Message Popup In PHP

Jul 17, 2005

is there a function in PHP to get a message popup on the web page? Couldn't
find any (or missed it) in the docs; so I am now putting "echo <script>
alert(whatever)</script>" whic feels really strange... there go to be a
better solution...

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Popup Message

I have a php page called sms.php which displays checkbox value retrieved from the previous page. Here is the code:

foreach($_POST['check'] as $value)
echo "Message sent to username<br>";
echo " $check_msg <br>";
I want to display these checkbox value in a popup message after i press a submit button <input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit">.

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Popup When A New Message Arrives

I have a fully functioning messaging system on my website. I want to evolve this by having a box popup altering members when they have a new message.

It would say something like "You have a new message, would you like to view?". You would be able to click Yes or No.

UPDATE. I am very inexperienced using the technologies required here. How would I go about ensuring this works on every page? What code would I include? This is something I need to improve on as it opens up so many more possibilities!

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Display Message On Same Popup Window?

I want to display message on same customised popup window . Say for eg when i click on signin link a popup window comes and when i click on submit button , it get redirected to loginpage.php where php code for connection is written and other code of php is wriiten for database fetching . and if login credential match it get redirected to main page

So what i want to do is when some one click on signin link and popup window open up and when clicked on submit button , if the credential dont match it should throw error on same popup window before it closes

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Display Message In The Popup Window?

I have a login modal window which is user for entering the login and password, and check it with the database.If the login and password is not there i nthe database the message shuld be displayed in the popup window itself. But in my case the popup window disapperas if the login details are wrong. how shuld i code for this.

My code is pasted below.
<div id="cover"></div>
<div id="dialog">
<form action='' method='post' name='onlinepay'>
<table width="388" border=1><tr><td colspan="4" align="right"></td><td align="right"><a href="index.php" onclick="closePopUp('dialog');"><img src='images/close.jpg' align="right" /></a></td></tr>


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EventClick: Full Detail Popup That Popup Every Time Next/previous Calendar Button Is Clicked After Closing Popup?

i have integrated fullcalendar with json and php to get the events to a small calendar widget which works well. I have coded a css/div popbox which is passed an event id via eventClick: function so that when the event is clicked it opens and uses an ajax request with the passed id to get full event details into my focussed popbox. I can close the popbox no problemn BUT when i then click the next/previous/today tabs the celendar refreshes and also fires off the last viewed popbox too. I assume that it is because my calendar and ajax popbox are using the javascript event and are beiung tied together. Can anyone help with a few lines to stop this. My code:

editable: false,
cache: false,


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Php Created Popup Error Message Page

I have created a system using PHP & Javascript that works OK except that I want a neat display of error messages. Error messages caught at the client are displayed in a Javascript alert, which is fine. But errors caught at the server are not as well displayed and therefore I thought that I would ask if anyone has produced a "popup error message page" that would look similar to a Javascript alert but would originate at the server.

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Search In The Background And Show A Message (popup)

I got a search page and the form action is in searchresult.php. What I want is when i press the submit button instead of moving to that searchresult.php page. I want search in the background and show a message (popup) No result found if there are no results and Redirecting. if the search is found.

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Display Error Message On Same Popup Window?

I want to display message on same customised popup window . Say for eg when i click on signin link a popup window comes and when i click on submit button , it get redirected to loginpage.php where php code for connection is written and other code of php is wriiten for database fetching . and if login credential match it get redirected to main pageSo what i want to do is when some one click on signin link and popup window open up and when clicked on submit button , if the credential dont match it should throw error on same popup window before it closes

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Open And Automate Converting Excel File To Xml - Disable Popup Message

When i upload a excel file, i have used COM() to open and automate converting it to xml. It works fine, But when i run it, it always shows the message from Microsoft Excel: A file named ''' already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it? I can choose between Yes No and Cancel. normally i would choose Yes. But i dont want users to click on Yes each time. Can i disable this?


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Place Popup.php Instead Of Popup.html On Google Extension?

I just downloaded a hello world sample file, and realised it's just a HTML and JS script. Can I replace the popup.html by a popup.php and include PHP code?

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Open A Popup, Download File, Close Popup?

I have a page which is served via ajax. Depending on the user's selections, the page might present an excel or pdf file to download and save. So far the best way I've found to do it is have the ajax page load some JS to open a popup and that page presents the appropriate headers, since the page being loaded into a <div> on the existing page can't send the file correctly.

header('Content-Type: application/');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="file.xls");
header('Cache-Control: max-age=0');

So how can I get the popup to close automatically? It does in Firefox but the company uses IE6. I can't send HTML or JS to the popup since the headers specify it's an excel file - is there any way to close it?

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Can't Open A New Fullscreen Popup From Another Popup Window

I can't seem to make a fullscreen popup from a page that is already a fullscreen popup. What I want to do is open another fullscreen popup window from a current fullscreen popup that has the link in it. The link that comes up is"javascript:void(0);/"

Here is a sample of the code I am working with. Does anyone see anything wrong?

echo '<html>'
echo '<head>'
echo '<script type="text/javascript" src="/uploads/File/Javascripts/new_window_max.js"></script>'
echo '</head>'
echo '<body>'
echo '<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="fullScreen('/uploads/File',$row['map'],'');">Map</a><br>'
echo '</body>'
echo '</html>'

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Show Results In A Popup Or Popup Like Window....

I have an application which has 2 pages (example: parentpage.html and childpage.php)...on action parent page posts to childpage.php and childpage.php gets results from oracle view. Works fine as far as both are regular pages. BUT I want to make childpage.php results in side a pop-up or frame or something to avoid all the bars in regular window. You may ask me to resize childpage.php, i could do that BUT it has all toolbars/statusbars/addressbar etc).

Is there anyway I can remove those bars? or I can create a pop-up which gets the results ( popups generally dont have those toolbars). I tried by creating the childpage.php into popup BUT it will never show the results, however, it parse the pure html code.

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The Message Isnt Sent And The Approval Message Failed Message Is Displayed?

First of all, this is not a mysql error.I got the following script which updates a mysql field before redirecting the script to another "page" to get the users information from the database and then sending an email to notify the user that their account has been approved.

However, the message isnt sent and the Approval Message Failed message is displayed.Here are both parts of the script although it is the second part which is failing.

Code: [Select]case "approval":


$mysqlPassword = (base64_decode($mysqlpword));[code]....

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Only Allowing Popup To Popup Once

I use an OnLoad event in the body tag to open a popup window. I would like to know how to go about only allowing the window to popup once i.e on subsequent visits to the parent page, the popup np longer pops up. I think it is irritating to users to have to close the popup everytime they visit the page. I think I need to set a cookie so that the server knows the visitor is a return visitor and not a new visitor, but I have no idea how to write the code. I do know a little php so I could combine php and javascript if that is the best way to achieve my goal.

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Sending A Text Message Via - Receiving Message Gives Out The Hosting Servers Name ?

I've been using a friends code to send an sms message via php. The only issue is that on receiving the message it gives out the hosting servers name. Now this I know can lead to a security issue. This code uses the mail function of PHP.The default sub is set to TestingText .Here is the general form:

<form id="sms" name="sms" method="post" action="send.php">
<table width="400">

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Message System Like Hotmails Where The Message List Appears On The Left?

i am making a private messaging system like hotmails where the message list appears on the left. Then when you click on one of them the box on the right loads the email. The problem is i dont really know how to go about it.

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Chat Concept : Enter Message Into Chatroom1 Table.Retrieve Messages Periodically By New Message Entered Organized By Timestamp?

Im thinking about taking on a chat room php based project.I want to make sure my logic is right though.



Sign up.php
Insert username and password into Username table.

Search Username table to validate username and password. Create session.

enter message into chatroom1 table.Retrieve messages periodically by new message entered organized by timestamp.

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Retrieve A Specific Message From Imap With Consistent Id (message Id)

I need to keep a link tracking for an email message. I am using PHP and IMAP. I need some ID that identify the email over time. Using IMAP UID does not seems to work since the UID changes after expunge(), i know there is a message_id for emails, but how can i retrieve an email using it's message_id with PHP and IMAP?

Is there another identifier i can use?

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Programmatically Getting POP3 Message Unique Id And Message Size

I need to access a POP3 email account and obtain the the list of messages' unique id and its corresponding file size. I'm using CodeIgniter and have access to Zend libraries. Trying to do something similar to the LIST command. Ideas?

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Change The Color Of An Echo Message And Center The Message?

How do I change the color of an echo message and center the message in the PHP I've written. The line I have is:echo 'Request has been sent.

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Sql - Array Query - Passing $message Variable As Blank - Error "Column 'message' Cannot Be Null"

I have the following PHP code:


While running this I am passing $message variable as blank so I am getting this error:


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'Database error [23000]: Column 'message' cannot be null, driver error code is 1048' in /var/www/ryapi/Db.php:179 Stack trace: 0 /var/www/ryapi/Db.php(54): Db::_query('INSERT INTO car...', Array)1 /var/www/ryapi/card.php(79): Db::execute('INSERT INTO car...', Array)2 /var/www/ryapi/index.php(173): Card->givecard('4', NULL, NULL)3 {main} thrown in /var/www/ryapi/Db.php on line 179 If I want to pass $message as blank, how can I remove this error.

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Displaying A 'Message Posted' Message

I'm trying to create a function that will display a 'message posted' notification under a button, once when a user clicks the "save" button. Code:

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Enable Alert Message Together In A Same Message Box?

i have the following code:

how to enable the 2 alert message combined and only show one time when the mandatory field is blank?

E.g if the txtSPEarlyRedemptionPenalty and optSDStatusOfSecurity is blank, the system will prompts 2 message box. how to combile the msg box and only show once if the 2 fields above is blank?

PHP Code:

if (($txtSDSecurityDecs == "")||($optSDStatusOfSecurity == ""))
echo "<script>alert('Security Details Incomplete. Pls ensure all mandatory fields are input.')</script>";


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Sending Message Using Message Gateway?

check the script below and let me know if I mistook somewhere.There is no error on page......Please let me know if there is something missing in code.PHP Code:

//your username


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