Reading MySQL Row - Check Entry In Row And Get Another Entry ( Confusing Title )?

Feb 18, 2011

Alright, wasn't quite sure how to summarize this in the title, but I want to: Check if a user status is "active" or not based on the UserName input.

I have a table witch holds:

Code: [Select]VarChar Username Var CharPassWord int Active
Ted TedsPW
something like the above(assuming it formatted correctly. In my php script I will want to input a variable for Username to check for:

inputUN in this example would be "Ted".
$UserNameToCheck = $_GET['inputUN'];

Then I want to check for that UserName in the database, if it exists, I want pull the value for the "Active" field for just that UserName and echo it.

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Check If Entry Already Exists In MySQL Table?

I have the following script that adds data to a mysql table :

PHP Code:

#connects to the MySQL server
$username = "my_username";
$password = "my_password";


I'm trying to get my script to check wether the category name already exist or not in the table. If the name already exists I want the script to choose another name because duplicate entry is not allowed.

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Select The Correct Entry In A Drop Down List On The Basis Of Database Entry?

I have a simple Crud application where there is one filed called Category. During Creation , for Category I have provided a simple drop down box which lists all categories. During Editing, I need to get the same drop down box with the entry in the database chosen.How do i do this.

For creation i used say

<p><b>Category:</b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<select name="category">
<option>Food & Beverage</option>

How do i do this during editing, say I need to select 'Health' which is available in the variable $row['course detail']

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1062: Duplicate Entry 'xxx' For Key 2 - Increment Id To That Column For Adding Same Entry Names?

When I try to mysql insert values with same names, it encourages this error. When I looked at the table column, I see that the row id is always "1" and it doesnt let to add same entry. [URL] how can I add an auto increment id to that column for adding same entry names?

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Competition Entry Form / Random Entry Draw Script

I'm looking for an easy method to implement an 'entry form' for an online competition on my website (a competition page, if you like).

As I am running a 'trade promotion' I will need to apply for a trade permit license, therefore will need to satisfy the local authorities that the entry form and drawing method are acceptible.

The competition page will feature the prize on offer and the fields for entrants to fill in their details.

The tricky part I think is that I then require the entries to be able to be 'drawn randomly' once the competition has ended. Any tips here on how to successfully and easily run a competition from your site?

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Sets Of Text Entry And Store Those Entry On My Database?

echo "<form method='post'>";
for($i=0; $i<=10;$i++)

Based on my loop structure, how am I be able to store those entry on my database. Can anyone help me please.

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Reading Last Entry Only

I am sending data to a text file, and displaying the data on the return page. Then it emails that entry only. (this works fine) But when I call the second page, it displays everything in the text file. Is there a way to to call the last entry to the text file only?

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Optimizing File Reading, Looping And Database Entry?

Ive just written something quick to enter End of Day stock data from text file into a MYSQL database.This is what the stock data looks like, Ive cropped it, but it runs to 3800 lines.

HTML4Strict Code:

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Check Entry

I want to use my signup for to my site, but I want to check one of the entries to match a 4 digit code. This is just the entry code, I have a input box above for all of the sign-up info, including the 'code'. I want the code to be 2369 for now, so code == 2369 is the only way it'll allow them to signup. PHP Code:

// includes
// set up error list array
$errorList = array();
$count = 0;

// validate text input fields
if (!$username) { $errorList[$count] = "Invalid entry: Username"; $count++; }

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Check For Existing Entry

I am currently trying to INSERT some data into MySQL database. What would be the correct way for checking if an entry of the same name already exist in the primary key. I was planning to do it like this.

SELECT name FROM table WHERE name = 'whatever'

Do a loop. If data is returned, prompt user that entry exist. Else, continue to INSERT.
Is this the correct way to do it? Is there a shorter way? And It is alright if I execute a lot of SQL query at one go right? What should I watch out for?

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Check For Existing Entry In DB?

Im using PHP to parse some XML, I take 3 details from each entry in the XML - Title, Description and ID.

The ID is unique and I store the ID along with title and description in a database. Im running the parse script via CRON so to prevent duplicates I want to first check the database to see if the ID of the entry already exists in the database.

This will get my all the ID's right?

$id = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM updates");
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($id);
if ($entry->id != $row) {
} else {
echo 'Duplicate';

Does that give me an array that I can compare the ID in the XML to?

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Check An Entry Against A Database Before Deciding?

Is it possible to check an entry against a database before deciding how to process. I have a basic contact form, Name, email, message. What I would like to happen is when the user hits the submit button I want to check if the email address already exists in the database. If it doesnt I want to post the info to a new record, if it does i dont want to post anything to the database, in both instances I want to send the form to an email recipient.

If it is possible to do this please can someone either tell me where I will find a good tutorial which covers it or what search terms should I be searching for. I have tried for ages and just dont get the right results when I try to google.

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Check DB For New Entry And Alert User?

I have a live chat integrated into my website that uses Ajax, PHP and MySQL.

When two people have the chat window open they can chat and it works fine.

How can I send an alert to the person being requested to chat with, or for the chat.php page to popup automatically.

It prob needs to be some function constantly running in the background check the DB for new message entries.

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Symfony Framework - Check Database Entry Existence?

Using symfony framework, which code is best to query database table to check if entry is already there?

I need query like this:

$q = $this->createQuery('t')
->where(' = ?', $email)
->andWhere('t.type = ?','newsletter');

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Class To Check If The Url Exists, And If It Doesn't, Delete The Entry In The Database?

I have a table in my database that looks like this:


I have a cronjob that calls a script. In this script, I want to use my class to check if the url exists, and if it doesn't, delete the entry in the database. Something like this:

foreach row in table, if (Security::checkUrl(team_url)), delete entry. else: update xml.

How can I do something like this? I don't need help with the url verification only the mysql query and how i should go through each row and delete the rows where the url is invalid.

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Regular Expression To Check For Correct Date Format Entry?

I have an input box that lets users enter a date format in PHP date format, for example: M j, Y I want to verify on submit that the user actually enters a date that's in PHP date format. I already have the validation script ready, I just need a regular expression or some sort of way to check that the user actually entered a valid PHP date notation.

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Random Entry From Mysql

I am trying to select a random entry from mysql. Anyway - My version of mysql doesn't have the built in rand() function, so I am using PHP's. Anyway - I wrote the following function...

function displayguide(){
$rand = rand(10,202000);
$query = "SELECT *, $rand as random FROM guide_rotater ORDER BY random LIMIT 1";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$this = mysql_fetch_object($result);
print "<b>$this->title</b><p>$this->description<p><a href="$this->url"><b>Read the guide</b></a>";}

Anyway - it works, the only problem is that it uses the same $rand number for all of them so it isn't random I can't think of a way to do this using php's rand function.

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Selecting The Next Entry In Mysql

I have a page that displays an image. The image path and unix time number are all kept in a mysql database. I can't figure out, how I can pick the the next sql record from mysql that was added before the current one.

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Apostrophe And Mysql Entry

I have a form that enters data into a mysql database and sends me an email. I am having trouble with the apostrophe. When a user enters the apostrophe in the head field, the data does not go into the db yet the email is sent to me and I get this warning.

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
resource in path Code:

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Trying To Link To A Mysql Entry?

I am trying to link to a url in my mysql database I have the code below but it is adding the link after my url as if it were a directory. I have been playing with it and searching the internet for a while. In mysql the row is called $site and it contains a url. Here is what I have


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MySQL Question- Random Entry

I have a question about sql query, I want to access a random entry in
table A. It should be a simple task, what I need is to first do
"select count(*) from A" to get the total, then generate a random
number N from the total count. The problem is, now I need to access
entry no.N of table A, yet A doesn't have a counting field; so I cannot
execute something like "select * from A where id = N". Does anybody
know how to access a certain entry from its' sequential order in the

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PHP/MYSQL Single Entry Linking

What I am trying to do is very simple, but I can't seem to figure it out.

I store prett much everything, aside from my layout, in a mysql database. I want to add tutorials to my website, and I already have the form to add tutorials ready, and the database for tutorials ready. Now, what I want to do is this -

On tutorials.php, I want to provide a link with all the entries in the tutorials database, with only the name and author, and for the name to be a link. When you click on that link, it goes to another page that shows the actual contents of that SINGLE DATABASE ENTRY.

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MySQL Generic Entry Method?

So I am wondering if there is a way for me to generically enter values into a database. This is only for INSERTS UPDATES and DELETEs. I want to write a functions that build queries for me.

But I can only build the first part with my current knowledge, I can only build "INSERT INTO table(col1, col2, col3)" or "UPDATE table SET ". I want to be able to write the entire query without having to worry about types. Is there a way to do that in PHP or MySQL?

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Trying To Insert One Entry Into A Table For Mysql.

Trying to add a simple entry to a my sql table. server version 4.0.27 database name "dropdown" table name "buttons" column name "one" Code:

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MySQL Database Entry Duplication

I have a PHP script search script that logs every query made in a MySQL database starting with 1 in the value column. Currently, if the same terms are searched more than once, 1 is added to the number in the value column. However, after two searches for the same word, the query gets added to the database again. Why could this be? My PHP code is:


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Deleting Entry From MySQL Table?

basically I connect to a mysql database, and iterate a list of names like this:

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Students");
echo "<table border="1">";
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))


Then I using POST, I pass the name of the student from the ID of the input to deletestudent.php, which looks like this:

$studentremoved = $_POST['delete'];
$sql = "DELETE FROM Students WHERE Student='" . $studentremoved . "'";
$con = mysql_connect("localhost","root","password");


For some reason the scripts execute without throwing and errors to my debugger, but it doesn't delete the record =/

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