PHP And Win32 API - GetOpenFileNameA

Jan 20, 2004

I am have been looking at using the Win32 API library with PHP and
have managed to get the sample code working to produce message boxes.

define ("MB_OK", 0);
dl('php_w32api.dll') or die ("can't load w32api");
w32api_register_function("User32.dll", "MessageBoxA", "long");
MessageBoxA(NULL, "sample text", "msg box title", MB_OK);

What I need is some advice or pointers to tutorials, which show how
to invoke the standard windows open dialog box.

I have the following code which runs but doesn't open a dialog box.

w32api_register_function("comdlg32.dll", "GetOpenFileNameA", "bool");

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Using PHP From Win32

I am writing an app (in Delphi) that loads a template with HTML and PHP and my own custom tags on it.

I would like to know if I can pass this data (maybe as a phar or stream) somehow to php.exe or a php dll and receive back my parsed template (now php free).

I can then parse for my own custom tags...

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GIF On Win32

I am primarily a Cold-Fusion developer and am looking for a way to create GIF images on the fly.. I have installed php-4.0.6-Win32 and enabled php_gd.dll but I find no GIF support.. I need to make a series of gif images. I will pass two strings one for the maroon underline the other for the black text the image width has to be 160 pix and the height dynamic based on how many lines of text you end up with.

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What User Does Php Run As On Win32

I need to know what user php runs as on win2k/iss 5 installed as cgi.

Basically what i'm trying to do is modify files on another server with php, and I can't figure out what user needs access to those files/directories so php can get at them.

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PHP Extensions Win32

I'm trying to get some different extensions loaded and no matter what extension I try it always comes up with an error saying it could not find the module. Even though the pathname is correct. I have php loaded in c:php4 and the extensions c:php4extensions

; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
extension_dir = "C:/php4/extenstions/"

Here are the two changes I've made, Code:

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Sendmail_from Win32

using the mail() function i am getting this error

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: "sendmail_from" not set in php.ini or custom "From:" header missing in C:Program FilesxamppxampphtdocsJayform_p.php on line 38

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: "sendmail_from" not set in php.ini or custom "From:" header missing in C:Program FilesxamppxampphtdocsJayform_p.php on line 40

although i have defined a sendmail_from user in my php.ini Code:

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I have a Windows XP system with iis 5.1 seems that my iis 5.1 is not listed during the installation of the downloaded php-5.2.0-win32-installer.msi , Lots of others, but not 5.1. What is the best way to get php working on iis 5.1.

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Mod_rewrite In Win32

I have Apache installed on Win2K, and can't get it to work. I've tried countless tutorials utilizing Apache configuration settings, as well as .htaccess, and can't get it working. Typically, I get 404 errors which would indicate to me that it is looking for the literal path, instead of using the rules I have set up.

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Win32 File Upload

I'm trying to stage up a our salesman's Windows 98 laptop to be used for demonstrating our php/mysql products. I've got Apache, php3, and mysql all working except the file upload is giving me the following Warning message:

Warning: Unable to open d:tempphpphp2 in d:/apache/apache/htdocs/ulimg.phtml on line 28

The tempphp directory exists and it is also explicitly specified in the php.ini file.

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Enabling GIF Support In Win32

I'm writing a script that will automatically resize uploaded images into Thumbnails. I'm running Apache with PHP on Windows 2000 and I have enabled the GD extension in the PHP.ini.

My code works fine for JPEG but for GIFs it claims that GIFs are not supported in the build I'm using. GIF is not listed as enabled under the GD section of phpinfo();. How do I enable GIF support on the Win32 PHP version of the GD library (php_gd.dll)?

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Problem Enabling DOM XML On Win32

I'm running PHP 4.3.2 with Apache 2.0.46 on Windows XP Home. Intel P4
1.5GHz chip with plenty of memory.

I'm trying to enable DOM XML functions in PHP and having a bit of
trouble. Per the PHP manual's instructions, I've done the following:

1. Edited my php.ini file like so:
;Windows Extensions
extension=php_iconv.dll <-- removed the ;

2. Installed iconv.dll (ver. 1.9.1.win32 downloaded from in C:WindowsSYSTEM32

3. Restarted Apache

I created a test PHP file with the following code:


$storyfile = "story.xml";

$storydoc = domxml_open_file($storyfile);
$storyroot = $storydoc->root();
$nodes = $storyroot->children();



to test everything out. PHP returned the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: domxml_open_file() in
C:Apache2htdocsxmldom.php on line 5

Just to make sure I wasn't using the wrong function, I replaced
domxml_open_file() with the deprecated xmldocfile() function, and got
the same result.

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Can't Get PHP To Work With Apache For Win32

the strange thing is that there is
no php4apache.dll file supplied in the downloaded PHP package. I even
search my complete disk. Strange because I downloaded PHP v4.3.7 from
PHP.NET a couple of months ago, and it has been working OK with the
Abyss webserver since then.

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Standalone WIN32 Application In PHP

Is it possible to write a standalone Win32 application using PHP? Like
creating a window from the PHP script, putting buttons and textboxes on
it, handling clicks on the buttons etc...,

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Win32 Filetime Conversion

I need a function to convert a date/time (dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss) to a 64-bit
win32 FILETIME and reversed.
Is this possible with PHP ?

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PECL Dll's For Win32 / ImageMagick 6.0.3

I have tried to install ImageMagick on my server, but my apache stalls
when i try to start it with the following line added to my php.ini file:


I can't even kill the apache procees when I try to run it with this
option added, so I have to restart the entire server each time I have to
return to the original setting of php.ini

I have installed ImageMagick on my server, downloaded from and the php api for it from (rediredted from)

According to the 'kromann' page I must install another dll as well for
the extension to work, and I have placed this dll in the dll directery
under php along with the 'php_imagick.dll', but the result is the same.

I have also tried copying the dll's to the root of the php installation,
the winNT root and the winNT/system32 folder, but the result is the same.

Im running php 4.3.7 , apache 1.3.31 and win2000

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Win32 Binaries For Mcrypt Lib

Anyone have any idea where I could get just the binaries for mcrypt? I dont do 'C' anymore (php is too much fun <g> ).

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Function Like Pcntl_fork For Win32

I am attempting to fork a socket script in a windows enviroment and am running into a serious problem. As you may know pcntl is not available in windows. I have thought about using ticks but that would not realy fork the script. I also thought about using an exec function but that will only run the script in the background.

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Work With Apache For Win32

I have the Abyss webserver installed on my Windows 2000 workstation, and it works OK with PHP (v4.3.7). Since I also have a Linux server at an other location, I wanted to have similiar web server setup at home, so I tried to install Apache webserver for Win32 (v1.3.33), but can't get it to work with PHP. My PHP.INI has the, ; Enable the PHP scripting language engine under Apache. engine = On There's nothing about PHP inside the httpd.conf file. Have I missed something here?

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Creating Win32 Sercice In PHp

any one have worked on creating windows service using PHP. php has win32_service library for creating, deleting .. etc but could any one guide me how to use these library to crate a windows service.

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Updated SNMP Support For Win32?

I performed binary installs of Net-SNMP and PHP 4.4.4 on my Windows XP
laptop so that I can do some offline development/testing away from my Linux
server. Anyway, I attempted to do some SNMPv3 gets/sets and I am greeted
with "Encryption support not enabled" whenever I try and do any SNMPv3 call.

I thought it was Net-SNMP, so I did some googling and found that you need to
compile Net-SNMP from scrtach with OpenSSL support to get SNMPv3 to work. I
did, and I am now able to do SNMPv3 gets with Net-SNMP. However, I cannot
execute snmp3_get() from any of my PHP scripts, I get the above encryption

I ran phpinfo() on my XP machine and on my linux server and the SNMP section
is quite different, my XP machine has support for "ucd-snmp-4.2.3" and my
linux server has support for "Net-SNMP-5.1.2"

Are there updated versions of php_snmp.dll for a Windows install of PHP? If
so, where can I get them and are they compatible with PHP 4?

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Problems Writing With Exec() On Win32

I'm having trouble executing commands using exec() or system() that need to
write files.

I've set the permissions on CMD.EXE but I can't use exec() to write any
files, even if the folder I'm writing to has write access to IUSER account
and PHP can write to the folder directly.

eg. Calling exec('echo hello >C:writablefolder ext.txt') does nothing,
but if I type that same command into a shell prompt it works fine.

Also just calling exec('echo hello') returns "hello" so it's definatly
executing the command.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? What I'm trying to do is use
ImageMagick to do some image manipulation. Version of PHP I'm using is 5
rc2 on Win2k IIS using the isapi module.

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Session_start Causes Apache To Crash (Win32, PHP 5.1.1)

Does anyone have a problem with Apache2 crashing after executing a PHP
script with session_start()? I notice if session_start() is placed
anywhere except at the start of the file, APache will crash. Can anyone
explain to me why? I don't want session_start to be at the start of the
file because I need to override some session methods. So session_start
has to happen after the declaration of custom session methods.

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[PHP 5 MySQL 5 Apache2 Win32]Hi Everybody, I'm Really Stuck

Am I the only one on this planet to try:

Apache 2

On Windows XP no firewall

With Symantec Norton Internet

I got apache 2 and PHP 5 to work fine.

Previously, using a package called Wamp 5 ( PHP5, Apache 1.3., MySQL 4)
, I managed to read a table in a PHP page.

No I got an error message at the first MYSQL function:

$database = mysql_connect( $server, $user, $password )

PHP complains that he doesn't know this function.

I have these lines in the php.ini file:
extension_dir = "c:phpext"
and both
just in case he wants to pick one.

Also I copied this dll in c:windowssystem32

So I'm really at a loss, and frustrated, I feel like I done my homework
and got an F--.

I really do need MySQL 5 for the triggers and I don't feel like
configuring Apache 1.3 for security now and having to do it again later
for Apache 2 from scratch.

I'm ready to everything, even reading some wikipedia faq if I have to.

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Apache Win32 + Php + Mysql Issues

i've just recently reinstalled windows, and i'm having a very
bad problem with apache (win32) + mysql + php.

For starters i installed everything like normal.

Apache v. 2.0.50
PHP v. 4.3.8
Mysql 4.1.4Gamma

I then installed phpmyadmin, i noticed it was having a problem
connecting to the database, citing an incompatible/outdated client. I
looked up some infos in the documentation and it told me to check the
version of the php api by calling phpinfo();

Client API version 3.23.49

Why is it only 3.x? Shouldn't it be 4.xx.xx? Is this the reason
phpmyadmin won't work? How do i fix this?

btw i've deleted all occurances of libmysql.dll and still have the same

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Run Win32 Executable In Browser/client ?

I have a intranet website on one of our windows machines that runs apache 2.0 and php5. In the browser, for one particular link on the site, I want to run a win32 command line program on the client windows machine, (if the program is there). This command line utility returns a string to standard output. I want to capture the string and return it to the server and then process it in some php (compare it to existing records in a mysql database. and write it if new).

Once I have the string in php I can handle it from there. I know this isn't strictly a php question, but I hoped someone could give me pointers as to what techiques I might need to use so I can investigate further, or suggest a more suitable forum for this problem ?

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Install PEAR On Win32 System

how to install PEAR on Win32 system?

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