How To Call Within Another PHP Script

Apr 23, 2007

I wish to call another php script as follows cart.php?action=view from another php script named add_cart.php please write code how to accomplish it?


Call SOAP Method Via CURL In Call Require Client Authentication?

Sep 2, 2010

OVERVIEW: The code is about making call to the escreen web service using SOAP and Curl with client authentication required. Currently I am not getting any result only HTTP 403 and 500 errors. The call requires client authenticate cert to be on the callng site.

$content = "<TicketRequest>

If I comment out as above and also CURLOPT_SSLCERT and CURLOPT_SSLCERTPASSWD it gives 403 error with the message as content. So I would request you to help me out by pointing out whats wrong with the current code.

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Classes : Call A Specific Function Everytime A Method Call Is Made?

Dec 13, 2010

I want to call a function everytime a method call is made in PHP.

Example :
$a = new a();

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Call SOAP Method Via CURL In It - Call Require Client Authentication

Sep 2, 2010

The code is about making call to the escreen web service using SOAP and Curl with client authentication required. Currently I am not getting any result only HTTP 403 and 500 errors. The call requires client authenticate cert to be on the callng site.

$content = "<TicketRequest>


1. I need to call the RequestTicket method and pass the XML string to it. I don't know how to do it here(pass the method name to call).

2. For client authentication they gave us three certs, one root cert, one intermediate cert and a client authentication cert PROTPLUSSOL_SSOpem(it was a .pfx file). Since we are on linux we converted them to pem . In curl calls I could not find way to how to include both the root cert and the intermediate cert ,so I combined them by making a new pem file and copying the intermediate cert and them the root cert and naming it authority.pem. I am not sure whether it works or not and would like your opinion.

3. For the current code Iam getting the error Error no : 77 Curl error: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /home/pps/authority.pem CApath: /home/pps/......

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Oop - Call To A Member Function / Call A Method From A Singleton Class?

Oct 2, 2010

I'm receiving the following error message while trying to call a method from a Singleton class, inside another class. Any ideas?

Call to a member function query() on a non-object.

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Direct Call Other Web Applications Without Going Through The Usual HTTP Call?

Jun 27, 2009

I have two PHP web applications. All of the apps are located on the same computer. Each application will run independently.Now, can I do a direct API call from one PHP app to another? I don't want to go through either the webservice, or the usual HTTP call that involves HTML response. I want to call app A from app B, using direct method call, as if those two apps are the same application.

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Schedule API Call Due To Third Party API Call Hourly Limit?

Mar 28, 2010

I'm using a third-party API to send messages to users. But this third-party limits 30 calls per hour. I'm using PHP on linux. What's the best way to implement this?

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Use Reflection And Call A Method, Add The Authentication Call Each Time?

Feb 18, 2011

How Zend_Rest and Tonic work.There is no authentification implemented so I would like to add my own.My only problem is that they use Reflection and the when you call a method, you have to add the authentication call each time.I was thinking to add the authentication check in the constructor but then you can't actually stop the method being called.

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Wordpress: Call A Plugin Function With A Php Call?

May 25, 2010

I'm writing a Wordpress MU plugin, it includes a link with each post and I want to use ajax to call one of the plugin functions when the user clicks on this link, and then dynamically update the link-text with output from that function.

I'm stuck with the ajax query. I've got this complicated, clearly hack-ish, way to do it, but it is not quite working. What is the 'correct' or 'wordpress' way to include ajax functionality in a plugin?

(My current hack code is below. When I click the generate link I don't get the same output I get in the wp page as when I go directly to sample-ajax.php in my browser.)

I've got my code[1] set up as follows:

Plugin Name: Sample Plugin
if (!class_exists("SamplePlugin")) {...........

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Get The Call Duration Of Any Call In A Web Application Using Asterisk?

Oct 9, 2009

I have done a Web site using php and which asterisk is used as a Voip system.Now the problem is I want to get the call duration of each call after 'HANG UP'.I googled alot and got an asterisk variable named ${ANSWEREDTIME},but don't know how I can get the value from it and how I can initiate it.

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Call A Defined Value Inside Of A Function Call?

Dec 23, 2009

when I run it, the defined part is nottranslated in the header function call, is there a special way to do the syntax or is this exact method not possible?

define('SITE_URL', '');
$_SESSION['user_role'] = 0;

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Difference Between Call By Value And Call By Reference And Also $$ Means?

Jun 20, 2011

(1) I want to know what is the difference between call by value and call by reference in php. PHP works on call by value or call by reference?

(2) And also i want to know that do you mean by $$ sign in php

For example:-

$a = 'name';
$$a = "Paul";
echo $name;

output is Paul

As above example what do u mean by $$ on PHP.

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Call A Variable That Has Been Assigned After The Call?

Apr 1, 2010

The title is in the question (EDIT: :P I mean the question is in the title), basically can I call variable $x before defining it further down the page?

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Auto Call Function For Every Other Function Call / Call Another Function Before Any Called Function Execution?

Sep 15, 2010

Class test{
function test1()
echo 'inside test1';
function test2()
echo 'test2';
function test3()
echo 'test3';
$obj = new test;
$obj->test2();//prints test2
$obj->test3();//prints test3

Now my question is,

How can i call another function before any called function execution? In above case, how can i auto call 'test1' function for every another function call, so that i can get the output as,


currently i am getting output as


I cannot call 'test1' function in every function definition as there may be many functions. I need a way to auto call a function before calling any function of a class.

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JavaScript Call A Function Directly - Separate Php File To Call The Function?

Dec 6, 2010

I am doing some basic Ajax stuff (not jquery.. just learning the basics), and I have a general structure set up where html calls a javascript function which sends data to and runs a specific php page.

But what if I just need to run a php function that's already defined in functions.php. Is that possible at all? I'm getting tired of making new php files for every task ;)

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Call FileA First, Then Call FileB Through Ajax, The Code In FileB Does Not Execute?

Aug 3, 2010

I am running to an issue that I have never delt with before and am not sure if there is even a possible solution:I have two files:fileA and fileB.fileA contains a loop that loops 30 times each time its the loop there is a 2second delay

$i = 1;
do {
$i++; sleep(2);


I call both files via ajax, and that is where i run into my problem.if I call fileA first, then call fileB through ajax, the code in FileB does not execute until fileA has run its course.Is it possible to get around this?Like set the priority of one over the other?

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Extending Class But Base Call Needs To Call Extended Class

May 9, 2011

I have a base class and a new class which extends the base class. My problem is, Can I call the extended class from the base class? This just doesn't seem right.

// a.php
class A {
// set all the properties and runs some validation and functionality in the process
// b.php

To start the process I can only call class A, Example: $process = new A(); in the class A I need to decide if class B functionality is needed


I could add the doMoreStuff() (well a ton more functionality) but this defeats the purpose of having the smaller class file sizes. I know the right way would be to create a wrapper script and put the logic in there, if to use class A or B. But is there any other reason why I couldn't do as I've requested?

UPDATE: So let me clarify what class A is: Class A sets up all the database connections, validation of the INI properties, and sets the initial logging values. Class A also has a workflow/process for handling a specific request.......

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Class Call External Class - Call Error() Method?

Jul 22, 2009

I have a php page that calls and runs a method called pagestart() in a class called construct. Later in that same page I call a different method in a different class. If that different method errors for any reason I would like to have it call the error() function in the construct class. My question is is there a way to call the error() method without doing:

$construct = new construct;

And just tell the function to look in the class included by the main php file?

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Placing A Call To The Object Inside A Function - Call To A Member Function On A Non - Object

Oct 8, 2009

I've searched high and low for the solution, and have found many that don't fit the bill. The general consensus is that this happens when you've not defined your object before calling upon it's functions. That isn't the case here (I think). Placing a call to the object inside a function seems to cause this error as shown below. Anyone have a solution for this? This works!

$dbConn = new dbFunctions;
$checkID = "SELECT COUNT(id) FROM table WHERE id='j5k38'";
$dups = $dbConn->FetchRow($dbConn->Query($checkID));
if($dups[0]>0){echo "false";}else{echo "true";}

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Call A Url (like Bio.php?id=1).

Aug 7, 2002

I want to call a url (like bio.php?id=1). Then on the next page I want to display data that matches hte id variable from the URL as the ID field on my data source. Code:

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Use A Call To An API?

Mar 23, 2010

how to use this API?  The base URL for all calls to the Recommended Sites API is [URL] The API is RESTful and output formats are available in XML and JSON. I've never written any code that uses an API so if you could just tell me how involved this is or point me to a tutorial

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PhP Call On Conditions

Jul 17, 2005

Iam wondering if there is any method to do the following:
1) When a file is created in a directory in local computer.
2) When the mysql date stored in the DB approaches the current date and
For the above two conditions I would like to call a php file.

Its not good to have the php code running in the background and waiting
for the above 2 events.

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Call An Asp Script From Php

Jul 9, 2006

I have a 3rd party real-estate website written in php. I would like to
call an asp script on a separate webserver each time a new real-estate
item is added to the database on the php site.

The asp script updates a sql server database for another site and once
the page has been called, I do not need any return information from it.
I have searched the groups but cannot find a definitive way of making
the call to the asp script ...

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How To Call Perl From Php.

Jul 26, 2005

I want to call a perl script which takes input from the previous php page.will u provide me the code? i wrote perl script in Solaris & PHP script in windows & then uploadig to a server. so i have to give the perl script path as "/users/xyz/abc/".

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Recursive Call

Oct 16, 2001

I'm having some problems with a recursive call. Basically I have a standard tree of nodes, and a function _calcSize() which takes a node as a parameter and returns the size of the node: PHP Code:

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System() To Call A Cgi (C)

Sep 25, 2000

Have the following code to call a cgi (in C) :

system ('/opt/Netlife/eLink/samples/universal/cgi-bin/elpay.cgi $ip_tx_id $ip_car
d_type $ip_card_number $ip_exp_date $ip_amount',$ret_val);

In the cgi, only the /opt/Netlife/eLink/samples/universal/cgi-bin/elpay.cgi is pass over but not the rest of the parameters. Use argv and argc.

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Call Another Page

Aug 27, 2001

What function can I use to call another page with php?

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How To Call Current URL?

May 19, 2003

How do I call the current URL of a page in a PHP file?
Lets say I'm in

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How To Call Tcl Scripts Using Php

Jul 17, 2005

I need to call a tcl scripts ( procedures) from php function. And i
dont prefer to use exec(), as it needs to load the entire tcl
interpter everytime and source all those respective files. So if
theres any alternative solution please let me know !!

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Add A Parameter To Php Call

Jul 17, 2005

I've a form that call a PHP file using the POST method , how can I pass a
new parameter to PHP .

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Php Function To Call Vbs

May 30, 2006

I am just getting my feet wet in php. Is there any way to execute a
vbscript file through using a php command? Or in other words, have a
php script call a vbs file.

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Call Information

Oct 10, 2005

I need to call information via flatfile and I was wondering how I would simply be able to put all lines from a file into a array? Or call a line through a array like $line[$random_line].

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Php Call To Mysql_connect

Dec 1, 2004

I cant seem to find an answer for. I have a Linux server and needed to upgrade PHP for a particular function. The PHP build told me to upgrade Apache. Anyway now I have Apache 2.0.52 running php 4.3.9. The phpinfo function works fine. But when I try to run a mysql_connect command I get the response Page Not Found and ctrl-R only gives the last version of the page without the function in. function_exists("mysql_connect") proves the function is there. Since ther is no error message I cant get anywhere.

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Call An Array Value

Sep 13, 2007

i have a multi dimensional array , about 3 levels, i need a value from level 3, level 2 has only 1 key but it is a random string of charcters.


i need ['event_text'] , what should i substitue the random code for??

i have tried [0], [1] & [-1]

im sure its a simple answer but i've exhausted my references.

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Call Msyql_close()

Jun 5, 2007

as php manual said, if the scripts end, the mysql connection will be closed. But before I use the header redirection to jump to other pages, do I need to close mysql connection. Or it will auto close for me? I think I don't have to call msyql_close() before header redirection, could anyone confirm it?

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Call A Function

Jan 20, 2006

How do you call a function? here is the code that i wish to excute

function login(){
if(!$db)die('unable to connect to server');

I just do not understand the whole function thing. Starting off with how to call them.

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Http Url Call

Aug 31, 2007

at work i have to develop this user authentication. they have provided me with a link that make REST method calls to user/pass and if correct then dumps true to the page or some false message otherwise.

for example:

my problem is that i don't know how to make html reqeust with php and google didn't help since i am not searching with correct key words.

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Call To Mysql

Feb 3, 2007

Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/brown/public_html/themafia/countrys.php on line 328 .

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Cant Call Functions

Dec 20, 2005

i just realized that when i call a function before defining it in a script, a fatal error occurs. if i move the function definition up above the function call, then it works. it was my understanding that you coudl call functions before they were defined. is there a settign in php.ini that i need to change or something?

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Call A Php File

Jun 17, 2005

i have the code; PHP Code:

if (isset($_POST['submit']))
    Call another.php

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Call Other Function

Jun 19, 2007

test('Test string');

function add($str) {
return $str.'-signature' }

function test($str) {
echo add($str);}

It should output Test string-signature, but it does not.

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Call Php Function

Apr 9, 2004

I have 2 drop down boxes. The second depends on the selected value of the first. It both should contain date values. I've writen a php function that calculates 10 dates starting from the current date. When the user selects a date, 10 new dates should be calculated starting with the selected date and shown in the second drop down box. So my actual 2 questions are:

- I know this is a typical Javascript issue, but we rather do not use this. Is it possible in php?

- if so, how do I get the selected value in php without doing a post. Because otherwise my complete form will be submitted. Or is it perhaps possible to use a form in a form? Never done that either?

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Call __get()

Aug 27, 2005

im not quite understanding the documentation on the __get() PHP Code:

class WEE
    private $id;
    public function __get($name)
    { return (isset($this->$name) ? $this->$name : NULL); }

$woo = new WEE;

the documentation makes it look like i should be able to access the variable $id simply by doing $woo->id is that correct? when i try that i get Code:

Fatal Error: Cannot access private property WEE::$id

however, if i do $woo->__get("id") it works fine. which is the proper way to call __get()?

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Function Call

May 12, 2006

trying to figure out how to pull this off. I am new to PHP and web design, and can't find anywhere on the internet how to have a PHP function run when the form "submit" button is clicked. Can anyone give me some tips?

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Js Call From Php Link

Jan 18, 2006

I have had no problems calling javascript popup window functions within my php code. until now. Here's the code

<?php if($line["desinit"] == "AML" and $line["type"] == "changes"){
print "<font size=2><a href=../forms/contract_edit_changes_popup.php?idx=";
print $line["contract_num"];
print "'>";
print $line["contract_num"];
print "</a></font>";

I don't know where in my code (specifically within <a href /a>) to put the onclick=openpopup4? and call this function in the <HEAD> tag

*function openpopup4(popUrl,winName,features){,"",features)

Here is the other coding I use that does work but in this instance the php is within the link <a href="#" onClick="openpopup2('<?php echo $filePre . '?idx='. $line['client_id']; ?>','','width=435,height=630,scrollbars=yes');">
<font size="2">link</font></a>

I know this should probably go in a js forum but I haven't found a satisfactory answer in any of them.

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Call From Databse

Aug 31, 2006

i have some data for example :

data_name value
place USA
place UK
place RUSIA
place CHINA
place JAPAN

so how i can call from database this data into select, radio and check box.

for example: place: <select name=place>
<option value=USA>USA</option>
<option value=USA>USA</option>
<option value=USA>USA</option>

and more ....

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