Move To Next Page On A Form

Nov 20, 2006

I am making my first attempt at writing html and using php. I have created a simple page with tables and radio buttons as the beginning of a web-based survey.

How do I use a button to move the user to the next page of the survey, rather than submitting the form and then exiting the survey?

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Move To Next Page After Submission Of Form?

have created a form, with the submit button, which is working ok, but everytime the form is submitted, the page remains the same. I would like that as soon as the form is submitted, the system take the user to a thankyou page.


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Read AuthStorage, Zend Framework / Login And Move From Page To Page On My Site By Being Logged In?

on my project website users are able to login and move from page to page on my site by being logged in. so they do not have to log in again for moving to another section on my page. to achieve that I use the storage of Zend_Auth.

Following code shows how I write storage:

$identity = $authAdapter->getResultRowObject();
$authStorage = $auth->getStorage();

Now I try to read this storage in another controller:

$auth = Zend_Auth::getInstance();
$authStorage = $auth->getStorage();
$user = $authStorage->read()->email;

but $user stays null. any ideas how to solve that problem?

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Warning: Move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable To Move 'c:/wamp/

I keep getting this error when I try to use my file upload:

Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move 'c:/wamp/tmpphp7F0C.tmp' to '' in C:wampwwwproject1upload.php on line 16

Heres the script:

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Move Information From One Form To Another?

i'm facing a trouble i would like to use a form to insert informations to a mysql database and after the insert to use some of those informations directly to another form which i precise in the action tab of my previous form

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Move Object From 1 Page To Another?

I'm kinda new to OOP in PHP. I've learnt how to write and create objects. Is there a way to take an object and pass it to another script? either using GET or POST or SESSION or whatever. If there isn't how would i assign an object some variables on one page, then assign the same object more variables on another page?

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Move A Page Down Automatically?

I'm trying to make my web site move down to the news that they have selected on in the home page. Rather than always start at the top and have to move down there self.

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Method To Move A Browser To Another Page

Does PHP have a method to move a browser to another page, or is it just easier to use the HTML version, something like <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="5; url=">?

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Move Mysql Information From One Page To Another?

I have the following code in view.php, I would like to take the information to edit.php without compromising on security or show what is contained in the variables. edit.php has a form to edit the information from the database.

while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
echo "<a href="edit_employee.php?$row[employee_id_passport]">" . $row['first_name'] ." " . $row['surname'] . "</a>";
echo "<br />";

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Move Multiple Times Between The Same Page?

I am a PHP beginner and I am trying to write a facebook app that will ask a questionnaire for random friends.

I tried that for each friend a following info is presented in one page:

photo and name questionnaire + submit

But apparently, all random friends were shown together:

for ($i=1; $i<= $num_Of_Friends ; $i++){

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Move Specific Location With In A Page?

i want to move specific location with in a page.for that i used like this

<a href="knowledge.php#news">HHH</a>
then it points the news table.

now i have query string is there. how to give like above. now i want to point a div which is in comment.php. where can i give #news

<a href="comment.php?postid=<?=$Row['auto_id']?>"><b>Reply</b></a>

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Form Validation Failing After Server Move?

With our old server in dire need of hardware upgrades we moved our company intranet to a new server.In addition PHP was upgraded to from 5.2.6 to 5.2.9-1.It was a relatively uneventful upgrade except that the validation used in our forms across the site fails.Filling in the required fields results in a redirection to a page normally reserved for when a required field is missing, etc.If I remove the validation from the form, the form is processed as it should be.Here is a snippet of the code in question:

PHP Code:

if (Trim($firstname)=="") $validationOK=false;
if (Trim($lastname)=="") $validationOK=false;[code]....

Even when you meet the requirements it goes to the error page. If you remove the validation all together the form is processed as it should be.Is it possible I have something turned off in my php.ini file that should be enabled?

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Jquery - Page Move On Top After An Ajax Call?

I make this code that, after 9 seconds, it call an ajax function, and print the result elaborated from the server to the client.

This is the JS code :

function changeSponsor() {
type: 'POST',
cache: false,
url: './auth/ajax.php',


the result is printed on a div at the top of the page. when the result is printed to the client (after, as said, 9 seconds), and I am at the bottom of the page, the page go automatically at the top. I don't want this.

You can see an exemple at this link : open this page, go to the bottom (is not so long this page) and after few seconds (9). You will se the page scroll at the top.

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Move The Focus Inside A Generated Page?

How does one move the focus within a Web page, to various DIV elements of that page, which Web page is of course generated by Php?So for example if user types A and clicks Submit, I want in the resulting page generated as a result of their POST for them to be at the element on the Web page designated by <div id ="a_elem"> And if I need to use another idea to achieve the focus result, please advise that.the simple <a name="a_elem"></a> since this is a POST generated page.

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Making A Post Automatically Move Down To Another Page?

So, I'm in the process of creating a blog and I realized that I do not have a clue how to do something that is very commonly used all over the internet.How do I make a page so that after a certain number of posts it will automatically get bumped down to another page so I don't have to manually put it in every time? This is something I kind of just assume would be accomplished in PHP but if I'm mistaken please direct me elsewhere.

To make myself clear, say I have 10 posts on a page. Once I make 11 posts then my site will automatically render a second page in which my original post will be bumped into. For an example: http:[url].....what they do on their homepage.

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Insert Data In Mysql And Move To Another Page

I'm stuck with this simple problem. I need to insert data in Mysql and then hit submit and move to another page. My first thougt was to use Post but that didn't work.

How do I use Get and Post to do what I want?

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Automaticly Move Back One Page Everyday?

i have a question about a dynamic website. What i have is a site that takes content from the MySQL database and load it into the index.php file. And i know how to change the content of the page when i move around in the navigation, e.g when i click on the "HOME" tab, the content for the home page is shown and when i click on "ABOUT", the information about my site is shown and so on..

Now for my question! I want the content too move everyday automaticly. For example, today i type in some content in the MySQL database that i want to be shown on my website for today. But tomorrow i want the content to have been moved to page 2, and the next day page 3 and so on.. So that everyday i can type in new content, and all the old pages get pushed back one page if that makes sense?

Sorry but I have no actuall code for this cause i don't know how to start, but i guess you could use dates and "if else" statements to determine when the pages should be moved and not.


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Redirect - Move To The Target URL After CURL Form Submit?

I'm new to this. I have just discovered curl.Looks like I'm missing something.ere's the idea.HTML page has a form with one hidden field that POSTs it to a php file (order.php) after a user clicks SUBMIT.order.php then generates a bunch of other parameters and POSTs them to a different php file (ordercheck.php)ordercheck.php uses the POSTed data.This almost works.BUT: the problem is that the browser still shows order.php in the address field.Is there a way for the browser to move to ordercheck.php after order.php has POSTed? Eventually, I would like to move from order.php to a different server (paypal's webscr), so simply processing the data is not good enough for me. I need to actually post the data AND move to the new url, as if it were a normal form submission...

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Move To One Page To Another With Parametres Just Click Submit Button?

How i move to one page to another with parametres just click submit button and in second page display data from mysql database?

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Method/condition To Move An Http:// Page To Https:// ?

Is there any specific method/condition to move an http:// page to https:// ?

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Zend Form Not In Place Labels Values - Move Them That They Will Be Exactly Above Text Box?

Zend Form not in place label value, how to move them that they will be exactly above text box, and not from left? (I didn't put filters and validation to make this code simpler here) My Code Login.php form:

public function init()
$username = new Zend_Form_Element_Text('username');
$password = new Zend_Form_Element_Password('password');
$this->addElements(array($username, $password));

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FullCalendar Jquery Plugin: Move Events Between 2 Calendars On The Same Page?

Edit: This is for the FullCalendar jquery plugin [URL].

Is there a way to move an event from one calendar(in month mode) to another calendar(in month mode) that are both on the same page? I know there is a demo on the fullcalendar home page that shows dragging events onto a calendar, but when you try to drag an event off the calendar onto another calendar, this does not work. The event gets hidden behind the calendar container element.

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Auto Fill Form - Make Script That Fills Out Multi Page ASP Form And Grabs Part Of Page

I'm trying to make a PHP script that fills out a multi-page ASP form and grabs part of the page thats displayed after submitting the form. I think its possible to do this using a programme called iMacro's, buts thats quite costly.

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Robust Directory Manager / Breaking Every Time You Move A File Or Move A File Into A Different Directory?

What are some techniques you employ to prevent the links in your PHP code from breaking every time you move a file or move a file into a different directory?

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Line In A Page Which Recieves Form Info From A Form Page?

I have a line in a page which recieves form info from a form page PHP Code:

$additional_info1 = $_REQUEST['additional_info1'] ;

the problem is, if the form which posts to this page does not have the form field 'additional_info1' then it throws up an undefined index error.How can I stop this error without having to include the 'additional_info1' form field on the form page. This is one of many form fields which react in this way which I would like to only add only on specific pages which post to this php script. I am hoping to do this without suppressing the error reporting

PHP Code:
<?php //error_reporting (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); ?>

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Form Processing - Create A Form Processor With Processes The Form To A Page

I have searched the internet for this. I want to create a form processor with processes the form to a page which only certain people can access. I got everything down but the form processing. Does anyone have this code or can you lead me to the right direction?

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