Longtext Data Type Won't Display?

Feb 16, 2011

I have a problem with reading data from database. Everything displays correctly except the 'Message' row which doesn't show up at all.Problem is in the longtext data type. If I change it to mediumtext (or text) it works. Below is a table conf and a query.


I'm using the newest MAMP if it helps, and I have already changed php.ini memory limit to 64M, 128M, 256M

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Longtext Data Insert In Sql

I have a database which has a table named main and a field named description typ of description is longtext I can insert more than 100 word through phpmyadmin. but can't insert through form submit by post method. but Here i can insert 10 word through same form submit. Even I can use echo with that form field having 100 words but no data is inserting in database.

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Retrieving MySQL LONGTEXT Data

I have some code, along the lines of the following, where the column it is selecting is of the type LONGTEXT, from a MySQL database.

$stmt = $mysqli->prepare(... LIMIT 1);

The $longtext_value variable just contains garbage however (i.e. random symbols).

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Insert Longtext Data Method?

Is there a way of inserting direct into a LONGTEXT data field? - I need the maximum field size, hence LONGTEXT, and it needs to be for descriptive content.

PHP Code:
mysql_query("INSERT INTO test (id,name,extended,keywords,metat,metad,desc) VALUES ('".$id."','".$name."','".$extended."','".$keywords."','".$metat."','".$metad."','".$desc."')") or die("mysql_query failed: " . mysql_error() . "

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Column Longtext

i create table in mysql and i think alot of about php code use the table to show rows of one column on link (one under one). when click on of them show the opposite row in next column and under the link which click on it. important information the columns which i speak about the frist column is varchar (100) the second column longtext.

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Mysql Longtext Column

I have a column in a mysql table defined as longtext data type. I am trying to search for key words using php. I know that mysql indexes the first 1k (1024 chars) of data but I can't seem to even search the first byte.

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Echo Longtext To Screen

I web user copys and pastes a letter into a web form and submits. The field is saved in a longtext field.When I look at the letter in the database table it looks formatted correctly with line breaks and paragraphs as how the user submitted but when I echo to the screens everything is on one line missing all the line breaks and paragraphs.

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Abstract Longtext To Other Table?

I expect a table to have thousands of entries. The table only has foreign keys and dates in it, no CHAR or VARCHAR fields.However, I need a field called Settings to store a lot of encoded data, but i DON'T need to normally refer to this data in a query or join or etc., i.e. it's only used in post-process.So, would it be recommended, using mysql 4.x or 5.x, to put the LONGTEXT field in another table and join the rows one-to-one by an ID? I'm thinking the main table may query faster with no blob-like fields in them. Again, this table could have 10,000+ records in it at one point.

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Mysql Crashes When Retrieve A Longtext?

What seems to be causing this is html_content that is stored as a longtext data type in mysql. I tried replacing html_content with category which is a varchar, then it worked.

PHP Code:
$mysqli = new mysqli('localhost', 'user', 'pass', 'the_blog');

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Returning LongText Field With Line Returns

I have a Long Text field in my database. The data shows fine the in the database, with linefeeds all fine. When I try to pull that information out, the linefeeds turn into spaces. How do I get the data out in the same format it went in?

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Storing Longtext In Mysql Using Form Field

I have a form which has the following part defined:

<td> Description</td>
<td><textarea name="mydescription" cols="50" rows="5">
<?php echo $fields[mydescription]?></textarea></td>

Now, when I enter in some sentences into the textarea, and do a submit, I then extract the value and insert into the mysql db. The field in the DB is defined as a longtext.

The problem is that this seems to only work if my sentence has about 15 words (approx 2 rows). If I go beyond 15 words, it won't store it. I don't seem to be getting any errors output either. I was thinking that perhaps the form itself is causing the issue since when entering in the data, it does a wrap around.

Note if I do 15 words or less, it is stored properly in the DB.

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True Type Display

here is my code, the image shows but the text won't dispaly, the font path is right

$fontsize = 33;
$text = 'Hello World';
$font = 'arial';
$height = 200;
$width = 400;
$im = ImagecreateTrueColor($width, $height);
$white = ImageColorAllocate($im,255,255,255);
$blue = ImageColorAllocate($im,0,0,64);


Header('Content-type: image/Png');

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Drupal - Display N Nodes Of A Type X?

How to display N nodes of a type X?

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Display A Datetime Type Which I Save With NOW()

I'm trying to display a datetime type which I save with NOW()

    // create query
    $query = "INSERT INTO purchase (category, location, price, time) VALUES ('$category', '$location', '$price', NOW())";
time is a datetime type

I want to just display the "time" part of time,  not the date

this is the code I'm using:
echo "<li><a href=".$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']."?category=".$row[5].">".date("G.i:s", $row[5]."</li>";
and getting a "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' ..."

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Display Is Pulling Information From The Same Content Type?

I'm not sure how many users on here are familiar with Drupal. I have an issue with views. I have two view displays and am displaying each in a separate block. The problem is that each display is pulling information from the same content type and I want it to pull random nodes. Because though that they are two displays, it will randomly pick fields from any node so the two blocks aren't the same. I need them to somehow come from the same node.

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Drupal 7: Display Different Sidebar Depending On Content Type?

So I have three different blocks inside my right sidebar region. What I would like to do is change which one gets displayed based on the content type. I'm new to Drupal, and from what I can see in the available variables list, there's no way for me to see what content type I'm in when customizing block.tpl.php.

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Get Script To Display List Content By Category Type

For my first php effort can to input and display addresses and descriptions of available housing . Now trying to break out/display by housing category type, i.e. House, Apt, Duplex, Condo. All info is in same table. I have a row called Category, with corresponding values of 1, 2, 3, 4, that I hope to use as the category types. Below is what I'm currently using to display the entire list.

echo "<tr>";
echo "<td valign="top" class='address' width="180" colspan="3">".$res['address']."</td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td valign="top" class='text_box' width="420" colspan="3">".$res['desc1']."</td>";

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Create A <a Href> Type Link To Display Database Contents?

I have a database setup with some files in it; ie, html, text and graphics. I fail to understand how to create a link so these files are displayed on the browser; or could someone explain how to create a <a href> type link to display database contents.

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Write A Gd Class That Will Display A String In Any Font Type I Input?

here is the class i have so far<?php

class txt2img {
var $image;
var $headertype;
var $forecolor;\

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Display Url From MySQL Db - Retreive This Data And Display It On A Web Page As Hyperlinks? ?

Have a simple database with 2 columns and 2 rows of data as follows:

site url

Google googlecom
Yahoo yahoocom

I want to use PHP to retreive this data and display it on a web page as hyperlinks so the output is as follows:

Major Search Engines

Google (This would be a hyperlink)
Yahoo (This would be a hyperlink)

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Display A Validation Error Message Inline With Form Field On WordPress Custom Post Type?

I've created a Custom Post Type with a Custom Meta Box for WordPress.

I want to display an error message if the user submits data into one of the form <input> fields is invalid.

From what I understand add_action('admin_notices', '...') can be used to display a message at the top of the page, however I want to also show a message next to the specific field with the problem.

How can I do that? There seems to be a lot of attempts at this:

Passing error/warning messages from a meta box to admin_notices Add validation and error handling when saving custom fields? Wordpress: displaying an error message - hook admin_notices fails on wp_insert_post_data or publish_post Triggering an error in a WordPress plugin for a custom post type screen (this seems easiest)

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Text Data Type

Can somone give me an example of using the text data type with PHP stored into MySQL.

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Field/data Type

I was wondering what type of field is needed to store values of a radio button like below:

<td>Premises, facilities and/or equipment are managed better</td>
<td><input type="radio" name="RadioGroup50" value="Most valuable"></td>
<td><input type="radio" name="RadioGroup50" value="Valuable"></td>
<td><input type="radio" name="RadioGroup50" value="Quite valuable"></td>

and a checkbox like this

<td>Age Concern - own standards</td>
<td><input type="checkbox" name="checkbox3" value="Heard of this"></td>
<td><input type="checkbox" name="checkbox4" value="Relates to organisation"></td>

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Data Type Dilemma

Having some trouble with data types. In my script, I need the table's data to be ordered by "page", but the values have mixed char/num data (for instance, "21-22"). Because of the hyphen, I have to set it to VARCHAR (or it will erase the hyphen completely), but since it's a number, it won't order properly. For example, let's say my page numbers are 1, 21-22, 31, 121. Code:

SELECT * FROM 'table' ORDER BY page;

Would return: 1, 121, 21-22, 31 (it's ordering by the first digit in the value only).

Is there a datatype that will allow me to include hypens, but still order properly as numeric data?

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How Do I Get The Data Type And Length?

I am a student taking my first PHP class - semester is almost over and my final project is finished, but I'd like to learn to do something and add it to my project. I would like to query a table in my database regarding its structure and based on that dynamically create a form to edit contents.

So, from the result I'd like to pull the table column names and field lengths, maybe the types. I believe that an mysql DESCRIBE query will get me that information, but how do I go about assigning the return to variables so I can create my form. How do I get the column names instead of the data in a normal query, and how do I get the data type and length?

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Boolean Data Type

In a forum elsewhere there was a question concerning the use of radio buttons and the stated that they were placing values into data fields that were TINY INT(1) which I believe is also a BOOLEAN data type and will accept only the values of 0 or 1, am I correct in my thinking since I pointed out that they were in fact using a BOOLEAN whether they knew it or not.

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