Remove Non Numeric Characters (plus Comma And Period) From A String?

Feb 9, 2011

If echo of e.g $num['string']; as e.g.

or can be

etc... then how to change it become something like e.g. $newnum['newstring']; or $newnum; and the new echo of it as


that mean is avoid alphabets or characters except comma and dot

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Contain No Special Characters, Except Comma(,) And Period(.)?

I have this problem regarding a form validation on my address field. I want my address to contain no special characters, except comma(,) and period(.).I did the two, but on the script the problem is even the spaces is considered illegal. How can I make the space valid?

if(preg_match_all('/[^a-z0-9_~.,$]/i', $city_add, $invalid))

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Use Preg_replace To Replace Comma And Period In A String?

I have string something like

Favourite bands: coldplay, guns & roses, etc.,

I want to remove comma and period using preg_replace.

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Regex - Format A Numeric String By Inserting Comma?

I need a way to convert a number into formatted way by inserting comma at suitable places. Can it be done using regex?


12345 => 12,345
1234567 =>1,234,567

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Remove Certain Characters Like Comma's?

Imagine an raw url which i want to convert to lowercase, have all spaced replaced with dashes - and all comma's replaces with nothing. Currently I have this:

$pageurle = str_replace(' ', '-', $pagename);
$pageurle = strtolower($pageurle);
$pageurle = urlencode($pageurle);


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Remove A Comma Between Two Specific Characters?

I currently have the string:"Blah, blah, blah,~Part One, Part Two~,blah blah"d to remove the comma between the ~ character so it reads."Blah, blah, blah,~Part One Part Two~,blah blah"

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Remove Numeric Prefix From String?

regex to reliably recognize and remove any number, followed by a dot, in the beginning of a string? So that

1. Introduction
1290394958595. Appendix A
Appendix A

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Remove A Comma Off The End Of A String?

I want to remove the comma off the end of a string. As it is now i am using

$string = substr($string,0,-1);

but that only removes the last character of the string. I am adding the string dynamically, so sometimes there is no comma at the end of the string. How can I have PHP remove the comma off the end of the string if there is one at the end of it?

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Remove Last Comma From String?

So if I have the below string how do I remove the comma. Also sometimes the string won't have a comma. How can I test to remove the comma only if it's there.


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Remove Everything After First Comma From String?

I want to remove everything(including the comma) from the first comma of a string in php eg.

$print="50 days,7 hours";

should become

"50 days "

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Ereg: Remove Everything But Alpha Numeric From String

I would like to just remove everything but A-Z a-z 0-9 "_" "-" ( [A-Za-z0-9_-] )

How do i do this?

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String Value Applies XYZ Except For Non-alpha-numeric Characters?

The script below takes the text already given to it and makes all the characters lowercase, makes the first letter uppercase, and then limits the string to no more then 36 total characters.

However I am having a problem when it takes a non-alpha-numeric entity such as & and cuts it off mid-way for example. This creates a parsing error which disables my page served as application/xhtml+xml.

$mail['shortsubject'] = ucwords(strtolower(substr($mail['subject'], 0, 36)));

So what I want to do is tell the page to do the same thing EXCEPT when encountering non-alpha-numeric entities such as the amperstamp.

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Function To Return Only Alpha-numeric Characters From String?

I'm looking for a php function that will take an input string and return a sanitized version of it by stripping away all special characters leaving only alpha-numeric. I need a second function that does the same but only returns alphabetic characters A-Z.

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Remove Duplicates From Comma Separated String?

Is there a better (faster) solution to remove duplicates from a comma separated string?

public function d($dep) {
if (strpos($dep,',') !== false) {
$nd = explode(',',$dep);
$oa = array_unique($nd);
$nx = (count($oa) > 1) ? implode(",",$oa) : $oa[0];
else {
$nx = $dep;
return $nx;

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RegEx Remove Space After Every Comma In String?

I have a string of names separated by commas. I'm exploding this string of names into an array of names with the comma as the delimiter. I need a RegEx to remove a white space(if any) only after the comma and not the white space between the first and last name.

So as an example:

$nameStr = "Sponge Bob,Bart Simpson, Ralph Kramden,Uncle Scrooge,Mickey Mouse";

See the space before Ralph Kramden? I need to have that space removed and not the space between the names. And I need to have any other spaces before names that would occur removed as well.

P.S.: I've noticed an interesting behavior regarding white space and this situation. Take the following example:

When not line breaking an echo like so:

$nameStr = "Sponge Bob,Bart Simpson, Ralph Kramden,Uncle Scrooge,Mickey Mouse";
$nameArray = explode(",", $nameStr);
foreach($nameArray as $value)
echo $value;


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String - Convert Some Multibyte Characters Into Numeric Html Entity?

Test string:

$s = "convert this: ";
$s .=
$s .= "but, not convert ordinary characters to entities";

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Replace String White-spaces With Comma And Remove All But 5 First Words?

ve a string like this:Bmw m3 fully equipped and low mileageI need to replace whitespaces with commas, and also at the same time remove all special characters (all non number non letter characters except swedish Then I need to remove all but the first 5 words, or you could say everything behind the fifth comma sign.I want something like this from the string above

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Remove The Comma Character As Currently The Comma Is Being Replaced With A Dash(-)?

I have the below preg_replace string and i want it to remove the comma character as currently the comma is being replaced with a dash(-)??


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Remove Characters After String?

I have strings that looks like this:

John Miller-Doe - Name: jdoe
Jane Smith - Name: jsmith
Peter Piper - Name: ppiper
Bob Mackey-O'Donnell - Name: bmackeyodonnell

I'm trying to remove everything after the second hyphen, so that I'm left with:

John Miller-Doe
Jane Smith
Peter Piper
Bob Mackey-O'Donnell

So, basically, I'm trying to find a way to chop it off right before "- Name:". I've been playing around with substr and preg_replace, but I can't seem to get the results I'm hoping for...

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Remove Characters From String?

(my first post was not clear and confusing so I've edited the question) I was studying string manipulation. You can use strlen() or substr() but cannot rely on other functions that are predefined in libraries. Given string $string = "This is a pen", remove "is" so that return value is "Th a pen" (including 3 whitespaces). Remove 'is' means if a string is "Tsih", we don't remove it. Only "is" is removed.I've tried (shown below) but returned value is not correct.


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Remove First 4 And Last 5 Characters From A String?

I am using a CMS that automatically puts tags around content to dummy proof it for the end user. In this situation I am outputting a UL but the UL must retain a class so I want the CMS to just output the code starting with <li> and ending with </li> while the page itself contains the <Ul class="1234"> followed by the script output by the CMS. Currently the issue is that the CMS is automatically putting <ul>code</ul> making the page ultimately show <Ul class="1234"><ul>code</ul></ul>. What I want to accomplish is to remove the first 4 and the last five characters (<ul> and </ul>) from the string the CMS creates.Its portant to note that I can't use php to simply remove all the ul tags because in some cases there are nested uls that are output by the CMS and the uls in the middle of the code are necessary.Here is a sample of the script placed on the page to display the code from the CMS:


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Remove String + 2 Characters?

I need to remove, replace from a string, another string plus two characters, that are variablesExample

Home>> Blog>> Test
Home:: Blog::Test

Need to remain Home>>Test and Home:Test, but :,>>) can be any character

str_replace('Blog', '',$breadcrumbs) it works, but I want blog plus next 2 characters

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Remove 3 Characters At The End Of A String?

How can I remove 3 characters at the end of a string in php? "abcabcabc" would become "abcabc"!

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Remove Get Characters Alone In A String?

I have a string like below, Hindustan Times, Oct 2009, Review by a well known Art critic on her solo exhibition at Jaipur, Jawahar Kala Kendra'th, 23-29th Sep 2009. "Many of her paintings including her self portrait, stress in humanities singular plight and aimlessness"In the above string I need to remove the following characters " ' - .Are there any string functions I can use to remove these characters?

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Remove First 4 Characters Of A String ?

how can i remove the first 4 characters of a string in php.

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Remove Characters From End Of A String.

is there a function that can remove characters from the end of a string, ex:

$string = abcdefghijklmnop;
this_function($string,-3); // abcdefghijklm

I know a function sorta like this exists.

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