Localhost Not Working On WAMP Server?

Mar 20, 2010

I have installed the wamp server correctly but when i called [URL]for example it didn't work it gave me (the web cannot found this page).

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WAMP, Web Browser Hang When Loading Localhost Server?

but I created a profile php file that accesses the username(since that was also the folder name)this is assuming all inputs are correct. but when i create a new file, something goes wrong. after i close the web browser, everytime i load localhost using WAMP as a server, it keeps giving me an error on the web browser, status access violation or something, it ends up terminating the browser and i cannot determine the cause.

$error = false;
$errorfragment = "?";


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Code Displaying On Screen Using Localhost WAMP Server?

I am using WAMP2 on my desktop. each time I run a php page the code is echoed to the screen. The icon in the lower tool bar is white/grey I have had in working I then installed new anti-virus software and that is when I noticed that it wasn't working. I have reinstalled WAMP2 nd it is the same. The page works on my domain server.I have uninstalled the anti-virus software and problem still remainsDoes anyone have any idea or elimination tests

$weight = 36.0;
$rate = 1.00;


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Run A Project Running On Wamp/xampp Server Using System's IP Address In Place Of Localhost?

Actually I'm making a web project using Wamp server, and to run the same I access it using the usual local-host address, as we do while building a project on our PC. But to share my project with my friends, I want to make access using the IP address of my computer. ut when I make such an access it is not able to connect, which is not the case with my friend's project.After I failed accessing using the Wamp Server, I installed Xamp Server, the project can be accessed using local host with both the servers (running one at a time) but not when accessed using my PC's IP address (which I find using [URL]

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Wamp Server Is Not Working?

i have downloaded some files which have .php extension.Then i installed wamp server on my pc. but couldnot be able to view those files.i have also turned off the IIS from the add/remove windows program.still i am not able to view the pages.

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Project Not Working On Wamp Server?

have just installed wamp server on windows. In the www folder, if I write a simple php method I get the result. But if I try to install an earlier project, I am getting a parse error at the end of the file i.e. where the </html> tag ends.

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Imap Is Not Connecting To Mail Server From Live Server But Working Fine From Localhost

I could connect to a mail server from my localserver my when I uploaded that file to a server I am getting the following error

Notice: Unknown: rsh to IMAP server timed out (errflg=1) in Unknown on line 0

Notice: Unknown: Connection failed to mail.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com,143: Connection refused (errflg=2) in Unknown on line 0

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Phpmyadmin Stopped Working After Installing Wamp Server 2?

had a working phpmyadmin which stopped working when i installed a new version of wamp 2 for windows 32bit.Now i have mysqlBuddy appearing in my localhost homepage and it mysqlBuddy works but when i click on phpmyadmin it doesn't work. The error i am getting is Access Denied. please read below error.

> Error
> MySQL said: Documentation Cannot connect: invalid settings.


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Wamp Server: Multiple Virtual Hosts Are Not Working On Windows?

I have two virtual hosts on windows(for example: test1.dev and test2.dev). But it always load content of test1.dev for both virtual hosts. Following are my files:

hosts: localhost test1.dev test2.dev


<IfModule ssl_module>
SSLRandomSeed startup builtin
SSLRandomSeed connect builtin


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Fonts Working On Localhost But Not On Live Server

I am using imagettftext() for creating text over a image. I used times new roman font, the application in working fine on my development machine but not in live environment. Is it due to my dev. machine in windows and live is linux? Actual problem is text on my locahost appears "Monster" but on live server "Mo nster" this is not only with O but with other alphabets too.

$font = './fonts/times.ttf';
$bbox = imagettfbbox(30, 0, $font, $word);
$x = $bbox[0] + (imagesx($src) / 2) - ($bbox[4] / 2);
$y = $bbox[1] + (imagesy($src) / 2) - ($bbox[5] / 2)+212;
imagettftext($src, 30, 0, $x, $y, $color, $font, $word);
$bbox2 = imagettfbbox(18, 0, $font, $definition);
$x = $bbox2[0] + (imagesx($src) / 2) - ($bbox2[4] / 2)
$y = $bbox2[1] + (imagesy($src) / 2) - ($bbox2[5] / 2)+245;
imagettftext($src, 18, 0, $x, $y, $white, $font, $definition);

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Insert Query Is Working In Localhost But Not In Web Server?

I am using flex builder 3 to insert into mysql database using php and everything is working perfectly in my localhost, the problem is when I deploy the project in the web server and run it, it connect to the database but i can't insert data ( it shows nothing when i insert data )another stupid thing is in another piece of code for retrieving (select) data that works good on both my localhost and web server.here is the php code:


$host = "******";
$user = "******";
$pass = "******"; [code]...

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Cookies Works Well On Localhost But It's Not Working On Live Server?

Note: This issue is already solved, finally I found that it's not cookies problem, the problem is on unserialize() function. The serialized cookie which being the parameter of that function must be stripslash-ed first.

I have a problem here about PHP Cookies. I'm using PHP Cookies to save user preferences. I've tested my code on my local machine (localhost using XAMPP). Everything's works very well, including the cookies. But when I uploaded it to the live server, the cookies not working at all. It seems that the setcookie() function do not write the cookie value. I've tested by echo-ing the cookie value both on my localhost and on my live server. $_COOKIE[] value on localhost is showing but not with the one in the live server.

I thought maybe it's related to the $expire time zone like the one's in this post [URL] . But then I realized that I've set the cookies to expire in 1 month, not only in one hour like on that blog post. So I think that's not the case.

This is the content of setting.php

$defaultSettings['default_post_to'] = 'both';
$defaultSettings['timesince_style'] = 'simplify';
$defaultSettings['display_geo_info'] = 'true';


I've search about it everywhere (Google, stackoverflow, asking friends on twiiter/FB) still no solutions

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Remember Me Function - Working On Localhost But Doesn't On Web Server

I have a Login Script with a Remember me Function. The Script works flawlessly on my local server but when I upload it doesn't work on my web server. From what I can tell its a Session issue, When I log in, I make a session with the user ID, in which is used to pull all there information on other pages. On my local host it makes the sessions and everything is dandy, but on the web server it doesn't seem to make the session.

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Code Worked In Live Server But Not Working In Localhost?

What is this error? Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at C:xampphtdocsjagalogin.php:9) in C:xampphtdocsjagalogin.php on line 12

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at C:xampphtdocsjagalogin.php:9) in C:xampphtdocsjagalogin.php on line 12

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:xampphtdocsjagalogin.php:9) in C:xampphtdocsjagalogin.php on line 37

Why it is showing?
below is my code
Code: [Select]<html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">
<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0">


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Ffmpeg Setting Up In Wamp On Localhost?

I have done the following:Downloaded ffmpeg from http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffmpeg-php/files/
Copied php_ffmpeg.dll from the php5 folder to the C:wampinphpextCopied files from common to the windows/system32 folderAdded the extension=php_ffmpeg.dll to php.ini fileRestarted all services (Apache, PHP...)And enabled "extension=php_ffmpeg.dll" directive in my php.ini.but it still doesn't show up when I do a php info page. I thought it might have something to do with that fact that I'm using php version 5.3.0. I have googled for a php_ffmpeg.dll for php version 5.3.0 and haven't had any luck

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Setup A Subdomain On Localhost Using Wamp?

I am using wamp and i have setup a subdomain on localhost using wamp and when i go from localhost to subdomain.localhost the sessions from localhost doesnt work.

However, i searhed a bit and found that i may need to add

session_set_cookie_params(0, '/', '.localhost');



but it seems it doesnt work.

Could it be vhosts problem?

this is how i have set up httpd-vhosts.conf

NameVirtualHost *:80
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot c:/wamp/www/
ServerName localhost
<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAdmin admin@test
DocumentRoot "C:/wamp/www/sub/"
ServerName sub.localhost
ServerAlias *.localhost

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All Localhost Pages Via WAMP Blocked?

I've been trying to fix a weird 403 Forbidden error I get when I try to go to one of my pages via WAMP on the localhost.

After adding a rule to open up port 80 via Windows Firewall, which apache uses, I notice that this does NOT fix my problem and instead gives me a 403 forbidden for ALL my pages via localhost.

Removing the rule I just made (which caused this to begin with) does not fix it. Disabling Windows Firewall does not fix it. Restarting my computer does not fix it.

EDIT2: I AM able to go to localhost/phpmyadmin for whatever that's worth.

EDIT3: The contents of my httpd.conf: [URL]

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Copy() Works On Localhost(wamp) But Not On Real Web Domain?

so i'm trying to copy file.xml into another location something like copy('file.xml',../../folder/newfile.xml) ; it works just fine on my wamp virtual server but on my real site it doesn't. i thought that is something related to chmod and i changed the file.xml to 0777(with a ftp client).is there something that i should put in my code to make it right? or what?

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Configure WAMP (localhost) To Send Email Using Gmail ?

I want to use the mail() function from my localhost. I have WAMP installed and a Gmail account. I know that the SMTP for Gmail is smtp.gmail.com and the port is 465 (more info from gmail). What I need to configure in WAMP so I can use the mail() function?

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Get A Math Captcha Image To Display On Localhost Using WAMP

I'm trying to get a math captcha image to display on localhost using WAMP, but all i get is a broken image box. Gd is enabled. Under apache, modules, I have php5_module selected.

Here is my code:

Code: [Select]<?php
$num1 = rand(1, 20);
$num2 = rand(1, 20);
$value = $num1. " + " .$num2. " = ";


Then i have <img src=captcha.php> where i want the image in my form to be displayed.

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Wordpress Template Is Good Working On Localhost But Not Working On Online?

wordpress template is good working on localhost but not working Online why?

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Header Working On Localhost But Not Working Online?

with this



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Sessions Not Working On WAMP

I have a WAMP setup (windows/apache/mysql/php). I'm running the latest
version of all of them with a default installation of all of them. PHP
works great with apache (as a module, not cgi), except that sessions
aren't working. The script at the bottom of this post never increments
my hit count. Do I need to turn sessions on somehow in php.ini?


// Initialize a session. This call either creates
// a new session or re-establishes an existing one.
session_start( );

// If this is a new session, then the variable
// $count will not be registered
if (!session_is_registered("count"))

$count = 0;
$start = time( );

$sessionId = session_id( );

"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"
"http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd" >
<p>This page points at a session
<br>count = <?=$count?>.
<br>start = <?=$start?>.
<p>This session has lasted
$duration = time( ) - $start;
echo "$duration";


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WAMP In Vista Not Working

WAMP in vista was not working... i was lookign for soultions but could not find it... i tried a lot and found out that it was my antivirous which was blocking port 80, 8080 etc. so if your WAMP not working in vista check that http is not blocked by your antivirous. check in http blocking in antivirous and disable block 80, 8080and it will work.

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Get MySQL Working Using WAMP?

new to this coding business and spent days trying to get apache, php 5 and MySQL working on my windows pc. Finally got there and can only connect to database using mysqli instructions. Problem is that the book I am trying to learn from only has mysql code. I have been into the php.ini and un-commented the mysql extension, which was commented.I am running the following command:

$conn = mysql_connect('localhost', 'username', 'pwd');

and it says Client does not support authentication protocol, consider upgrading mysql client.I downloaded the latest cersion of mysql. Can somebody explain whether I should be learning mysqli or not and what I need to do to be able to run mysql.

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Installed WAMP On Vista Not Working

Last week I installed WAMP on my Vista machine. The PHP portion appeared to install correctly but the PHP code is echoed to the screen e.g.


gives me


on the screen. Are there any settings that I need to look at to see where the installation failed? (The apache service and mysql service are starting as they should.)

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