How To Change Language On Mysql?

Jul 11, 2007

I'm starting with this lovely language and I don't know how to display an object (on Mysql data base) in a different laguange.

Exemple: I've got a message like "'0' results found" on my website, and I'd like to translate this message to spanish. How can I do this?

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Language Translation - Change The Language Of A Site Based On User Preferences?

How is language translation handled in PHP? I need to change the language of a site based on user preferences. Also, I may not have access to the client source code. At most, I could upload a folder of my own and do the dynamic translation myself.

As far as I know, the basic process would be: Send Language 1 output to global function -> translate -> Output to screen.

I need someone to help me out with the specifics in PHP. Are there any standard implementations that I am unaware of?

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Change Language

tell me if it is possible to change in language of the complete website by clicking on just the flag of different country. i have seen it in many website.

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Change The Language Of The Webpage On The Fly

does any know of any php script which can change the language of the
webpage on the fly, i have seen many websites which have several
language options to choose from

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Change Language In Runtime?

I'm trying to change the language of one webapp in realtime using codeigniter.

I follow the online documentation, create the folder for language2 with all the traductions, but when I do:

$this->config->set_item('language', 'portuguese');

It don't change the lang, the only way it works is changing the config file ex:

$config['language'] = "english";

But what I need is change in realtime not changing the config of the framework.

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Change Language With Cookie?

How can I change cookie by using a cookie and it works except taht I have to refresh the page a second time before the language actual change... In my header I have this:

PHP Code:

$lang = urlencode($_GET['lang']);if($lang){ setcookie("GA_lang",$lang,time()-60*60*24*365,"/","",0); setcookie("GA_lang",$lang,time()+60*60*24*365,"/","",0);}include ("includes/language.php");

How can I get passed this so the language changes the first time?!?

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Unable To Change Language

I'm making a multilanguage site, but I am having some trouble when changing language? When a user click on a flag he has to refresh once before the language changes... How do I fix this?

PHP Code:

$lang = urlencode($_GET['lang']);


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Change Language In A Loop?

I have a site where the language is set depending a users native language. The language snippets are stored in a db table with a language id attached to them. The get language file looks like this:

PHP Code:

if ($language == 'da_DK') {
///// DANISH /////
$result45 = mysql_query('SELECT * FROM '.$prefix.'_lang_code WHERE lang_id=1');
while ($row45 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result45)) {


The problem here is that it takes the first user in the loops "locale" and uses it on every user...

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Using .xml File For Language Change?

I have a form .i need this form field labels to be displayed in 3-4 languages . i have the corresponding labels in different languages in a .xml file . i dono how to do the conversions. form is in html rite now.

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Change In Language Of A Website

Can any one tell me if it is possible to change in language of the complete website by clicking on just the flag of different country.

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Dates: Change Language Of Month

I'm using date_format(news_date, '%d %M %Y') as dr to get the date in a format like 24 October 2007. I'd like to know how can i change October to a different language.

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Change Language Dynamically Detecting Ip?

I am working in a project in which i will have to detect the ip of user browsing the site and then from ip i need to detect the country of the user. The next task is to set the language of the site depending upon the country of the user. Its a wordpress site.

So far i have done the ip detection and from there i can detect the country of the site. Now i need to have some way to present the default language depending upon the country of the visitor. I know wordpress comes with many languages, I don't need translation of content, just the language need to be set dynamically. I have spent lots of hours researching and comes up with nothing. I am not seeking code, but it would be great if someone shows some idea so i can move on.

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Select Image For Language Change ?

I have been trying to get a image on the language change bar.Here are the code of the dropdown menu where the user select the language:

<form action="changelang.php" method="post">

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Change Tynimce Or Fck Editor Language?

How can I change tynimce or fck editor language. for eg :- How can I set hindi language

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Can't Change Joomla Default Language?

On this site [URL].. I want the default language to be Chinese. I set the default language to Chinese in the backend (it's got the star next to it) but when you went to the page you probably noticed that the site is displaying in english.

If you check the source code you will see on the very bottom hidden a var_dump of the language object, and by the looks of it the default is still en-GB

string(5) "en-GB"
Why is this?

EDIT The default language is used when a language file in the requested language does not exist. Still the problem remains, why does the site not default to chinese? you can change the language of the site and it works in Chinese中文版

EDIT 2 Even JoomFish say "Site default language: 中文版." In the administration...

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Wordpress Image Change Depends On A Language?

I am trying to write a piece of code that would allow me to change images or a whole block of a div depending on the language

if($_SESSION['lang'] == "fr"){

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Multi-language Change Without Page Refresh?

User selects a new language from English to German. Currently the page has to refresh each time to change the text to the language selected. This is fine for IE but on firefox it always asks the user and a bad user experience. Plus if user is in the middle of typing something then has to refresh the text is all gone. So is it possible to load new language text without a refresh? Since this is a user content site there is a lot of content per page. Backend is PHP codeigniter & MySQL.

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Normal HTML With Language Change Function?

I have got a nrmal HTML frameset with 3 frames. One for logo ( has to be changed ) One for all contents ( has to be changed, consists 2 frames [menu and the readable content ]) One footer frame what should consists one link to change the site English and when its on English change it to Hungarian Ive tried to make it but that wasnt succesfull. for me the basic things are missing and i have still syntax problems. So where should i take the code about changing function? Is that function or session and what is the main logic it should works? take the main function about changing to the main( index.php ) and call it from footer with a link ( or button ) and i think the variables should store at a config.php file. But where to take the codes and how can someone write it to me? with a small explaination? I want to understand how does it work. I want to write it by myself after.

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Javascript - Change Language Without Reloading Page With Jquery?

I am working on a multilangual website right now.I am currently including the related language file ('lange/_en.php') for language phrases.To change languages users will select their language from a < select > item. The thing i want to do is changing related phrases (and urls too if possible) in the page without refreshing or submitting the page.I remember i saw something like this in web but i have no idea where.

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Cookies - Create An Option For Visitors Change Language

I have this PHP script. It's the only one that really worked to me:


First the code detects the language of the user's browser. Then stores the info in a cookie. That's ok. Well in this piece of code its everything ok. What I really need is to create an option for visitors change the language. I was thinking something like linked flag images so when someone click on the flag it changes the language.

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Change Language Of The Complete Website By Clicking On A Link?

if it is possible to change in language of the complete website by clicking on just the flag or link of different country.

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Creating User Change Language Script For A Website?

the code I had written for this prior to posting wasnt working and I had run out of ideas, only to then have a 5 minute break and came back to it only to realise I had accidently changed the $_GET to a $_SESSION without realising and thus rendering the script useless :(

Lesson learnt? to have breaks now and again and look through my code efficiently before wasting stockoverflow's users time :)

I am looking to script into a site a language function, the site will have 3 language options; english, korean and brazilian.

I have tried building this from scratch for the past day, first using javascript/jquery/ajax with php and secondly with simple php $_GET.

I was hoping to succeed with the former attempt as I dont really want to mess about with the URL as im using mod re-write atm and cant be bothered to mess about re coding the new URL.

So what I am hoping for is some help in picking the best way in which to create a language system, remember I would rather not use URL $_GET if at all possible.

I would also like the users choice to remain as they navigate the site using php sessions which I have tried to use but have come unstuck.

I have not placed any code in this post as atm I am looking for some tutorials or some guides on how to do this.

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Clicking On The Flag Icon On Each Page To Change The 2nd Language?

what's the best way to have a website in 2 languages?I already have the website duplicated in the 2nd language but I'm thinking on the best way to do the language change.should I just append variables to the URL when clicking on the flag icon on each page to change to the 2nd language?

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Change Website Pages In Users Language Without Google Translator?

I want to change my web site pages in user's language without Google translator.

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Select Image For Language Change - Add Image ?

I have been trying to get a image on the language change bar.But it doesnt seem to accept the images, i have managed to make a dropdown menu, but id rather have 3 flags for the's the code i have atm.

<form action="index.php" method="get" name="langform">
<input type="hidden" name="do" value="changelang" />
<input type="hidden" name="url" value="<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; ?>" />

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Old Code Vs New Code - Language Syntax Change?

I've recently begun programming PHP again and have found my old code doesn't work anymore. It's been a few years since my code was written, and simple functions don't seem to be working. I've done a bit of research into the syntax again and found the following;

I used to use a function as such;

Now I've seen alot of the syntax is
And referencing variables from the form is as such;

Where previously I could reference them in the simple form; $variable

Has there been a language syntax change that would cause my old code to be obsolete? Is there a configuration line that could be changed to allow this old code to work?

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