Retrieve Data From The Database?

Aug 16, 2010

I want to retrieve data from my database and display it in my form. How can i do that? i mean the php coding of the process.

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Retrieve Data From Database And Count The Number Of Times The Data Occurs?

I have a couple of tables in MySQL that I'm working with that do not have any relation. They do have a column of similar data (Postal Codes / Zip Codes). What I have to do with these tables is compare the postal codes from one table compare them to the postal codes from the first table and count them.

For Example. Table A has a postal code of T0A and T0B (I use only the first three characters in the postal code as this is all I need to compare against) Table B has 13 rows where the postal code matches T0A and 3 rows where the postal code matches T0B.

So the outcome would look like:

T0A = 13
T0B = 3

HOWEVER, then I need to take these and separate them by city, so since both T0A and T0B could be one city I would need to take those and add them together and get something like.

Edmonton = 16

I've been doing this with for loops and arrays. So I'm reading the data from table A into one array and the data from table b into another array. Then I compare the postal codes from table B to the postal codes in table A using nested for loops in order to count the number of occurrences of the postal codes and then I store them in another array. This is all fine and dandy however separate the counts into their correct cities and I'm sitting here thinking there must be an easier way to do this.

Structure - Table A

jos_postalzip_redirect | CREATE TABLE `jos_postalzip_redirect` (
`id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`country_code` varchar(2) NOT NULL,
`prov_state_code` varchar(2) NOT NULL,
`city` varchar(60) NOT NULL,
`postal_zip` varchar(6) NOT NULL,
`email_address` varchar(60) default NULL,


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Retrieve A Data From My MySQL Database Using PHP And Save The Data In A Variable

How can I retrieve a data from my mySQL database using PHP and save the data in a variable in in my PHP code for example i have this table in the database

First name           Last Name
   Juan                  Punkista

I would like to store 'Juan' in variable $first and 'Punkista' in variable $last.

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Retrieve Data From Database?

i have this code that is retrieving data from my db. it should echo the results of a table if there are any entries but if there are no entries it should echo a message indicating that. it is giving me the following error: Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, integer given in :wampwwwuma est.php on line 22.

PHP Code:
mysql_connect("localhost", "root") or
die ("Check your server c

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Retrieve Data From The Database And Populate

I know how to fill data in text boxes and submit to the database and retrieve from the database. But how do you retrieve data from the database and populate a drop down menu?

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Retrieve Next 30 Days Data From Database?

tell me the query to retrieve next 30 days data from database starting from today? Its a database users can upload upto next 90 days data.

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Unable To Retrieve Data From Database?

I know this must be very simple but I am struggling with it.I'm trying to retrieve data from MySQL, but I don't know why my code doesn't work

PHP Code:

$query = "select products_name from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . "";
$text_content = mysql_query($query);

It echos the error Resource id #45

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Can't Retrieve All Data From Database In Mysql

im retrieving a records (20000+)from my database, $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM banco order by counterindex asc"); but it only display 200+

how can i display all my record by page?

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Retrieve The Data, Without Overloading The Database?

I am creating a word teacher: I created a database with multiple tables:

TblTheme (themeId, name);
TblGroup (groupId, name, themeIdFK);
TblWeek (weekId, week, groupIdFK);
tblWord (wordId, word, weekIdFK);

So themeIdFK, groupIdFK and weekIdFK are Foreign keys.In PHP i want to show all the themes. If a theme is pressed, show all the groups etc..What classes should i create. (like classes Theme, group, week and word)and what is the best way to retrieve the data, without overloading the database?

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Retrieve Randomly Data From Database

I have store in a database some question with four answers for each question.
I want retrieve randomly 20 questions from the database. Also I have to mix the answers as I echo them outů Do you have any idea how can I do this?

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Generate Pdf Retrieve Data From Mysql Database

I have already created a report using list of data from my database. i have a button in that page "Click to generate Pdf". if i click that button the same report have to come as pdf report. now i need to convert that reports as PDF.

i have googled past some days but i couldn't find the answers. all are saying and giving values directly into tables and they were generated it. But I need retrieve it directly from my database. i wanna to get it directly from queries....


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Retrieve Data From A PDF File And Store It In Database?

how to use PHP to retrieve data from a PDF file and store it in database.

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Retrieve Data From A Mysql Database To Excel?

I have this code that retrieves data from a mysql database and exports it into excel.

Now is my question how to get the column names in excel (above the records).

PHP Code:

$DB_Server = "localhost"; //your MySQL Server
$DB_Username = "username"; //your MySQL User Name
$DB_Password = "password"; //your MySQL Password
$DB_DBName = "database";


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Create Store Data Into Database And Retrieve It?

I never done something like this, therefore I'm looking for some information, maybe a tutorial how to create a simple store and retrieve database script. Basically I would need to design a form to store content into database. I need to store simple content -- category, title, description, and author. I would need to create database tables, and retrieve that data.

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Retrieve Some Data From Database Using Prepared Statements

I am wanting to retrieve some data from my database using prepared statements however the code fails. If I limit the tables selected to only one then it works fine. I have googled but haven't found an answer on whether multiple tables can be selected in a prepared statement.


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Connect/retrieve Data From A MYSQL Database Using Objects?

Generally I connect and retrieve data using the standard way (error checking removed for simplicity):

$db = mysql_select_db("dbname", mysql_connect("host","username","passord"));
$items = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $db");
while($item = mysql_fetch_array($items)) {

Where my_function does some useful things witht that particular row.What is the equivalent code using objects?

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Nested While Loop - Retrieve A List Of Data From A Database

I want to retrieve a list of data from a database. The MySQL query involves an inner join on a one-to-many relationship between two tables. The query involves authorities, and authcourses (courses that are run by the authorities). So, a table of results might look like this:

course 1, description, date, authority 1
course 2, description, date, authority 1
course 3, description, date, authority 1
course 4, description, date, authority 2
course 5, description, date, authority 3
course 6, description, date, authority 3
etc. etc.

I want to display the results more like this:


I'm stumbling around blind here at the moment. I guess I want each authority to be an array $authorities[], which contains the relevant course data. Er... yeah that's as far as I've gotten. I'll need all this to work with a while loop, so that my html can be generated dynamically. Every kind of code or pseudo-code I try and write just makes my brain dribble out of my nose a little.

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Prob To Retrieve The Data From Mysql Database Into The Textbox?

i've got a problem on inserting the data from mysql database into the textbox in php..i dont get any error reply..but im still cant retrieve the data from the mysql database into text box in php..below are the print screen and my sourcecode:

this is the source code for ReadID.htm

<title>Update Details</title>


when i click the submit button on the ReadID.htm, the displayform.php should display the information about the "ID" that i want to update..but it doesnt work..and i've also got a prob to update my data..

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Retrieve Image Data From Database And Then Write To File?

I have a MySQL database with pictures in them. Now, how do I save all these files to a folder on my website using PHP? I can retrieve them fine, and show them, but I want to save them whenever I need to!

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Retrieve Form Data And Insert It Into A MySQL Database?

I am using a Mysql database and I'm trying to retrieve form data and insert it into a MySQL database, which I can do for all my standard text boxes, However, I am having issues with my textarea.

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Retrieve Data From Mysql Database To Plot Jquery Float Graph?

I am trying to retrieve the data from mysql database by php to plot a flot graph

$sql = mysql_query("SELECT count(Msg_ID) msgCount,Group_ID
FROM Messages
GROUP BY Group_ID");
$dataset1 = array();
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql))


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Store Crawled Data From Webpages / Retrieve Data And Store In Database?

I want to build an educational search engine on my web app and so I decided to crawl about 10 websites using PHP from my web page and store the data into my database for later searching. How do I retrieve this data and store them in my database?

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Call Function That Is In A Different File From A Javascript Function To Retrieve Data From Database?

How do you call a PHP function that is in a different file from a JavaScript function?I have a JavaScript function that recieves a variable from an onClick function. The variable is an id that I will use to retrieve data from MySQL database. The variable is then passed on to a PHP function that will access the database to get the data and return back to my JS function for display, but it does not seem to be working. How can I get it to work? I am using CodeIgniter PHP.

Here is my code:

JavaScript in a different file called divUpdate.php

<script type="text/javascript"
<script type="text/javascript">[code]....

Then, in the controller home.php I have a function that the JavaScript uses to pass the id that will then be used by the model to retrieve the data from the database

function get_venue_description($venueID){
echo $this->venue_model->retrieveData($venueID);

For some reason the code in the JavaScript divUpdater.php doesn't work. It looks correct but doesn't work.

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Code To Retrieve A Data From SQL Database "BASED" On The Newest Submitted News?

i'm looking for a PHP code where i want to retrieve a data from SQL database "BASED" on the newest submitted news.Suppose i have a News table where i add news from time to time, but i want a certain php website to retrieve (select) newest data to be displayed on the page.

News table would sure contain (NewsID,Text,Date)..Suppose i wrote ----- $result = $conn->query ("Select Text from News where ????what????") when you visit a website that has a marquee display that shows Latest submitted news only.

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What Is Indexing In Mysql And How It Will Be Useful And How We Can Retrieve Database Content Easily From A Database Table Containing About 5lakhs Datas

I need to select data from a database table containing huge amount of
data. Now I am storing data using one primary key and I am just using
simple select statement, and this process gives me the output but it is
taking long to execute the query. As much I had heared I want to use
some indexing or cluster indexing which might help me but I am not so
familiar with these things.

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JQuery : Store Datepicker Into Database Or Retrieve It From Database In The Same Format?

i am using jQuery datepicker with format of M-dd,yy. how do i store it in database or retrieve it from database in the same format?

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