Pixel Tracking

Mar 9, 2007

I have a php website that tracks a users name and what link they click and I record this into a mysql database. I've recently setup with an affiliate program that allows pixel tracking and I wanted to record signups from that into my sql also.

I know I can use a simple php script to do this, but how can I get it to also pass the users name? I don't think I'm explaining this right.

Once a user clicks a link on my page it records that click under that persons username into my sql database. Then it brings up the affiliate page.

Once someone fills out the form and clicks submit I can have a pixel tracking code in there to record but since I'm on another page it never passed the username so how do I record it into the right spot? Maybe using frames?

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How To Use Pixel Tracking Across Domains

I understand the basics of pixel tracking, I'm able to insert a pixel that references an image on my tracking domain to other websites.

However, how do I increment that actual pixel count on my tracking domain? Is there some kind of log that tells me every time that pixel image was served up? Am i able to do something like:

<img src="http://www.foo.com/serveImage/getImage.php?id=5123" />

then have the getImage page, serve up the image, and increment based on the id that was passed in? or is there a better way to achieve this?

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Tracking Pixel In A Processing Script, Instead Of HTML Page

I have a Web form that is filled out on my company's web site. When
the submit button is pressed, the form data is posted to a PHP page
that (in the background) inserts their information into a database,
sends them a confirmation e-mail, etc.

Once the form processing is done, the user is redirected to a Thank
You Page. The thank you page has the following code in it:


This code adds the user to an opt-in list so that we can send them
other products and services.

THE PROBLEM: Some of our affiliates collect our user's form data on
their Web site via a co-reg page, when this happens, they are posting
the form contents to the form processing page on my server, but the
user never sees the thank you page, so the IMG SRC code above is never
displayed, and they are never added to our opt-in list.

QUESTION: How would I insert the same code above in my form processing
page (that processes in the background) so that the opt-in occurs on
the form processing page, and NOT the thank you page?

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String Of Text (Number Of Pixels / Pixel Size / Pixel Length)

If I'm putting together a list of links and I want to get add each
item one at a time inside a foreach($aNames as $sName) loop,
is there an easy way to get the number of pixels that the $aName
takes up?

For instance, in creating a set of links...

foreach($aLinks as $sLink) {
if ((pixelsize($sLink, $sFont, $iFontSize) . pixelsize($sHTML . " ", $sFont, $iFontSize)) < 400) {
$sHTML .= " " . $sLink;
} else {
$sHTML .= "<br />
" . $sLink;

The goal is to keep the whole link on one and only one line letting
the browser automatically break up any given link..

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Read Images Pixel By Pixel Return The Hex Value Of It?

I am very unfamiliar with working with php and images. Can php parse through an image pixel by pixel and return the hex value of it?

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1 Pixel Web Bug

Im trying to read a cookie set by another domain from a site's thank you page, however i have found that i cannot read a cookie set by another domain. for example. user visits site A (cookie set) user is directed to site B user ends up at a certian page on site B (cookie A read and value passed back to site A) site A updates database I have seen some sites loading a 1 pixel image (google seem to do this with their conversion tracker) but when i try to do something like:

<img height="1" Width="1" src="http://www.mydomain.com/tracker.php">

and my tracker.php script tries to read a cookie that was set on mydomain.com, it can't.

<iframe src="http://www.mydomain.com/tracker.php">

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Pixel Color

I'm using PHP4.2.2 with gd on a Linux platform and am having difficulty
in solving a little problem despite going through the definitions of the
various image functions.

If you load a true-colour image from a file using...


....how do you then get the red, green and blue values of a pixel at $x,
$y within that image? I'm sure it's fairly simple but I can't find this
from what I've read so far.

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Image Pixel Border

I have a page that allows the user to specify a font, text, and size. Then the page displays it in a .png image for the font,text,and size they wanted. The image is transparent except for the text which is black. I want to be able to specify a border around the text. Is there a way to tell PHP to look for transparent pixels and colored (black) pixels and create 2 border pixels (red for instance) on the transparent side? All that I am using is: ImageColorTransparent($image,$background_color); with the background_color being white.

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Pixel Width Of String

How do I get the pixel width of a string? Is it possible? With PHP or any other language?

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Get The Transparency Value Of A Pixel On An Image?

How it's possible to get the transparency value of a pixel on an image? 'imagecolorat' picks only the index of the color of the pixel at the specified location in the image. With that index I can get the RGB values but not the transparent one.

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Convert PNG 24 With Per Pixel Transparency To PNG 8

Is it possible to take a 24 bit PNG with per-pixel alpha values and convert this into a 8 bit PNG while maintaining the transparency? The original image only contains a max of 256 colour so this should be possible, right? The rationale: I'm working on an image cropper in Actionscript which posts encoded bytearrays to PHP to be created as files on the file system. Unfortuantely ActionScript doesn't support GIF Encoding so when dealing with a gif with transparency we have to PNG encode it in Actionscript before posting it to PHP. We can then save it as a PNG and maintain the transparency by using the imagealphablending and imagesavealpha functions. The issue with this is the filesize is a lot bigger than the original gif. This is presumably because the colourspace is now true colour rather than the GIF indexed pallete.

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Simple Variable And Pixel At The E Nd?

I imagine this will be easy.

<div class="vote_pct" style="width: $widthpx;">

I want the variable to be $width and for it to have px on the end.If i put a space, it doesnt work.If i put them together, it treats it as one big variable name.Could I ask someone the correct snytax to achieve this?

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Piechart - What's The Mdidle Pixel Of An Arc?

I've built a pie chart script in GD. It works fine, but now I want to put labels in the pieces of pie.The circle diameter is equal to the width of the image, i.e. the circle fills the canvass.

Known information:
pie piece start angle
pie piece end angle

Someone posted a comment under imagefilledarc() in the php manual for doing this but it doesn't work for me - all my labels just end up in the same place.I assume this is possible, but if not could we find the coord of the start and end angles of the pie piece?

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Random Pixel Generator

Im trying to create a program that generates random pixels from a set picture.. i know how to write a random number generator its just figuring out how to take that one step further and getting it to grab pixels from a picture and show them one by one when somebody clicks generate button. there needs to be 1,000,000 pixels in total. Raar my head hurts trying to think of a way to do it!

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Pixel Color Detection Possibilites...

However, i've also heard that you can use PHP to determine the color of specific pixels - is this true? I'd be very interested in writing a script that takes a small image, say 100x100 and maps the color of each pixel to an array. Any thoughts?

To be honest i'm really just looking to see if a pixel registers black or white. I can prepare the image to make sure it's either 100% black or white... where do I start? I'm eventually going to take this info and send it into flash and play from there....

anyone know how to do this? is it even possible? where do I start?

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Setting The Grayscale Value Of A Pixel In Script?

I have a jpeg image resource loaded into a variable in php. Given a grayscale value, like 6, how can I set a single, particular pixel to that grayscale value? My client has made it exceedingly clear that there is a big difference between grayscale and rgb. Is this even doable in php with the GD library? If so, how?

Note: The script does indeed grayscale the entire image, but using an obscure algorithm. My script obtains the RGB for each pixel, and obtains the grayscale value corresponding to the algorithm. It just needs to now transform that pixel to that particular grayscale value.

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Html - Color Image By Pixel?

I have 2 vector . The first vector save the gradiend of 1 color . For example: from green to white. I want to color an image via pixel . for example we give the cordinate of an pixel (X ,Y) and dhe color RGB 40 , 60 , 120 and to color this pixel ect.. Is any function in php that can do this ??

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Pixel Calculations In Bitmap File

How to open and read bitmap file without using image library like gd. I need to perform certain calculations on pixel so need to seperate the header from the image

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Get Uploaded Image Pixel Size?

i am trying to get the pixel size from my images

as soon as i upload them i would like to store that pixel size into my database to display it later on screen.

all my images are different sizes for example 1200 x 800, 200 x 200, 4095x4095 etc.

i was thinking it could be done by grabbing the information out of the image properties somehow on upload,

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Get The ACTUAL Pixel Width Of A Font?

see this link: [URL] see the long file names (iStock_000...). what I want to do is create a PHP function to which I pass the font and font-size, a string (the long file name in this case), and a desired max length. The php function would then start munching characters from the middle and insert an ellipsis, like this:


so that the resulting string is just under the max length. obviously I need to know each ascii character's absolute pixel width at that font and font-size. I know this can be done with gd library, is there any other way to do it? even if I had reference to a chart of widths, that would be great - I only need this for arial, georgia and times new roman, and from 10-14px font.

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Image Resizing And Max Pixel Resolution

I have image resizing code that is resizing most of the time, apart from when then images are of a large pixel dimension i.e. width of over 2000 pixels even though image is just over 400KB so this wuld rule out the fact that the host provider has increased the max file size. The original image uploaded remains the original size - no resing occured. I need the image resize to work all of the time.

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Capturing Pixel From Image Whenever We Click On Images

i want a php code for capturing pixel from image whenever we click on images (then the pixel of that click portin should be stored in a variable), do u have any idea how to do that.

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How Do I Echo A Binary Array (transparent Pixel)

What am I doing wrong here? I want to display a transparent pixel...

$transparent1x1 = array (71, 73, 70, 56, 57, 97, 1, 0, 1, 0, -128, 0,
0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 33, -7, 4, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 44, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0,
1, 0, 0, 2, 2, 68, 1, 0, 59);
header("Content-type: " . image_type_to_mime_type (IMAGETYPE_GIF));
echo $transparent1x1;

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Convert Pixel Into Point Size In Html?

i want to convert my pixel into to the point size, in my project when user resize the text image, then it should be re size according to width using point size??

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Determing Pixel Length Of String Server Side

I am trying to determine the width of a string in pixels on the server as it will be when the corresponding css has been applied on the client. The reason i need to do this is that I use fancy bevelled edge table and need to work out the string length in pixels to enable me to src the correct image. Using string length does not work because the database could contain the following.

i am a string

As you can see the two strings when loaded on the client are different widths. There is no option to turn off case.

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Save Pixel Position On Dynamically Resized Image?

So here is the goal of my application: Using a webcam, the user will position to points on the video of themselves. Once positioned correctly that video will save out a jpg and the coordinated of those two points will be saved relative to the size of the image. So this image and the image data associated with it will be used in multiple situations and also in different sizes. So my question is: what would be the best method to resize these images but also keep the points coordinates relevant and accurate?

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