How To Optimize Mysql Like '%keyword%'

Jul 22, 2005

It seems index does not work for like '%keyword%'. I have a search query on a very large table:

SELECT id FROM table WHERE name like '%user_keyword%' AND number1 =1 AND number2= 0 AND number3=3 ORDER BY somthing.

The problem is the table is very large and I can't image a search without index. How to preform/optimize this query?

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Match Both A Htmlentified Keyword And Non-htmlentified Keyword At The Same Time In A Fulltext MySQL Search

I've been learned to keep my data in MySQL as raw as possible. Here's an example of how I store content in my MySQL database:

title (VARCHAR, 255) =>
content (TEXT) => <p>A paragraph about r&eacute;f&eacute;rences...</p>

When I output it to a page, I use htmlentities() on title, but ofcourse not on content. I feel this is the correct way of storing it, since title stores only text and content stores HTML.However, I now see a limitation to this: when I'm do a fulltext search to match a specific keyword (such as , I need to search both for AND r&eacute;f&eacute;rences in order to retrieve all results.


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Optimize In MySQL

how to work out the size (in KB or similar) of a database. In one of my scripts I use the Optimize command in MySQL as there is a lot of data added and removed from the database. A quick trawl through Google and as well as browsing through PHPMyAdmin code has left me without a clue.

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Optimize The MySQL Table?

This is for an upcoming project. I have two tables - first one keeps tracks of photos, and the second one keeps track of the photo's rank

| id | photo | current_rank |

That means some extra code in PHP to split the rank/time (and sorting), but that looks OK to me. Is this a correct way to optimize the table for performance?

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Optimize Or Combine These MySQL Queries?

I want to check for the username in the users table. If it's found, then I want to get the id. Otherwise, I want to insert the username as a new record, then get the id.
Here's my code:

$sql = "SELECT id FROM users where username = '$username'";
$query = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());
$result = mysql_num_rows($query);

How can I optimize or combine these MySQL queries?

Can I select and insert in the same query?

and would it be better and faster?

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How To Optimize Mysql Full Match

do you know some trick about how can I optimize more a full match search?

The code that I'm trying to optimize:

$do = $this->select()
->where('MATCH(`name`,`ort`) AGAINST( ? IN BOOLEAN MODE)', $theString)
->order('premium DESC');

The search should search for some companies...and let's say that in the field name I have: Google and in the ort field I have new york. I want to do a query like: google center in new york and to give me as a result all the google centers from new york only!

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How To Optimize Mysql Database Automatically

i have a database and need to automatically optimize this 24 hourly

What should I do?

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Optimize MYSQL (3) Table Join Query?

Running an EXPLAIN on some of my query tests have resulted in slow ALL joins even with indexes. How do I make a MYSQL query with the following information more efficient?


counter: id (pk), timestamp, user_id (fk)
user: id (PK), username, website_id (fk)
website: id (pk), sitename
SELECT t2.username, t3.sitename, count(*) as views FROM counter t1
LEFT JOIN user t2 ON = t1.user_id
LEFT JOIN website t3 ON = t2.website_id
WHERE <> ""

The result in an html table:

username, sitename, counter_views

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Optimize Mysql Fulltext Union Search?

Making a mysql fulltext database table article1 has ~18000 articles, article2 has ~7000 articles, article3 has ~13000 articles.FIELD cat is a INDEX field.Now I want to make a union search.there are 5 groups words put into 3 table, match out the results.But the process time is 3.1213495136 seconds.(I add microtime()to see how much time it will cost).Is there any way to optimize mysql fulltext union search?

(SELECT title,content,date FROM article1 WHERE (cat='novel' AND MATCH (title,content) AGAINST ('+Mary +Barnard' IN BOOLEAN MODE))OR (cat='novel' AND MATCH (title,content) AGAINST ('+Patricia +Beer' IN BOOLEAN MODE))


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Do A Search By Keyword, And Show The Results Highlighting The Keyword.

I made a search engine, and now I'd like to do a search by keyword, and show the results highlighting the keyword. I have this: PHP Code:

$string = "This is a test, but this will be...";
$keyword = "this";
$new_string = eregi_replace($keyword, "<strong>$keyword</strong>", $string );

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Keyword Density Calculation On A Keyword Phrase?

When attempting to calculate the keyword density of a single keyword in a string of content, the formula is pretty straightforward: kwd = (keyword count / total word count ) * 100However, what should the formula be when we are looking for keyword density of a keyword phrase?For example, how would you calculate the keyword density of the phrase "blue widgets" in the following string?

$myContent = "Blue widgets in a field
of widgets blue makes for lots of widgets, true. But
if a widget is blue, is it still a
"blue widget" or just a lone widget in a sea
of blue?";

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Search Keyword With Mysql?

What should I use, to search for a keyword with mysql ? I have a word and in the query I have

something word something
someword some

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Misspelled Keyword Matching In Mysql

I have few keyword lists already in mysql table. for example keywords are like indian army, indian boys, USA people and something like that.

So if someone searches using my search and use some misspelled keyword like he enters "indan boys" so i want that "Indian Boys" option should be selected from my sql database.

Is there anyway by which i can display nearest correct keyword from database?

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Multiple Keyword Search In Mysql?

Here's what I'm trying to do: I have a database (directors) containing 8 columns. Each column contains sentences or keywords.I have built a search form (multiple words separated by a space) and wrote a mysql statement that cycles through:1. the array of keywords2. the array of columnsI'd like the results to be based on ALL of the search words but for some reason, my statement shows results that include any of the keywords.What is it that I'm doing wrong?this is the coding I have used so far without success:

if ($searching2 =="yes")
echo "<h2>Results</h2><p>";
if ($SearchWords == "")

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OR Keyword Be Use For Same Field In A Mysql Table?

I'm trying to create a search form where members of a site can search other members whose user information is stored in a mysql database. One of the search parameters is gender which searches for records from a column in the database called gender where members can either have the value "man" or "woman". The user can choose between 3 options from a pull down menu named gender (man, woman, both). Then I'm thinking about using a select query to search the database upon submission of the form, which goes something like this:

$sql= SELECT* FROM members WHERE gender ='{$_POST['gender']}' ;

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Mysql Search Multiple Tables Using A Keyword?

I have three tables in my database which are:


Each of these tables has two fields called 'content' and 'title'. I want to be able to use 'Like' in my sql statement to look at 'messages.content', 'messages.title', 'topics.content', 'topics.title', 'comments.content' and 'comments.title' using a keyword.

So far, my query is able to find results from only one table:

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM messages
WHERE content LIKE '%" . $keyword . "%'
OR title LIKE '%" . $keyword ."%'");

I am also wondering, once I get the results from multiple tables, how can I tell what result is from what table?

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Search More Than 1 Field In Mysql Database For A Keyword?

Does anyone know how i can make a query for a keyword (say apple) in different field?Example would be...I have 4 fields in my databasefield 1, field2 field 3, field 4each field has different keywords, apple, banana, orange, strawberryWhat i want to do is make a query with php were it searches for say apple, but it searches all 4 fields to see in which field apple is atDoes that make sense?Could i do the following...

Code: [Select]<?php
$sql = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE field2='1' || field2='1'";

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MySQL: CONCAT_WS(' ', Name_first, Name_middle, Name_last) Like '%keyword%'?

I'm setting up a keyword search across multiple fields: name_first, name_middle, name_last but I'm not getting the results I'd like. Here's the query:

"SELECT accounts_users.user_ID, users.name_first, users.name_middle, users.name_last,
FROM accounts_users, users
WHERE accounts_users.account_ID = '$account_ID' AND accounts_users.user_ID = AND CONCAT_WS(' ', users.name_first, users.name_middle, users.name_last) LIKE '$user_keyword%'
ORDER BY users.name_first ASC"

So, if I've got three names in the DB:Aaron J Ban

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Optimize Mysql Query If Have Too Many OR Operators In Query?

using PHP and MySQLi have grabbed an array of facebook user ids from facebook.Now i want to find the corresponding username in my application for this array.learly in my application the user table contains unique username and unique fb_uid rudimentary understanding oof programming led me to 2 ways:1) us a loop and run through the array of fb_uid and find the username one by one.OR2) create a monster query like select distinct(username) from users where fb_uid = value1 OR fb_uid = value2 ...

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File Only Search 'Begin With Keyword' - Make It Search 'Contain Keyword'?

This search.php file only search 'Begin with keyword' only, how to make it search 'Contain keyword'

Quote: for example there already a name in database, lets say James

1. right now if user search for 'Begin with keyword' like Ja, or Jam, it will showing it (James, and other name begin with that keyword)

2. but not if search for 'End with keyword' or 'Contain keyword', like mes, or ames, or ame (it will not showing James, and other name with that keyword in the middle or in the end)

i need to make it like no.2 above, can search for 'Contain keyword', not search for 'Begin with keyword' only.

$sq = "select * from names where $gn $ori and (name like '$l%' OR meaning like '$l%') order by name";
$sql = "Select * from names where $gn $ori and (name like '$l%' OR meaning like '$l%')

order by name limit $limitvalue,$limit"; * = are the keyword that typed by user names = the database table contain name list meaning = the database table contain name meaning list


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Is There A Way To Optimize My Program?

My Program is about parsing website through their url, My program is working properly but everytime it enters URL with so many sub URL (i mean thousand) my program seem to stop responding. Can you suggest something to this problem. somebody told me that i use the sleep() fucntion to not force my script to run successively, to give a pause to my program. Any thing more you can suggest? i'm not after the speed of execution but what im after is that he finish his job no matter how much time it takes....

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Sql Optimize Help Needed

SELECT * FROM post WHERE forumid=1 ORDER BY ctime LIMIT x,10

ctime=creation time
both forumid and ctime is index separately
it take too much time when x is so large.
how can i optimize this query?

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How To Optimize A PHP Forum?

I want to know, how to optimize a forum made of PHP. What about URL re-writing. I have read that Long Dynamic URL are not supported by Search Engines and these pages are hard to crawl. I have read about converting Dynamic URL to static one (the one which SEarch Engines prefers)..but i dont know how to do that?

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Optimize: In Query Or Php

I have a db table with 40 fields, any of which can be &#390;' (not null). I want to select all rows that don't have a single &#390;' value in any field. Writing my query, I couldn't find a simple way to do this. So I'll select '*' and make a php loop to weed out rows with &#390;' values. Only there must be a better way using SQL I imagine.

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How To Optimize Mysql_query

I have always wondered this, I need a way to loop some mysql_query's.For example, I have a query in the header that will grab the favorite games of a member. Though, to display this information, I thought it would be fine to put a mysql_query inside the while loop to get that specific game's information.

Is that a bad way to do things? If so, how is a better way to grab that information. I think it is a bad way to do it because half the time those second query's don't even run.

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How To Optimize Server Resources

i have done script that save IP'addresses, but got into question what happens when i get more traffic to my script, i think it should slow down server.. Here is how i save IP's:

file with content:
each surfer will add new row to script and delete all IP's that are older than 24h, but trouble is: each surfer open file , read all content and rewrite new file i had idea to settle it by using only some ammount of IP's , but i can't do so, because i need to list these IP's for 24hours...

i'm sure there is any other way how to save all IP's for 24h without reading them'all and rewrite existing file with nwe one. i thought some function that could cut off e.g. last few rows and add new one.. or so...

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