Removing .jpg Extension

Mar 31, 2006

How would I go about removing the file extension of a variables contents?

$variable = "imageone.jpg";


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Removing File Extension

if I have a file name stored as a string how can i remove the file extension. Example:

$var = "toys.jpg"

and I need just the toys and not the jpg.

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Mod Rewrite - Removing Extension With Modrewrite And Seo?

I'm trying to use modrewrite to change my urls from /foo.php to /foo and from /foo.php?lang=en to /en/foo. The problem I have is that I think I need to use 301 redirect to move the .php-less address to the .php address, or else my ranking will be splitted among these 2. But if I use [R=301] the address in the bar changes to the .php one making my pretty url efforts quite useless. What should I do?

I've looked around for any question utorial i could find but I can't fully understand modrewrite. The main issue I have is that if I change my .htaccess file then revisit an already visited page the new .htaccess is not working but is somehow caching the old result making correction a real pain. Do you know a workaround?

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Htaccess Extension Removing - Get "500 Internal Server Error" Message

i wanted to remove .php and place / but, it doesnt work. I get "500 Internal Server Error" message.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}.php -f
RewriteRule ^([^/]+)/$ $1.php
# Forces a trailing slash to be added

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Remove Domain Name Extension From String Removing Certain Things From A Domain?

I was wondering of the best way of removing certain things from a domain using PHP.
For example:


I'm looking for a quick function that will allow me to remove such things as:


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Removing Last 3 Characters On A File (file Extension)

my file name are being stored in a variable $file_name... how can i remove the extension and just have the name only? is there something other than strcmp that i can use... that doesn't seem to do it

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Database Driven - Removing The Navigation Bar Instead Of Removing The Button

I understand Javascript, some intermediate Java, expert html, css, Actionscript. My company has acquired a php-based Web site. It has a button in the global main navigation header that we need to remove. Here is the following script that the php page pulls to populate the global navigation header:

$navigation = @mysql_query("SELECT * FROM navigation WHERE category='main' ORDER BY listing ASC");

Which is then placed into a table by this code:

<table border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td><img src="/_images/nav_divider_white.gif"></td>
<?php while ($nav = @mysql_fetch_array($navigation)) { ?>
<td class="<?php

... remaining original code, etc. Instead of removing the button from the navigation bar, it removes the navigation bar from the page "company" which I thought was interesting but not the achievement I wanted.

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Rename Function - Change All The Files In A Directory With The .jpg - .jpg Extension To A .jpg Extension

PHP Code:
$path = 'path/to/directory';
$dir_handle = opendir($path);
while ($file = readdir($dir_handle))

I have a bunch of images on my server which have been imported from another script, unfortunately during the import the script added a further extension to the file names. So I have files like: abc.jpg.jpg I need to put a rename function into my script to change all the files in a directory with the .jpg.jpg extension to a .jpg extension (abc.jpg). All the file names are different so i can't do a clean sweep through the directory.

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Mac Snow Leopard Mcrypt Extension - Error "Cannot Load Mcrypt Extension - Please Check Your PHP Configuration"

Im running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6. When trying to get into phpMyAdmin, I am getting the following error:

"Cannot load mcrypt extension. Please check your PHP configuration."

Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm not fantastically technical so a simple explanation would be welcome!

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Add An Extension To A File That Is Without Extension.

I have quite a lot of jpg images that are actually without extension .
Is there any way to add this "jpg" extension using php .

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Removing Www.

Alot of my users are adding www. to their email when they signup, and id like to silently remove this if its the case

PHP Code:

$string = ''

if(eregi('www.',$string)) echo "yes";

This doesnt work, and im wondering where i went wrong? Ive been up for a long time, and im probably just over looking somthing.

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Removing One Key

removing one key=>value element from array: I have an array of this sort:


[#document]=> <?xml version ="1.0"?>


I wanted to get rid of the first Key=>value element which is #document=> <?....?>

because my insert statement then gets stuck at this point because of this unwanted element:

insert into table (#document,filename,subscriptionstatus,trackingnumber) value ('"<?...?>','..',...);

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Removing &

I'm having problems when the string has &'s in it, as well as 's. I was able to remove the 's. But i get a return value of 0 when trying to do the same thing with &'s. If i take out the part where I'm trying to remove &, the value of $replace is OK.

$ini = parse_ini_file('config.ini');

echo $unitname;
echo $replace;

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Removing Bad Words

Looking for suggestions on how to handle bad words that might
get passed in through $_GET['item'] variables.

My first thoughts included using str_replace() to strip out such
content, but then one ends up looking for characters that wrap
around the stripped characters and it ends up as a recursive
ordeal that fails to identify a poorly constructed $_GET['item']
variable (when someone hand-types the item into the line and
makes a simple typing error).

So the next thoughts involved employing a list of good words
and if any word in the $_GET['item'] list doesn't fall into the
list of good words, then an empty string gets returned.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

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Removing PHP Coding

I have php coding that is stored in mysql blobs. Now I want to index words in these blobs in an attempt to make some sort of a search engine. Example: How can I use php to make this mysql text:

"Once upon a time there were <?php echo $num_bears ?> bears in a small cage in a zoo in Russia. They had <?php echo $num_relatives ?> relatives that lived there with them."

Change into this: "Once upon a time there were bears in a small cage in a zoo in Russia. They had relatives that lived there with them."

Point is: - remove everything between and including "<?php" and "?>" I'm trying to do some indexing, and I need to remove all my php coding... :)

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Removing Characters

I am passing a string over to a calculator form but need to strip out the and ,
the string comes over as /index.php?price1=195,000 this populates an input field as below
<input type="text" name="price1" class="fields" value="<? if ($price1 != "") { echo $price1; } else { echo "100000"; }?>"> I have added at the top of the page

$price1 = str_replace("", "", $price1);
$price1 = str_replace(",", "", $price1);?>

this strips the but gives an error with the comma.

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Removing Whitespaces

I try to remove whitespaces from a string using the preg_replace function

preg_replace("/[ ][ ]*/"," ",$string);

This works great, but makes no handles all characters in the same way. I
want to preserve data between double quotes. So,
hello world "It is a sunny... world"
shall be reduced to
hello world "It is a sunny... world"

and should not remove the whitespaces between the quotes.

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Removing File

I created a dir with a file in it, using php. I set the file mode to 'w'. It worked and everything, but now i can't delete the file. I tried deleting it using php, in ftp, and in ssh. I can't set chmod mode either. I tried chown but that doesn't work. For anything you do, it shows "Operation not permitted".

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Removing The .php From Pages

Hi i am new here we run a website called and i was wondering if it is possible to remove the .php from the end of a address

For example, it would be nice it I could have it as

Is this possible does anyone know how to do it and if so where i could look for the code advise etc.

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Removing Non Characters......

I wanna remove everything else but a-z in my source file ........and replace everything that is not a-z with nothing. I have the below example (but it's getting a parse error). Actually is there an easier way to remove noncharacters (e.g. !@$*$%) from my source file.

$q = $stringoftext
$search = array (""'#'","'$'","'%'","'&'","''","'/'","'@'","'!'","'('","')'","'['","']'","'.'","'+'","'-'","'*'","'{'","'}'","'?'"");
$replace = array ("");
$body = preg_replace ($search, $replace, $q);

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Removing Character

how do i remove the right most character from a string, and store this in another variable,i want to keep the original variable but without the removed character.

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Removing Comments

I happen to have a bunch of stuff in a database(who here doesn't right?)and in one of the feilds I have a list of html snidbits that are deliniated by html style comments. I did this so the whole field could be displayed in an html page and the user would never see the delination. However the bossman is for whatever reason very parinoid about having comments in the end html.

Anyways enough backstory - I need to write a script that will take html comments out of a given string without removing other html tags.

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Removing Leading 0

is there a function for removing a leading 0 from expample 09 or 03 so they will become plain 9 and 3.

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Removing A Leading Zero

for example I want to remove the leading 0 from this var

$var = 01

how would I do this ?
at the moment im using
ereg_replace("0", "", $test[&#392;']);

but this deletes all the 0 zeros.


$var = 30;

becomes 3 which i dont want,

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Removing In Email

I have a simple html form going to email (no db). I've tried both using htmlentities() and stipslashes() on my $POST variables but still the email shows a backslash before special characters.

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Removing Rows

is there a way to remove rows that contain duplicate data in a specific row. For example, Table A has columns X, Y, Z. if a few entries were like:

1, 2, 3
g, v, d
6, 5, 3
7, 5, 5
4, 3, 3

As you can see, in column Z, 3 appears three times. Is there a way to delete two of them? (does not matter which one is left). This is only a simplified example, in reality there are four-five columns that must be unique like this. If there is a SELECT statement that could produce these results that would work too.

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