Number Of Days Between Two Dates

Jun 23, 2007

I have spent forever trying to figure this out.. There has to be a simple way. My dates are in the format m-d-y


I want to know the number of days between 05-23-07 and 06-22-07. this should equal 30. I am trying to figure out how to get that with PHP.

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Calculate Number Of Days Between 2 Dates

How can I calculate the number of days between 2 dates in PHP?

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Retrieve Number Of Days Between Two Dates

I am trying to write a script that grabs todays date and then counts the number of days between today and a date in the future. Both the future date and the number of days interval are retrieved from a database (MySQL). PHP Code:

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Calculate Number Of Days Between Two Dates

I have people posting ads and when the ad is posted I have two fields populated at that time:


With the date expired being 7 days after the date created. Both are in this format: 03/12/07

What I am doing is preventing someone from posting more than one ad per 7 days. I'm validating against their email address for that. But I want to display the date that they would be eligible as well as determine if they are eligible to post or not which would require comparing today's date with probably using the now() function against the date_expired in the database. If the today's date is past then no problem. If not, then it would display an error. Code:

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Counting The Number Of A Curtain Days Between Two Dates?

how to calculate how many saturdays and how many wednesdays that have passed between two dates, but all I can find on the web is how to calculate the amount of days between two dates.

$digest_date = "2010-04-05";
$todaysdate = "2010-04-19";
$date_diff = round( abs(strtotime($todaysdate))-strtotime($digest_date)) / 86400, 0 ));
echo "$date_diff";

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How I Could Compare Two Dates To Find The Number Of Days That Seperate Them.

I was wondering how I could compare two dates to find the number of days that seperate them. For instance, after a user signs up to my website, they would see a specific message for only a week. Obviously this is easy if they signed up on the 14th and today is the 16th, but what about if they signed up on the 29th, then I need to figure out for the next month.

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Get An Array Of Days From Mysql Table That Includes Days Between From / To Dates

I have a calendar script that allows users to upload events lasting more than one day. It stores the events in a mysql database table that stores the from date and to date in separate columns. When I attempt to pull the dates from the table and store the days as an array, including those between the from/to dates, so that they can be highlighted in the calendar the script times out telling me that it ran out of memory on the line where dates between the from/to dates. Surely that can't be right as the table only holds my test event and it only lasts one week.

There may be an easier way of doing it all together and I wouldn't be at all surprised if there were other problems with my script. Here's the snipet:

$FromDate=date("Y-m-d", strtotime($Calendar['FromDate']));
$ToDate=date("Y-m-d", strtotime($Calendar['ToDate']));
while($FromDate < $ToDate){
// below is the line it times out on.
$StartDate=date("Y-m-d", strtotime("+1 day", strtotime($FromDate)));
$EventDays[]=date("d", strtotime($StartDate));

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Dates Of $day In The Next $n Days

how would I go about working out the dates (timestamps) of the day $day (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, &c) in the next $n days. So if $day was Monday and $n 28 I would want to find out the dates in the next 28 days that are a Monday.

The problem is that I am not sure about the logic side of the problem. A crude solution that I can think up is doing something like PHP Code:

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Days Between Two Given Dates

I have two variables which look like:

$begin = "23-08-05"
$end = "26-08-05"

Now i want also to know the dates between them.


How can i do this?

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How Many Days Are Between Certain Dates

Is there a function i can use to figure out how many days are between certain dates, liek strtotime() or something? I get dates passed like 15-DEC-2009 & 18-DEC-2009 so there's 3 days between those 2 dates.

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Business Days B/w Two Dates

How do I count the no.of business days between two dates in php.

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Days Between Dates Need To Remove -

ive got this SQL, and it works. But i get a - before each number! Its just so i can see members who have been inactive for over xx days. Code:

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Count Days Between Two Dates?

Possible Duplicates: How to count days between two dates in PHP?Full Days between two dates in PHP? how i can know how many days between 2 date ex: i want know how many days between 12&#65533;22011 and 15&#65533;32011

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Calculate The No Of Days Between Two Dates?

how to calculate the no of days between two dates like 2011-2-15 to 2011-2-20.

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List Of Dates Between 2 Days?

How can I return all the days between

PHP Code:

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Calculating Days Between Two Dates

I need to calculate the numbers of days (only the number of days) between two days, one a variable $row['user_cp_name'] in the format MM/DD/YY, and another, the current time. I've tried a bunch of tutorials on the internet and none seem to work properly.

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Dates - Detect Groups Of 7 Days

i'm developing a reservation system for a vacation house. the owner has specified that the place can only be rented by the week, check-in is on saturday, then check out must be on some following saturday (doesn't matter how many weeks as long as check-out is on a saturday). i tried to figure out if the user has selected spans of seven days (rented it for 1,2,3 weeks etc...) this way: PHP Code:

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Find The Difference In Days Between Two Dates?

Possible Duplicate: How to find number of days between two dates using php If I have two dates - how do I find the real difference in days between two dates? You must take things like leap years and the number of days in each month into account.How many days are between something like 2010-03-29 and 2009-07-16?

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Display The Dates From 1, 2, 3 Or 4 Days Ago On Website?

How do I display the following:

Current date - 1 day (yesterday's date)
Current date - 2 days (the date of the day before yesterday)
Current date - 3 days (the date of 3 days ago)
Current date - 4 days (the date of 4 days ago)

I already went through the manual, but I do not understand how to achieve this.I just want to display the dates from 1, 2, 3 or 4 days ago on my website...

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Dates, Daylight Savings And Net Days Worked

I'm trying to mimic the functionality of netdaysworked in excel. The
code below works, except when the date starts during daylight savings
time. what is the number of seconds in a day for a daylight savings

for ($dayval = $startdate; $dayval <=$enddate; $dayval+=$oneday){
if (date(I,$dayval)==0){
echo("daylight savings time<br>");

$daysworked = $daysworked+0;
$daysworked = $daysworked+0;
echo("first day: ".$dayval." number of days ".($dayval/86400)."
lastday : ".$lastday."day of week :".date(w,$dayval)."date: ".date("m-
d-Y",$dayval)." days worked: ".$daysworked."<br><br>");

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Subtract Dates And Count The Amount Of Days Between Them?

Is it possible to subtract dates so you can count the amount of days between them?
If so, how?

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Compare 2 Dates Problem (select * From 2 Days Ago)

I am having a problem with comparing 2 dates with eachother. I wan't to select everything from a table from today and 2 days ago. PHP Code:

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Count Days Between Two Dates ($startDate And $endDate)?

If I have a couple of strings $startDate and $endDate which are set to (for instance) "2011/07/01" and "2011/07/17" (meaning 1 July 2011 and 17 July 2011). How would I count the days from start date to end date? In the example given, it would be 17 days.

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Calculate The Difference (in Days) Between 2 Dates (yyyy-mm-dd)

How do I calculate the difference (in days) between 2 dates with PHP? I'm storing dates in my db like so: 2010-07-27 and I'd like to compare this with todays date.

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Display Days Weekly By Giving 2 Dates?

I'd like display dates by week number between giving 2 dates like example below. Is this possible in PHP? if the dates are 2010-12-01 thru 2010-12-19, it will display it as follows.



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Dates - Mysql Database Older Than 7 Days

I would like to delete all the records in mysql database that is older than 7 days.
How do i go about selecting it in the database ( currentdate - 7).

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