Multiple Tick-box Select

Mar 9, 2007

I have a list and what I would like to do with this list is have a tick-box next to each one, so someone can select multiple things out of the list. Then, once they click "submit", it displays just the things they selected.

The list in the data is displayed from a database by repeating the rows, so if there are 3 rows, it displays it in a table repeating the <tr><td><?=$thing?></td></tr> until it ends.

I know how to do forms, just not how to post only the selected data, to display it on a different page.

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Tick Box, Select And Update Database.

I am trying to change the value in table with a tick box. If the tick box is selected it changes the value in the field to 'y' and if it is not selected it changes the field to 'n'.

First of all I need to bring back the current state of the field and then I need to be able to update it from 'y' to 'n' as many times as I want. Code:

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Multiple Select From Listbox And Execute A Sql Query Select Statement

Supposing i have a html form with 2 listbox and i name it status and resolution.

So it goes <select name='status[]'>... <select name='resolution[]'>

Then i have a another php page.
$status = $_POST['status'];
$resolution = $_POST['resolution'];

Now my question is, how do i do the sql query statement?

mysql_query("SELECT * from bugs where status=$status and resolution=$resolution");

The problem is, i select 3 options form the status listbox eg. new, closed, duplicate. And from the resolution, i chose fixed, invalid.

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Tick Function?

Just out of curiousity, has anyone successfuly use tick functions in one of
their scripts?

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Tick All Checkboxes

I have a set of 4 checkboxes and I want to have a button that will check all
the boxes. I have looked on Google but can only find examples of it being in
Javascript. Is there any way of doing it in a php file. If not, how do I go
about using a Javascript file? Do I have to make a reference to it in the

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Select One Checkbox Instead Of Select Multiple Checkboxes?

i want to select only parent checkbox. then automatically check all child checkboxes. i mean checkall checkboxes at once. using javascript

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript">
function modify_boxes(to_be_checked,total_boxes){[code]...

it does not working.

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Write To A Page Dependant On Tick Box Value

what im trying to do is write something to a page dependant on what box's are ticked

i know how to write to a page using fopen & fwrite

but i dont know how to make it dependant on the tick boxes:

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Storing Tick Boxes In MySQL

I am trying to work somethng out. For each record there is a number of tick boxes which may or may not be ticked. Clearly a flat file would be easiest with a table of 1/0 but that seems like a bit of a waste of space. How would you store such info

id {PK}

id {FK}
tickBoxId (FK}

tickBoxId {PK}

Then group by each main ID and get the corresponding tick box types.

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How Can I Tick A Radio Button And On Clicking It Update A Database.

How can i tick a radio button and on clicking it update a database.

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If Tick Box Ticked Force Completion Of Text Area?

I have created a php form on the form there is a field called "alert" and I wan to set the form so that if the "alert" tick box is ticked them the user must enter a comment why they ticked the alert box.Here is the code I have

if (empty($_POST['tutorComment']) && $_POST['alert'] == 'YES') {
echo "You must enter a comment on the student if you tick the alert box";

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Insert Multiple Records From Multiple Select?

I'm trying to figure out how to insert multiple records from multiple select. Lets say that 3 users are selected, then I want to create a records for each user, but how do I do that? This is my multiple form:

PHP Code:

echo '<form action="do_add.php" method="get" name="Form1">
<select name="Multiple1" multiple>';


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Multiple Drop Down Menu With Multiple Select

My current form has one multiple select drop down menu as well as few other drop down menus that are single select. Originally I had it so that the multiple select menu was first, but this created the problem that when I went to select the other drop down menus, the selections i made on the multiple select one would clear.

Then I had tried putting the multiple select menu last so that the selections wouldn't clear but then after clicking the submit button(and going to the next page which is supposed to display the choices), it shows nothing. No selection from the multiple select menu went through. I would prefer to do it the first way and here is my code. Assume that my item[] is already created.

// Get the posted data, if any, or initialize as null or today's date
($type = @$_POST['Type']) or $type = 1;
($item = @$_POST['Item']) or $item = 1;
($name = @$_POST['name']) or $name = "all";
($firstdate = @$_POST['firstdate']) or $firstdate=date("ymd");
($lastdate = @$_POST['lastdate']) or $lastdate = date("ymd");

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Multiple Multiple Select Boxes

I'm looking to have multiple multiple-select-boxes on a page. But I
can only get the contents from the last selected value within a box,
via PHP. I've tried numerous methods. What am I doing wrong?

You can see ALL the values present in the url:

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Mmorpg Style Timer - Add A Visual Countdown Based On Server Time To Show How Long The Cron Has Left To Tick?

I am building a mmorpg.I have two cron files that run every hour and every day(24 hrs )My question is, how can I add a visual countdown based on server time to show how long the cron has left to tick?I have tried many countdowns but most of them reset once I leave the page.So basically I need a countdown timer to show the user how long till he getts more food or whatever.

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Make An Email Form Send The Email To A Different Recipient Based On Radio Tick Box

A client has asked me to create an email form where depending on which tick box is ticked the email is sent to a different email address.

For instance:Code:I would like to know more about: [] Cars [] Trucks [] Vans When 'cars' is ticked the email is sent to '', when 'trucks' is ticked to [URL]...

Is this a fairly easy thing to do? Can someone help me on the way (bearing in mind I have very limited php skills :-)?

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Posting Multiple Select

I'm having a little problem, in my form, I have to select multiple lines in a 'select' field and post it for processing.

Now in the $_POST-variable, there is only the last selected item visible.

How can I post every selected line?

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Multiple Select Box Question

I have a list box on my page which I dynamically populate from the database. My question is, if I allow people to have multiple selections from this, how would I retreive the selections that they have made? example:- if I name the select box "Jobs", would i be able to do something like:- PHP Code:

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Getting Multiple Data From <select>

Can anyone give me a quick hint for this?

Say, I have: <SELECT NAME="opt3" SIZE="15" multiple>

Then I'd like to list the items selected...
echo $_POST["opt3"];
but this gives only the first one

how do I get the rest?

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List Box Multiple Select

I am trying to create a drop down list that permits a person to select multiple items from the list and have the results posted on a results page. I am using Dreamerweaver MX, PHP and a MYSQL database. I was able to select multiple items but only the last selected item would be displayed. I tried to modify the list box code and now it returns nothing. Code:

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Select Multiple & Mysql

What's the sql should look like to get all possible data when using multiple select,
such as: <select name="hostfield[]" multiple> PHP Code:

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Select Multiple Code

need to be able to generate a multiple select in a form using php and then write the reults to a relation table between a resource table and a look-up table..i.e.

table 1 list of resources

table 2 list of options for element in table 1

table 3 a many to many resolution table between table 1 and table 2

I can do this if only one option is select from a drop down list, code below:

PHP Code:

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Select Multiple Entries

I attach a List Box Control, on a form. It has total five values i,e


I want that when my page loads, then entry no.2 (b), and entry no.3(c) are selected by default. How can i do this. give me the code.

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Validate Multiple Select Box

how to validate multiple options select box in php. I have to take 2 or 3 or 5 or 20 values(total is 20) and to be inserted in database and to retrieve the same and i need to check validation for the same if any values are not selected? it should throw an error like that. for example this is a normal select box . PHP Code:

$errors['pid'][]='Please Select <b>Name </b>.'

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Multiple Selections With <select>

I have a simple email form that sends form data to a php script which sends the email. I use the <select> HTML element so more than one email address can be chosen. How do these two values get sent to the php script? Right now, the variable just prints one of the two selections.

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Multiple Select Drop-down

I've got a large drop down menu, that allows multiple select. I am trying to validate the form before submitting it by checking if all the required form fields are filled.

If soemthing is not entered the form refreshes and I would like to be able to keep the selections in other form fields made by ECHOing them back. Everything works fine, except the multiple select drop-down: PHP Code:

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[B]SELECT From Multiple Tables

Trying to select data from up to eight tables, with the common column being the file_id column.

Cutting the query down to just three columns I am using:

$query = "SELECT *
FROM tbl_name,
WHERE tbl_name.file_id = tbl_branch.file_id AND
tbl_name.file_id = tbl_details.file_id";

I'd take a guess that's this a fairly clumsly query, but the trouble I'm having is that not all the results are being listed. I gather that this is because although there are 20 file_id's in the tbl_name, not all the other tables are complete. so tbl_branch only has 15 entries, and tbl_details only 12. Is there a better way to structure the query? And can I have results appear as 'blank' if there is an entry in tbl_name but no linked entry in tbl_branch? If so. any clues?

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