How To Apply Css To Php Table?

Nov 21, 2007

Can you please tell me how to apply css style sheet to php table?

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Table Content Went Out Of Alignment After Apply Code?

1) I realised after applying php's codes, the contents in 'panel 2' doesn't stay within 'panel 2', apparently the contents went outside of 'panel 2 <div>'. Attached is the picture example. Is there anything amiss which I have done?

2) Another thing, I realised the <td> is very far apart from the next <td>, example...

Code: [Select]if (!empty($row1['uni2'])) {
echo '<tr><td class="label">Faculty or Course:</td><td>' . $row1['uni2'] . '</td></tr>';


As you can see it in the attachment. How do i close up the wide gap?

Code: [Select]echo '<div id="panel2">';
echo '<table>';


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Can Apply Css Within Die()

I need to use my error message div within die()... but i dont know if I can do this.. Im not good with escaping with quatations for example, I got

die ("Your ip has been blocked. Time till unblock:".($current_time - $blocked_time));

I need to put a div in there for the error style:

die ("<div class='error'>Your ip has been blocked. Time till unblock:".($current_time - $blocked_time));</div>

But I know that will just cause a bunch of errors.

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Apply Preg_match To Get The Value 31.09 Out

i have somethig like this in my buff:
<TD>Average Rate</TD><TD align="right">31.09</TD>

i want to apply preg_match to get the value 31.09 do it do it?

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Apply InnoDB

I had found an application which need InnoDB,I am not sure what is it.However it doesn't support by PHP/MYSQL,I am using xampp as localhost.May somebody help me to work it out?

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Using PHP To Apply A Class

I'm struggling to find out how to use php to set a class based on certain criteria. Basically, I'm using a file called navigation.html to store my primary navigation links as a list, and I'm using php's include once to access this in my pages. Obviously this means that I only need to change the navigation once to change it on all pages.

Trouble is I need to highlight the current page so that as users navigate around they know where they are. Is there some way I can use php to apply a class or id to the navigation link that points to the current page?

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Apply Variables From Variable

i want to apply url string to my page not by from adress bar of browser
(not :

i want apply it from one variable that has this url string:

like as:


PHP Code:

// here i must access to $p,$r,$t,...

is there any way to do it?

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Apply A Function To An Array?

I am aware of array_walk() and array_map(). However when using the former like so (on an old project) it failed

array_walk($_POST, 'mysql_real_escape_string');

Warning: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 2 to be resource, string given.

So I went with this slightly more ugly version

foreach($_POST as $key => $value) {
$_POST[$key] = mysql_real_escape_string($value);

So why didn't the first way work? What is the best way to map values of an array to a function?

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Apply Similar_text To Array_uintersect?

I am unsure how to apply my text similarity check function to the array_uintersect function.

Here is my function (Open for ideas on improvement):

function checkSimilar($str1, $str2){
similar_text($str1, $str2, $percent);
if($percent > 75){
return $str2;


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Apply URL Normalization Rules?

Is there a pre-existing function or class for URL normalization in PHP? Specifically, following the semantic preserving normalization rules laid out in this wikipedia article on URL normalization, (or whatever 'standard' I should be following).

Converting the scheme and host to lower case
Capitalizing letters in escape sequences
Adding trailing / (to directories, not files)
Removing the default port
Removing dot-segments

Right now, I'm thinking that I'll just use parse_url(), and apply the rules individually, but I'd prefer to avoid reinventing the wheel.

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How To Apply Htmlentities Selectively

Whenever display text in an HTML document I always put it through htmlentities for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that if the text contains HTML, I want the browser to display the HTML code, not render it. The application I am writing requires that I still encode using htmlentities but hyper links need to be left alone. Is there a way to do this efficiently using existing functions or do I need to implement this functionality?

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Speed Up Ant Apply Over A Set Of Files?

I'm using the following Ant apply task to run php lint over a set of PHP source files.

<apply executable="php" failonerror="true">
<arg value="-l" />
<filelist refid="server.lib" />
<filelist refid="server.scripts" />
<fileset refid="client.lib" />
<fileset refid="shared.lib" />

Based on Ant's output, it takes around 30 seconds.

The same task performed by Make is almost instantaneous.

Is there a way to speed up the ant task?

I've tried adding spawn="true" to the apply section and it sped up dramatically. Aside from the loss of logging, is this a good solution?

spawn=true doesn't play nice with 'failonerror=true' so spawn won't work.

To answer Hakre's question in the comments, the filesets cover 66 files all together.

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How To Apply Permission Upon Upload

This code works fine on my server, but when I loaded it onto the production server, all the uploaded files have 600 permissions. How can I modify it so that upon uploading, the files have 777 permissions? Code:

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Apply Color To B/w Image

I have a grayscale image, (just three colors) and I want to use php to apply color to it, so it turns, say, blue. I have a ton of these greyscale images and a lot of colors, so I want to use php to do it when needed instead of doing them all by hand in photoshop. I have done some searching but I'm not even sure what to call this.

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Apply Trim On Whole Array?

Is there a way to apply the function trim() on a whole array, instead of applying it to the individual input fields one by one?

Here's the code:

$blurb1_title = array (


All those $_POST variables are input fields, and I would like to apply trim() to them so the spaces get removed. Is there an efficient way to do it without having to apply it all individually, if yes, what would be the correct syntax?

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Won't Process ELSE Even When IF Doesn't Apply?

Basically i have a simple login system that just uses sessions, but the code that I have used on certain pages (so that only a logged in member can access the page) doesn't seem to be working properly. Here is the code:

if (isset($_SESSION['myusername'])){
echo ("boo!");

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Apply More Than One Function To A Variable?

I am validating a form and want to apply several methods to each one of the five fields in a form.

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Apply Strip Tags To A File?

Can I use strip_tags on a file and return the result in another variable? How would I do something like that?

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Apply Some Sort Of Encryption/security

I made a "members" script for my site, where poeple have the choice to register to be part of the community... its in PHP, and someone emailed me saying that they could easily hack into the members page --

they could view all the passwords log into the admin page, and what not... I was wondering if there's a way I could apply some sort of encryption/security so that I could prevent this.

The person that did it, gave me a hint - saying it was something easy that I could do to prevent this... but wont tell me exactly what. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of CHMOD-ing the files to 666 or 755 or something.. but I dont think that's quite it.

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Apply The Rules In A CSS File To A Certain Div / Class?

I want to apply the rules in a CSS file to a certain div/class so, for example, the contents of events.css is only applied to the contents of a class called .events and not outside this scope without the need to add the class .events to the start of each css rule.

I am thinking this is not possible though - but you never know.

If not I am thinking of achieving the same effect by prefixing the .events to the CSS rules after they have been uploaded/edited.

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Apply Css For The Data Fetched From The Database?

I am fetching the datas from the database...And the datas are displayed as dropdownmenu but the css is not applied

<ul id="nav">
$res=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM menu WHERE PARENT_ID=0");


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Java - How To Apply Static Class

In java i can use static class/method so that anyone can use the same one time created class during run-time.

But for php how to do it since it is script based and only run while we refreshing the page?

My main objective is, I want to use syncronized class/method so that it wont clash while executing the PHP...


I am doing portal like multi level marketing(mlm) Once register a member, we should pay bonus to the uplines I don't want immidiately calculate the bonus because it is risky and could take some time to finish, so is is better just to register the member and show successfull. My idea is, after registration, just invoke another class to run bonus with syncronized method so that the bonus calculation will not disturb by another registration.

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Apply The MVC Design Pattern To Procedural?

I've been trying to find out if I can apply the MVC architecture to procedural and how I can go about implementing this into my code. From my understanding MVC basically represents the separation of the business logic, presentational layer and other logic although it always seems to be aimed at OO-PHP in particular. Can you recommend the best way to approach MVC within a procedural context?

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Apply Backticks To First Word In Sentence?

basically what I am trying to do is,

I have an array that looks something like this:

'select' =>'first string',
'escape' => true


but the $item['select'] = line seems rather long winded, is there a better way to write it?

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Apply SMTP Authentication To Mail?

The code below is my mail code that send passsword to mail but it does not go to yahoo and gmail i want to add STMP authentication to it how can i do that.

If(empty($_POST['email'])) {


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Apply Changes To One String Based On Differences From Another?

In PHP, I have two strings:

$str1 = 'amare';
... and ...
$str2 = 'laudare';


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