How Do You Turn On Allow_url_fopen?

Mar 20, 2006

How do you turn on allow_url_fopen?

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How To Turn On Allow_url_fopen

I need to turn this on in order to install a app to my site, but i cant get it to work. I tried googling it and it always says "Set it to on in the php.ini", however I cannot find this file anywhere. I am using GoDaddy with the Windows server, if that matters. Does anybody know how I can turn allow_url_fopen on or find PHP.ini?

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Turn System : Set Like +1 Turn Every 30 Mins?

I knew how to decrease the turn when player go some where , using item etc.

1. I want to know how can i set like +1 turn every 30 mins

$turn++1<into the data base>
}while{ <the time recorded is 30 mins after the time now> }

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I'm trying to create a simple template version notification snippet and I'm missing something Code:

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ISP Turned Allow_url_fopen Off

I have a recent server issue that I need some guidance on. Someone
hacked into one of my domains through a flaw in an older version of a
script called Reviewpost Pro. Knocked the server offline for about 1/2 a
day. An updated version has since been installed.

As a result of the hacking, my ISP has turned off allow_url_fopen in the
PHP ini. This has broken the displaying of thumbnails in the updated
program although everything else seems to be working properly.

Does anyone know if there is a workaround like cURL or something that
can be used in place of allow_url_fopen? I don't enough about cURL or
any other method myself. I asked at the RP forum but all they do is pass
the buck and say that it isn't their fault that the script isn't working.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on a way around this?

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Allow_url_fopen ON But Not Working

I have a small script that does a simple fopen(), grabbing the name for the file to be downloaded from a second script. I can use fopen() to successfully open that script but as soon as I feed any parameters to the url to fopen, it balks. It even fails if I just add a '?' to the url. So, this is found: Code:

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Add Allow_url_fopen To .ini Using .htaccess

I want to allow allow_url_fopen on my server . I have asked my host and they said it can be done with a .htaccess file. Can anyone tell me how to go about this ?

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Allow_url_fopen Or CURL?

$fh = fopen($url, 'r');
while (!feof($fh)) {
$swfaddress_content .= fgets($fh, 4096);


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Parsing RSS Feeds Where Allow_url_fopen=OFF On Php 4.4.4??

I need to get, parse and display RSS feeds while having the ini setting,
allow_url_fopen = Off.

I used to use (in version 4.1) domxml_open_mem() but it's not longer
available in this verison for some reason - and cannot install pecl

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CURL Vers Allow_url_fopen

I have a script that uses allow_url_fopen and I am hosting on Dreamhost which has that disabled, and they suggest you can use cURL to get the same results.

How hard is it to convert a script that is using allow_url_fopen to use cURL?

Since I am new, I don't know if it's possible but very hard, and not worth it, or if it's just a matter of a few lines? If it's fairly easy and someone is willing to help me understand what I need to do, I can post the code for the script for you to review.

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External Files Without Allow_url_fopen?

Is it possible to open a file from an external website where allow_url_fopen is not set to true?I am writing a script that downloads XML and another plain text file format and (and this is where the problem lies as I know I can use PHP to use XML without fopen) do stuff with the file before putting it out (some of the returned XML is invalid with some characters not corresponding with the encoding type - this is a problem that I've raised with the developers of the XML feed I'm accessing, but they seem reluctant to do anything about it...)While when I've tested it, I can download the files fine, I do have allow_url_fopen set to true in my php.ini file. However, I expect that one group of the people who I'm coding this for (I'm doing this project for two different groups of people) don't, and probablywon't want to change it. Is it possible to download the text files from the external server and feed them into a file on my own server

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Fopen Does Not Work, Despite Allow_url_fopen Is On?

i wanted to use simple fopen php function, but i'm getting following error:PHP Code:Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: Couldn't resolve host name in /home/myaccount/public_html/content_fetching.php on line 15Warning: fopen([url][/url]) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/myaccount/public_html/content_fetching.php on line 15

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Patch For Allow_url_fopen To Be Use On Simplehtmldom?

My hosting company has disabled allow_url_fopen & allow_url_include. They recommend that I use cURL instead, then I saw this patch on simplexml

$calendar = simplexml_load_file($source); with
if (ini_get('allow_url_fopen')) {
$calendar = simplexml_load_file($source);
else {
$ch = curl_init($source);


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Parsing RSS Feeds Where Allow_url_fopen=OFF

My host turns allow_url_fopen to off for security reasons I used to parse RSS feeds just using

$doc = new DOMDocument(); //start new DOM
$doc->load( 'http://feedURLgoeshere ); //load XML file into the DOM

Which I can't do now. I have a replacement method using CURL from my host but it literally takes five minutes to load the page if it even works: Code:

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Allow_url_include And Allow_url_fopen Not Working

I have tried overriding the master value for allow_url_include and allow_url_fopen locally from .htaccess other overriding value like registry_globals etc were working fine but allow_url_include and allow_url_fopen doesn't works.

I have tried same in PHP 5.2.2 and 5.1.6 but it's not working on both.

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CURL Vs Allow_url_fopen - Which Is Safer For Getting Images

I have a script that users can input a image URL (from another website) and then crop it using JS and have it saved on my server. My question is... when getting the image from another server is it safer to use CURL or allow_url_fopen (via file_get_contents())? Or is there a preferred/safer method available?

Security is a big concern for me as I know this is a very dangerous procedure - The script will only need to work for image files if that makes a difference.

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Wordpress - Image Grab When Allow_url_fopen=off?

I am using thesis theme on my wordpress blog. I am hosting my blog at byethost which has allow_url_fopen=Off and allow_url_include=OffIn one of the function, code is trying to read an image url path. From what I understand, if fopen is ON, it will execute "if" case otherwise "else" case

if ($thesis_design->image['fopen'])
$image_path = $post_image['url'];
else {


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Does Fopen On URLs Work In 4.4.2 On Windows? I Have Allow_url_fopen On

I have this script that I made that scans pages that worked fine on PHP 5. But it updated an oscommerce database and I couldn't get oscommerce to run on PHP5. So I downgraded to PHP 4.4.2

Anyway, the script kept crashing PHP 4.4.2 and giving a PHP error, so I thought it might be too complicated or something, so I tried this simple script to see if fopen on urls worked: Code:

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Scrape Websites When CURL And Allow_url_fopen Is Disabled?

I know the question regarding PHP web page scrapers has been asked time and time and using this, I discovered SimpleHTMLDOM. After working seamlessly on my local server, I uploaded everything to my online server only to find out something wasn't working right. A quick look at the FAQ lead me to this. I'm currently using a free hosting service so edit any php.ini settings. So using the FAQ's suggestion, I tried using cURL, only to find out that this too is turned off by my hosting service. Are there any other simple solutions to scrape contents of a of another web page without the use or cURL or SimpleHTMLDOM?

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Curl Alternative To Require A File Instead Of Allow_url_fopen?

I have a php script that I'm trying to pull some data from a database on one site and display it on another site. I need to reference some files, but using require filename.php throws errors due to my allow_url_fopen being set to off for security reasons. Is there an alternative way to "require" the file using cURL instead?Example OLD:

<?php require (''); ?>

I tried this, but it doesn't work:

$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_URL, '');


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Change Core Value (allow_url_fopen) Inside Script?

Is there a way to change PHP core value "allow_url_fopen" in the PHP script?

On my hosting it is set to 'off' and I need it 'on'.

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File Access Errors But Allow_url_fopen Enabled

Error in question: [URL]... Just moved site to dedicated and reconfigured PHP to allow curl and fopen. Yet, still getting these errors (wasn't on old host). Is there another config issue? The actual file the script is trying to open is off the national weather service's server which is specifically to allow that.

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Upload User Selected File Without Enabling Allow_url_fopen?

I need a way a user can upload a file onto my website(it's a shared site, I believe, but I own the domain), I've tried using the cURL library but it seems a bit over my head at the moment. And everything I tried with it would not result in a file being uploaded into any folder.

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Ceil() Alternative To Turn 6523.70 To 6523 And Not Turn 6523.20?

the function of ceil() in php is not useful in my case, because i want if the number contains from 0.50 to 0.99 then it's will ceil it, if it's smaller than 0.50 it's will not do anything.


6523.70 will be 6524


6523.49 will stay same.

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Turn Zero Into 00

A funny little problem i've had a few times, i've always gone for a work-around but i'm sure there is a simple morsel to solve the issue

I am using select boxes for people to choose the time from.

These are coming out from a simple loop, starting at 0 and finishing at 24:

$text.='<option value="'.$count.'">'.$count.'</option>'
what i would like to do is display $count as 00 instead of just 0 at 12am and 01 instead of 1 at 1am and so on.

I'm sure there is a quick fix, i've just never found it...

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Turn URL's Into RSS With It?

I want to create php page that receive URL's list and turn it into RSS feed. how can i extract from each url the title + description, there is some php

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