a way of getting screenshots (like youtube and other video sites) of the swfs and saving it to my server?....I have tried google for hours....apparently no one has written something on that.....i know there are some gurus here that can help figure it out.

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Video Screenshot?

I'm wondering are there any PECL exts or ready made classes out there that i can use to grab a screenshot from a video file (for a video gallery)?

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PHP Screenshot Generator

Does anyone know of any real-time screenshot generator? Where you can give the PHP file a URL and it will convert that URL page into a JPEG image with GD?

I have had a look around and only found a few but none seemed to do this job.

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Website Screenshot

I'm looking for a way/tool to generate a thumbnail of a website on the server. I know there are hundreds of tools that let you capture screenshots manually, but because I have to thumbnail a few hundred website, I'd need a solution that works directly on the server. Ideally I would just type in a URL and it would come up with the screenshot or even save it on the server.

I've searched a few forums and there a few people came up with the idea of installing a browser on a server and using some kind of perl code to capture the screenshot.

Unfortunately we don't have our own server yet and would rely on a software/script that can be installed on a "standard" webspace.

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Screenshot Of A Site Script

I would like to create a script which open a site and does a screenshot of its homepage, and then save it on my server. Do you have any idea how to do this.

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Looking For Script That Can Grab A Screenshot Of The Url?

Like what did they can have a screenshot of the url i have inputted are there any available script like that?

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Get A Site Screenshot Quickly?

I want to create a web directory site, and I need to get these site screenshots. How to get a site screenshot quickly using PHP?I tried IECAPT,webscreencapture, khtml2png, but they are all slowly. And they all get screenshot one url by one url.Is IECAPT depends on a ie browser? if it is, why it can not open many ie tags so that work at the same time?Is there anyone can recommend me a PHP screenshots software using online? according to my above requirements?

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