Random AlphaNumeric String

Mar 28, 2007

All I need to know is how to come up with a random alphanumeric string 24 characters long. Such as Dj53dljgdg97dgfhgf879ngf. It doesn't need to contain upper-case letters.

*Alphanumeric means containing letters and numbers

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Generating Random (alphanumeric) String?

Generating (pseudo)random alpha-numeric strings

How to genearte random string in PHP? Numbers are not a problem, but how to deal with letters efficiently?

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Generate A Random, Unique, Alphanumeric String?

PHP: How to generate a random, unique, alphanumeric string? want to generate random token [alphanumeric] for random length [between 4-6] characters.

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Generating Specific Unique Random Alphanumeric String?

I want to generate a unique alphanumeric string having specific length and having specific characters used. For example I want to create random string having several alphabets initially then some numbers then some alphabets again.


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Input String $foo Which Contains Both Alphanumeric And Non-alphanumeric Characters?

I have an input string $foo which contains both alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters.I use ereg_replace to $foo to replace all non-wanted chars with empty chars. Now I want to know what were these "erased" chars. How can I do this?

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How To Create Unique 10-digit Random Alphanumeric Codes?

How can I create unique 10-digit random alphanumeric codes, such as 87i6se3Hfs or 7Gjg668dOh, etc?

I know I probably could have a loop that runs 10 times to get this code, but how can I be sure it's unique everytime? And it should have some kind of a security that keeps people from changing one of two digits/letters to get another valid code. It's like a checksum on your credit card number, I guess.

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Random Alphanumeric Generator To Return A Unique Booking Reference Doesn't Work

A user registers the learners details. At this point I use a Random Alphanumeric Generator to return a unique booking reference which is used at the checkout to bring back all the details of their booking. However, sometimes it doesn't seem to work. When I look at the database I see that (in one example) it has generated the same alphanumeric value which is why at the checkout it returns more than what the person thought they had booked. Here's the code for the generator...

function randomPrefix($length)
$random= "";
$data .= "aBCdefghijklmn123opq45rs67tuv89wxyz";
$data .= "0FGH45OP89";

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Reg Exp To Null / Empty String If String Contains Non Alphanumeric Characters

I'm looking for a php preg replace to null/empty string if string contains any non alphanumeric characters or spaces e.g. Strings

$string = "This string is ok";
$string = "Thi$ string is NOT ok, and should be emptied"

When I say emptied/nulled I mean it will make the string "". So basically anything a-z A-Z 0-9 or space is ok

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How Can I Know If A String Is Alphanumeric?

How can I know if a string only has alfanumeric chars?

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Short Alphanumeric String

I have a variable set as a vary long integer. This integer is unique to the user. What I am trying to do is to cut down on the length of the integer, while still maintaining its uniqueness. I'm thinking somehow converting this number from being numeric (10 characters) to alphanumeric (36 characters) will help me cut this number by more than a third.

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Get Numeric Value From A Alphanumeric String?

i want a function or a code to get numeric value from the string whose value is "2008 Revenue 5,700,390,000". the output that i want is $5,700,390,000.

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Replace Every Character In A String If It Is Not Alphanumeric

Has anyone an idea how i can replace every character in a string if it is not alphanumeric ?

something like eregi_replace, but i don't know how i say in regex NOT.

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Trying To Detect Non Alphanumeric Characters In A String

I have a column in a database that I want to display only if it containes letters, numbers and dashes. I don't want to display the name if it contains characters like "©", ">", accented letters, umlauts etc...

I have tried a few variants of the following but nothing seeems to work.

if(!preg_match('[^A-Za-z0-9]+', $line[name])){
print $line[name];

Any ideas what's wrong?

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Generate A 2 Char Alphanumeric String?

what is the fastest way to generate a random two long alphanumeric character?

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Stripping Everything But Alphanumeric Chars From String?

I'd like a regexp or other string which can replace everything except alphanumeric chars (a-z and 0-9) from a string. All things such as ,@#$(@*810 should be stripped. Edit: I now need this to strip everything but allow dots, so everything but a-z, 1-9,

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Removing All Non-alphanumeric Characters At End Of String?

How does one remove all non-alphanumeric characters at the end of a string. Eg:

Quick @# brown fox -
Quick @# brown fox##
Quick @# brown fox
Quick @# brown fox @$#

all become

Quick @# brown fox

Seeking to possibly use preg_replace because ereg_replace is deprecated. It could also be tweaked to allow specific non-alphanumeric characters at end of string, eg quotes, exclamation marks, question marks

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Strip All Non-alphanumeric Characters From A String?

I would like to know how to strip all non-alphanumeric characters from a string except for underscores and dashes in PHP.

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Sequential Alphanumeric String Generator

I was wondering how I would generate a set of Alphanumeric strings with PHP. So the script would run and output something like:

...and so on.

Alpha would be good, although Alphanumeric would be much better. Also the option to define how many characters long the string can be would be a plus.

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Generate Randomized Alphanumeric String

I am off trying to see if I can create a ticket reservation system, where a visitor should be able to reserve tickets and get a randomized unique alphanumeric string in uppercase letters with a total of 8 characters.

I do not know how to create a script that randomizes letters, from A-Z, and puts it into a string only 8 characters long. To compare it with already stored "randomized" in a database, I guess it is only to do a search in the database.

Anyone who has a good advice or script on how to generate what I would like to


I guess you all know what I am after.

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Remove NON Alphanumeric Characters From A String

how do i remove NON alphanumeric characters from a string including spaces.

example : if i have a string like:

$mystring = " hEllo, my_fav-Number^is&256! ";

i want result to be : hEllomyfavNumberis256

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Finding First And Last Char Positions In An Alphanumeric String

How do I find the first and last non-numeric char positions (using
regexp) in an alphanumeric string?

For example,
99ABC1A => should return 2, 6
DE8A1 => should return 0, 3

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Remove All Non-alphanumeric And Non-space Characters From A String?

I want to remove all non-alphanumeric and space characters from a string. So I do want spaces to remain. What do I put for a space in the below function within the [ ] brackets:

ereg_replace("[^A-Za-z0-9]", "", $title);

In other words, what symbol represents space, I know represents a new line, is there any such symbol for a single space.

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Stripping Leading Character From An Alphanumeric String?

I've got several strings of the type id1, id2, id125, id1258, etc.What I want to achieve using php is to strip the word "id" from those strings and get only the numbers in integer format in php. How can I do this?

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Regex Validate Alphanumeric String With Slashes?

May be I got up on the wrong side of the bed but why this simple regex doesn't work ?

PHP Code:
if (preg_match("#^[0-9a-z/]+#i", "/user/1/***")) {
echo "A match was found.";
} else {
echo "A match was not found.";
// give A match was found.

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Strip Non Alphanumeric Characters And Limit String To Two Words?

I'm trying to strip non-alphanumeric characters from a string and limit the string to two words. i.e:

foo bar baz => foo-bar
boo * test => boo-test
te%st_foo => test-foo

But going wrong somewhere, these are snippets I've just snapped together to try and get the results I'm after.The problem is really if there is more than 1 space in a string etc.

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Produce An Short Alphanumeric String From A Long Md5 Hash?

This is for the purpose of having a nice short URL which refers to an md5 hash in a database. I would like to convert something like this:


into something like this:


Those both contain about the same amount of information. The method doesn't have to be direct and reversible but that would be nice (more flexible). At the least I would want a randomly generated string with the hex hash as the seed so it is reproducible. I'm sure there are many possible answers, I am curious to see how people would do it in an elegant way. this doesn't have to have perfect 1:1 correspondence with the original hash but that would be a bonus (I guess I already implied that with the reversibility criteria). And I would like to avoid collisions if possible.

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