PHP Redirect With A Target IFRAME

Dec 16, 2004

I have a page with an IFRAME nested inside it and I've named the IFRAME name="interface". Is there a way to do a header REDIRECT and specify this target IFRAME within a page or maybe have PHP print the javascript window.location page and target the IFRAME?

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Target Iframe In Another HTML File?

Is something like this possible:

<form method="post" action="myphp.php" name="myname" target="another_html/iframe_name">???

I want the php file to display its results in an iframe inside another html file...

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Target A Specific Page In Iframe?

I'm running the CMS indexhibit, indexhibit uses an iframe to load it's content.[URL]..My homepage has WordPress loaded into this iframe, which works ok, i've got some scrollbar issues, but that another problem.Currently, when ppl find a WP post through there search engine, the user is redirected to the homepage, i need to do this otherwise the user would only be able to view the WP content and not the rest of the site aswellWhat i need to do is to split the querystring, and send an 'id' into the iframe, which inturn would load the appropriate WP page inside the iframe.I'm not sure where to start, Would i use PHP to split the querystring? and Javascript to target some iframe properties?

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Setting Target For Iframe Using Ajax And Jquery?

I am using zend-framework, iframe, ajax and jquery to call an url when a DIV is clicked.I am using an iframe as follow

<iframe src="" name="listenMsg" height="120" width="600">
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>


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Target= Out Of A Iframe But Stays In The Same Browser Window?

Currently, site A is embedded in a site B's iframe. For one .php page, I'd like to jump out of the parent iframe when submitting to the page:

<form method="post" action="home.php" name="homeForm" target="_blank">

However, this will pop up a new window. Is there a way to jump out of the iframe but remind in the same browser window?

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Target=_top Redirect

Is there anyway to redirect a page in a frame to target=_top PHP Code:

header("Location: logout.php");

I am using this inside a frame but i need the logout page to be on top. Does anybody know how to do it.

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CURL: Get Target Of Redirect Without Following It?

The curl_getinfo function returns a lot of metadata about the result of an HTTP request. However, for some reason it doesn't include the bit of information I want at the moment, which is the target URL if the request returns an HTTP redirection code. I'm not using CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION because I want to handle specific redirect codes as special cases. If cURL can follow redirects, why can't it tell me what they redirect to when it isn't following them? Of course, I could set the CURLOPT_HEADER flag and pick out the Location header.

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Redirect To Target Page After Login?

some pointers on how i would go about redirecting the user to the page they were trying to visit after being prompted to login?Using phpfreaks as an example, I try to reply to a thread whilst logged out, i get taken to the login page, then after login i get taken to the page where i can enter my reply.At the moment my users get redirected to their account page after login is successfull using the header function.

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Redirect The Target Page In Wordpress?

I need to create a form that will pass information to different pages based on the value of the item selected in one of the dropdown boxes.The form will have two fields the first is to select the state from a dropdown. The second field is to select the type of insurance they are searching for (home,auto, life, health). There will be a separate search and information page for each of these types of insurance. So if they select "auto" the action will be auto.php and if they select "health" the action will be health.php.This will be put inside a wordpress site (php) and will be directing to various wordpress pages. It was uggested that I put a redirect in the target page. to put the following in the "page that receives the submission"

$targ = $_POST['option'];
switch ($targ) {


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Redirect - Move To The Target URL After CURL Form Submit?

I'm new to this. I have just discovered curl.Looks like I'm missing something.ere's the idea.HTML page has a form with one hidden field that POSTs it to a php file (order.php) after a user clicks SUBMIT.order.php then generates a bunch of other parameters and POSTs them to a different php file (ordercheck.php)ordercheck.php uses the POSTed data.This almost works.BUT: the problem is that the browser still shows order.php in the address field.Is there a way for the browser to move to ordercheck.php after order.php has POSTed? Eventually, I would like to move from order.php to a different server (paypal's webscr), so simply processing the data is not good enough for me. I need to actually post the data AND move to the new url, as if it were a normal form submission...

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Redirect Out Of An Iframe

Using php, is there a way to refresh out of an iframe to a new url after a specified amount of seconds?

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Iframe Payone Redirect Parent

I have one payment form. When I submit that form it will redirect to PAYONE for payment information when I successfully submitted. That page redirect to success link of my site for further details. Now my question start: I open my payment gateway (PAYONE) page into an iframe in same window. But when I successfully submitted information and click to submit. Then it will redirect in the iframe. But I want it redirect to success link which I provided in post data.

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Redirect And Change Page Loaded In Iframe

I'm trying to accomplish the following:

I would like to have a page (we'll say page2a.php) redirect the user to another page (page1a.php) upon it loading where page1.php has an iframe that loads page2b.php, but only if the user is redirected to page1a.php from page2a.php.

for the life of me i can't figure out how to do it. I know it can be done....somehow, it's just that it's been quite a while since i've coded anything so i'm a bit rusty. to be quite honest though, even when i was doing a fair amount of coding, it was by the seat of my pants and quite sloppy i'm sure.

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Redirect An Iframe To Display The Content Of The Frame?

is it possible to redirect an iframe to display the content of the frame after 2 seconds in a full window(same window, not a new one).

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Facebook Iframe Application Redirect Browser Window To A Url?

I have made an iframe style facebook application that uses php and javascript (jquery).When a browser is looking at my canvas page how do I redirect their browser window to a url?

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Redirect Via Header ("Location: $site") But Target The Parent Window

can we redirect using:

header ("Location: $site")

but target the parent window without using javascript? if so, can you post the code.

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Auto Size Div/iframe Based Upon Content Loaded Inside Of Iframe?

I see alot of contradictory information on this online and I figured people here would know better than the vast majority of other places.Is it possible to have an div with an iframe inside of it autosize the width (and possibly height) ->WITHOUT<- the use of javascript.. also it needs to be crossbrowser capable (browsers like lynx and ie5 are not a concern at all).

I have been tinkering and following various peoples suggestions online in regards to this for days but I still do not see my div and iframe limit their width to whatever data is loading in the iframe (just tables of random info).Here is some of the css I have and the associated html, as you can tell it has since gone through some revisions that do not have width:auto; height:auto etc.

float: left;[code]....

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Use Clippy To Copy An Iframe Embed Code Without The Iframe Displaying?

I have an embed code that users will use to display content hosted on my website on their own site (e.g. <iframe src="mysite/feed"></iframe>).

I want to use clippy to allow them to copy the embed code to their clipboard but in firefox this results in the iframe actually getting embedded in the page beside the clippy icon.

My site is written in PHP and I'm also using jquery.

Is there any way of escaping the embed code so that it doesn't get embedded in my page but still copies to the clipboard correctly for the user?

Chrome is behaving correctly and not displaying the iframe, not tested in ie.

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Change The Source Of An Iframe When A Link Is Clicked In The IFrame?

Is it possible to change the source of an iframe when a link is clicked in the iFrame? For example, my iFrame loads http:[url]..... but when I click a link on, the source of the iFrame cannot be changed to that new URL.Is there some way to access the iFrame location in Firefox and IE to redirect the iFrame? Sort of like a proxy website. How are proxy sites doing this in PHP?

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JQuery Cant Work With IFrame Src / Not Showing Up Iframe?

i have problem that jQuery didnt show up iframe. i have many iframe in my website. when u click link to show up in iframe. but it doesnt show. here my code:

//i load plugin:
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
function godirect(url, num)
var target = 'iframe_url' + num;
var source = jQuery(target).attr('src');
if (source == "about:blank" || source == "")
jQuery(target).attr('src', url);
jQuery(target).attr('src', 'about:blank');

PHP & HTML code:

$godirect = 'godirect(&quot;'.$GetData['link'].'&quot;, &quot;'.$a.'&quot;);';
<a href="#" <?php echo $godirect; ?> > TEST LINK </a>

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Show Url In IFrame : Doesn't Show The Url Of The Pages That Changes Inside The Iframe?

i'm using an iframe for our project. when i run the project, the url will be http://localhost/iset/tech/mainTech.php. but mainTech is an iframe, so it doesn't show the url of the pages that changes inside the iframe. how do i show the url of the pages inside? cause i need to get the value of the links clicked in the other pages, but i cant because the url doesnt change. it is always http://localhost/iset/tech/mainTech.php.


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Javascript - Get Parent Page Information And From An Iframe And Using The Information To Show A Page In The Iframe?

I am creating widget with PHP. The widget will be a Iframe widget. Which will take the title of the parent page and pass the title to a PHP page which will be seen with the result in the Iframe.

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Target For Echo

is that possible to assign a target for echo? I have this when i submit a form. PHP Code:

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PHP, Target, And Frames

I have a frameset with two column frames. A form is processed in the right frame. If the submitted form data were processed without errors, I want a congratulations page to be loaded into the left frame, otherwisean error message replaces the form in the right frame. Can this be done with PHP, and if yes, how?

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Target Tables

i want to write pure html code for a table with all its content and save that file.. im guessin it has to be saved as .tpl or sumthing i'll have several of these files (containtin only html codes for a table and its contents).

i want to create a .PHP page that will pull these files and display them. how do i do this?

my vision is to have the tables files named TABLE_1, TABLE_2, TABLE_3

and in the main page jus call thier names with like a <BR> or sumthing to put em one under the other.

can someone tell me if this is possible, and be so helpful as to giv me sample scripts for the table files and main page file.. and also what these files must be saved as. thanks

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Inserting A TARGET Tag

I have a script that I commissioned sometime back. I need to insert target tag into the link but am having hard time figuring it out. Here are the functions that create document part that has links: Code:

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