How To Create An Online Questionnaire

Is it possible to create an on line questionnaire that allows the user to enter information and receive an immediate analysis of their response? I have searched a number of .edu sites suggesting this can be done in cgi or perl. My summation is that the question page can be created in HTML and the responses must be a cgi script. Is this correct?

If so, are there any tutorials, templates that anyone knows about to achieve this result.
As an example, my firm uses a questionnaire:<URL>. Is it possible to turn this into an online questionnaire that provides the respndent with an answer immediately. The questions are weighted. This means that each question would assess to a total that would lead to a recommended sample portfolio.


Online Questionnaire

i need to create an html questionnaire form that depending on how many correct answers the user answers a different message will display. how do i go about doing that in PHP?

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Create A Questionnaire Form

I need to find some code that and I modify some that will allow us to integrate a php form into our website. What we want to do is make a contact/questionnaire form and then have it submitted via email or sent to a MySQL database. I've been learning more and more PHP but time is running out and I can't write something from scratch.

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I have made a questionnaire and I want to make a php file which it will summarize and display the answers of all who have answered with percentages.

For instance if the questionnaire has 2 questions and every question 3 options then the file must display Question1:

option A 20%
option B 25%
option C 55%
option A 20%
option B 20%
option C 60%

How could i make this file?

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Questionnaire Tutorials

Disclaimer: Yup, I've searched Google, this site, hotscripts etc. For an online questionnaire, I can write the forms, get the data into a database etc. No probs there.
What I'd like to do is something a little more clever and display the data in a graph or pie-chart (or both) in realtime on the webpage.I thought about getting the data and using it to set an image to a percentage length.

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Questionnaire / Survey

Here's a worthy challenge for ya'll. I'm trying to build a questionnaire in php and need help understanding the logic behind the process. Here's an example that explains everything:

1) What quality is most important to you in a car?
a) Reliability
b) Affordability
c) Large size

2) How important is gas mileage?
a) Very important
b) Not at all important

If a user chooses 1a, 2b, the program writes "you will probably like a
Volvo SUV (reliable, gas-guzzling)".
If a user chooses 1b, 2a, the program writes "you will probably like a
Chevrolet Cavalier (cheap, efficient)".
If a user chooses 1c, 2b, the program writes "you will probably like a
GMC Yukon SUV (large, gas-guzzling)".
If a user chooses 1a, 2a, the program writes "you will probably like a
Honda Civic compact (reliable, efficient)".

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Tutorial For MySQL Questionnaire

I am looking to build an online questionnaire which takes values from
an HTML form and stores results in a MySQL database.

Can anyone recommend a good tutorial for this?

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Create Online Registration

I want them to register the program online and created username & password to edit/update their information later (Which will be a secure area for every applicants). Email notification for every submission and edited to the applicant.

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Create A .txt File Online

I am trying to create a PHP script that will create a .txt file online, and then fill it with a string. At the moment, i'm keeping it simple, so just need the code to create a new .txt file if this is even possible.

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Create Online Files?

i want to make some .doc files with some entries in a database. here is what i wrote:

$file_name=$name1 . "_" .$name2."_".$name3;


On localhost it works great, but when i upload it to a server it doesn't create the files.. I've set the permissions to 777 but still no luck. also i've tried with other paths, even with no path. still nothing.

EDIT: clearly the path is the problem, i made the whole site 777 and the file is created in the root folder. i tried this:


but nothing.

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How To Create An Online Editor

So I would like to create a php editor for the browser, I need it because sometimes I make little test codes what makes my computer messy and I always need to delete or manage those files too and I also would like to split the browser into two frames, the first for PHP the second for the page what is edited so I could see the result, and debug it faster.But I don't really know how should I make it because PHP needs to be executed, it's not enable to save it like HTML.

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Create An Online Catalogue?

I've been asked to create an online catalogue, there will be no payment gateway as the customer will pay on delivery of the product. They want me to make the first 100 free and thereafter to charge.

What's the best way to go about this? They also want the option to periodically do this offer again. The customer will have a login and they must not be able to claim more than one free product each time the offer is on. Just a bit confused as to how to go about doing this?

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Create A Little Online Application?

I am trying to create a little online application. I want to see would it be easier to read from your monitor if the text would be cut down in smaller pieces. So you would basically be reading it like titles on a movie. Anyway everything works great but I can't put the whole book in to my database , I even tried using "longtext" but it seems thats also not enough. Is there anyway to bypass this , try putting the tekst in more table areas, or something like that.

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Create Online Chat Application?

i know php and mysql little bit. I likes to create a online chat application.

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Create Online Web Site Builder?

how to create online web site builder like what godadyy[dot]com,host1plus[dot]com,nibav[dot]com offers in php???

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Create An Online Video Converter?

What programming languages are used to create sites for online video conversion and mp3 extraction from youtube, like this one: [URL] I guess it's not written in php.

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Create An Online Information System?

i just want to ask if the PHP is the best in creating online information system.. if not.. can you tell me what programming language i will use?

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Create An Online Pdf Merger For My Website?

Here are a couple of website examples:


Is this simple or difficult coding? Can this be accomplished with fpdf?

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Create An Online Booking System?

I am wanting to create an online booking system.

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Php Questionnaire That Delivers Answers Depending On The Responses

I am trying to build a questionnaire that once submitted returns a page that will provide answers and products dependent on wha the response of the individual is.

does my form have to be a get rather than post (im presuming it does). and how do i sort the conditions so that if one answer is selected it writes a unique response?

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How To Create Member Online Register Script?

I dun hav IT or php knowledge. Currently, visitor of my site need to send their registration info to me, then I have to update manual and send a referal link for them to recruit new member.

Now I am looking for cheap script that allow visitor to register and get the link immediate. Then they can login to view the info. My site not selling anything, just recruiting new members.

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Create A Online Matrix For The Respective Sections?

I need to create a onine training matrix for the company's respective sections.I got the database, forms for inputing of skill for each individual, and displaying them for each individual. However I'm stuck when it comes to show a matrix for the section with all the people on it.I'm attaching 2 pics: database layout and what I want to achieve.the sql query I'm using to get data is:

SELECT * FROM training_matrix
INNER JOIN skills ON training_matrix.skillID=skills.skillID
INNER JOIN users ON training_matrix.userID=users.uid
WHERE training_matrix.sectionID=$section

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Create An Online Shop - Cannot View It In Dreamweaver ?

i have created a few basic websites and am just trying to create an online shop one, i thought it would be easiest to download a template shop, which i have done as i thought it would be the easiest and quickest option but now i have i cannot view it in dreamweaver. they are PHP files. i have gone through all the help directories, i have downloaded a PHP as directed in dreamweaver helpl but to no avail!my site is hosted by[url]....- does this make a difference?

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Create A Users Online Script For Only Those That Are Logged In.

I'm trying to create a users online script for only those that are logged in. I have my users table set up, and the cookies (not sessions) i use are $_COOKIE['loggedin'] (true/false values) to see if the user is logged in. And $_COOKIE['uid'] to grab info about their profile.

You have to be logged in to view the website, so I thought users would like to know whose online with them. How do I do this? I read other related topics and people said use a timestamp and another mysql table?  Whats a timestamp?

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Questionnaire Branching For The Last Couple Of Questionnaires That Are Specific To Men Or Women?

Completing a series of questionnaires and need them to branch for the last couple of questionnaires that are specific to men or women. Based on online conditionals, I thought I could put the form submissions in like so:

if ($gender==1){
<form id="form" method="post" action="womens_questionnaire.php5">[code]...

but this causes the php5 to not even display.

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Create A Folder With A Copy Of My Online Service For Subscribers?

On Drupal, is it possible to generate a folder for the subscriber and give the subscriber a copy of of a flash app I created?

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Create A Script That Shows The Number Of Users Online?

create a script that shows the number of users online.

$host = "";
$user = "xxxx";
$pass = "xxxx";

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Create My Custom Made Shopping Cart Or Online Store

can you show me a good links for PHP shopping cart tutorial. i want to create my custom made shopping cart or online store where i can find those?

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Create An Online HTML/CSS/Javascript-testing Website That Allows People To Test Syntax?

I intend on creating an online PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript-testing website that allows people to test syntax, basic functions, and stuff of the sort... basically anything!I am going to have the index page be a simple form, which when submitted, creates a .php file in a designated folder, which the script then displays.However, security is obviously an issue. If I allow file functions [such as fwrite() / unlink()] my website can by hijacked. Also, if I allow cookies / sessions (via Javascript or PHP) they can be stolen from other parts of my website.Put simply, what functions / lines of code do you recommend I filter out? I haven't seen any other websites that do this, so I think it could be a cool idea. I just need to be careful. Do you have any

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Create A Table For The Results Of An Online Survey - Parse Error: Syntax Error, Unexpected T_STRING

I keep getting this error when trying to create a table for the results of an online survey - the line is

`id` NOT NULL auto_increment, Code:

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Create A Custom "whos Online" Query

I'm trying to create a custom "whos online" query with phpbb and the following query lists duplicates of the username: Code:

$qry = mysql_query($sql = "SELECT DISTINCT(u.username), u.user_id, u.user_allow_viewonline, u.user_level, s.session_logged_in, s.session_time FROM phpbb_users u, phpbb_sessions s WHERE u.user_id = s.session_user_id AND u.username != '$anony' ORDER BY u.username ASC");

...will return:

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

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