Remove Slashes

I have this variable with slashes using mysql_real_escape_string (). I want to remove the slashes away from the variable without removing the etc.

$title = mysql_real_escape_string( $_POST['title'] );
In the variable that is currently being inputed: Miki Koishikawa's ordinary life...
Input in the database (as you may already know): Miki Koishikawa's ordinary life...

As you can see what is left is the 's. I can't use stripslashes () because that would remove the from and that would leave me with rn.


Using Str_replace() To Remove The Forward Slashes

I've recently had to migrate an Access database to MySQL. Everything appeared to work fine, but now I'm finding lots of semi-quotes prefixed with forward-slashes, as if to escape them, when outputting them.

As a quick fix, before tackling the actual database issue, I tried using str_replace() to remove the forward slashes and leave just the semi-quotes in tact. Code:

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Remove Trailing Slashes In Urls?

i have some urls

etc. i want to remove the trailing slash. so not just the last character. is there a trim or rtrim for this? or something fast?

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Strip - Remove Slashes From The Sting?

My original string look like this .

25\" height x 12\" width x 9\

but i want to remove these slashes from the sting like the below text.I used stripslashes function , but gives only 25 .

25" height x 12" width x 9

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Remove Slashes From (double And Single Quotes)

I have this variable with slashes using mysql_real_escape_string () I want to remove the slashes away from the variable without removing the ect.

$title = mysql_real_escape_string( $_POST['title'] );

In the variable that is currently being inputed: Miki Koishikawa's ordinary life...
Input in the database (as you may already know): Miki Koishikawa's ordinary life...

As you can see what is left is the 's I can't use stripslashes () because that would remove the from and that would leave me with rn.

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Remove Multiple Slashes In URI With 'Preg' Or 'Htaccess'

how to remove multiple slashes in URI with 'PREG' or 'HTACCESS'



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HTML Forms - Remove Slashes Safely?

I'm using a web form to store user input into a MySQL DB, using $_POST.I have noticed that once textarea fields area read, slashes are inserted automatically to escape some characters.As I need to manipulate text before storing, I thought about using stripslashes, however I have discovered that it may garbage text, if Japanese or other asiatic character sets are used.

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Replace Slashes With More Slashes?

I am having a bit of trouble trying to double up on slashes in a file
path. What I am trying to do is very similar to the code below:

$var = "wusaisIntranetsIntranetsfpdbpdfweinig

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Slashes -- To Add, Or Not To Add?

I use addslashes() for data being submited to MySQL via forms by public users, but the other day, while playing around I tired a script with out addingslashes. I'm running PHP4 and don't have the magic quotes on -- I was able to enter ", ', >,?,etc. and odd characters via form into the database without any errors or problems --the same info was also retireved fine.

Does PHP4 automatically addslashes? Is it still considered good practice to add them? -- and strip them on data retrieval?

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PHP Code:

$name = str_replace("", "/", $name);

How do i make it so that is what happens but the slashs dpnt screw the script up?

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Getting Rid Of The Slashes

We moved our site to PHP, and for a while we had our addslash setting so that any quotes were displaying with . As a result, we have a database full of text containing . Is there a query we can run on our MySQL database that will eliminate these addslashes? Since the addslash is an escape character, I'm not sure how to do it.

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Slashes In Forms

Ok. I have checked the magic quotes is on. I have a form on my web
page. The input from this is sent (by POST) to the server. A PHP script
processes it. If there any errors the input is urlencoded and returned
to the webpage with the form in the URL. I am not using add or strip
slashes in my script (except for the testing I did that is explained

If the user inserts slashes or double quotes - when these are returned
to the form they are slashed. If one backslash is inserted, 4
backslashes appear when the form is redisplayed. If I enter a double
quote this is returned as 3 backslashes (the double quote disappears).

If I stripslashes() before returning the input to the form, one
backslash becomes 2 backslashes and a double quote is returned as 1
backslash (but again the double quote disappears).

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Automatically Add Slashes

Is there a function that automatically adds the extra slashes needed for html inside echo statements and such? It's a real pain to go back and edit. There has to be an easier way besides using template systems.

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Pg_escape_string And Too Many Slashes

I have a web form with text fields.

When the form is submitted, it goes to a php page to insert into a
Postgres DB.


pg_query($db,"INSERT INTO table VALUES = ('" .
pg_escape_string($_POST['formfield']) . "')";

However, and I could swear this didn't always happen, now it seems that
if the formfield has a ' in it (i.e. "Sugapablo's music") then when I
would return that field on another page such as:

echo $row['field'];

It would show up: Sugapablo's music

Every subsequent time I would submit that form, a slash would be added
before each and '. Sometimes producing: Sugapablo\\'s music

Shouldn't the slash be elimnated before it get's into the database? Why
is it remaining. By submitting "INSERT INTO table VALUES ('Sugapablo's
music') actually put "Sugapablo's music" into that field?

I've also had the same problem with addslashes().

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Put Add Slashes To A Script

I am trying to put add slashes to a script and it is not doing and it returns nothing so could someone please look and tell me what the issue is?

$location= addslashes($row['song_file']);
$image= addslashes($row['image_file']); ....

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Escape Slashes

I want to escape backslashes in the below query - DB is MS SQL Server so addslashes() no use. The problem is here... 'O'Co', MS SQL Server won't accept it. PHP Code:

INSERT INTO training(class_ID, ffnumber, firstname, surname, attended, passed, date_reg) VALUES(&#55619;&#57058;', 'ff18728', 'Ann', 'O'Co', 'No', 'No', {fn NOW()}) ESCAPE ''

Any ideas?

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Slashes In Input

I'm getting an error message when i'm trying to add an input into the database that contains a forward slash (/). How can i avoid this conflict?

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Preg_replace And Slashes

I am trying out preg_replace to replacing relative URL paths with absolute URL paths, here's what I have so far: Code:

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When To Add Slashes And When To Strip Them Out

When I first started with PHP, I was working on a server with Magic Quotes turned on. Fine, I was new and it probably saved a lot of trouble in those early days.

But now I feel experienced enough to get by without it, and I now have the opportunity to develop sites on a host where I can turn off magic quotes if I like. So I figured I'd go for it.

My question is, for security and/or convenience purposes, when do I need to addslashes to user input, and when do I need to stripslashes? Code:

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Add Slashes Automaticly

Lets say I have a string and the string is this: Hello, this is a 'st'rin'g'isnt "i"d"t?"
How can I have PHP add slashes inbetween the " or '? So the output would be this:Hello, this is a 'st'rin'g' isnt "i"d"t?"

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Another Slashes Question

I have a page that searches an Excel file and returns the matches. The problem I have run into is some of the cells contain data like this “HP/Agilent.

If I enter HP/Agilent into the search field I get this error: Warning: preg_match(): Unknown modifier 'a' in /search.php on line 227

If I strip the slashes out, it does not find a match. I have also tried addslashes() and that doesn’t work. I need to be able to have the / when entered into the search field.

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Slashes - Preg_match

Im trying to use preg_match in my script that checks a webpage for the presence of my url but im having problems with the closing tags Code:


ive tried the following but it generates an error Code:


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Slashes & MySQL

I'm inseting some formatted text into mySQl, for example the string:
<font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ff6666">test</font>

The code for insetion and retrieval works fine, but I need it to be inserted as:

<font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ff6666">test</font>

Basically to add slashes to quotes, etc, because the output uses javascript and that creates problems.

I've treid htmlentities, htmlspecialchars, and addslashes, but no luck, I guess I'm making a simple mistake but just can't see it. Code:

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Since upgrading to PHP5 I'm having to 'addslashes' to the $_SERVER["PHP_AUTH_USER"] variable wheras in PHP4 this wasn't necessary.

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Slashes Getting Added

So, I've got this simple test PHP document (at the bottom of this
message). It simply puts up a textarea and then submits the form to
itself. The text of the textarea will be placed in 'body' of the $_POST
array. If the $_POST['body'] variable is set, it outputs what 'body'
contains and if not, it simply outputs 'No body var'. Code:

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Slashes In PHP5

Now here comes the problem (wich I personally thought was only supposed to occur in php4). I actually had been running the script on a different server which also had php5, without a problem. But now once I installed it in my new dedicated server. i have this issue with data intered in textarea are injected into the database with slashes on them wherever there is a single quote or double quote (ie..'=> '). I thought this was only a problem with php4 that required a "stripslahses()" function to fix.

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Tripple Slashes

PHP Code:


and over all it works fine, except where I had tripple slashes (I guess a member kept on editing a content and the server kept on adding slashes.

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Why Does It Add Slashes To $_POST

I use this script to clean the incoming data from forms.

So the queries I write look like this:


INSERT INTO members (name) VALUES ($clean_data['name']);

In some cases where there is ' involved, I don't understand why it add backslashes to the value of $_POST['name']? It should it only add the slashes to the value of $clean_data['name'].

PHP Code:



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Get The Second Segment In URL Without Slashes ?

How to get the second segment in URL without slashes ?For example I have a URL`s like this How to get the value where "first" stands ?

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How To Get Rid Of Slashes In Forms

Every time I put a ' or " in a form and tell php to print it every time the user hits the send button, it escapes there a way to make it stop that as its really annoying me and the teacher that i'm doing this for.

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Quotes And Slashes

I've been trying to solve this but to no avail. I know there can be problems with quotes and slashes but I've not had this specific problem before. I have multiple blocks of text (html code) containing double quotes and html tags: Code:

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Getting Rid Of Forward Slashes...

I have the following string:
$test = "12/12/2007"

What would be the most effective way of removing the forward slashes to come up with a "12122007" result?

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Slashes In Messages

when i type a form and sent it in php text like:

The site hasn't
gets displayed as:

The site hasn't
i know this does line breaks

$message = nl2br($_POST['message']);
but is it add or stripslashes for my problem above?

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Strip Slashes

Ive just turned magic_quotes on via php.ini

as a result any time a " or ' is being inserted to the database its being parsed with a forwarding However, I have so many bits of information that does not have the stripslashes() function

Rather than add to every variable, is there anyway to make php remove the slashes after its been pulled from the database.

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Getting 3 Slashes And Can't Stripslash Them?

I'm getting 3 slashes when I use mysql_real_escape_string and then when I use stripslashes nothing happens. I still have 3 slashes.

I turned off mysql_real... And am still getting a preceding slash, leading me to believe it's a server/php setting... However, stripslashes still does nothing so my sentences all look like this to users:

That's a great Joe's BBQ sandwhich!

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Truncate Slashes And A Quote

I post a number to php file and it gets displayed with slashes and a quote. How can i get rid of these from the number ?

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Need To Strip The Slashes Out Of Many Variables...

I need to strip the slashes out of many variables being passed between multiple forms. Unfortunately, one of those variables is an array, so the script was choking on the array to string conversion. To work around this, I coded the script to...

(a) copy the array from $_POST into a variable.
(b) set the array in $_POST to an empty string.
(c) strip the slashes from everything in $_POST and copy to a portable array.
(d) copy the variable from (a) into a slot in the portable array from (c).
(e) send the portable array on it's way.

This worked. No errors. The slashes are gone. The variable and array values are moving.

But I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough with PHP to know whether this is a stable/reliable/safe way to handle this situation. Are there easier or better ways to accomplish this using one of PHP's many functions of which I am blissfully unaware?

Here's the code for the function. Thanks in advance for any replies.

function fetch_postvalues() {
$cats = $_POST['cats'];
$_POST['cats'] = ''
$entry_values = get_magic_quotes_gpc()? array_map('stripslashes', $_POST) : $_POST;
$entry_values['cats'] = $cats;
return $entry_values;

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Slashes In HTML - Problem?!

PHP version is 4.2.2

Sometimes my PHP page loads like this:

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Magic_quotes_gpc Isn't Adding Slashes?

I've enabled magic_quotes_gpc in my php.ini. I'm running PHP 4.3.1, btw. And when I insert data from a input form with an ' I get an error of course. I'm unsure why PHP isn't adding the before ' Secondly, where in my script would I add the addslashes() string. Does it go within my INSERT string or do you set it up as a variable?

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Htmlentities Adds Slashes - Why?

I'm using Apache/1.3.28 (SuSE 7.1, kernal 2.4) with PHP/4.3.2. I have the
following code to help cleanse form data.

function cleanData($sourceData, &$cleanData)
{ foreach($myData as $fieldName=>$fieldValue)
{ if(strlen($fieldValue)>0)
{ $cleanData[$fieldName]=htmlentities(trim($fieldValue)); }
{ $cleanData[$fieldName]=""; }


cleanData($_POST, $formData);

I tested the code and found a was placed before double quotes
automatically - I have had to use stripslashes to clean the offending
slashes but I was wondering why they appeared the first place. A view
source of my html code, via my client browser produced the following (until
I used stripslashes which removed the slashes).


What is the recommended action here? Is it something I need switch off in
php.ini or is it safer for me just to continue and use stripslashes as part
of my function?

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