Integration Of Header, Menu And Footer In Php.

Nov 3, 2007

I want to create a simple home page with a header, menu and footer. So, I create three tables Ist is for header.php, IInd is for menu.php and IIIrd is for footer.php and menu.php and footer.php contains as:-

contact us
about us

Here is the codding for it as given: Code:

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Build Header, Main Content And Menu, Footer And More?

How do I build up my design and how do I return it later? I would like to build my header, main content and menu, footer and more.o build up a design and then copy it into every new view I created does not feel like a good solution. If I change something in the footer, the change takes effect for the entire website.Does anyone have any link to any good guide how to make the best use out of view or explain in a good way here.

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Header And Footer

How can I put header.php and footer.php in my web pages?

In my header I have a general Menu, and the footer has something
similar to a | mini | web | map |.

As a library, so when I modify header.php this changes in all the pages
which contain both php, and it's not necessary to make changes

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Header Footer

I'd like to do the classic design using header/body/footer since my site uses the same header and footer for most pages. There are dozens of examples on php help pages, but I can't get any of them to work. Depending on what example I use, I either get unexpected T-string errors, unexpected T_echo errors or just the page without the header or footer.

Is there a definitive method to do this correctly? Am I overlooking a setting in htaccess or php.ini? I tried to set htaccess to parse htm pages as php, but that prevents regular htm pages from working.

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Footer And Header

What I want to do is probably very simple but the script I just tried didn't work so I'll ask. I want to create a footer and geader file that when I insert certain code on a page the footer and header will appear automatically. This is much like phpBB's overall_footer and overall_header system. I tried this but nothing showed: Code:




I want to put a copyright in my footer, and a banner and navbar in my header.

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Include() Header And Footer

I've been using PHP for
almost a year now, and have used HTML extensively in the last few

Often, when I create a new site, I use include() to add an HTML header
at the top of the page and a footer (ususally including a menu) at the

Up to now I've created two or more copies of each header and footer,
the only difference being the path to linked files. For example, in
the root directory I need to reference a stylesheet as
'style/screen.css', but in files within another directory I use
'../style/screen.css' or '../../style/screen.css'.

Now this is the part I'm ashamed about! I realised today that I could
just use '/style/screen.css' within the file in the root directory and
any other directory you care to mention. I've no idea how I missed
this and I'm sure I've never seen it in anyone else's HTML or in any

Can someone please confirm that it's ok to do this (i.e. one header
file and one footer file, using '/dir/file' as the link rather than
'dir/file' or '../dir/file')?

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Trying To Add Header/footer To This Page?

I have header and footer showing on most web pages, but not this one added later. I tried copying a few lines from another page that HAS the header and footer appearing, but got many errors which I've listed below. (The page code shown below I've extracted some lines of private data)Working page without header/footer:Code:

// Get Details
$amount = $_POST['valu'];


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$require Header And Footer Question

does it make a difference weather i require header.php on the top of my main page or can i $require mainpage.php on the bottom of my header.php?

Im wondering if i can get the pages to load a little faster. any tips on speeding up page loads would be awsome.

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Passing Variable From Header To Footer

Perhaps I don't understand variable scope.

I have a file say a.php

In it I first call a header.php file

so include ("header.php");

in this header script among other things I create a random variable $p;

Then later on I call a footerfile:

include ("footer.php");

in that file when I try and work with $p nothing happens as $p acts like it does not exists.

But I thought the scope of variables was for all included files. How do I use the variablein the header in the footer too?

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Quick Include - Header & Footer

I'm trying to include header and footer files for my site, and I've noticed that I can include files like "css/header.php", but NOT "css/header.php?page=index", which I need to do.

I'd rather not use a longer method like reading the file and echoing it if I don't have to, and I'm wondering if this is just a stupid mistake that I haven't looked at carefully.

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Template - Use Header.htm And Footer.htm To Every Files

how to use header.htm and footer.htm to every files, that save my time to design every page.

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Include Body Or Use Header/footer

I got a little issue:

For our new website, we've been thinking about 'templating it'.

We've done some experimants with the index and an include with links like index.php?page=example.

Now Ive also tried some things with headers and footers, but I think I like the include page better.

Here's my question which I hope anyone can clear up for me:

Which one is better? and how do searchengines handle such sites?

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Is It Possible To To Print A Webpage Without The Header And Footer

When I receive an order I display the invoice (using PHP from the remote hosted server) and print them using IE.

Is there a away to remove the default header and footer? Why? I don't want my customers to see the path to my invoicing script in the footer. It looks unprofessional.

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Seperate Header And Footer With MVC Codeigniter?

I'm looking for a simple way to have the same header and footer displayed all the time whilst being able to switch out the main content area.I'm not sure how to achieve this with MVC.

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Add Header And Footer In The Created PDF File?

I am using this site as reference: [URL]

I read the readme.pdf but haven't found any function that instructs how to add header and footers in every page in the pdf.

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Accessing MS Word Header And Footer?

Im doing in-home project such that a document is being generated on the values i give in html document.

how can i include header and footer for the word document by php code . MY cod for generating document is

header("Content-Type: application/");
header("content-disposition: attachment;filename=$str");?>


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Set Header / Footer Off While Printing A Webpage?

There is an invoice preview webpage. I want to set header and footer information off while printing it. I know we can edit the page setup settings. But I wanted to know if we can do something without changing the default page setup settings. With default setting inside page setup, webpage title and webpage path are displayed for header and footer respectively.

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Sharing A Header And Footer Across Different Folders?

I am working on my first CMS and I have designed a header and footer that I wish to share accross my website folder. I have created a main folder with this kind of set up

Project1 -> (Folders) images,includes,javascripts,styles,functions, admin (files) index.php, content.php

files in admin index.php, edit.php, delete.php, etc.

My problem is for the header to display its images and scripts I need to copy the images and scripts folder into the same folder as the header. Is there anything I can do either to the header so that where ever I paste Code: [Select]<?php include('../includes/header.php');?> It will use one global stylesheet and images folder?

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File_get_contents - Add A Header And Footer To The Contents From My Server

I am using the following script to get content from an https:// server at a remote location to bring within my own sites headers and footers. I want to be able to add a header and footer to the contents from my server but when I do this ot tries to look for the graphics on my server rather than the remote location. The script works perfectly when executed on its on or you php inlcude text below the script. how I can get this script to work and siplay the contents with the graphics but then look from within my site for the remaining content. PHP Code:

$uri = ';
$html = file_get_contents($uri);
if($html !== FALSE)
   $html = preg_replace('/<head>/i', "<head>
<base href='$uri'>
", $html);
   echo $html;
else ...

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Surpress Header/footer On Specific Addresses

The reason I need this is so I can include the content of my blog on my domain's homepage, but that would mean either having a double header and double footer on the homepage or having no template for any of the individual post pages or archives.

I figure the easiest thing to do is just include the header/footer in most cases but somehow prevent them from being called if it's on the homepage. Code:

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Index.php?page=download Vs Header An Footer

I've been programming for a couple of years, but still I'm not sure which is the best solution.

solution 1:

- here you call you index and it will load a page in it

solution 2


- here you load download.php and you load the menu etc with header.php

what do you think is the best solution? and why?

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Separate Login Interface With Header Footer And Without It?

I want to know how to get different login interface for my web without change to the URL name. Example

<li><a href="">Login</a></li>

If user click on the Login I want to make it display on Ajax popup. Just show the login & password form. I'm using ColorBox. Example Outside HTML (Ajax)

If user type http:[url]... that page will include header, footer and etc.Let me know what to put in my login.php to make it to be different.

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CMS - Add Header - Footer - Left And Middle Sections

my friend asked me to install for him a CMS, so I tried to find a simple CMS for me and him, but the most of the simple CMS (including joomla) make the things to complicate, so if you know a simple CMS to :

1) add just, Header, Footer, Left and middle sections.
2) easy to add / edit an Article directly from the page or from admin including WYCIWYG
3) easy to add menu and submenu and link the pages to
4) sipmle Contact Us ( name, email, address and SEND button )

I will be happy to tell me and to give me your support. I spend about 4 hours yesterday findingwhat I need online but no way.

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Changing Or Eliminating Header & Footer In TCPDF?

AddPage() in tcpdf automatically calls Header and Footer. How do I eliminate/override this?

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Insert Header Footer Images Into Word Doc?

i want to insert images as header and footer into word document file. How to do this?

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Fetch All Of Wordpress (less Header / Footer) Into Magento?

I used this: [URL]

to accomplish getting my wordpress to show some info inside magento (blog posts) but I can not understand how to pull in the entire page. The only part I don't want is the header and footer.

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