Open Excel File In PHP

How to open Excel worksheet in browser.


How To Open An Excel File Through PHP

I am writing a script to automate a reporting process. One of my steps (the last step i need to figure out) is openening an Excel document through the script. When i manually open it and i see it on the screen, it works fine - that is... it does the data connects and runs the macro's. Code:

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Open Excel File In Browser?

how to open excel file in browser ,

i dont want some thing like force download dialog ,

i want to open excel in browser somthing like in gmail when u click the excel file in the inbox, it will show browser itself,

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Excel File Data Insert Error :: Cannot Open File?

I am facing a warning error like "cannot open file..." while inserting excel data into mysql but this is working on my local wamp server. data insertion works good. but on linux server on my site it fails. the path shown on local server is d:abc.csv but on linux is d:\abc.csv. An extra is added

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How To Format Data In A File Which Will Be Open In Excel?

I am trying to generate a file with php from a database extract that i would like to be open in excel.

What i need is to format the content of the file in CSV i guess. The 'fgetcsv()' can do the job by formating the content of an existing file.

Is there an other option than to create a file with my database content, save it on the server and open/format it with 'fgetcsv()'?

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Open Excel File With Internet Explorer?

When you open Excel file with Internet Explorer, Save/Open/Cancel dialog box appears.How to avoid it and directly open it???P.S=>IE can open and edit Excel files online....but there is no guaranty that client will open file using IE...however, i could not find another way to perform my goal

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Open A Word Or Excel File Inside A Browser?

Is there a way using which we can display a word or excel file inside the browser window...

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Open And Automate Converting Excel File To Xml - Disable Popup Message

When i upload a excel file, i have used COM() to open and automate converting it to xml. It works fine, But when i run it, it always shows the message from Microsoft Excel: A file named ''' already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it? I can choose between Yes No and Cancel. normally i would choose Yes. But i dont want users to click on Yes each time. Can i disable this?


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Converting Microsoft Excel Formatted Text File As An Excel File?

i am currently getting an Microsoft Excel formatted text file whose save type is .Txt from a URL.I used to open it and will change the save type  as excel file.

currently my code is like this,

<? php

where as the contactsexport.xls type is .Txt which i need it in .xls

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Open With Excel

If I allow a user to upload an excel spreadsheet. How can I get all the file contents to open up in Excel?

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Spreadsheet Excel Writer 9.2 - Download An Excel File From A Mysql (4.1.22) Database

I am using spreadsheet_excel_writer(9.2) to download an excel file from a mysql (4.1.22) database. I have done this successfully on the same server, and this code is very similar, but on this occasion it isn't working. I get an excel file that has the data in it but all in one cell with all sorts of characters intermingled.

require_once "/home/cloudare/php/Spreadsheet/Excel/Writer.php";
// Create workbook
$workbook =& new Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer();
// sending HTTP headers
// Create worksheet
$worksheet =& $workbook->addWorksheet('Registration Worksheet');

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Browser Opening Downloaded Excel File In Wrong Version Of Excel?

We have a web application written in PHP that exports MySQL query results to an Excel file using PEAR Spreadsheet Excel Writer. I'm initiating the download via the following headers:

header( "Content-Type: application/" );
header( "Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary" );
header( "Cache-Control: must-revalidate" );
header( "Pragma: no-cache" );
header( "Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=myfile.xls" );

As far as I can tell all of this works correctly. All users have Excel 97 and 2000. Problem is when the browser (exclusively IE7/8) prompts to save, "Save as type" defaults to Excel 95, and there are apparently some compatibility issues if the file is saved in that format. These are not technical users so asking them to change the filetype is hit or miss.

I told my client I can't control what the OS/browser does with the file when downloaded, but I'm hoping for confirmation of that. I also wonder if there's a possibility Excel 95 was upgraded and left some of its tentacles, so Windows still thinks it's a viable option.

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Import Excel Data In To Mysql / Multiple Tabs Of That Excel File And Perform The Same Operation?

Can somebody send me PHP code which will read an excel file and write the data of that excel file into database. It should also read multiple tabs of that excel file and perform the same operation.

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Upload Excel Files And Keep The Formatting Of The Excel File.

I have been tasked to create a website for a company. They are wanting a content management system, where they can upload a document and the contents will be displayed. I have experimented with file_get_contents() and got this working. But What they are wanting is to be able to upload excel files and keep the formatting of the excel file. Is this possible. I have loooked into COMS but i am not sure if this is right, as i dont want to download a file i want to display it.

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Excel - Detecting A Open/Download Dialog Box?

I have some PHP code that opens excel with some html data in it. This is the PHP:

$data = $_REQUEST['datatodisplay'];
header("Content-Type: application/");
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=Data.xls");
header("Pragma: no-cache");
header("Expires: 0");..........

i submit the form, it opens a new page temporarily, comes up with a download box, i hit open in Excel and then i'm sent back to the form page (but with Excel also open) How does PHP know that i've actioned the download and to return to the form page?

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Take An Excel File - Parse It Contents And Store The Column's Data Of Excel Sheet In Database Column?

There is one excel sheet which contains student name, rollno etc. How can i parse the contents of excel file and store that in my sql database?

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Wordpress Excel Download From Plugin / Basic Download To Excel File In?

I am making a wordpress plugin that collects information from the user and then presents it in an admin screen in a table. I would like to also be able to download this table to excel. I know how to do a basic download to excel file in PHP with this code:

header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="$filename"");
header("Content-Type: application/");

which then converts all of the page output to an excel file.

But in this case, I need to also be able to use wordpress functions like get_option(), which I can't use in just a straight called php file. But if I make it a wordpress admin page, the admin skin gets included in my file.

Anyone know how to do an excel download from the wordpress admin screen that includes info from wordpress functions like get_option?

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I have this script and it says on line 10 (in red) that the does not allow the script to open and edit my file.DIT: This is my errorWarning: fopen(uploads/index.html) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/a9133340/public_html/admin/edit.php on line 10edit.php:

// set file to read
$filename =$_GET['page'];

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Exporting Excel: Instead Of Open / Save - Directly Create And Save On Location

I have the following script to create an excel file, the thing is that I dont want to be asked if I want to open or save the file when accessing the php file...I just want the php file directly to save the excel file.

$filename = "test.xls";
$contents = "testdata1 
header('Content-type: application/');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename='.$filename);
echo $contents;

Is there a way instead of using the header function, use something like: fopen, fwrite, fclose ?

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Read An Excel File That Has Been Saved As A Comma Separated Values File?

I am trying to read an excel file that has been saved as a Comma Separated Values file. When I open the file with a text editor each line consists of that which was on the respective row in the original Excel file. However, when I read the file using PHP each "line" has far more values than was in each row; PLUS I have no idea what PHP is using to decide where these lines start and end! This is probably causing some of my document to be cut out as well.I am lost please help, perhaps I don't understand what PHP means by a "line." My code is below. I am starting at 10 so that the first row will be skipped, as there are 10 columns in the document.

<title>File Reader</title>

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Convert Csv File To Excel File Upon Request Through Apache/.htaccess?

Is there a way to convert csv file to excel file upon request through apache/.htaccess

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Exporting DB Results (or Flat File) To An Excel File

I have two scripts, neither of which have been written, that will need to collect user information. They will either write to a flat file or to a MySQL DB, and I need a way for an administrator to grab an Excel file based on this data.

First, no more than 100 people are expected to sign up, so flat file is certainly viable. Do you recommend I use DB or flat file?

Second, based on your recommendation, how should I go about exporting the user data to an Excel file? There will be about ten form fields per registration to give you an idea.

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File System - Open Each File With A Wildcard Name And Only File Type Known

i'am trying to accomplish is open each file with a wildcard name and only file type known. So saying for exp ( " *.php") so i have used the glob() to accomplish the first part of matching file patterns. This send all files into an array witch is fine untill i would like to open all those files one by one.

PHP Code:
foreach( glob("*.php") as $file) //match file types
fopen($file, 'rb');
fread and so on

my question is really how can i open the files that are in the return values of glob() witch is an array.

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File Download Problem - Change A Binary File Into A Text And Open It In A Browser

I have uploaded files to mysql (doc and xls) using the tutorial. The problem comes when I try to download. Again I followed instructions in the tutorial. When I click on the link to download the file, it formats it as text and sends it to the browser instead of seeing it as binary and offering me a download box. PHP Code:

    include 'includes/configdb.php'
    include 'includes/opendb.php'

    $id      = $_GET['id'];
    $query   = "SELECT name, type, size, content FROM upload WHERE id = '$id'";
    $result  = mysql_query($query) or die('Error, query failed');
    list($name, $type, $size, $content) = mysql_fetch_array($result);

    header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=$name");
    header("Content-length: $size"); ....

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Writing A File With A Cron - Error - Failed To Open Stream: No Such File Or Directory In?

I am trying to write a file to a sub folder of the directory my cron script is in using file_ put_ contents. However, I keep getting a warning "failed to open stream: No such file or directory." I have this directory structure:


The cron script lives in the scripts folder. I call it with the cron command:

php httpdocs/scripts/cron_writeFile.php

In the cron_writeFile file, I first tried:

file_put_contents('fileDirectory/', $fileName, $fileContents);

which works when I load the page in a browser, but not when the cron executes. When I require_once a file in a cron, I have to put the 'absolute' path to it:


So, I tried that:

file_put_contents('httpdocs/scripts/fileDirectory/', $fileName, $fileContents);

No luck. I'm pretty sure it's getting to the right folder because the warning is:

"Warning: file_ put_ contents(httpdocs/scripts/fileDirectory/4.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in [code]...

The both directories have write permissions.I am using a VPS running (I know it sucks and I need to upgrade, but I don't have the authority)Parallels Plesk Panel version 9.2.1 with PHP 5.0.4

The file does not exist and I need a new file each time the script runs.I am not sure if there is a certain way to define the file path or some other thing I am missing.

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Writing To The Excel File

What would be the best way to write to an excel file from PHP and also append the same excel file. Say on the click of a form I want the information to be appended to the excel file.

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Csv File Gives Errors In Excel?

Ive created a script that generates a csv file on the webserver, whereafter the user can download it, in order to open it in Excel. Excel gives the following error:

1) cannot read record 1
2) File myfile.csv is not a valid SYLK format.

I really don't know whats wrong. The first 3 rows look like this of the csv file look like this:

1300;Restaurant BeauBeaty;London;LTP1;quater;01-08-1999;1;12.50;300.00;200308-200507
1303;Café Blue moon;Leeds;LTP1;year;01-08-1999;1;0.00;358.80;200308-200507

Anyone a clue why Excel doesnt want to read this? (It won't even read the 3 lines only, after deleting the other rows)

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File Exporting To Excel

This code exports data from my DB into an Excel file by using " " as the delimiter. It runs through the script over and over until it's done creating an Excel file with columns of data, but is there a way that I can add a value to the beginning of the script - thereby naming the columns? Code:

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Hyperlink To An Excel File

I have a hyperlink to an Excel spreadsheet but I'm having a bit of trouble with it. My first problem was that IE6 integrates Excel into the IE window when you click an Excel link. I overcame that by having a dummy Excel file run that had VBA code to launch the real application in a new window. That's probably too much info, but there it is.

Moving on. My problem is the users will be opening up this VBA Excel application of mine from our Intranet. When they click on the link, the dummy Excel file runs, that in turn launches the real application and all is well and good. Except for one thing. When the user is done or goes back to the IE Intranet window where they launched the application, this is the error that is displayed:

The page cannot be displayed: The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

My two solutions were to either have the link do two things simulatenously. You would click on the app link and it would run the application and it would also reload the Intranet home page. My second solution was to have them click the link and then it would go back to the previous page they were on all in the same click procedure/event/whatever. Code:

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File Excel Not Recognized

When I upload an excel file, PHP does not recognize the type of this

echo $HTTP_POST_FILES['file']['type'] ;

returns: application/octet-stream
Whereas a word file returns: application/msword

Do you know if there is anyway to get the type of a excel file ?

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Delete From Db If Not In Excel File

A while back I had written a script for a client who had wanted to upload an excel file for his clients that contained their inventory information. I had it set so everytime he would upload the file it would check the information in the file against that already stored in the db.

If a row in the db contained a certain field like an account number. It would make any changes that were made to that field or if none were made it would leave it be. If there were any new rows in the file it would upload those. Code:

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