Image Array, Display One Image, With 'Next' Button

Oct 25, 2007

I need help building an array and have it display the $row[i] based on a $_GET variable number in the URL- I want to show one image from an album and have a 'NEXT' button so that I can cycle though all the images in that album.

This is a very small/simple gallery, all images will be in one table as shown below. Code:

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Select Button W/ Image And Have That Image Display On Another Page?

Would like to be able to click on a radio button that represents an image. Once selected and submitted, have that image display on another page. I have an idea, but need some guidance.

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Convert Submit Button Of Array Into Image Button?

i doubt whether this is possible, if it is possible i ll be delighted . I have a form of php array , with a submit button passing the values , this submit button is so ordinary , so i want to change the look and feel of button , where i have a button image for it , but i cant fix it , ths submit button in php is this,

$form['submit'] = array('#type' => 'submit', '#value' => t('Create Account'), '#weight' => 40);

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Display The Next Image From Database When Click The Next Button?

include_once "dbutil.php";


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Sort An Image - Select The Image Name From The Database In Order To Display The Image?

I uploaded an image to a folder called photo and the name of the is save in my database i select the image name from the database in order to display the image how can i sort the image i want to display <img src = 'photo/&imagename' />

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Compare Two Image And Display The Another Image With The Difference Of Two Image?

I have to do two images which are similar to each other and i want to compare the both images in PHP and display one more image if it has difference in the images and showing difference in image with block to the image.It shoulb be done in PHP.

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Display Image Thumbnail By Reading Path From Table And Retrieving The Image From Folder

I would be grateful if anybody could help me out with this.

I have a table which stores the filepath of a set of images, e.g col filepath stores values like: ./phpimages/image3.jpg. Note that my images are stored in folder 'phpimages'

Now i want to loop through all the rows in my table and display thumbnails of the images.

Here is my code:

*************************Display all records from images table***************/
//create an instance is Image
$objImage = new Image;
$result = $objImage -> listImage();
$num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result);
//echo $num_rows."records in database";

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Display The Image Preview Before Saving An Image To Folder Using Cakephp?

I have a form for storing the details of a student In that form there is a field for uploading the student image .How can i display the image preview of a student ?

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Display Next Or Previous Image In Array?

I would like to display one image at a time on a webpage. I used a query to get a set of images from the database into an array. I have tried along these lines:

$my=& JFactory::getUser();
$db=& JFactory::getDBO();
$a=& $my->id;
$query="SELECT id FROM jos_phocagallery_categories WHERE accessuserid='$a'";


I changed echo line above because the line was not allowed After this code I've tried to add an input button that calls "next($results)" and then replace $image, but it seems the whole query is beeing implemented from the beginning again. So I can't get the pointer of the array to step forward. Not even in an echo.

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Display Just ONE Image Using Array In Html?

i'm getting an error when I load my php code in a browser. Here's my code snippet:



**I can't get it to display the first image (eg: Apple_iPhone3GS.jpg), I made sure that I have the image in same directory.

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Resize Uploading *.gif Image For Image Display And Thumbnail

how to resize the uploading *. gif image...for display image size and thumbnail size...Okay I know how to do a uploading image...only for resizing part kind of lost it...because I find all tutorial not suit for what I look after..Ok the idea is..

when I upload image ..the php will resize the image into two type size and put into two folder "folder for images" and "folder for thumb" and size for all this type of image are...images = 100x100 thumb = 80x80 with same name file.

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Display An Image Instead Of Downloading It (Image In Database Blob)

I want display an image instead of downloading it.

I have image in my database table, column as BLOB.

This snippet downloads the image, but I want to display it instead:

$query = "SELECT * FROM upload";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
$content = $row['content'];


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Check If Image Is In Database And If Not Display Default Image?

I came across following problem. I have a table where I store user profile images, but I want to display default image if user has no image uploaded. what I do is I look into "profile_images" table where $owner_id=$user_id. I need to figure how to do something like this:

This is not a real code, just the logic

(Select all from "profile_images" where $owner_id=$user_is) if user has uploaded image (so table is not empty) set image file as user profile picture else if table is empty set image with id=0 as user image (so set default image as user profile image)

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Image Display In A Div Reading Image Filename From Database?

Five images will be displayed inside a division. There will be a previous and next button/link. If someone click the next button the next image will be added in that div and the first image will be gone from that div. The previous button/link will do the same thing.

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Mysql Fetch Array - Image Display If Available

I am using a HTML search form to give me the following result. I can get everything to work, even get it to display images that are associated with particular search term, but can't figure out how to keep it from displaying that annoying little "There's not image here image" that explorer shows, the one with box and red "x".

I know that an if statement would do the trick, but I can't do "if's" inside of the "echo" is it possible to accomplish this? How? Code:

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Image Update And Image Information Store In Mysql Database Such As Image Name And Image Path

how can i do image update mean i want change my image using php code.........and previosly store image del and new image is overright previously image and image information store in mysql database such as image name and image path...

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Disable An Image Button That Acts As Submit Button?

I have a image button thats acts as a form submit button:

<a href="#" onClick="submitComment('+[id]+'); return false;"><img class="submitcommentimg" id="submitcommentimg<?php echo $id; ?>" src="/images/check.png" alt="Comment!" border="0"></a>

What is the best way to 'disable' it to prevent accidental double clicking.

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Display Image From Mysql With Image Name?

I have image names inside of a mysql database ie "c-major.jpg"

I am trying to get them to show up instead of just the text for them showing but I am having difficulty.

The code that prints the data is as follows

Code: [Select]{BEGIN key_image_fieldcolumn}<TD class=borderbody vAlign=middle {$key_image_style}>{$key_image_value} </TD>{END key_image_fieldcolumn}

Code: [Select]{$key_image_value} is actually the code that prints the code from the database. but when i try to envelop it with an <img> tag I get errors and it does not display the image.

This is what I have already tried:

Code: [Select]<img src="{$key_image_value}">

It would be lovely to have the actual time signatures print out in all their glory!!

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Display An Image From Images/image.gif?

I'm trying to display an image from images/image.gif getting the url from mysql database.The problem I just can't load the image the url.

Code: [Select]
$image_url = "images/image.gif";
$display .= "<image scr="$image_url " />";

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Upload Image Array And Insert Image Filename To Db?

I'm using the following code to upload 6 images, and I need to insert the filenames into the mysql databasesome of the form:

<form id="newrecord" name="newrecord" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="newrecord-exec.php">
<table width="700" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">

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Image Processing - Resize Function Creates Image And Destroys Older Image Files

I have a basic function to resize image given below:

function resize() {

I need to call it in another function and see its output. How can i do that? I want something like:

function test(){
//calling resize function
if (resize() === true){
echo "Success";
} else {
echo "resized failed";

What I'm not understanding is that the resize function simply creates the image and detroys the older image files. How it will return the output that it was successful or not?

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Image Manipulation - Redirects To A Page Called Image.php And That Displays The Image In Its Full Size

im just trying to use the script i have to shrink down some images that are massive but for some reason i cant get it to work. when i click on a thumbnail which i use the script to create it redirects you to a page called image.php and that displays the image in its full size but i need to shrink it down a little.

$dbLink = new mysqli('localhost', 'root', '', 'gallery');
if(mysqli_connect_errno()) {
die("MySQL connection failed: ". mysqli_connect_error());
if(isset($_GET['id']) && is_numeric($_GET['id'])) {
/* $_GET['id'] passes our test, so perform security functions on it & assign it to the $id variable */
$id= $dbLink->real_escape_string($_GET['id']);

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Image Button Vs. HTML Button

I have a form I've been working on trying to get working, and to my surprise, the only reason it wasn't working was because the submit button was an image. PHP Code:

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Image Button

im doing a submit page w a image button "<input type="image" src"../image/btn.gif" name="btnsearch">".. i tried the usual way to extract info from the textbox like this:

if( isset($_POST['btnsearch']) )
echo $search = $_POST['txtboxsearch'];

but it wont work.

if i use "<input type="submit" name="btnsearch">" it works.. so how do i use image button?

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Image Uploading And Fetching / Can Not Find Image Name Because Space In Name Of Image?

my image name is like this:-- demo 123.jpg

can i save that image name demo 123 in database column. And in also in folder as demo 123.jpg

when i am fetching with demo 123.jpg it can not find image name because..

peoblem is space in name of image...

i dont want to replace space in image name with any character like _

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Display The Image Given An Image ID?

So I have a database with BLOBs (jpeg images). I also have a handy PHP page to display the image given an image ID. This page works fine, by getting the data, setting the content-type header to "image/jpeg", and echoing the data.Now here's the rub: I need the page to also display other information, in text / html format (i.e. show image, and below it show time the image was taken and other information also stored in the database. Because the content-type header has been set as "image/jpeg", I can't display this additional content. How can I make this work?

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